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you’ve tuned in to the right place this is the four points broadcast with Dr. Cindy Trimm come on you can make some 0:10 noise for Jesus you’re in the right 0:15 place because we’ve been praying for you and we believe that God has a word specifically for you and as we were 0:22 praying tonight I just saw many of you have been tossed by the waves of culture 0:28 of the economy of life what is life thrown at you what have you been tossed 0:33 by but I believe tonight’s broadcast is gonna be like that that lighthouse on 0:39 the shore that’s gonna direct you back into line with God’s purpose for your life for you to reconnect to the DNA of 0:48 your destiny that’s what we’re talking about in this new series it’s the DNA of 0:54 destiny and if you miss the last couple of messages you want to go back and watch on-demand download that Cindy trim 1:00 ministries app now so that you can watch on-demand all of the past messages and 1:06 stay up to date we want you to continue to share these messages so that you too 1:11 can be a part of spreading that light around the world 20 nations are online right now I speak a blessing to those 1:18 watching from Africa from England from from all across the world Switzerland 1:23 even logs on I’ve seen people from Alaska and one time we had someone from Antarctica it’s kind of strange but we 1:30 welcome you to were touching the globe the four corners that’s what the four points broadcast is about if your 1:37 hashtagging any of the statements tonight use hashtag destiny DNA we want 1:42 to hear what God is speaking to you while dr. trim is teaching well we want to bring her right to the stage we want 1:48 you to give a warm welcome to dr. Cindy trim 1:54 praise the Lord we are so excited to have an opportunity to do life with you 2:01 and tonight of all nights and whether you are tuning in tonight or it may be morning in other parts of the world or 2:09 evening in some of other parts of the world we want you to know that we are here to do life with you to pray for you 2:15 and to really begin to believe that God is moving in your life and that 2:21 believing with you and standing with you by faith you will be able to fulfill God’s original plan and purpose for your 2:29 life today we want to address you on the topic of destiny it’s one of those 2:35 topics that a lot of people have questions on how is destiny different 2:42 from purpose and how is destiny different from predestination and are 2:48 they that the same thing but being predestined is not the same thing as destiny and being predestined is a 2:57 decision that God makes for you destiny is a decision that you make for 3:03 yourself and we want to make sure that your life is in total synchronization 3:09 with God’s original plan and purpose for your life and this is why this series is 3:14 important because destiny is determined by a decision and we want to make sure 3:20 that your decisions that you are making a well informed well prayed about and 3:26 inspired by God himself so let’s pray our Father and I God will give you 3:32 praise and honor and glory I decrease so that you may increase open up the heavens give us an open heaven so that 3:39 we can operate under let there be no confusion in in translation let every 3:47 man here based on your original plan and intention for this message father remove 3:54 any confusion remove any demonic hijacking activities father allow us to 4:00 spend this time excavating your word and being venoth benefited because of 4:07 your word your word the entrance of the word give it a light and no one needs to live in darkness and we decree and 4:13 declare let there be light father I pray that you would bless our 4:18 time together and that as we study the whole aspect of of DNA that you would 4:25 give us articulation of speech you would allow us to be able to communicate even 4:32 some complicated concepts and just make them as simple so that a two-year-old 4:38 could understand I pray father for those that are tuning in those that are 4:43 experiencing even setbacks I pray father that you would encourage them those that 4:51 are struggling in their lives for because of finances or abuse or addiction or loneliness rather those 4:58 that are struggling with depression those that are suicidal those that are 5:04 having marital problems those that are having parental issues we pray God that 5:10 you would meet them right where they are right now because with you there is 5:15 nothing that is impossible I prayed that you would encourage them I pray father 5:21 that you would give them the ability to believe again that when they slumber and 5:26 sleep tonight they would know that they were would they they have a God that works the nightshift tube let things 5:34 turn around let circumstances turn around let their health turn around I 5:40 pray for the one vomit that is struggling with their health the one that is has been on their bed believing 5:48 Oh God hallelujah for a miracle those that are struggling with cancer high 5:53 blood pressure low blood pressure hallelujah I pray for divine intervention I prayed that you want to 6:00 heal them that you will heal their minds you will heal their body father where 6:05 the medication stops where the pharmaceuticals stop I decree that a 6:11 miracle will begin right there father we are we are we are joining our pain with that woman that is 6:18 believing that their husband will be healed and their son will be healed and their daughter will be healed we are 6:25 standing in pain for the loved ones that are praying for their mother and praying 6:30 for their father now the polls that are struggling with incurable diseases let 6:37 there be a miracle do what medicine cannot do do what pharmaceuticals can I 6:43 do do what doctors can I do father we are anticipating a great testimonies we 6:50 are standing in paper for the one that is separate loss and we pray O God 6:57 there will be indemnification found that while they were going through their season of mourning and their season of 7:04 grief we know we pin indoors for a night but joy comes in the morning found the 7:10 replace their morning hallelujah with joy in the name of Jesus let them be 7:17 able to go through one more day remove the insomnia remove the 7:23 sleeplessness let them rest in you you said you give your beloved sleep let 7:29 them have the best sleep tonight in Jesus name father when they go home 7:34 tonight when they enter that door hallelujah let SIA t flee from their 7:41 home let there be peace in their house remove the arguments remove the tension 7:48 remove the pining father I pray that you would protect that boy that girl that 7:55 woman from any kind of abuse mental abuse physical abuse degree and declare 8:02 they are hidden in your secret place they are protected today father I pray O 8:09 God for a healing hallelujah that is coming from your sanctuary bless them indeed bless our time 8:16 together give us the ability to focus let there be no distraction we rebuke 8:22 the one that is assigned as an agent of distraction and I’d agree that they 8:29 will be able to focus we give you praise O God for your anointing that were 8:34 breaking I decree yokes are broken in your life right now for whom the Sun 8:41 sets free is free indeed i decree you are free from drugs you are free from 8:48 addiction you are free from suicide you are free from torment you were free from 8:53 loneliness you were free from disappointment you were free from death you were free 8:58 from disease I decree and declare freedom of your mind i decree freedom to your marriage father 9:06 anything that is illegally bound i decree that it will be loosed right now i pray father that you will lose 9:14 hallelujah individuals that are bound right now and father those that are 9:20 backslidden I pray God that they would be restored those that have lost their 9:25 pain I prayed that their faith will be restored let tonight be a night of 9:30 respiration everything that we have lost whether it’s our home whether it’s a car 9:37 whether it is a job whether it is our faith whether it is our joy whether it 9:44 is our