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0:48 [Music] 0:56 [Applause] 1:14 well welcome to supernatural life my 1:17 name is Patricia Kagan am I ever glad 1:19 that you’re with us today god TV is 1:22 committed to seeing our viewers 1:24 empowered and equipped to see you 1:27 growing in the supernatural growing in 1:29 the holy spirit today’s program we’re 1:32 going to discuss the topic of create of 1:35 miracles and with me I have Katie Souza 1:38 Katie Souza is a revivalist she came out 1:41 of a very dark background one of crimes 1:44 she was put into prison but encountered 1:47 God in prison and came out in the glory 1:51 and she’s going to be sharing with us on 1:53 creative miracles and Katie is also to 1:56 have you with us today this is exciting 1:58 and especially on this particular topic 2:01 because you’ve seen so many creative 2:03 miracles and in fact I believe that 2:06 there are going to be creative miracles 2:08 through the screens wherever people are 2:11 watching if they need a creative miracle 2:13 God can do it anyways I want to begin 2:17 with a question okay because our viewers 2:19 have questions and this one’s from Cindy 2:21 in Canada she said what is the meaning 2:24 of a creative miracle I’ve heard it 2:27 mentioned but what specifically is the 2:29 creative part referring to 2:32 yeah well God does all kinds of 2:34 different ways of creating he can create 2:36 a flesh bone tendon sinew you know he 2:40 can create in form rods and the eyes 2:42 organs in the body spines he can do 2:46 bones but he also can create by taking 2:49 out diseased out disorder out metal and 2:52 implants that’s part of his creative 2:54 power also by removing or dissolving 2:56 implants or metal and things like that 2:58 so there’s a lot to the creativity of 3:00 God I mean look God created all 3:01 everything in the world is a creator yes 3:05 now especially in prison of course you 3:08 are a speaker of many meetings and 3:10 different events and so you 3:12 intentionally step out and believe God 3:14 for creative miracles so tell us some of 3:18 the testimonies what I’ve seen so many 3:21 right like 3:22 you’re in Kansas prison a guy was there 3:24 he got hit in the eye with a bat when he 3:26 was 12 years old and his retina detached 3:28 from his eye so as it healed it formed a 3:31 scar over almost his entire eyes so he’s 3:33 almost entirely blind in that eye now 3:35 I’d never met him I came into the 3:36 meeting I hear word aknowledge I say if 3:38 somebody will cover their right eye and 3:40 look through their left you’ll slowly 3:41 start to see so he did that and as he 3:44 did God created new eye tissue in his 3:47 eye and the scar got smaller and smaller 3:50 while the eye – she took over until he 3:51 could fully see and it was super fun 3:53 because afterwards he goes you know I 3:55 wanted nothing to do with you or this 3:56 meeting or God but now I’m in so it was 4:00 great and I also had another time when I 4:02 was in a meeting him in Bozeman Montana 4:03 and a man was carried into the meeting 4:06 because he’d lost his right lung to 4:08 cancer so he’s sitting in the back I’m 4:10 starting to move in creative miracles 4:11 I’m speaking them like God would command 4:13 them and into being and he gets a 4:15 healing he walks up on stage by himself 4:18 no help he comes up he introduces 4:20 himself and I said what happened he said 4:21 my name is Karen I got me a new lung I 4:24 said what you got a new lung he said 4:26 yeah I lost my loan to cancer and I said 4:29 how do you know you have been new lung 4:30 and he goes because before I couldn’t do 4:32 this and he started bellowing like a 4:35 bull and and then I started laughing so 4:38 hard before he could say anything he 4:40 takes off running down the stairs and he 4:42 ran around three times around the 4:43 sanctuary everyone is screaming I see 4:46 him like an hour later at Starbucks he’s 4:48 way in the back I walk in he goes hey 4:50 Katie this is Carol 4:52 I still got me my new lung come on yeah 4:55 it was amazing right I feel an anointing 4:57 right now right right now I’m sad just 5:00 as we’ve been showing these testimonies 5:02 and I have another testimony I’d love to 5:04 share with you right now and that was 5:06 like and in fact there’s two of them one 5:09 time there was a man who didn’t even 5:11 have any iris or pupil in his eye and 5:15 God formed it God’s formed as a minister 5:18 was was was just speaking over him God 5:22 formed it the other one was this is a 5:25 real miracle is that there was no iris 5:28 no pupil