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Complete Devastation: Hurricane Dorian Strikes Bahamas with 220 mph Gusts

“Complete devastation” were the words of the man who shot some of the first video Monday morning from the Bahamas, which showed the results of 185 mph maximum sustained winds and gusts up to 220 mph, tying the record for the most powerful Category 5 Atlantic hurricane to ever make landfall.

The hurricane unleashed massive flooding across the Bahamas, pummeling the islands with so much wind and water that authorities urged people to find floatation devices and grab hammers to break out of their attics if necessary.

The Bahamian Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis, called Sunday “the saddest and worst day,” tweeting, “We are facing a hurricane that we have never seen in The Bahamas. Please pray for us.”

As the strongest hurricane on record to strike the region, Dorian is now inching towards the Florida coastline. […]



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Hurricane Dorian: 5 p.m. update: Center of Cat 4 Dorian 105 miles east of West Palm; gradual turn north expected 5 p.m. update: Hurricane Dorian continues to scour the northern Bahamas, remaining stationary over Grand Bahama. The storm is about 105 miles east of West Palm Beach with 145 mph winds, keeping it a Category 4 hurricane. A slow west to westward motion …


https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/im-begging-you-pray-for-us-slow-moving-dorian-wreaks-devastation-in-bahamas/2019/09/02/9597227a-cd0a-11e9-a620-0a91656d7db6_story.html?noredirect=onAt least 5 dead in Hurricane Dorian’s catastrophic assault on the Bahamas Breaking News: At least 5 people are dead after Hurricane Dorian’s catastrophic assault on the Bahamas, the prime minister said Monday. Dorian, tied for the most intense storm on record to make landfall anywhere in the North Atlantic Ocean Basin when it …



Boy, 7, reported dead as Hurricane Dorian pummels Bahamas with Category 5 assault Hurricane Dorian hovered over the Bahamas on Monday, pummeling the islands with a fearsome Category 5 assault that shredded roofs, hurled cars and forced even rescue crews to take shelter until the onslaught passes. The storm became deadly with news that …


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