peace i decree and declare restoration right now in Jesus name Amen 9:50 if you believe it put your hands together and shout I believe it thank 9:57 you thank you Jesus we’re very excited to introduce you to 10:03 our new series entitled the DNA of destiny now when it comes to the word 10:10 destiny there’s so much confusion what destiny is but your destiny is where you 10:17 end up tomorrow that’s what destiny is all about where you end up tomorrow one of the things 10:24 that William Jennings Bryan said he said destiny is a matter of is not a matter 10:31 of chance it is a choice it is not a thing to be waited for it’s a thing to be achieved 10:39 so when it comes to this whole topic of destiny the scripture that God gave me 10:46 gave to me is found in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 19 to 20 10:51 and I’d love for you to go there with me please Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 19 to 20 10:59 and I’m gonna read it the scripture says I call heaven and earth to record this 11:06 day against you that I have set before you life and death blessing and cursing 11:13 therefore choose life that both thou and 11:18 I seed may live so we know where you end up tomorrow is based on the decisions 11:25 that you make today so the bridge between your today and your tomorrow 11:31 that bridge can be found in decisions the Bible said verse number twenty that 11:37 thou may’st love the Lord thy God that thou may’st obey his voice that thou may’st cleave unto him for he is thy 11:45 life and the length of thy days that thou may’st dwell in the land which the 11:50 Lord swear unto your father to Abraham to Isaac and Jacob to give them now I thought this was a very incredible and 11:58 when the Bible gives us indication that your destiny is directly associated with 12:05 the decisions that you make that means that one of the things that you have to 12:11 do is to take 100% responsibility for 12:16 your life it starts with that it starts with that rub-rub revelation that whatever happens to me I 12:23 am 100 percent responsible for that where I end up tomorrow I will be 100% 12:32 responsible for that now a lot of people who are super spiritual might argue they 12:39 might say well it’s all about God and it’s all about what God wants but part 12:45 of that is true a portion of that is true but you have to choose to obey God you see it all 12:54 boils down to choice and decisions so if you were born again that means that when 13:01 you pray you’re gonna seek his will but it’s a decision to pray it’s a decision 13:07 to trust it’s a decision to rely on do you see that everything is about a 13:14 decision that you make so when you walk out of here and when you turn off your 13:20 your computer and when this message is 13:26 over unless you realize that life is going to happen based on a series of 13:32 decisions that you make it’s going to happen based on a series of decisions 13:39 that you make and if you could get the decisions down if you can get your 13:45 decision-making skills down so that it’s properly in alignment with how God 13:51 originally planned and purpose you to live then tomorrow does not have to be a 13:58 mystery why because Jesus in John 10:10 says something I have come that you may 14:05 have life and have it more abundantly now that’s a divine intention God 14:13 intends us to live an abundant life it means that we should be living without 14:19 lack now there’s a difference between God’s applying your need and God’s 14:24 applying your want we can have once all the way out the door but God promised to supply our need now 14:33 scripture says that you have to make a decision whether you want to live a blessed life and we taught on living a 14:41 blessed life or whether you want your life to be cursed so let’s settle once 14:46 and for all what a blessing is and how to get the blessing and what a curse is and why 14:52 some people end up cursed and once why some people end up blessed and blessed God said I want you to make a decision 14:58 he your choice life or death what do you choose there you go blessing or cursing what do 15:07 you choose so that means that you have to make a decision to be blessed it’s 15:16 it’s your decision you see we got it move away from 15:22 believing that if your life is not working out it’s not working out because 15:27 someone cursed you because the lady down the street wears a black hat and rides 15:33 on a a wooden a broom and and she has a 15:38 black cat we have to move away from that giving our personal power away from 15:44 people who are working witchcraft and my life is not working because someone 15:50 cursed me the scripture says in Proverbs the curse causeless shall not come so 15:58 that means that a blessing therefore is the outcome of an act of obedience and a 16:09 curse is the natural outcome of an act of disobedience so I’m going to float 16:15 that as a balloon and I’m gonna come back to prove that that particular 16:21 postulation I’m gonna prove it so that means that 16:27 every day you awakened you could choose whether you’re going to be blessed or whether you’re going to be cursed I 16:33 choose to be blessed what about you I call to heaven and earth to record this 16:41 day against you that I have set options before you you see you cannot make a 16:48 decision if there’s no option you’ve gotta have two or more options in order 16:56 to make a decision so we said I’m setting before you some options here’s 17:03 the option blessing or curse Oh life or 17:09 death and he said that I want heaven and earth 17:15 to record this so that means that whenever you make a decision heaven 17:24 conspires with earth to bring the blessing but if you make an alternative 17:30 decision then hell will conspire with earth to bring the outcome do you see 17:37 that if you choose life heaven will 17:43 conspire with with earth to bring you the resources the opportunities the 17:50 networks the relationship so that you’re in the right place at the right time now 17:56 there are laws there are spiritual laws that operate if you do this then here’s 18:03 the law I’m gonna give you an example the law of seedtime harvest the law of 18:08 consequence the law of giving and receiving let’s use this two days ago I 18:14 took a colleague of mine to dinner and there was this couple that was standing 18:21 there and I was paying for my mail and I said oh your meal is paid for so just 18:28 randomly I paid for two people’s meal they were very excited but I know what I was doing why because I made a decision 18:35 every single day to do something kind for someone to give something to 18:42 somebody and to give it to people that could never repay the favor so I do it 18:48 every single day I do a kind act every single day every single day of my life I do a kind that is deliberate why because 18:55 what I’m activating is the law of giving and receiving the law of seedtime and 19:01 harvest so I give them this particular 19:06 blessing so what I really wanted to eat that night was meatloaf and the Shep 19:13 came out and says there’s no more meatloaf we ran out of meatloaf I said wonderful I wanted this meatloaf so bad 19:22 so what I ordered was the fish so I ended up with fish fish and shrimp 19:28 so I sat down to eat my meal about 20 minutes later the chef comes and he 19:36 brings me my own meatloaf then he comes 19:42 back and he and the lady gives me something else until I was piled up with 19:48 food now was it was it just random that 19:54 this just happened coincidentally no why I made a decision to do something that 20:04 heaven had to conspire with what earth to what bring me the results and the result was 20:13 a harvest so anybody looking at me could say you’re lucky and and everybody in 20:23 the restaurant and the chef favored you but the chef had to favor me why because 20:33 I did what activated a spiritual law and 20:38 I did it deliberately so you don’t have 20:44 to go through life where life is just happening to you and you are responding 20:50 to what’s happening and then you end up exhausted with nothing to show for 20:55 living on the earth Wham you can live this life deliberately and connect