and he could see no iris no 5:32 pupil but he could see thank you no I’m 5:34 just sensing the Holy Ghost 5:36 over the place right now and I just want 5:38 to say if you’ve got an eye issue in 5:40 their life or if you’ve got a lung issue 5:44 in your life the Spirit of God is being 5:46 released right now it’s being released 5:50 and right now on you can you feel that 5:51 can you sense it just reach out you can 5:54 almost just reach out and grab the 5:56 miracle God is a God of creative 5:59 miracles and he’s moving in our midst 6:01 right now he’s moving in your midst 6:02 right now I’m not miracle is taking 6:05 place now check it out and be sure to 6:09 write us we would love to hear from you 6:12 and and and let us know what God is 6:14 doing because I just believe Katie that 6:17 I mean the God of creative miracles is 6:20 with us that is you to form in the 6:23 operate off the demonic assignment right 6:26 now in the name of Jesus right now and 6:29 we believe people are gonna receive as 6:30 the rods and the tissue are being formed 6:32 in your eye just like the guy with the 6:33 scar in the name of Jesus right now Wow 6:37 I’m also getting that there’s a reversal 6:39 going on of of diminished sight yeah 6:42 come on know where you’ve had diminished 6:44 sight and you’re thinking oh man it’s 6:46 just getting worse and worse from this 6:48 moment in the name of Jesus we believe 6:50 that it’s accelerating unto healing is 6:53 going to reverse because your God is a 6:55 creative God God can take the scar out 6:57 of someone’s eye and you know he’s 6:59 diminishing that he can do the same 7:01 thing with any other problem in the eye 7:03 amen so many miracles right I had this 7:08 guy in a Texas prison when he got 7:11 arrested a sergeant got behind him with 7:13 a baton 7:13 he did what’s called a dead lift on him 7:15 he put the dip baton underneath his chin 7:17 like this and while he pulled up he put 7:19 his knee in his back and pushed down 7:20 when he did that it ripped his larynx 7:22 all the way down and he couldn’t breathe 7:23 out of the left side of his nostril now 7:25 you’re gonna see some footage right now 7:27 of this guy he came up to demonstrate 7:29 that he got the healing and he knew he 7:31 did because he actually was able to plug 7:33 the right nostril and breathe through 7:35 that take a big deep breath which he 7:36 hadn’t been able to do in like ten years 7:39 so that was totally awesome I just have 7:41 a question for you Katie when you are in 7:43 a prison like that yes and all these 7:45 miracles are taking place so you know 7:47 especially I mean that’s huge right the 7:49 other inmates would have known his 7:51 condition oh yeah they’re calls so what 7:53 happens to the other inmates oh my gosh 7:55 I’ve seen them like they literally they 7:58 they go into a frenetic joyful screaming 8:02 yelling I mean I’ve seen so many that 8:05 one lady had her fingers broken and 8:07 curled like this for ever and she just 8:11 was sitting there going like this and 8:12 everyone in the room clean you know 8:14 while she’s doing that and that’s a 8:16 simple miracle I’ve seen people like get 8:18 up I saw a man get up on stage and dance 8:20 on stage in prison when some metal came 8:24 out of a man’s back and we’re about to 8:25 see his testimony in the second year and 8:27 they were so revival hit revival hits 8:30 and then and then that’s a perfect time 8:32 for an altar call for Jesus amen you 8:35 know when you see those kind of miracles 8:37 and you know that that your fellow 8:39 inmate it didn’t have that before it 8:41 opens your heart and your your 8:43 understanding yes you know Jesus as your 8:46 Savior is regular absolutely it’s so 8:48 exciting it’s so exciting I also saw a 8:51 man in Denver he had come into the 8:53 meeting with two braces and a cane his 8:56 name was Gunther and he came up any and 8:57 he told me that he had a mysterious bone 9:00 disease that they could not diagnose he 9:02 had broken his legs twice in one month 9:04 so he went into the doctor and they took 9:06 an MRI and his bones were so 9:07 disintegrated they actually look like 9:09 spider webs on the MRI so the doctors 9:12 like can you do anything can you do a 9:13 squat it goes I can’t even do a squat 9:14 this isn’t it’s impossible and so he 9:16 actually the next day he got healed in 9:19 the meeting that night the next day he 9:20 comes back without the braces without 9:22 the cane it gets up on stage and you 9:23 actually gonna see him on some footage 9:25 right now you can see him doing the 9:27 squats 