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0:17 [Music] 0:25 [Music] 0:28 in the name of Jesus 0:33 every disease in the name of Jesus Jesus 0:43 thank each and every one and let them 0:47 rise from their deathbeds 0:50 from hospital beds 0:52 [Music] 0:55 she fulfilled mighty name of Jesus 1:02 [Music] 1:12 but at the name of Jesus Christ every 1:16 knee should bow and every tongue should 1:19 confess of things in heaven on earth 1:23 that Jesus Christ is Lord 1:26 glory of God the Father say man 1:32 and I heard she had sickle-cell yeah I 1:34 figured that anemia so she couldn’t do 1:36 this before no more make no more no more 1:39 you can feel it 1:41 [Applause] 1:43 I only have one desire I want to tell it 1:47 empty and heaven full 1:52 I speak to every crippled leg and I 1:55 command every crippled leg to receive 1:58 strength right 1:59 now in the name of Jesus 2:05 [Music] 2:18 [Music] 2:26 he turns darkness into light he turns 2:29 to salvation he turns bondage into 2:31 breathe Oh take soya diction’s and he 2:34 changes us 2:36 [Music] 2:59 in every generation there have been 3:02 revivals massive moves of the spirit 3:06 that changed the course of history in 3:09 every revival there were believers like 3:13 you who chose to answer the call to 3:17 become the one their generation discover 3:20 your call to be the one 3:23 generation we’re about to take you face 3:27 to face with history 3:35 welcome to revival radio TV I’m jean 3:38 beatty glad you’re with me today today 3:40 we’re gonna dive into a story I bet you 3:42 haven’t heard before I’m excited because 3:44 my guest today Daniel kolenda thanks for 3:47 joining Daniel it’s a joy listen there 3:50 is so much we’ve been trying to get you 3:51 for a while and we finally got our 3:53 schedules to line up where you can beer 3:55 I want people to understand you kind of 3:57 for a lot of us old-timers if they 4:00 probably don’t know who you are and they 4:02 haven’t seen all of a sudden you’re on 4:03 the we see you on the stage with Rhine 4:05 art and and now Reinhard’s is has moved 4:08 on and you’re there you know on doing 4:11 most of the stuff now tell us how do 4:12 what happened how did you get here Wow 4:15 well it’s it’s kind of an amazing story 4:18 it’s an amazing journey because actually 4:20 when you ask me about it I feel like I’m 4:22 in the middle of that story right now 4:24 but I guess I’d have to go back to my 4:26 childhood I’m a preacher’s kid I’m 4:28 actually a fifth generation preacher’s 4:30 kid on my father’s side my mother saw my 4:32 mother’s father’s also a pastor my 4:34 wife’s father is also a pastor so I’ve 4:36 been thoroughly pasteurized yeah I grew 4:38 up in this thing and and I thought you 4:40 had no choice in the matter but well you 4:42 know I think that’s what people assumed 4:44 that I would end up being a pastor just 4:46 like you know everyone that came before 4:47 me but from a very early age I had a 4:50 heart not only for missions but for 4:53 Africa specifically and I can remember 4:55 missionaries coming through my dad’s 4:57 Church and telling stories about the 4:59 mission field when I was you know 6 or 7 5:01 years old if you said to me what do you 5:03 want to be when you grow up I would have 5:04 said I want to be a missionary in Africa 5:06 so it’s amazing now looking back to see 5:09 how even at such a young age God had put 5:11 something like that in my heart although 5:13 I really didn’t understand what that 5:15 meant of course here and I surely had no 5:17 idea what was gonna transpire but yet 5:19 you see the seeds of it and you see the 5:21 fingerprints of God all along the way so 5:24 fast forward several years when I was 16 5:27 years old I was part of a revival this 5:29 is an interesting context here because 5:32 as partner of a revival in Pensacola 5:34 Florida and at that revival there was a 5:37 lady visiting by the name of Suzette 5:39 Hattie and Suzette I don’t know if 5:42 you’ve heard of her but she was for many 5:44 years round R Balki’s head intercessor 5:46 so 5:46 she would go into these places in Africa 5:48 before him