your 21:02 future to your present by activating specific laws and doing it deliberately 21:09 now the Bible said this is going to happen and he said I also swore to your 21:16 father’s Abraham Isaac and Jacob so that means that this covenant has been 21:24 downloaded into our DNA because the founder determines the DNA I mean it’s a 21:32 mixture of your mother and your father are you with me but your father determines your gender 21:39 it’s not the mother that determines it your father determines it but he’s also 21:44 a contributor a contributor to your DNA so you have 23 chromosomes from your 21:51 father 23 chromosomes from your mother and I was wondering why the Bible didn’t 21:57 say well I swore this to Abraham and Sarah Isaac and Rebekah and Jake I swore 22:06 this he said I just swore this to Abraham Isaac and Jacob and as I was 22:12 meditating on this today you are serving the God of Abraham this is the God who 22:19 is able to change your name because he was not always Abraham he once was Abram 22:25 in other words when God changed his name he changed his brand people began to see 22:33 him from a different eye they saw him as powerful they saw him as influential 22:40 they no longer saw him as an immigrant they saw him as a change agent I’m gonna 22:46 tell you you are serving a God who is able to rebrand you and people that saw 22:54 you one way is gonna see you another way people that look down to your last 23:00 season it’s gonna look up to you this season gone is about to change your 23:05 brand number two the god of Isaac that is the God who is able to change your 23:11 destiny and number three the God of Jacob the God who is able to change your 23:17 nature in this season I am pronouncing the blessing of Abraham upon you I am 23:24 pronouncing the blessing of Isaac upon you I am pronouncing the blessing of 23:29 Jacob this is a season that God is going to rebrand you you are going to be seen 23:37 bigger than life you are going to be seen as an influencer you are going to 23:43 be seen as an industry leader you are going to be seen as a mover a shaker a 23:49 history you are going to be seen as an influencer you are going to be seen as 23:56 someone powerful you are going to be seen as someone that is the head and not the tail someone that is first and not 24:03 last gone is about to change your brand number two God is about to alter your 24:11 destiny you were going one way your life was going in one direction but God is 24:17 gonna shift your life until it’s synchronized and syncopated with his 24:22 original plan and purpose the mistakes that you made last year will not count 24:29 for this year the mistakes that you made in when you were 15 and 16 and 17 and 20 24:37 and 30 and 40 you are not gonna have to live with the fall out of bad decisions 24:44 the years that the comma Pama worm and the caterpillar destroyed and the 24:49 cankerworm destroy gone is going to restore those year I decree a season of 24:55 second chances you are gonna have another chance you are gonna have another opportunity to do something 25:02 great you may have made mistakes last year but they’re not gonna affect you this year you might have said some 25:09 things last year but it’s not gonna affect you this year in the name of Jesus today is a destiny altering 25:18 destiny changing day for you not just for you for your marriage 25:23 not just for your marriage for your finances there are so many things that we did that we wish we had not done it 25:30 but I decree your beacon score will not affect what you do financially in the 25:38 days to come your credit score will have no bearing because God is gonna give you 25:44 the ability to start right where you are but at the end of this year you are 25:52 going to be in another place your money is gonna be better your relationships 25:57 are gonna be better your business is gonna be better your ministry is gonna be better 26:03 because you are going to decide that is going to be better you’ve got to accept 26:16 the fact that where you live today you decided to live there where you work 26:22 today you decided to work who you’re married to you decided how much money 26:28 you make you decided your joy you decided if you take 100% responsibility 26:35 for where you are right now no matter how bad it is no matter how ugly it is 26:40 no matter how pitiful it is no matter how wretched it is if you take 26:45 responsibility now we can have a conversation but the moment you give up 26:52 your your decision-making ability to someone else you have made a decision to 26:58 give that give that bet power away so either way you have made a decision now 27:03 what if you didn’t make a decision well you made a decision not to make the 27:08 decision so it’s still a decision the 27:16 DNA of Destiny life for so many people is a mystery but I believe John 10:10 27:24 Jesus said and it’s a promise that he came to give us life and to give us more 27:30 abundantly and if you’re not a living the abundant life then it can’t be 27:36 deacons or demons or Devils the box stops with you the box stops with me 27:45 there’s so many believers that are living beneath the standard that God 27:50 intended for us that God promised us how many believers do you know how many 27:56 people do you know living beneath their standards they got the capacity to live 28:02 better to be better I know some people that have the capacity to be a doctor 28:08 but they’re there they’re working right 28:13 now as as janitors in the hospital now there’s nothing wrong with being a 28:18 janitor it’s an honorable job but they have the capacity to become a surgeon 28:25 but but but they’re living beneath the standard that God has for them 28:31 so as we attack our subject matter today I want to propose to you that there are 28:37 12 concepts every educated and spiritually mature person must know in 28:43 order to be successful and to live a dynamic prosperous abundant life these 28:49 are 12 and I’ve been preaching this for the last almost 20 years there are 12 at 28:55 least 15 years now and I want to repeat it once again each one of these concepts 29:03 you have to be able to exert energy and push to understand them and then embrace 29:11 them is very relevant for your life these twelve concept number one you’ve 29:16 got to understand where you came from that speaks about your heritage and I 29:24 want to stop here I said I’ve said this for 15 years almost 20 years I’ve said this you did not come from an orangutan 29:30 a monkey an ape I don’t care what anthropologists say you came from God 29:37 that’s your heritage and before before you were birthed into this 3-dimensional 29:44 world this is very important you had a relationship with God and God had a relationship with you this is what God 29:51 said to the psalmist before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you you know what that word know it means to 29:58 be intimate with it has the connotation of you were already worshipping God 30:04 before you were even born so that means that the from conception until you were 30:11 birthed out your birthday you were worshipping God that means when you came 30:17 into this world you were birth as a worshiper so somewhere along the line 30:23 you had to under learn how to worship that means worship is something that you do that is 30:31 natural to you it’s in your DNA to worship God it is not it is not beyond 30:41 our our our ability to conceive the fact then we were born worshipers that means 30:48 that when when you go to church it should be natural for you to worship you 30:53 don’t need a worship leader to lead you into worship because you in your DNA 30:59 your DNA you’re a worshiper that means also you don’t need to be in church to 31:07 worship that means everything that you do for God should be worship it means 31:15 whether or not you are in a physical building called a church that that how 31:21 you miss should constitute your worship if one person is getting this if I’m 31:29 driving I should be worshiping if I’m typing on my computer it should be 31:36 worship if I’m working it should be done as unto the Lord in other words if I get 31:44 hired by a client