9:27 it was it was completely healed God 9:29 created bone material inside his bones 9:33 so that it was strengthening of his 9:35 bones and he didn’t need the braces of 9:36 the cane anymore he could walk and squat 9:38 it was amazing again I just want to say 9:40 to all of you who are watching right now 9:42 if any of these testimonies connect with 9:45 something going on in your life like if 9:47 your bones need to be touched 9:49 grab hold of it because God is a Creator 9:51 God and he’s 9:52 a respecter of persons and timer 9:55 distance doesn’t make any difference to 9:56 him he is everywhere and he’s with you 9:59 right in your living room or your 10:00 bedroom or you know in your car wherever 10:02 you’re watching this right now he’s with 10:05 you now we’re about ready to watch a 10:07 video yes 10:08 about Larry and there was – Larry do you 10:12 want to just set up this video for us 10:14 you’re only gonna see one Larry because 10:15 the time restrictions but there were two 10:17 and one of them had gone through a 10:20 windshield when a deer hit his car and 10:22 then also fell off a porch so he had 10:23 metal and hardware in his neck and he 10:25 was always tense we’re not gonna see him 10:27 but he actually had the metal completely 10:29 disappear I knew it happened because I 10:31 asked him to touch and feel if it was 10:33 still there and he reached up and he 10:34 said well Norman I can feel it but now I 10:36 can’t so that’s when a sergeant came up 10:38 with a metal detector and tested him and 10:40 everyone freaked out right and then 10:42 afterwards he actually went to Chow 10:44 because there’s a metal detector at Chow 10:46 and he walked through it and everybody 10:48 knows he sets it up but for the first 10:49 time he didn’t so and and then the layer 10:52 you are gonna see was in the same 10:54 meeting and he had been hit by a 32 foot 10:57 long oil reeking pipe broke his back and 10:59 his neck has a 15 inch long laminectomy 11:02 scar and had three 10-inch rods and two 11:04 plates completely disappear the sergeant 11:08 came up with a metal detector the 11:09 sergeant thought we were pulling a fast 11:11 one because he’s like are you sure you 11:12 want me to bring the metal detector you 11:14 know and then when he did afterwards and 11:16 he ran in over his back in the metal 11:17 wasn’t there he actually went back to 11:18 the chaplain and said I’ve never seen 11:20 thing like this I don’t know what this 11:22 is but I sure do wish my quadriplegic 11:24 son was here today and faith is gonna 11:29 enter your heart too as we throw to this 11:32 video and you’ll see exactly what 11:34 happened this is exactly what happened 11:36 in the prison as we give God glory 11:39 let’s throw to that now we’ll see you in 11:41 a few minutes 11:51 what happened Larry I worked in the oil 11:54 field and drill pipe fell on me and 11:56 broke my neck and broke my back how long 11:58 ago was that Larry 16 years three major 12:01 back surgeries since the end they had 12:03 take a bone out of my head go through 12:06 the front of my neck and fuse see four 12:08 or five six and seven and then my low 12:11 back I have a 15 inch scar where they 12:13 did a laminectomy and put in three ten 12:16 inch rods two plates and several screws 12:19 tighten the plates I had asked you last 12:22 night Larry if you had ever been able to 12:24 actually touch and feel the plates and 12:27 the rods with your hand and you said no 12:29 if you could you feel the metal if you 12:32 you can’t touch it and feel it so you 12:34 wouldn’t know if it was gone 12:35 no you spoke a couple times about you 12:37 were demanding that their pain would go 12:40 away right now 12:41 and it was just like that I mean I even 12:44 tried to make it come back move you know 12:47 because I couldn’t believe what was 12:49 going on and I have absolutely no pain 12:52 at all that’s the first miracle I ever 12:55 experienced we couldn’t actually check 12:57 to see if they were gone like we did 12:59 with the other Larry 13:00 we were hoping one of the the police 13:03 could bring down to the metal things can 13:07 we do it can we do it oh where are you 13:10 where are you Larry okay I think it’s 13:14 right here isn’t it okay 13:20 [Applause] 13:25 explain what one of these is it’s a text 13:29 medal and it go through the skin also so 13:32 it was legit what would that mean to you 13:34 that that you weren’t detecting any 13:37 metal and men that once had metal in 13:39 their bodies 13:39 it’s a miracle thank you sir 13:43 thank you so much wasn’t that 13:50 