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Elevate Christian Network - Health and Wellness

Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Health Benefits of Collagen: Today I’m going to talk to you about my NEWEST product, and the supplement I personally take the most, collagen protein. Collagen protein are the amino acids found in healing foods like bone broth.

There are four unique healing benefits of collagen:

1) Improves Leaky Gut
2) Improves Joint Health
3) Helps Tone and Tighten Skin
4) Supports a Healthy Metabolism

Collagen is dairy-free, gluten-free, and easily digested, which is why it is so great for so many different diet-types. For people with leaky gut, who have inflammation causing holes in their gut, collagen helps tighten your digestive track and repair the holes in your gut.

The reason collagen is great for join health is because collagen is the building block of supporting your body’s tissues. Collagen is made up of protein, which is great for skin, reducing cellulite, and tightening the skin.

Healthy Metabolism

Lastly, collagen is great for people who need a healthier metabolism because collagen can curb cravings, create lean muscle tissue, and overall supports your metabolism.

This Axe Naturals Collagen is amazing because it’s not only naturally grass-fed from Argentina, but it also is hormone and chemical free! If you would like to benefit in your skin, joint, gut, or metabolism health, then collagen is the supplement for you!

(Try two tablespoons every morning in your superfood smoothie: http://draxe.com/healthy-smoothie-recipes/)


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