or by an employer it’s not I’m not working for the employer I’m 31:51 working as unto the Lord that means that whatever I do should be superior once 31:59 you understand that you came from God and and and and and that that you 32:05 worship God because that’s a part of your heritage it’s a part of who you are 32:12 it’s natural it’s unnatural for a person not to connect with their heritage this 32:19 is why when a country is destroyed and a person becomes it goes to another 32:25 country and they cannot return to their country that means that everything about 32:32 them is wiped out they have no identity they have no heritage why because they 32:37 have nothing to connect to so it’s on natural for us not to connect to God 32:45 because that’s where we came from wordy where you come from that’s the important 32:50 concept number two what you were born into now where you come from is your heritage what you were born into is your 32:57 inheritance this is something that you didn’t do somebody did it for you 33:02 prepared prepared it for you so that when you’re in this world you don’t have 33:08 to struggle like maybe they struggled they’re gonna leave you something that you didn’t qualify for they’re gonna 33:14 leave you something that you didn’t have to pay for that’s why the scripture says a good man leaves an inheritance for his 33:21 children’s children now you have your earthly father but you also have your heavenly father and he’s a good father 33:29 that means that as a father our God has left an inheritance for us come ye 33:36 blessed of the Lord inherit the kingdom prepared for you so you’re a part of 33:42 your inheritance is the kingdom he didn’t leave you a little small cabbage 33:47 Gordon he left you an entire kingdom he didn’t just leave you a community he 33:53 left you a kingdom and that’s a part of your inheritance number three you’ve got 34:00 to know where you come from that’s your heritage what you were born in that’s your inheritance you got to know who you 34:06 are that’s your identity your identity and a lot of people are trying to be 34:12 someone else but you can’t be someone else because all those other people are taken so you can only be yourself what 34:23 is your identity we are suffering from identity crises the church is suffering 34:29 from an identity crisis she doesn’t know who she is anymore that’s the last thing 34:35 that you should suffer from is an identity crisis and this is why you have competition there’s nobody can be you 34:42 and you you don’t you shouldn’t want to be someone else you are the best you are 34:48 the best individual that you can be and be settled with being you now listen 34:55 I’m glad I’m me and not you I like being me I like the fact that I was made Cindy 35:01 Trin I don’t want to be anybody else you’ve got to know who you are know who you are 35:08 how God has made you and know your identity in Christ Jesus number four you’ve got to know why you were born 35:14 that’s your purpose number five you got to know where you should be going that’s your destiny 35:19 number six you got to know how you plan to get there that’s your vision number seven you’ve got to know what you should 35:25 be doing when you get there that’s your assignment you’ve got to know how you’re going to get how you’re gonna do what 35:32 you’re gonna do when you get there and that’s your strategy you got to know when you should be doing it 35:37 that’s timing you got to know who you should be doing it with that’s relationships you got to know with what 35:44 you’re gonna be doing it that’s your resources and then you got to know the fact that one day you’re gonna die how 35:51 is the next generation gonna know that you did it and that’s your legacy these 35:57 are the twelve things that you’ve got to know so today I can’t focus on all 36:03 twelve but I am gonna focus on one and that’s number five and that’s destiny 36:09 where are you going where are you going that’s your destiny now when we talk 36:15 about destiny we are also talking about strategies that connect your present 36:20 potential your dreams your vision to future realities and you got to get this 36:27 with talking about strategies life strategies that connects your potential 36:34 your dreams your vision to future realities where does tomorrow come from 36:44 is it chance is it random is it divine 36:50 where does it come from I mean that’s God create your tomorrow or is it just 36:56 happening randomly is it chance if we 37:02 could find this out you can discover destiny 37:07 Luke chapter 15 let’s turn there let’s start at verse number 11 37:13 talk about destiny destiny the Bible 37:19 said and he said a certain man had two sons and the younger of them said to his father father give me the portion of 37:26 goods that fall it to me and he divided unto them his living and 37:32 not many days after the younger son gathered all together took his journey 37:37 to a far country and there wasted his substance with riotous living when he 37:43 had spent all there arose a famine in the land it began to be in want and he 37:49 went and joined himself to a citizen of that country and he sent him or the 37:55 citizen sent him into the field to feed the swine so let’s stop here right now 38:03 how did he end up in a pig pen how how 38:10 did he end up Bible said the citizen 38:15 sent him into the fee fields to feed the swine so how did he end up feeding swine 38:22 how did it end up feeding the swine he gave thank you he gave his personal 38:32 power away to someone who said this is 38:38 as good as it gets you’re not worth anything more you you 38:44 don’t have the qualifications to be a supervisor you don’t have the qualifications to be a manager you don’t 38:51 have the qualification to be a jeweler you don’t have the qualifications the only thing that you’re good for right 38:59 now is Sweeting feeding swine but hold on a minute he’s a Jew and Jews don’t do 39:06 pigs it’s against their custom to touch a pig 39:13 so how did he sink so low was it the economy 39:21 was it the fact that there were no more jobs so the only job in in his industry 39:29 was the worst job I am decreeing and declaring this is the last season that 39:35 you will work for the in in the worst jobs in your industry from today onward 39:40 you’re going to work in the best jobs in your industry if you’re going to be in the industry you’re gonna have the best 39:47 jobs you’re going to and how is that 39:52 gonna happen cuz you’re gonna decide to nobody can tell you how much you were 40:00 worth and how much you are going to earn nobody in this world you see you earn 40:06 what you earn because you decided to accept that paycheck now they offered it 40:13 to you you didn’t have to accept it but you made a decision to accept that 40:21 paycheck so that means what you earn was a decision that you made because you 40:28 don’t have to take the offer the prodigal son could have said I don’t do 40:34 pigs by but what did he do he made a decision to what accept it because he 40:43 had an option his option was handle pigs or go somewhere else 40:50 and he made a decision to sink as low as he did do you see that now watch this 40:58 the Bible said he would have vein filled his belly this is verse number 16 with 41:03 the husk that the swine did eat no man gave unto him number 17 and when he came 41:13 to himself he said hold on one minute so he comes to himself where was he before 41:24 he came to himself it means that he left the decision for his future in someone 41:31 else’s hand and it was a decision that he made then he decided hold on one minute I’m 41:37 better than this what was I thinking in other words I was not thinking like 41:46 myself have you ever been to a place where you just didn’t feel yourself I 41:51 have this is not me will you do things that are what beneath you you could do 42:00 better but now you have slipped into a state where you’re doing things that are 42:06 beneath you you know you deserve better you know you deserve to live in a better place you 42:12 don’t you deserve to be treated better you deserve to have a better position but why people with less qualifications 42:20 are living