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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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well do you know what your purpose is and if you don’t I have good news for you today because kris Reese is here and she’s a Christian life coach and she wrote the book make it matter a roadmap for living a life of purpose kris thank you so much for being here thank you for having me Sydney I’m so happy to be here what’s so happy to have you here and I just want acted like you talked a little bit about yourself this is your first time here wow I I am a woman after God’s own heart sigh I desire to follow after him and pursue everything that he has for me but it wasn’t always like that and he’s taken me a long journey which I’m more than happy to share with you and brought me to a place where I can actually stand here and say that I can bring forth his word I love doing christian life coaching I do counseling as well I love speaking to people about overcoming life’s obstacles and being everything they were created to be and that’s awesome tell us a little bit about your journey and how you arrived at knowing okay this is my purpose that God called me to Wow well it all started off knowing that I was stuck I would wake up every morning with this question that was on my mind is this all there is now don’t get me wrong I had a good life a really good life I had a thriving personal training business I had all the possessions that I could have ever dreamed of so I would stop myself and say kris stop thinking this way you are called to be grateful and content but Sydney that question kept coming back is this all there is and it was on my honeymoon that everything changed so here I was newly married to the man of my prayers and instead of being overcome with joy I’m laying face down on a hotel gym floor crying my eyes out because earlier that morning that question came up again is this all there is but I asked it out loud in front of my husband exactly the question that husband wants to hear from his new bride on it on their honeymoon I’m sure but I couldn’t compartmentalize it anymore but in an effort to not want to ruin my honeymoon I decided I was gonna distract myself and go work out so I went to the gym picked the first treadmill hit the first song that came up on my hot pink iPod and it had a catchy little beat that I was getting into but it took about a minute or so before the words started to come into focus and this woman was singing pack my bags and my regrets every moment that I’ve wasted chasing after my pursuit of happiness has only left me searching there must be more Sydnee those words hit me like a bullet I wasn’t running anymore still get choked up to this day when I think about it I started walking and I’m listening to her continue to sing take my life and lift me up to the skies take my dreams and help me to fly on the wings of possibility come rewrite my history till it’s only you I’m chasing after take this life and make it matter it was in that moment that I realized I had spent a lifetime pursuing things it didn’t matter it was in that moment that I realized all I wanted was for my life to matter and I set out on a mission I was on a mission to discover what God had for me and what he wanted from me and along that journey I realized that there are thousands of people that feel the same way they longed to fill their god-given purpose but they feel stuck they don’t know where to start and that’s how make it mater was born because I wanted my story to be an inspiration that an average girl with a good life could step out into the unknown and search for the greatness that God has but I also very practical I wanted to provide the practical solutions to effect change because sometimes I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way before we’re so stuck we don’t even know the next have to take and that’s why I wrote make it matter of course I feel like so many people can identify with your story what you just shared because so many people feel stuck so what would you say someone’s out there watching I want to note my purposes but how do I even get started how do I even find it I would encourage you to set out on a journey of discovery and on this journey I want you to discover two things discover you and discover him because God created you very unique he has given you a unique temperament unique talents unique desires and unique experiences and he wants to use all of that for your good and for his glory but I would also recommend that you discover him along your journey because outside of God you will not find your purpose you may find a career that you like you may find something that you make good money in but there will always be something missing because with God at the helm he will direct your steps and lead you into a purpose that is exceedingly abundantly above what you could ask hope I think that is so good kris that it’s like we have to be connected to God understand keys are created he created us for a set purpose so what if you know what is step 1 would you say 4 ok I’m seeking out God and I wanted to send my purpose but what practical thing can somebody do today to figure out this is where God is calling me to go I would recommend starting with a personality profile I have found that a lot of people stray from their true selves whether they’re concerned with following after a parent’s purpose for their lives or just giving in to the opinions of others take a personality profile you can do a temperament you can do a myers-briggs you can do the disc profile anything that begins to help you understand what your strengths what your weaknesses are and it would also suggest taking some time to really write down what your likes are your dislikes what are your dreams because a lot of times God speaks to us through those dreams even our childhood dreams that we tend to push aside as we mature that’s a really good advice I loved in your book you actually had a question that you asked if you had $10,000 why is that so important that you in your book you asked I’ll give you a $10,000 what would you do with it why is that such a good indicator of pushing us to okay this is what your purpose is it’s not so much an indicator of what your purpose is it’s an indicator of where you are mentally and spiritually a lot of times determining what I would do if extra were given to me determines where you are right now in life so are you in debt so much that an extra $10,000 would begin to to take care of that do you have a desire so much for the material things in life that I would take that $10,000 and go buy a new car or go on vacation they start to reveal to you what your true heart’s desires are and it’s not always easy to recognize that oh wait a minute I say I want my purpose but am I willing truly willing to follow after God so we can begin to discover almost what our barrier barriers are when we determine what it is that we would spend our money and our time on another thing I like that you broke down in the book is a lot of people think okay my career that’s an indicator of my purpose but you explained that’s not the case no absolutely not career is simply an extension of purpose and you can have a lot of fun with your career you can be living your purpose by doing your career but make no mistake about it your career is not your purpose because as you can imagine times change so if somebody back in the time where the steel industry was was really big and there were towns not too far from here that were built around the steel industry and all of a sudden they went under and those towns are now devastated if you identify with that being your purpose in life well now your purpose is devastated and that’s not accurate that is simply an extension of your purpose God created us to live a high level purpose and it’s a little bit more generic it could be in leadership it could be in creative arts it could be in teaching it could be in helping others