outstanding I love that miracle and 13:53 there’s so many more that you’ve seen 13:56 and especially with the confirmation 13:58 with a metal detector causes people to 14:04 stand in awe yeah okay we have another 14:06 question from a viewer a Patricia 14:08 McDonald from Maryland and the question 14:11 is how are creative miracles released so 14:14 like can every believer operate in these 14:17 yes absolutely I mean there’s just some 14:19 points that I’ll bring out like the 14:21 presence of God when you’re in the 14:22 presence of worship or you know having 14:24 you know happy reading of the Scriptures 14:26 de Crane there’s creative miracle power 14:28 just like I think of a presence I think 14:31 of Moses right absolutely yeah burning 14:33 bush yeah I mean right there’s a 14:35 creative miracle right there I mean he’s 14:36 in the presence of the fiery presence of 14:38 God and God tells him put your hand in 14:40 your robe and he doesn’t pull the iron 14:41 it comes out leprous so they’re actually 14:43 the creation of he changed the flesh 14:46 into a leprous flesh he puts it back in 14:48 brings it out changes it back to clean 14:50 flesh and the same thing with the ride 14:52 the rods as I’m it’s a wooden rod he 14:54 throws it down it changes form a 14:55 creative miracle happens it turns into a 14:57 serpent he picks it back up it changes 14:59 back into the rod so the presence is 15:04 totally full and then of course the 15:06 spoken word I mean the Bible says God 15:08 framed the worlds with his word so we 15:11 just have to faith and believe step out 15:13 and began to come and flesh to change 15:16 command banned bones to grow command 15:18 organs to come into the body I love 15:21 right in Genesis 1 the very first 15:23 chapter is a story of creation and God 15:27 introduces himself as a creator in the 15:30 very first chapter of the Bible God said 15:34 yeah might be and there was and there 15:37 was and there was and there was I think 15:40 if we can cultivate like a mindset for 15:43 creative miracles yes with an 15:44 expectation right step out and take a 15:46 risk I mean what do you have to lose you 15:49 might fail a couple times but then 15:51 eventually you’re gonna hit and you’re 15:52 gonna and you’re just gonna see miracles 15:54 happening so just start creating 15:56 creating with your mouth creating with 15:58 your mouth amen Katie how did you get 16:00 started in creative miracles well God 16:02 showed me about how the soul was 16:04 blocking creative miracles and our 16:07 ministry teaches a lot about the wounded 16:08 soul 16:09 when you’re born again your spirit 16:11 becomes instantly perfect but your soul 16:12 doesn’t gets wounded by sin and trauma 16:14 and sestra things things like that and 16:16 so I started to be shown through the 16:19 Holy Spirit that when somebody’s soul is 16:21 wounded that it will actually block a 16:23 creative miracle from happening so I 16:26 started to move into when I pray for 16:28 people I would start commanding the I 16:30 would ask the Holy Spirit to go and heal 16:33 their soul with Dunamis power everybody 16:35 has the Holy Spirit if you’re born again 16:37 you have the Holy Spirit and Dunamis 16:39 power you will receive power when the 16:41 Holy Spirit comes upon you so I would 16:43 ask the Holy Spirit to go out to that 16:44 person and release Dunamis on them now 16:47 Dunamis means excellence of soul so when 16:49 I did that they were to get healed of 16:51 traumas and and the wounds that came 16:53 from sin and everything else and those 16:55 blocks being out of the way then I could 16:58 actually speak and command a creative 17:00 miracle to happen no we just had that 17:02 happen and you know how about all that 17:04 happen all the time but two examples 17:06 happened at your meeting not too long 17:07 ago I was speaking the morning session 17:09 and I started the creative miracle 17:12 process by praying for people’s souls to 17:14 be healed so there’s a thousand people 17:16 there I’m not touching anyone I’m just 17:18 speaking I’m commanding then everyone be 17:20 healed of trauma and become excellent of 17:21 soul and then after that I began to 17:23 command that metal would come out of 17:25 bodies pain with leave and that bones 17:28 would come into its place and we had to 17:30 extraordinary we had a lot of miracles 17:32 but just two off the top of my head are 17:33 a woman named Lenore she had autoimmune 17:36 diseases and fibromyalgia she lost all 17:39 the discs in her neck her bones are 17:41 pinching the spine at extraordinary pain 