better doing better they got better jobs but look at you and you just 42:30 accept this as a way of life well the devil could go to hell because I’m 42:36 coming to my senses it’s a revelation 42:43 you don’t have to accept the state that you’re in you don’t have to accept the 42:49 treatment that people give you you don’t have to accept earning what you’re 42:54 earning you could earn more it’s your 43:00 decision it is not the government’s decision it is not your bosses decision 43:05 it is your decision how much are you worth how much do you want to earn where 43:12 do you want to live decisions he said 43:19 hold on one minute how many hired servants of my father had bread enough to spare and I perish with 43:26 hunger hold on I got options I don’t have to be here doing things that are 43:33 beneath me I have options the moment you recognize that you live in a world of 43:39 unlimited possibility and potentiality that you don’t have to compete with 43:45 anyone this is the first lesson I of success and prosperity the first lesson I learned of success and 43:51 prosperity is there’s a world filled with unlimited resources unlimited opportunities unlimited positions 43:58 unlimited it’s unlimited why do I want to compete with others when I’ve got 44:04 unlimited possibilities and potential I really do so if someone is competing 44:11 with you never compete with them just take a step back because what’s for you is for you they’re wasting their 44:18 energies they’ll never get your blessing so let them compete with you but never 44:24 compete with anybody else always be happy for someone’s blessings why 44:29 because there’s more out there for you there’s a whole lot more from where that 44:36 came from and you never have to be jealous and you never have to be resentful and you never 44:43 have to be envious are you hearing me you never I bless god you’re driving in 44:49 a Rolls Royce but there’s millions of rolls-royce sitting out there parked with my name on it I’m just gonna claim 44:54 one are you with me it doesn’t have to be a Rolls Royce could be a job you 45:02 don’t have to compete to occupy someone else’s space God has a space for you in 45:08 the realm of success and prosperity occupy your space he said hold on one 45:14 minute I’ve got options is that my dad has enough food for him the employees 45:21 and I’m sitting here perishing with hunger verse number 18 I will arise this is the law of 45:29 intention I will arise arise means to operate in a 45:36 higher plane it means that he had sunk so low that he was living beneath who he 45:44 should be and he had settled for a while he had settled I decree and declare you 45:50 would not settle if God has ten for you I decree you will not settle at a five 45:56 if god has fifty for you I decree that you will not settle with 10 no more settling you’re going to 46:04 go for broke amen so he said founder I have sinned against 46:11 heaven and before thee in other words I’ve sinned against heaven and earth it 46:16 was at Moses that said he said I’m calling heaven and earth to be a witness 46:22 and I’m giving you the revelation that 46:27 your future blessings is your choice your future curse is your choice future life is your choice future death is your 46:34 choice and I’m setting this into motion in other words whatever decision you 46:40 make is either gonna activate the blessing or is gonna activate the curse it’s gonna activate life or it’s going 46:47 to activate debt and it’s gonna be connected to your decisions now a decision to act requires intention have 46:57 you ever invited people to church and they said I try and that Sunday you look 47:02 for him and they’re not there it means the word I’ll try means I have no 47:08 intentions so when people say I’m a try 47:14 imma try to do this it means I have no intentions to finish it it means that 47:21 I’m gonna have an excuse I’m gonna find an alibi but I’m not going to do it here 47:29 is rule number one principle number one you will never ever accomplish anything 47:36 or succeed at anything that you try you got to do I’m going to do it it’s a 47:45 decision I’m gonna do it he said I will arise go to my father’s house I will say 47:51 unto him father I’ve sinned against heaven and before thee sinned against two realms heaven and earth and I am no 47:58 more worthy to be called your son make me one of your hired servants and he 48:03 arose he did what he said a lot of us break covenant with ourselves and we 48:10 train ourselves not to take ourselves serious so your brain just does not shift into 48:18 gear your eyes don’t look for opportunities your hands are not productive it doesn’t 48:25 start anything your feet never go anywhere because your brain says she’s 48:31 not serious the last time she said that she never did anything so let’s not expend the energy 48:38 let’s not help her let’s not give her insight opportunities will come but 48:45 she’s gonna be blind to the opportunities because she’s not serious he’s not serious so let’s just start 48:53 with something very simple I’m going on a diet when are you going tomorrow when 49:02 you open your eyes you better not be eating Twinkies for breakfast the night 49:08 before you’re going to go into your refrigerator you’re gonna get rid of anything that is not diet specific 49:16 you’re gonna go in your cabinet and gonna take out all the potato chips all 49:21 the candies all the chocolates you’re gonna give them away you’re gonna take 49:27 out all the sugary drinks you’re gonna give it away in your refrigerator there’s gonna be water you’re gonna have 49:35 fruits you’re gonna stack it up with fruits and vegetables see your intention 49:43 dictates to your activities so if you 49:50 find out your activities are contrary to your intentions you never intended it anyway you were just lying to yourself you were 49:58 deceiving yourself the worst deception is self deception he said I got up I 50:04 went to my father’s house he said that my father saw me afar off he ran to 50:11 greet me with compassion I fell on his neck I kissed him then the father I 50:17 confessed I took 100% responsibility for my actions watch this first number 21 50:23 and the son said unto his father father I’ve sinned against heaven in thy sight I’m no more worthy to be 50:29 called your son in other words I take 100% responsibility for what I did I 50:36 didn’t blame it on the economy I didn’t blame it on the guy that said this is the only job you’re gonna work at I just 50:42 take 100% responsibility I’m not looking for an alibi I didn’t feel sick it 50:48 wasn’t my friends I wasn’t around the wrong crowd because sometimes the wrong 50:54 crowd is you medea said I can do bad all 50:59 by myself so some of you you don’t need help can I 51:04 get a show you right cuz the church ain’t gonna say Amen but the father said 51:13 to his servants bring the best robe put it on his on him bring the ring put it 51:18 on his hands shoes on his feet and bring the fatted cow then he said for this my 51:23 son verse number 24 was once dead and is alive again he was ones lost and is 51:29 found in other words he lost connection with who he really wants now he’s 51:36 finally decided to reconnect with it to his heritage and to his inheritance 51:43 there’s a statement that was made by 51:48 this philosopher and I want to give this statement to you the day that you were born you were given two proverbial 51:55 envelopes on the front of one was written incredible pleasure success 52:00 vibrant health and prosperity on the other was written incredible pain 52:06 failure disease and poverty two envelopes when you opened each envelope 52:14 they both had a blank page we call these 52:20 pages destiny and you get to choose which category of page you will write on 52:27 every single day because life happens to 52:33 you one day at a time the prodigal son is a story that depicts destiny 52:40 we learned several things from the story number one at the very moment a decision 52:45 is made destiny is born number two destiny is decision oriented this means 52:51 that you have to have superior decision-making skills and strategies 52:56 number three your destiny is being