and set up intercessory 5:51 prayer and they would pray sometimes for 5:52 weeks before Reinhard would come with 5:54 his Crusades now I’d never heard of 5:56 Suzette I’d never heard of Reinhard I’d 5:58 never heard of any of this stuff and I 6:00 was a 16 year old kid in a revival 6:02 service they they asked her to come up 6:05 and to pray just to open the meeting in 6:06 prayer just like an opening and so she 6:09 began to pray and gee and I remember 6:11 feeling like the air was filled with 6:14 electricity hmm people were being 6:16 touched by God it was a really amazing 6:18 thing just an opening prayer and nothing 6:20 happened to me physically some people 6:21 were being touched physically physically 6:23 manifesting but for me you know I’m the 6:26 kind of guy that doesn’t physically 6:27 manifest very much but that doesn’t mean 6:30 that there’s nothing going on on the 6:31 inside and I heard the Holy Spirit speak 6:33 to me very clearly and he said you’re 6:34 gonna work with that man that she had 6:37 mentioned which was riding our bunkie 6:38 and so again I didn’t know we what who 6:41 he was but I went back to my room I 6:42 wrote a letter and I said the Lord spoke 6:45 to me today I’m supposed to work with 6:47 you I don’t know what that means I’ll 6:49 carry your bags I’ll polish your shoes I 6:51 just know I’m supposed to be there and 6:52 so then I went online to try to find the 6:54 address to send this letter and that’s 6:57 when I saw for the first time the 6:58 pictures of the massive Crusades in 7:00 Africa and I thought this guy you know 7:02 he’ll never get my letter he probably 7:03 gets a thousand letters every day and so 7:05 I never mailed the letter I still have 7:07 it to this day it’s in a old shoebox 7:09 with a bunch of other old letters Wow 7:11 so that was at 16 at 18 I actually met 7:14 Reinhardt on Pensacola Beach that’s a 7:16 long story but I thought when I met him 7:18 there was such a coincidence the way 7:20 that it all happened I thought wow maybe 7:21 the Lord really did speak to me and now 7:23 I’m gonna start traveling with Reinhard 7:25 around the world and he’s gonna ask me 7:26 to join his team and instead he said 7:29 goodbye and he went one way and I went 7:30 another way he didn’t give me his phone 7:32 number he didn’t want to stay in touch 7:34 with me it was just over yeah and so I 7:36 thought man isn’t that crazy I knew God 7:38 spoke to me when I was when I was 16 now 7:40 I’ve met Reinhard there was a great 7:42 connection there but there seems to be 7:43 no link and so years went by I never 7:46 heard another word from Reinhard and by 7:48 this time I’d moved on I was planting 7:50 churches I was pastoring and so I had 7:53 just started a new church and you know 7:56 church plant pastors if it’s a true 7:58 church plant I mean from scratch right 8:00 it’s tough yeah you know there’s no 8:01 money and I didn’t I couldn’t support my 8:03 family so I was looking for a job 8:04 literally I was willing to work at 8:06 McDonald’s just anywhere to feed the 8:08 family and I got a friend that I’d gone 8:11 to Bible School with I got a call from 8:12 him and he said the ministry that I’m 8:15 working for needs somebody that has a 8:17 business degree which I happen to have 8:19 he said there you would you would you 8:21 come in an interview for the job I said 8:22 well what ministry is it he said it’s 8:24 Ron our banquise ministry now last I 8:26 knew Ron our bunkie was in Frankfurt 8:28 Germany and I was living in Pensacola 8:29 and over that period of about six years 8:31 I had moved from Pensacola to Tampa 8:34 Ryan arted moved from Frankfurt to 8:36 Sacramento and then to Orlando and we 8:38 were now about 40 minutes from each 8:39 other amazing how God is able to work 8:41 all these things that we could never 8:43 orchestrate in our own and so to make a 8:46 long story short I ended up going to the 8:48 office I got the job and then a few 8:50 weeks later I mean I was at the very 8:51 bottom if you looked at a flow chart of 8:53 the ministry I was the last position on 8:55 the bottom working in the warehouse