17:44 couldn’t even put her shoes on couldn’t 17:46 turn her head she totally gets a mirror 17:48 she comes up she can turn her head she’s 17:51 crying you’ll see it in the video right 17:52 now and then afterwards she had nine 17:54 screws Internet because they put they 17:56 opened her up and put spacers in in 17:58 place of the disks and the screws are 18:00 holding the spacers in we ran the metal 18:02 detector over her neck the dis the the 18:04 the screws are completely gone my 18:07 question is what happened to the disk so 18:08 God had to create new disks yeah right 18:11 and then there was a woman named Lisa 18:13 she had had a work-related accident 18:15 shattered the entire top of her foot she 18:18 had to go in with surgeries and they 18:19 actually you can see in this video that 18:21 she has multiple scars not just one but 18:25 multiple across the top of her foot when 18:27 they put metal in so she comes up on the 18:29 stage she’s good she has a miracle now 18:31 she could feel the bones moving in her 18:33 foot because God was creating bone as he 18:35 took out the metal right she can stand 18:38 on her tippy toes she’s crying for joy 18:40 and we run the metal detector over her 18:42 and there’s no metal left and there was 18:44 such elation I remember like not only 18:47 were those women elated of course yes 18:50 and those that were with them but the 18:52 whole room yeah there’s something about 18:54 creative miracles that when they happen 18:55 it impregnates a whole room with faith 18:58 in fact I believe that that’s happening 19:00 right now and I remember when you first 19:02 started you know being aware more of 19:06 what you could lay hold of in faith 19:07 yeah our good friend Tony camp yes share 19:10 with you a lot of the miracles and you 19:12 listen to the miracles testimony you ask 19:15 some questions and then you just went 19:17 for it yeah and I believe that there’s 19:19 some of you watching right now that 19:21 you’re doing that right now you’re 19:22 hearing all these testimonies and the 19:24 Holy Spirit’s saying to you just rise up 19:26 you can do it too just start moving 19:28 forward into it and be a miracle worker 19:31 now what about angels because they’re 19:33 involved in creative miracles to work 19:35 very closely with angels and they do 19:37 perform creative miracles I mean look at 19:39 in judges it says that an angel working 19:41 wonders healed manoah’s wife and that 19:44 Samson’s mom she actually got a new womb 19:46 she went from being barren to produce a 19:50 baby named Samson so angels are 19:52 definitely involved in miracles I was at 19:55 a meeting in San Jose 19:56 a-and there was a woman there I never 19:58 met her before she’s in the very back of 19:59 the room she comes in she had gadolinium 20:02 toxicity her name was Jacqueline okay I 20:04 didn’t even know what that was it’s when 20:05 you take an MRI and they give you the IV 20:08 and it has a medal in it called 20:09 gadolinium and it adheres to all your 20:11 organs and your joints and all of that 20:13 stuff so that the machine can read you 20:15 she was suffering she said it feels like 20:17 you’re supposed to urinate it out she 20:19 didn’t a lot of people haven’t and it 20:21 adheres to all the joints and it feels 20:22 like crushed glass constantly cutting 20:25 you and you get swollen you get very 20:27 earrin scruciating pain she had that she 20:30 came into the meeting like an eight pain 20:32 swollen up as soon as I commanded the 20:34 soul to be healed first and then we 20:36 loose the angel the angel came and 20:38 extracted the metal from her body and 20:40 within like minutes no she see this 20:43 angel come yeah I can sense the angel I 20:46 didn’t see him that day but I can sense 20:48 him and I know he’s always there working 20:50 for me so he extracts the metal and 20:52 instantly her legs shrink down like 80% 20:54 right so then she starts squeezing her 20:56 joints because it would always give her 20:58 excruciating pain if she touched any of 21:00 her joints and there was no pain so she 21:01 comes up and you’re gonna see it on the 21:03 video now I’m actually karate chopping 21:05 her arms yeah okay and she’s having no 21:08 pain I go down before I’m raking my 21:10 hands on her feet she has no pain it was 21:12 a total miracle from God I’ve been in 21:14 touch with her since she’s still totally 21:16 healed it’s amazing yes now if any of 21:18 you there watching have had MRIs and you 21:21 realize that after you have the MRI that 21:24 you have these symptoms it could be that 21:26 