and that high level purpose will never change but how you walk it out that could change that’s really good kris and what’s the one thing you would say that would hinder people from really walking the fullness of the purpose that God has called them to their butt and I don’t mean their backside I mean that negative faith killing word but and you’ve heard the buts but I don’t have time but I don’t have money but my husband’s not on board but my credit is terrible whatever your butt is that is the very thing that if you don’t conquer it it will hold you back from fulfilling your god-given purpose there’s a difference between finding your purpose and fulfilling your purpose finding it is fun it’s exciting but fulfilling it that’s challenging and it’s just like you would set out on any other journey if we wanted to head out to California we would probably map out our path and we would determine the rest stops and and we would say oh this is what I want to do when I get to California and we could have this dream and a plan but if we don’t plan for the roadblocks for the bus we’re never gonna get there that is really good kris and if you’re being really touched by what kris is saying I’ve exciting news we’re gonna have more with kris a little bit later we’re back with kris Reese and we’re talking all about purpose and making our lives matter we’re so happy that you’re here I’m so glad to be here a question what about pitfalls you talked about it a little bit as we enter the last segment I’m sure it’s not a perfect you know we drive in western Pennsylvania Jersey I know what it’s like to drive there so there’s potholes and pitfalls and sides of the road and different things that come up what happens when those things it it’s probably not gonna go smoothly the whole way what are some of the pitfalls and what do we do that’s a great question and you actually said something that I’d love to clarify just a little bit you said it’s probably not going to go smoothly it’s not going to go smoothly a lot of times we for some reason we have this misconception that the abundant life that Jesus came for us to have is supposed to be trial free trouble-free and resistance free and we’re just supposed to sail for life and that’s not accurate jesus said in this life you will have trials you will have troubles and like Sydney was talking about before God works all of this together so one of the things that I would love for people to begin to do is embrace those pitfalls embrace those trials because God is going to use it to strengthen you some of the biggest pitfalls that I find that people encounter when it comes to pursuing their god-given purpose is the opinions of others yeah you had purpose before anyone had an opinion and if you spend your time asking around what is it should I should be doing now don’t get me wrong we should be seeking wise counsel but when you are submissive to the opinion of somebody else you may very well miss your god-given purpose wow that’s an amazing so sometimes we have to step outside even maybe someone who’s an authority or a figure or leader in our life sometimes they’re there like you said good for wise counsel but there’s times we have to step outside of that and pursue God absolutely I was in the fitness industry for about twenty four years and as I was telling Sydney earlier I always had this question that came up like is this all there is I knew there was more and God was slowly calling me to go back to school and I listened to it but I wasn’t listening too closely I made assumptions I assumed that I should be going back to school for business based upon what other people told me was my strength and as I began to journey and I sought the opinions of others you ask 10 people you’re gonna get 10 opinions and it was really at that point that I had to say I don’t want to hear what anybody else has to say I need to hear what he’s calling me to do and I was floored when I found out what he was calling me to do but it was it was clear it was from him I mean you have in the book and it’s right along with that pitfall number three don’t stretch yourself in other words we’re kind of just this is good I like this right here it’s comfortable right here everything so how do we make sure we don’t do that if you are feeling comfortable and you don’t have to activate faith you’re not stretching yourself God is the god of exceedingly abundantly above what we could ask hope or think so there’s the issue if we can’t think it and we can’t imagine it that we’re not ready to step out in it but God is saying I have so much more for you just begin to take the step and I’ll illuminate the next step and and that’s where it’s so important to begin to stretch yourself step out into something you’re not familiar with you may fall on your face in which case you say okay maybe not for me and you try something else but we will never begin to move forward if we stay in our comfort zone and that’s what I did for so long I had a good life anybody on the outside would have looked in and said what’s wrong with you why are you complaining what’s the problem well the problem is is I didn’t feel like I was I was going to hear those wonderful words well done my good and faithful servant yeah and that’s what I needed to stretch myself when you’re talking kris it just makes me think that it’s sort of with pert when it comes to our purpose you got to take a step of faith it’s not it’s not an easy road but it’s something that it’s God is required along those lines I can’t remember we had a pastor here last week he said that step is sometimes in the thin air you know because it’s but God’s the one here he’s upholding we don’t see it right away boy but when we take that step he’s there it’s so true God called me out of the fitness industry I was there for 24 years I had my own personal training studio very successful did very well God said close the studio well I said what that must not be him that that’s not possible you you must have meant sell the studio you must have meant manage the studio while you’re pursuing other things and he meant close it and I I confess it took me a little while before I actually listened I was I was bringing in a good part of the household income and to close that down meant little lose that income and as soon as I did my husband got a raise but I had to take that first step that is great a lot of times we wait for the raise to come to say okay now I’m ready to do what God told me to do well let me ask you about two things along the way as we’re going we just we just sort of beat up other people for their opinions of us but sometimes we need people coaches mentors family people like that to help us and the other thing I want to ask you about is we need to take care of ourselves too don’t we could you speak to both of those things self care is so important I have found that not only in this world but especially in the Christian community we feel that we are called to be selfless meaning constantly giving of ourselves draining of all of our resources and even Jesus didn’t do that he took time to pull away and said I need to go be with the Father he ate he rested he was resting on the boat in the midst of the storm we need to take care of ourselves as cliche as it sounds I can’t pour out to you if I’m empty well isn’t it interesting that God created us to have to stop and sleep okay that has to have to stop and eat he gave us the Sabbath you know all these things that were time to take care for ourselves and we’re supposed to take care of ourselves well thank you so much kris I mean there’s so much more guys there is so much more in this book and and it’s make it matter a roadmap for living a life of purpose and that is what it is and we just want you to to have that so that you can live a life of purpose thank you again thank you so much

Finding Your God-Given Purpose: Is this all there is? Kris Reece had it all, but she was missing what God had for her life.

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