experienced engineered and altered on a 53:02 moment-by-moment basis so that means that if you make a decision today and 53:08 its leading you this way and the next moment you make a decision you are actually altering will you end up 53:15 tomorrow so that means that you cannot just go through life in neutral you got 53:23 to live life intentionally and you’ve got to live it deliberately once you 53:29 give your life to God he enlightens your spirit to discern his will so that you 53:36 will know the geography of your destiny he will give you an amazing 53:41 decision-making ability Deuteronomy 8 6 217 amazing it says therefore thou shalt 53:50 keep the commandments of the LORD thy God to walk in his ways and to fear him 53:55 for the LORD thy God bringeth thee into a good land a land of Brooks of waters 54:01 of fountains of depths that spring out of the valleys and Hills a land of wheat 54:07 and barley and vines and fig trees and pomegranates a land of olive and honey 54:14 this is unlimited resources this world is filled with unlimited resources and 54:22 if you listen to the economist you will feel as if somehow the reservoir of 54:29 resources is drying up and you’re only limited to this amount but it’s not true 54:34 the same amount of money and resources that was around during Solomon’s days is 54:39 still here the same amount of capital there were 12 forms of capital that 54:46 means money is only one form and if you don’t have money you’ve got nothing 54:51 living forms of capital that you can use and the thing is a lot of us limit our 54:58 lives to the money that we make when there is unlimited resources made 55:03 available to you for you to succeed for you to prosper but you just have to have 55:09 your eyes open to understand that this is available to me as well it’s not 55:15 available just for the people that were born with silver spoons in their mouths and gold spoons in their mouths it’s 55:22 there for all of us why because God created this world for 55:28 us to live in it does not belong to the devil it belongs to God God said I’m 55:34 taking you to a land verse number line 9 we’re in thou shall eat bread without 55:40 stiffness thou shalt not like anything in it I’m Landon whose stones are iron and out 55:47 of whose hills thou may’st dig brass when thou has eaten and are fooled 55:53 then thou shalt bless the LORD thy God for the good land which he had given thee be weird that thou forget not the 56:00 Lord your God in not keeping his Commandments and his judgment and his statues which I commended this day less 56:07 when thou is eaten in are full and has built goodly houses and dwelt therein hold on one minute hold on you didn’t 56:15 get this he said when you F Keenan or for your days of hunger or over your 56:23 days of scarcity or over he didn’t say if you eat he said when you eat you are 56:30 gonna eat and you are gonna have no lack that is a promise that God has made he 56:37 said when you have built goodly houses you know what a goodly house is a goodly 56:43 house is not a condo your condo is your vacation home he said you’re gonna build 56:51 mansions that’s what a goodly house is you’re going from small to big and if you live 56:58 in a condo is because you want to are you hearing me I’m gonna say it again 57:03 you live in an apartment it is because you chose to not because you have to you 57:09 chose who are you getting it you are not limited 57:18 he said you build God’s Woodley houses and dwell therein is the word house or 57:24 houses is it is it single or plural it means that you’re gonna have a mention 57:31 in in in in New York you’re gonna have a vacation home in Florida you’re gonna 57:39 have a vacation home in London you’re gonna have one in Switzerland and you’re 57:44 not gonna have to rent it out to pay the mortgage in other words you’re gonna have more than enough you’re gonna own 57:51 the house and you’re gonna be able to pay for the upkeep of the house people 57:59 build houses but they don’t live in it because they can’t afford the mortgage but that’s not gonna be you you better 58:05 say a man I don’t know if you’re in the state of shock or what but this is the 58:10 Word of God I’m gonna eat and I’m gonna be full I’m gonna build godly houses not just by 58:18 them I’m gonna build them glory to God 58:25 and then I’m not gonna have to rent them out I’m just gonna close them up and 58:32 gonna hire a housekeeper I’m grounds man keep the house until I come back and call them I’ll be there 58:38 next week get the house ready glory to 58:44 God I’m all charged up now and when thy herds and flocks multiply we don’t have 58:51 no cows and ox today we don’t have horses with horsepower you’re gonna get 59:00 this tomorrow and it’s plural you’re not gonna have to share your car with your 59:06 wife share your car with your son where’s your car oh my son has it I can’t come to church at night cuz my son 59:13 had to pay basketball and he has the car your we’ll have a car your daughter will have 59:19 a car your husband will have a car you will have a car he said and your silver 59:31 and gold is multiplied I like that you got a massive impressive investment 59:38 portfolio stocks bonds futures and they’re multiplied he said then die hard 59:46 is lifted off and forget the LORD thy God which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage 59:52 who led thee through the great and terrible wilderness we’re in we’re fiery serpents and scorpions and drought where 59:59 there was no water who brought thee forth water out of the rock of the Flint who fed thee in the wilderness with 1:00:05 manna your wilderness days are over thank you lord thank you lord thank you 1:00:13 lord god has a promised land for you he 1:00:22 said what your father’s knew not that he may humble thee that he might prove thee to do the good at the letter and this is 1:00:29 your letter in your days are being tested or over you have qualified you’re 1:00:36 going into the promised land I qualified I after all you’ve been through you’re 1:00:41 gonna come out more than with just a t-shirt mm-hmm and he said and and thou 1:00:48 saying thy heart my power and my might of my own hand had gotten me this well but thou shall remember the LORD thy God 1:00:55 but is he that give it the power to get well then he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy father as it is 1:01:03 this day what are the powers that God gives you he gives you intellectual power are you with me he gives you the 1:01:10 capacity and when you understand that you’re thinking too small you could pray the prayer of Jabez father enlarge my 1:01:17 territory I’m thinking too small I’ve got too many lids I got too many limitations on me father Ida green dick 1:01:26 you are enlarging my capacity I decree and declare your days of thinking small 1:01:32 are over your days of lids and limitation are over your days of living 1:01:38 with barriers are over I decree and declare whom the Sun sets free is free 1:01:43 indeed no more leads no more limitation no more barriers in Jesus name I pray 1:01:49 the Bible said in 3rd John 1 and 2 beloved I wish above all things that 1:01:55 thou mayst prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers you gotta 1:02:01 understand that God wants to give you the inside he wants to give you the ability he wants to give you life 1:02:09 strategies he wants to give you decision-making strategies so that you can decide to move into the realm that 1:02:16 God has prepared for you but many of us are not living in that realm the realm 1:02:21 that God originally purpose for us to live he created us for wealth he did not 1:02:27 create us for poverty he did not create us for lack there is nothing in our DNA 1:02:33 hallelujah that’s dictating to life everything about us is dictating for 1:02:40 more how do we know it because you are not satisfied with what you have you are 1:02:45 not satisfied with what you were doing it’s almost as if there is an itch that 1:02:50 cannot be scratched and you cannot articulate you know that there’s gotta be something more and this is why you 1:02:57 are praying many people are afraid of the word wealth they’re afraid