yeah 8:57 and I was in my office working one day 9:00 and Reinhard came in and he saw me 9:01 sitting there I don’t know if he had any 9:03 idea you know about any of this stuff 9:05 but all I know is that my supervisor 9:07 came in a few minutes later and he said 9:08 Reinhard wants to know if you’d be 9:10 willing to travel with him as an 9:12 assistant and I said well let me pray 9:14 about it yes yeah so I I thought well 9:17 here it is now I’m getting to help a man 9:20 of God in the ministry this is what it 9:22 this is what the Lord spoke to me all 9:23 those years ago and I honestly never 9:25 thought anything more than that and you 9:27 hadn’t told anybody about I’ve told my 9:29 wife or my best friend knew about it but 9:31 I’d surely never told anybody at sea fan 9:33 or ride hard in anything in fact I never 9:34 told Ron Hurd the story I’m telling you 9:36 until after I was already his successor 9:38 yeah and he didn’t even know during that 9:40 time that I was a pastor he didn’t know 9:42 any of this stuff because I never wanted 9:44 him to feel like I had any ulterior 9:45 motive sure I was there to serve him so 9:47 I did that for several years I would 9:49 travel with him as an assistant 9:51 I also would help in the ministry in 9:52 other ways I was also pastoring as a 9:54 very very busy time of life but then 9:57 about ten years ago Reinhard said to me 9:59 I think you’re the man to take this 10:00 ministry over Wow 10:01 and it was it was a process you know 10:03 didn’t happen in one day but it began 10:05 where he would he gave me about 10% so 10:08 let’s stop right there in January 10:09 because I want to go back 10:11 I’m imagining the day the Rhinehart came 10:14 to you and says I think you’re the one 10:15 to do what was going through your mind 10:18 at this point well you know I had had 10:21 people tell me you’re the one to take 10:22 over from Reinhardt in fact it’s kind of 10:24 funny when I was in Bible School 10:26 everybody used to give the other we used 10:28 to give each other names like we’d name 10:30 one guy Finney and one guy Wesley and 10:31 sure just kind of based on the 10:33 personalities and the name people gave 10:34 me was bunky uh-huh which was strange 10:37 you know people said to me you’re gonna 10:38 take over for Reinhardt one day and I 10:39 said no that’s impossible and the reason 10:41 is that Reinhard had already tried that 10:43 and it didn’t work out with his 10:45 son-in-law right and so you know he 10:47 always would say from the platform I 10:49 have succeeded my successor and I will 10:51 never have a successor my successor are 10:53 the millions of people that have been 10:54 saved and sent to the nation’s so that 10:57 was not in my mind anywhere it was it 10:59 was not on my agenda so when he said 11:00 that what did you think I literally 11:02 didn’t click it took me a second and I 11:06 had to say can you repeat that and when 11:08 he said it again and I realized what he 11:10 was saying it hit me like a ton of 11:12 bricks 11:12 yeah and you know the thing is I didn’t 11:15 ask for it sure I wasn’t seeking it out 11:17 and so today you know every day actually 11:20 I’m involved in things that are way over 11:22 my head 11:23 and it can be quite intimidating and 11:25 daunting but I have this this confidence 11:28 in my heart and I often pray and say 11:30 Lord I didn’t ask for this you assigned 11:34 this to me you gave this to me and so 11:36 you must know something about me I don’t 11:37 know and you must have some grace for me 11:40 that I don’t know about yet and so I 11:41 step into these things with confidence 11:43 knowing that he’s if he called me to it 11:45 it was his will then he’ll provide and 11:47 so far it’s been an absolutely amazing 11:50 amazing journey so he starts by you say 11:52 he gave you a little bit at a time yeah 11:54 well in the beginning he would I just 11:57 would preach for him ten minutes before 12:00 he would preach he would say to me I 12:01 want you to talk for 10 minutes don’t 12:03 give an altar call and don’t go over 12:05 your time so it was almost a test like 12:08 