you need this kind of a miracle so we 21:28 minister that miracle to you right now 21:30 and release the angels to go and to 21:33 remove that toxicity out of you god TV 21:37 we are very very committed to seeing 21:39 believers equipped and we want you 21:42 equipped in the supernatural so we have 21:44 so much material available for you and 21:47 we’re just going to let you know some 21:49 more information about that now growing 21:52 the supernatural with our wide range of 21:54 premium eCos is deepen your 21:56 understanding of God’s presence the 21:58 prophetic healing the angelic realm and 22:01 much much more taught by some of today’s 22:03 most respected leaders and voices access 22:06 more of the supernatural go to god TV 22:09 forward slash Patricia 22:11 [Music] 22:23 well you’ve heard a lot of testimony and 22:25 some teaching on creative miracles and 22:29 we believe that right now God’s gonna 22:30 perform them and so Katie and I are 22:33 gonna get words of knowledge the Holy 22:34 Spirit he knows you and he knows what 22:38 you need right yeah and so we have faith 22:40 to believe for miracles and Katie I’m 22:42 just getting a word right now for 22:44 someone who has a hearing issue in fact 22:46 you have just been talking to your 22:49 spouse about going to the doctor to get 22:52 something to help your hearing a hearing 22:55 aid and you you know it’s expensive and 22:58 you were troubled by but the Lord is 22:59 touching your ear right now he’s 23:01 touching your ear I just see his hand on 23:03 your ear and hearing is coming to you 23:06 just put your finger in your ear and I 23:08 command that spirit that is 23:10 disconnecting you from being able to 23:11 hear to come out that dumb spirit to 23:13 come out now and I speak a creative 23:16 miracle into your ear all the apparatus 23:18 for it to grow back reconnect so you can 23:21 hear right now and don’t forget to test 23:23 yourself halves when you whisper in your 23:25 ear so you can find out that you got a 23:27 miracle right now and I’m hearing the 23:29 word adhesion and I really feel like the 23:31 Holy Spirit is saying that there’s metal 23:33 if he’s into people’s bodies like either 23:36 from you know leaching in the metal 23:38 amalgams or maybe a vaccine a 23:40 vaccination or something maybe 23:42 gadolinium or maybe you have some 23:44 toxicity from a metal implant so right 23:46 now I release the angel the Holy Spirit 23:48 I’ve command your soul to be healed of 23:49 trauma and I decree that God is taking 23:52 that metal out and replacing it with 23:54 good healthy flesh and bone right on I 23:57 want to make an appeal to your heart 24:00 right now because you might be watching 24:02 and maybe you’re you’re away from God or 24:04 maybe you’ve never met him but Jesus is 24:07 here and he’s reaching out to you and 24:10 one of the greatest creative miracles is 24:13 a restoration of your heart to him just 24:16 reach out and calling us names named 24:17 Jesus I want to as my Savior in my lord 24:20 I’d give my life to you and he will 24:23 honor that heart’s desire you will honor 24:25 your hearts cry so I just want you right 24:29 now to know him to know him because he 24:32 loves you with an everlasting love 24:35 call on his name and you shall be saved 24:38 and you can get some more information as 24:40 you contact us at god dot TV forward 24:44 slash Patricia let me know if you prayed 24:46 that prayer we’d like to get some even 24:48 more information to you and we want to 24:50 celebrate with you your new life we want 24:53 to thank you so much for joining us on 24:55 today’s program that god TV as I said 24:58 before we are committed to you to 25:00 growing with you we want to also invite 25:03 you to help us get the word out 25:05 worldwide to partner with us to become a 25:08 God TV partner so that you can be a 25:11 media missionary and get the word out to 25:14 the nations so thank you so much for 25:16 joining us we’ll see you next time we 25:19 thank you for your love we thank you for 25:21 your support we thank you for your 25:22 partnership we hope you enjoyed this 25:25 episode let us know how it impacted you 25:28 send your feedback testimony or prayer 25:31 request today or ask Patricia a question 25:34 for a future program and don’t forget 25:37 you can continue growing in the 25:38 supernatural with our premium courses 25:41 connect with us at god TV forward slash 25:45 Patricia 25:45 and join us next time for our next 25:48 episode of supernatural life 25:50 [Music]

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