of the 1:03:03 word prosperity and I don’t know why especially if God says that I give you 1:03:09 the power to get wealth I give you the ability to prosper I was I was in London 1:03:15 recently and I had a conversation with my chauffeur and we were driving just 1:03:21 out of London and we were talking about the rich and he adamantly stated that he 1:03:27 never wanted to be wealthy he just wanted to be comfortable and he his rationale his rationale was 1:03:35 irrational to me and I asked him why would you say that he said wealthy people are snooty 1:03:41 wealthy people are arrogant wealthy people are mean and I said Wow and I 1:03:47 countered his argument I said you haven’t met every wealthy person in the earth you know and I told him I said 1:03:54 your sentiment is unfair and it’s prejudice and that struck a nerve and he 1:04:00 was vehement and he began to argue with me and he said I’m sorry ma’am this is the first time I’m arguing I said that’s 1:04:07 okay and I began to explain to him maybe it’s because you ran into wealthy 1:04:13 people and you associated halleluja wealth with someone that was arrogant 1:04:18 and someone that was mean but they were always arrogant they were always mean but they just had the money to be meaner 1:04:25 and more arrogant but money doesn’t change a person I said money doesn’t 1:04:31 change you if you are humble without money you will be humble with money but 1:04:36 there are some people that where where you say well money changed her no money 1:04:41 didn’t change her she was always like that but she just didn’t have enough money to 1:04:46 do it money will not change you wealth will not change you it will only make 1:04:52 you more of who you are that means if you’re stingy with a dollar you’re gonna be stingy with ten dollars you’re gonna 1:04:59 be stingy with a hundred dollars it means that if you give God hallelujah best when you have a dollar you’re gonna 1:05:06 give him your best when you have ten dollars you’re gonna give him your best when you have a hundred dollars let me 1:05:11 tell you money doesn’t change who you are it just highlights who you are there 1:05:17 were so many believers hallelujah that feel the same way as this gentleman I 1:05:22 just wanna be confident comfortable but I believe it’s because they have a 1:05:28 misunderstanding of what wealth really is God said that I’m going to have a you 1:05:34 give you the power to get wealth now your decision is this whether you want 1:05:39 to be wealthy or not is your decision but I want to explain something to you so that 1:05:45 you can walk away with a working definition of what wealth is wealth is 1:05:50 the plentiful supply of resources that increases the quality of life and the 1:05:57 probability of securing a trust for the future generations to enjoy to explain 1:06:03 to an exploit in other words you will live comfortably in your life but you 1:06:08 have enough to leave over as an inheritance for your children’s children wealth wealth building is not relegated 1:06:17 to the simple acquisition of money although it empowers the one to acquire 1:06:22 money or more money and things that will further increase the quality of your life but wealth is a state of being one 1:06:30 has to have wealth in their heart and wealth in their head and wealth in their soul before they have wealth in their 1:06:37 hands wealth is an inclusive word wealth is something that God empowers us to do 1:06:43 that gives us the competitive edge it is an all-encompassing word wealth is the 1:06:49 ability to take money and convert it into capital in other words most people 1:06:55 spend their money but they don’t see money as capital the Bible talks about 1:07:00 capital in the form of seed God gives you seed money in other words as long as 1:07:06 you spend it it is not considered seed but when you are able to take money and invested it 1:07:13 is considered seed or capital the Bible indicates that God will give seed to the 1:07:20 so on you’ve got to be able to change your perception of how you view money 1:07:26 money is not there just for you to exchange it for things but money should 1:07:31 be there for you to build wealth so that you can advance the kingdom so that you can leave an inheritance for your 1:07:38 children’s children in other words you’ve got to be able to take the money and you’ve got to be able to leverage it 1:07:45 and you’ve got to be able to have an ROI i decree and declare your days of just spending is 1:07:53 over unless there’s an ROI I decree and declare you are changing right now 1:08:00 hallelujah how you look at money and your decisions for how you are spending 1:08:06 it I decree your days of rubbing Peter to pay Paul is over your days of 1:08:12 scratching where you don’t it is over once you understand that God has given 1:08:17 you power to get wealth you are going to make a different kind of financial 1:08:23 decisions I decree that your decisions are going to be made not for immediate 1:08:29 gratification but you’re gonna be thinking about your future and what you can invest in so that when you get to 1:08:36 your future you’ve got something to show for the 40 years of working the 50 years 1:08:42 of working I decree and declare that you will be able to retire and in your retirement you’ll be able to do the work 1:08:49 of the Lord without worrying how you’re gonna eat and how you’re gonna have a roof over your head I decree your days 1:08:56 of worrying about money is over wealth is abundant and a lot of times when we 1:09:01 talk about abundance we only look my optically and we only talk about abundant money but what about abundant 1:09:10 health what about abundant joy what about abundant freedom 1:09:15 what about abundant family life what about abundant friendship what about abundant happiness what about 1:09:22 abundance of health what about an abundance of knowledge what about abundance of learning what about an 1:09:28 abundance of love what about of abundance of peace what about abundance of purpose what about abundance of 1:09:34 riches what about an abundance in your salvation you don’t have to limit your abundance to money there is more in 1:09:42 store than just you scrounging around trying to make another dollar without 1:09:47 realizing that there are so many people that don’t have happy homes but if you 1:09:53 have happiness in your home if you can go home and you have a home that is your 1:09:58 haven you are wealthy there are so many people that cannot at night because of the confusion in 1:10:05 your home but when you go home if you have peace if you have a loving spouse if you have a loving children if you 1:10:13 have celebration you may not have everything temporal that you want but if 1:10:18 you’ve got peace if you can go to sleep at night you are wealthy let’s talk 1:10:23 about well well is access to and the ability to convert natural resources 1:10:30 into commodities goods and products how many of you are entrepreneurs and you 1:10:36 have the ability to take an idea and create a product and take it to the 1:10:41 marketplace not many people have that skill but if you could take an idea and 1:10:48 then if you can affirm the idea and turn it into a product a good and service the 1:10:55 other people buy you are wealthy you are wealthy if you’ve got intellectual 1:11:01 property that people buy if you’ve got influence if you’ve got creativity if 1:11:07 you’ve got innovative skills if you’ve got problem-solving skills if you’ve got 1:11:12 transitional skills you are wealthy if you live in a culture of empowerment you 1:11:17 are wealthy if you’ve got wisdom you are wealthy if you’ve got respect you are 1:11:23 wealthy if you’ve got love you are wealthy if you’ve got standards you are 1:11:28 wealthy if you have favor with God and man you are wealthy if you’re anointed 1:11:34 you are wealthy if you’ve got the gifts of the Spirit you are wealthy if you’ve 1:11:39 got the fruit of the Spirit you are wealthy if you have unshakeable faith you are wealthy if you have a mastermind 1:11:46 group you are wealthy if you have a personal brand you are wealthy if you have a PR and marketing strategy you are 1:11:54 wealthy