seeing if I could just obey orders at 12:10 first and so I would do that I started 12:13 out I did it one time and then he 12:14 invited me to come and do it every time 12:15 so I would come to all the Crusades and 12:17 I I just kind of talked for ten minutes 12:19 before he came and I’d really just 12:20 warmed the people up to get ready to 12:22 receive the gospel message I was 12:24 trying to be in the spotlight I wasn’t 12:26 trying to have the best sermon you’ve 12:28 ever heard 12:28 I just wanted to prepare their hearts to 12:30 receive you know what the Lord’s gonna 12:32 speak through him and so that’s how it 12:33 went for for probably a year like that 12:35 and then he said to me okay this time I 12:37 want you to do the whole message and 12:39 there’s five major crusade nights and 12:41 every brain and every campaign he said I 12:43 want you to preach the whole message 12:44 give the altar call pray for the sick so 12:46 I did one and he did the other four we 12:48 did that for a while and then he said 12:50 okay now you’re gonna do two and I’m 12:51 gonna do three and then you’re gonna do 12:52 three and I’m gonna do two and then 12:54 you’re gonna do four and I’ll do one and 12:55 finally the day came where he said I’m 12:57 not coming you just go and do it and it 13:00 was a terrifying day I have to admit 13:03 Butler was that where did you go that 13:04 was yeah that would have been somewhere 13:07 in Nigeria I don’t remember the city at 13:09 the moment but I remember the feeling of 13:11 watching him driving away down the dusty 13:13 road and my heart sinking in my chest 13:15 and you know kind of I probably know a 13:18 little bit of what it was like when 13:19 Elijah when Elijah watched Elijah going 13:22 away in the right area and it was a 13:24 little bit of a nostalgic moment but I 13:25 said okay Lord now it’s me and you yeah 13:28 I have nothing else and what was amazing 13:30 about that crusade is that it started 13:32 out with about 30,000 people people 13:34 which is very small for us but then God 13:36 began doing miracles that were 13:38 mind-blowing just miracles all over the 13:40 place by the end of that week over 13:41 650,000 people were in one meeting and 13:44 so the whole team I remember sitting in 13:46 our devotions on the last day was Sunday 13:49 morning and I remember these guys that 13:51 have been with Ryanair for 30 years or 13:52 more many of them with tears in their 13:54 eyes as they said we never thought it 13:56 was possible for this to go on in 13:58 another generation but today we’ve seen 14:01 it’s possible and that’s history the 14:03 last 10 years we’ve been rolling with 14:05 this thing the the crowds continue the 14:07 Crusades continue the miracles the 14:09 salvations and it’s a testament to the 14:11 fact that this is not about a man it’s 14:14 not about me it’s not even about bunkie 14:16 it’s about the harvest and we’re living 14:18 in the time of harvest and it’s it’s 14:20 absolutely amazing time to be alive so 14:23 tell me about I want to know the first 14:27 time and you’re doing the Crusades and 14:30 for Rhine art in the first miracle you 14:35 remember 14:36 well I have a good one for you you know 14:39 I saw a lot of miracles from the 14:41 platform because we often pray over a 14:42 crowd as a whole and so I often would 14:45 see the miracles after they already 14:46 happened and that’s awesome but it’s not 14:49 the same thing as watching it happen 14:50 right before your eyes and so I was by 14:52 myself in India and it was a much 14:55 smaller crowd and I prayed over the 14:57 crowd and actually was funny about that 14:59 crusade as I had it some terrible kind 15:01 of stomach thing and and it was so bad 15:05 that at times I had to sit down while I 15:07 preached and even while I prayed for the 15:08 sick it was very very painful 15:10 but every single person that had a 15:12 stomach thing out of the crowd was 15:14 healed was well kind of amazing you know 15:16 God doesn’t need us to be the picture of 15:18 health to work through us you know and 15:20 so at the end I remember I call I