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Cuba: Christian journalist questioned, banned from leaving country
Cuba: Christian journalist questioned, banned from leaving country

Christian journalist Yoé Suárez. | Image courtesy: facebook.com

According to Yoe Suarez, the young journalist received a subpoena to go to the Siboney police station, where he met with an officer who identified himself as Captain Enrique. There, he had to respond questions for almost three hours.

The officer informed Suárez that “headquarters had ordered” that he could not leave the country. Furthermore, he warned him that his journalistic work for independent media could have consequences on the life of his wife and son, who is not yet two years old.

Suárez had been previously detained 4 times. However, he had not been prevented from traveling outside the island until now.

The following day, Suárez went to the Identity Card office, and an officer confirmed that there is an order to prevent him from leaving the country by plane. “It’s not a surprise for me, but it’s always a blow”, he said  […]


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