if you have business relationship you are wealthy if you have banking relationship you are wealthy if 1:12:01 you have legal counsel you are wealthy if you have angel investors you are wealthy if you have signed contracts you 1:12:08 are wealthy if you have funding you are wealthy if you have interest-free loans you are wealthy 1:12:14 if you seed money you are wealthy if you’ve got an accountant you are wealthy if you’ve 1:12:20 got trade secrets you are wealthy if you have legal tax haven you are wealthy if 1:12:25 you’ve got formulas and recipes you are wealthy if you’ve got tax strategies you 1:12:31 are wealthy if you’ve got investments you are wealthy if you have a good name you are wealthy if you have a good 1:12:38 reputation you are wealthy if you have unlimited lines of credit you are wealthy if you have a global network you 1:12:45 are wealthy if you have financial acumen you are wealthy if you have opportunities God said you should not 1:12:53 forget that god bless you with this but thou shalt remember the name of the Lord 1:12:59 our God for it is he that gives you power to get wealth shout our wealthy 1:13:07 now Rafa Li I’ve convinced you that 1:13:14 you’ve got what it takes to live an 1:13:19 abundant a successful a prosperous life now that we know that you’ve got 1:13:28 everything that you need now it’s time for you to start making decisions 1:13:35 accordingly if you don’t like where you are decide to be somewhere else in the 1:13:44 future if you don’t like what you’re earning decide to earn something else in 1:13:51 your future if you don’t like who you live with decide to live with somebody 1:13:57 different you don’t have to stay with that roommate that gets on your last nerve you don’t like the car you’re 1:14:08 driving decide if you don’t like the couch that you sit on don’t complain 1:14:14 about it go out decide on the couch that you want 1:14:20 you are not relegated to live like you live to live how you live to live where 1:14:28 you live have you discerned that this is not God’s best for you you are not a 1:14:33 prisoner of war you are prisoner of your thoughts the moment your thoughts change 1:14:42 your life will change accordingly because as a man thinketh in his heart 1:14:47 so is he our Father no God will give you praise 1:14:53 and honor and glory as we introduce this topic and we lay the foundation for the 1:15:00 discussions that we will have over the next few weeks as we talk about destiny 1:15:06 destiny is where we end up we end up tomorrow you are the one that knows the 1:15:14 terrain that we have to navigate to get from where we are to where we need to be 1:15:19 in the days to come we are trusting you to lead us you’ve downloaded our map 1:15:27 into our soul you downloaded it the day that we were conceived it was David that 1:15:35 said marvelous are thy works and that my soul knows right well so we know that our soul knows the map for our future 1:15:44 Ecclesiastes States very simple that you have made everything beautiful in his 1:15:50 time you have set the world in our hearts so father we know that we need to 1:15:59 start here we know that destiny shows up as an inner prompting it’s the wooing of 1:16:06 the Holy Spirit it’s that still small voice therefore we can trust you to direct us we can trust 1:16:14 you so that we are able to navigate the blueprint that you have placed in our 1:16:20 spirit in our soul and construct the life of our dreams we know that the Holy 1:16:26 Spirit’s job is to upload what you have downloaded so Holy Spirit upload it give 1:16:35 us day dreams gives us give us night dreams let us dream at night 1:16:40 speak to us show us the way father teaches how to learn to listen to the 1:16:47 voice of your spirit because when we do he will lead us where we need to go he 1:16:55 would teach us decision-making strategies when we have options before us we’ll be able to make them quickly 1:17:04 these options will be dictated to by our vision father you told Abraham that you 1:17:12 would take him to a land that he would that you would show him and he was 1:17:17 obedient and he got up and he began to follow the prompting there were a series 1:17:22 of events that happened that Najd him along prompted him we know that we don’t 1:17:30 have to be saddled with just a destiny that we can have a divine destiny and we 1:17:37 thank you Father that you were synchronizing and syncopating us right now but heavens of is rhythm that you 1:17:44 will be done in our lives we give you the praise and the honor and the glory let us just start where we are without 1:17:52 the need to looking back with regrets because we cannot start with where we 1:17:58 are not you can only start with where we are then give us a vision of where we 1:18:04 should be and then father we know that life happens every day we have to choose 1:18:10 what we pay attention to what we give our time to who we give our time to we 1:18:17 have to make a decision whether we answer the phone call or we answer emails we have to make a decision on how 1:18:25 we solve our problems and we make a decision every day we make decisions 1:18:30 about what we would eat we make decision about where we would drive we make decisions about entertainment we make 1:18:36 decisions about relationships we’re making decisions every single day help 1:18:42 us to be more intentional more deliberate help us to be more conscious 1:18:47 about the decisions that we are making but thine is the kingdom – the power 1:18:53 – the glory forever and ever amen were you blessed with this put your 1:19:00 hands together 1:19:06 god is good amen well thank you for joining us online and as I said back 1:19:12 there listening to dr. trim I just reminisce about the first time I heard her speak and something on the 1:19:19 inside of me came to life and that’s the message of the kingdom something that 1:19:24 cannot be described but you know there’s more to life there’s more to living 1:19:29 there’s more to going to work every single day you know that gnawing feeling and tonight you heard a sound that you 1:19:37 connected to that resonated on the inside of you it’s very similar to to what Mary was feeling when the Holy 1:19:44 Spirit came upon her and and a seed was deposited in her that which could not be 1:19:50 understood by the community around her and she had to step out of her people for a season and meet with a distant 1:19:57 cousin named Elizabeth and the Bible says that when they came together the baby left on the inside of them because 1:20:04 they were carrying the same destiny DNA I believe that you’re connected to this 1:20:10 ministry and I want to highly recommend for you to join us in July at Kingdom 1:20:16 school of ministry for a week long yes for a week long ministry intensive you 1:20:24 get to spend a week and we’re gonna give you the articulation for that feeling on the inside of you we’re gonna help you 1:20:30 build a pathway to fulfilling purpose and we’re gonna help you link together the decisions necessary for you to get 1:20:37 from point A to point Z and we’re gonna give you the strategies that you need through eight power packed courses 1:20:43 understanding the kingdom prayer and spiritual warfare prophets and prophesy 1:20:48 understanding the kingdom and Kingdom economics and biblical finances you’ve got to be there so register now 1:20:54 don’t hesitate but I want you to hit that registration button it’s in the comment section above and it’s also 1:21:01 right there if you’re on our website you can hit our events section you’ll be able to register right 1:21:06 now spend a week with us in July you won’t regret it I promise you my life 1:21:11 was forever changed and I know yours will be as well we also want to give you the opportunity to partner with us both 1:21:18 through through prayer and financially hit that give button now and sow a seed today that’ll go into your future 1:21:25 harvest we believe it’s going to return to you a hundredfold we speak a blessing over you tonight in look

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Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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