said 15:23 if you have not yet received your 15:25 healing I want to lay hands on you so a 15:26 group of people came over and there was 15:28 a girl that they brought to me who was 15:30 totally deaf in both ears stone deaf not 15:33 like partial deafness I mean she could 15:35 not hear anything and she stood before 15:37 me and she had a little red dot on her 15:39 forehead India 15:40 she was a Hindu and her father had 15:43 brought her there and I prayed for and I 15:44 and I clapped you know I’m inside of her 15:47 ear and she looked at me she just went 15:49 like this so I prayed again nothing 15:51 happened and I and I remember just 15:53 something about the second time when I 15:55 prayed for her the look on her face of 15:57 just absolute disappointment and sadness 15:59 and my heart sank and I remember I paid 16:03 with a lot I mean a lot of noise around 16:04 a lot of people around but I closed my 16:06 eyes and I said Lord if you just heal 16:08 this one I’ll thank you forever 16:11 yeah and so I laid my hands on her ears 16:14 and I prayed again just as I’d done both 16:17 other times there was nothing special 16:18 and then and then I snapped in her ear 16:22 and her eyes came open like this 16:24 and she began to weep and and she began 16:26 to scream and it was the first time I’d 16:29 seen that happen up close but what was 16:31 amazing and this is even better in my 16:34 opinion the next night she came with her 16:36 whole Hindu family they all stood up on 16:38 the platform and confessed Jesus as 16:40 Savior they all became believers because 16:43 of that one miracle and it hasn’t 16:44 stopped since praise God that’s awesome 16:47 that’s it’s a great memory isn’t yeah 16:49 so now so now you know you’re the 16:54 successor and you’re moving on what do 16:56 you see the state of the world I mean 17:01 you you more than a lot of us you’re out 17:03 there around the world doing 17:04 specifically Africa a lot doing these 17:07 Crusades what is it you see that’s going 17:09 on in the world now well I have probably 17:13 a little bit different view than many 17:15 people you know when I watch the news 17:17 especially here in the States 17:18 it’s all bad yeah it’s very negative my 17:22 view is very different I I believe we’re 17:24 living in the greatest times of the 17:26 church a more people are coming to 17:28 Christ today than at any other time in 17:30 church history we have seen just our 17:31 little ministry in Africa we’ve seen 78 17:33 million people come to Christ since in 17:35 1987 it’s it’s ridiculous that’s that’s 17:40 over 7,000 people a day for 30 17:42 consecutive years that’s just one little 17:45 ministry we’re by no means the biggest 17:46 or the only thing that God is doing in 17:48 China people are coming to Christ by the 17:50 millions tens of thousands every single 17:53 day we’re seeing it in Pakistan in India 17:55 in Europe I mean I was just in the 17:57 Ukraine with some of my friends there 17:58 and they were saying that this is the 18:01 most a theistic place in Europe they 18:04 said nobody’s gonna gather here we saw 18:05 15,000 mostly young people gather in the 18:08 stadium thousands of them gave their 18:10 hearts to the Lord this is all over the 18:11 world God is moving and yes there are 18:13 bad things but when sin abounds grace 18:16 abounds even more right so I would just 18:18 encourage believers not to get down in 18:20 the dumps not to adopt that stinking 18:23 mindset of the enemy that you know just 18:24 to hold on by the skin of our teeth 18:26 until we get raptured out of here man 18:28 let’s take the world for Jesus we have 18:30 the greatest opportunity to do that of 18:33 anyone that’s ever lived raise a god 18:35 that’s good tell me what is gonna take a 18:37 little turn now and and I want to know 18:40 what’s next what you feel like God just 18:41 showing you next man that’s that’s a 18:44 great question how much time you have I 18:46 feel like my heart is about to burst 18:49 with with vision for the future because 18:53 it’s not amazing what God is doing i 18:55 this is what I see Reinhard always used 18:58 to say nothing diminishes in God and you 19:01 see even in in the 19:03 in the scriptures you see how when 19:05 Elijah came after Elijah it didn’t 19:07 diminish there was a double portion it 19:08 was you see with Joshua that he actually 19:11 was able to possess the land that Moses 19:13 hadn’t been able to enter not because 19:15 one was better than the other but 19:17 because in God’s economy he he 19:19 intentionally I believe strategically 19:22 organizes things in such a way that it 19:24 goes from generation to generation and 19:26 we need each other you even see that in 19:28 Hebrews 11 where it talks about without 19:30 without us those that came before us 19:32 cannot be made perfect so there’s this 19:34 this thing in God’s economy where we 19:37 have to link with each other with over 19:39 generations so I believe that the 19:41 greatest days are ahead I believe God’s 19:43 gonna do greater things in this next 19:44 season that he’s done before and that 19:46 doesn’t mean that I think I’m gonna be a 19:47 greater evangelist than Reinhard sure 19:49 in my mind Reinhard Bonnke is the 19:51 greatest evangelist that’s ever lived 19:52 certainly in our generation right but I 19:55 tell you what I believe is gonna happen 19:56 I believe we’re going from a season of 19:58 addition to a season of multiplication 20:00 and I believe what we’re gonna see in 20:02 this next era is the platform that men 20:05 like Reinhard Bonnke and Kenneth 20:06 Copeland and Billy Graham and these 20:08 great sort of generals of the faith that 20:10 that foundation that they have built is 20:13 now going to be used by an entire 20:15 generation that’s gonna be thousands of 20:17 men and women carrying the fire of the 20:19 Holy Spirit and of evangelism and of 20:21 faith into the nations of the world and 20:23 I believe that that God has put me in 20:26 the position that I’m in not just to 20:28 simply maintain something for another 20:29 generation but to multiply what God has 20:32 given just like the loaves and the 20:34 fishes so how are you know how is that 20:35 gonna multiply how do you bridge we’re 20:37 training up other evangelists we’re 20:39 linking with other ministries and one of 20:40 the amazing things that we’re doing 20:41 right now this is so fresh I probably 20:43 shouldn’t even be talking about it but 20:45 you’re the first okay the first one I 20:46 hear about it so one of the things that 20:48 we’re doing now is we’ve built these 20:49 trucks in Nigeria and what we’re doing 20:52 is we’re getting evangelist to come and 20:54 we take the trucks for 40 days before 20:55 each crusade and they go to every 20:57 village every hospital every prison 20:59 every school every marketplace and they 21:02 begin to preach the gospel and for 40 21:04 days these trucks are running all over 21:05 the place so the idea is that by the 21:07 time the crusade begins we’ve seen as 21:09 many people saved before as we see 21:11 during so the Lord spoke to me and said 21:13 this next decade is going to be a decade 21:15 of double 21:16 that means I believe we’re gonna see 21:18 what we saw in the last 30 years 21:19 combined which is over 75 million people 21:22 saved I believe we’ll see that in the 21:23 next 10 years over 70 million people 21:26 come to Christ but not only that I 21:28 believe that through that there’s gonna 21:30 be an army of evangelists raised up 21:32 because we’re gonna need to Train 21:33 evangelists and equip evangelists and by 21:35 the time that decade is done I believe 21:37 that an evangelistic movement across the 21:40 world will have begun and we’ll be 21:41 seeing this happen in villages and 21:42 townships all over the world and it 21:45 could be the beginning of maybe this 21:47 last great harvest of souls before Jesus 21:49 talked about that last great harvest of 21:51 souls tell me what you think that is I 21:54 well here’s the thing I don’t believe 21:57 that God writes bad stories and we could 22:00 talk about the theological aspects of it 22:03 there’s a lot more qualified people er 22:04 than that but what I see is that when 22:06 God does something it builds it always 22:09 builds and it’s sort of the principle I 22:10 was mentioning earlier that nothing 22:12 diminishes in God and I believe that the 22:14 church is going to be as as ascribes the 22:16 scripture a glorious church without spot 22:18 or wrinkle I believe that it’s going to 22:20 be a church that has overcome by the 22:21 blood of the Lamb and the word of our 22:23 testimony and that this is the church 22:25 that is going to be the last generation 22:27 it’s not going to be a defeated begging 22:30 poor desperate you know just barely 22:33 holding on church it’s gonna be a 22:34 victorious church and the way that we 22:36 see that victory more than any other 22:37 area is in evangelism if people aren’t 22:40 being saved then we’re failing as as the 22:42 body of Christ so I believe that we’re 22:44 heading into in the last days it will be 22:46 both things it will be the time of 22:48 greatest darkness greatest difficulty 22:51 greatest danger and it will be the time 22:53 of greatest light and greatest glory and 22:55 greatest harvest and how can those two 22:57 things coincide how can they how can 23:00 they exist simultaneously I believe that 23:01 is the way the kingdom works and again 23:03 when you look around the world the 23:05 places where people are being saved 23:06 you’re gonna find at the middle of those 23:08 harvests Holy Spirit filled on fire 23:11 people that believe in the gifts of the 23:13 Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit 23:15 and that’s not a coincidence 23:17 you know you’re you’re you’re talking 23:20 about something that really you know we 23:24 talked about on this program about being 23:26 the wine and we all can’t we all won’t 23:29 have that 23:30 platform that you have yeah but I’d like 23:33 for you to take the next few minutes 23:34 before we wrap up this program and I 23:36 want you to talk to the this camera 23:37 right here and tell people encourage 23:39 people about what it means for them to 23:40 be the one yeah well you know I I’m an 23:44 evangelist and I’ve seen literally 23:46 millions of people come to Christ and I 23:48 think a lot of people will look at 23:50 somebody who has a platform like I have 23:53 and they’ll say well that’s your job 23:55 you’re an evangelist you go and you win 23:57 the lost and we’ll just you know put 23:59 some money in the offering or pray for 24:01 you once in a while 24:01 and as much as I appreciate the support 24:04 that is not the biblical model that 24:08 God’s given to us when you read 24:09 Ephesians 4 when it talks about the 24:11 Evangelist it’s in the context of the 24:13 other ministry gifts the apostle prophet 24:14 pastor teacher and evangelist and it 24:16 says in that passage that those ministry 24:19 gifts have been given not to do the work 24:22 of the ministry but to equip the Saints 24:24 to do the work of the ministry that’s 24:26 you if you are blood-bought child of God 24:29 you are one of the Saints and so think 24:31 of it this way if the body of Christ 24:32 were a football team then those of us in 24:35 fivefold ministry would be the water 24:37 boys our job is just to keep you 24:39 refreshed and equipped and out there on 24:42 the field winning the game for God and 24:44 we were talking a little bit earlier 24:45 about things that God is doing things 24:47 that that we see sort of patterns 24:49 happening in the world you know I began 24:50 to notice this is several years ago 24:52 probably four or five years ago that God 24:56 was doing amazing miracles in our 24:57 Crusades and in our conferences but when 24:59 I would begin to equip ordinary people 25:02 to pray for the sick and preach the 25:03 gospel we were seeing more extraordinary 25:06 miracles through people out on the 25:08 streets there people at the grocery 25:09 stores and the gas stations just at 25:11 normal places sharing the love of Jesus 25:13 and praying for the sick then we were 25:15 seeing in our big gospel meetings and I 25:17 began to pick up on something that God 25:19 is God is blessing this God wants to use 25:23 the ordinary people he wants to use 25:25 people that don’t have big international 25:26 ministries they don’t have great 25:28 platforms they’re not standing in front 25:30 of lights and they don’t have makeup on 25:31 like I have on right now just ordinary 25:34 people who love Jesus and are willing to 25:36 share that love with people every day 25:38 and I want you to understand something 25:39 you can do this everything that we do 25:43 you can do the same holy spirit that we 25:45 have you have the same gospel that we 25:47 preach you can preach and I’ll tell you 25:49 what the Holy Spirit will work with you 25:51 he will confirm the word that you speak 25:53 and he’ll bless your life in amazing and 25:56 extraordinary ways can I just pray for 25:58 the viewers I’d love to just pray for 25:59 you right now 26:00 and I’d love to pray that the Lord would 26:02 just light a fire in your heart for this 26:04 thing I would love to see the body of 26:07 Christ so activated that that healing 26:09 evangelists go out of style because we 26:12 don’t need them anymore every child of 26:14 God is out on the street praying for the 26:15 sick and seeing miracles and salvations 26:17 so father I just pray in Jesus name Lord 26:20 that you would set that brother that 26:22 sister on fire Lord would you cause a 26:25 mantle and a burden for evangelism to 26:28 fall on their lives right now in Jesus 26:30 name well I thank you for signs and 26:32 wonders and miracles I thank you for the 26:34 gifts of the Holy Spirit that you 26:36 distribute freely lord I thank you for 26:38 words of knowledge and words of wisdom 26:40 and the gift of healing that will begin 26:42 to operate in their lives Lord most of 26:44 all I pray for a spirit of holy boldness 26:46 that would come over them Lord that they 26:49 would not be afraid to share you with 26:51 the people around them and father I ask 26:53 you for a baptism of love Lord that 26:55 everywhere they go their eyes would see 26:58 people the way that you see them that 26:59 their hearts would would beat and burn 27:02 for the things that your heart burns for 27:04 Lord would you give us your heart and 27:06 your compassion for the world Lord and 27:08 would you use us not just the Evangelist 27:12 not just the professionals Lord but 27:14 would you use every child of God every 27:17 man and woman watching right now would 27:19 you use them to win their family to win 27:21 their friends to win their neighbors to 27:23 win their world for Jesus in Jesus name 27:26 I pray amen amen 27:28 good word good word I believe listen if 27:31 you’ve read that prayer and you have a 27:33 testimony please let us know 27:35 go to the website revival radio tv.com 27:38 and you can go right there to the link 27:40 and let us know respond to us we’d love 27:42 to hear from you Mandy know there’s so 27:46 much more when I ask you but we’re about 27:48 out of time for this program but thank 27:49 you so much thank you for being you you 27:52 know our core verse is Genesis 26 18 27:56 where Isaac 27:57 again the wells yeah I’m Jacob and 27:59 that’s what you’re doing and I think 28:00 you’re going back through and you’re 28:02 you’re not just picking up the mantle of 28:04 of what Reinhard it but you’ve taken it 28:07 to the next place that’s exciting we’re 28:09 glad to be hooked up with you so I know 28:11 you don’t want to miss anything coming 28:12 up stay tuned we’ll see you next time 28:20 [Music] 28:27 you

Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Daniel Kolenda about Reinhard Bonnke.

As the successor to world-renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel is the President and CEO of Christ for All Nations – a ministry which has conducted some of the largest evangelistic events in history, has published over 190 million books in 104 languages, and has 14 offices in 12 countries on six continents. He has hosted two internationally syndicated television programs (one daily and one weekly) and has authored eight books, including the bestsellers LIVE Before You Die and Slaying Dragons.

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