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right good to see you wow yeah look at that 0:18 wow that’s hard to follow that i’m not going to rap for you that’s for sure 0:24 i’ve done it before but i i used to spit on the ground i guess i could preach and start spinning but now 0:30 with all the travels i do probably not smart yeah just put your hands in the glory just welcome his holy spirit i don’t know if 0:36 there’s a keyboard player that can just play for a few minutes in the back i don’t know is there a keyboard player in the room 0:42 somewhere all right they’ll come lord we just thank you for your presence for your glory in this place 0:48 fill this place again again from glory to glory to glory though this place has had a i think a whole week of revival 0:55 but lord this last day here just take it to another level lord from glory to glory to glory thank you for i can feel 1:01 the presence and the glory here even from earlier this morning overflow lord take us higher lord open 1:07 our eyes to see in the spirit open our ears to hear what you have for us or the mysteries of 1:12 your glory oh show us father god fill us right just ask him to feel you right now fill us 1:17 right now we invite you holy spirit we invite you holy spirit thank you for your blood 1:22 jesus that opens up heaven to us lord and cleanses us and protects us thank you father god that we we can have be 1:30 right with you we can have a seat in heaven with you whoa thank you lord fill this place 1:36 right now let’s invite the angels in this place the archangels the heavenly hosts that are assigned over this region 1:42 to take the rightful place oh god whoa thank you lord thank you jesus i see it 1:48 while lighting up right now along the coasts thank you lord along the waterway 1:56 [Applause] i see huge armies of angelic hosts lined up like literally just 2:02 shoulder shoulder shoulder all along the waterways so something with the water waves that god’s trying to protect 2:09 on the edges of the state going into the water so we thank you lord for that army of angels just being a sign to the 2:15 water in the land land angels thank you lord 2:22 there’s you know that we talk about territorial spirits we always think of demonic spirits and they are but there’s also territorial angels because the 2:28 devil’s only copy of what the heavenly grid so there’s angels just over the physical land 2:34 holding things back like volcanoes hurricanes earthquakes all that kind of stuff as well so we thank you for the territorial 2:41 angels to keep this place father calmed in the spirit that the earth would become 2:47 until your full purposes are established father hallelujah man you feel that heavy like whoa 2:52 [Music] how many want to work with the angels 2:57 archangels territory angels man i can feel it here strong when i was 3:02 in san diego at jeremy nelson’s the first time i was there and i said and i saw these angels there and i said there’s i see these two angels that are 3:09 holding up the plates of california especially of southern california so that won’t be that big earthquake that 3:14 they say is imminent because it’s been 100 years and then the lord being shown me because of the revival there that that’s what’s holding it back 3:20 and so i really believe uh your church pla like this is holding back things that the earth could be allowed 3:26 to do natural things the bible mentions the earthquakes and the floods and the but but like because there’s a revival it’s 3:32 like holding back you know like kind of like if there’d be ten righteous lord would you not allow this city to be destroyed and it’s like 3:38 that here there’s more than ten here and not just righteous but like on fire right literally so so your faith your fire is 3:44 literally saving a lot of people even physically from destruction did you know that 3:51 and so that’s like a counterbalance over seattle when i see seattle in the spirit you know we always hear the news right all the protests and left-wing and all 3:57 that but what the news doesn’t share is places and i’ve been preaching probably more in seattle last year than most 4:03 places i was here at least two or three times just last year like every year in different churches like this little there’s many little pockets of of hunger 4:10 and third and then there’s the russians that there’s two different there’s ukrainian and a russian church i go to there’s different ones and they’re 4:16 hungry for god here so there’s just like god weighs things in the balance and though so there’s a lot of wickedness 4:21 even more than most states but then there’s a lot of hungry for the percentage of people there’s some hungry fiery it doesn’t have to be everybody it 4:28 doesn’t have to be most churches they’re just a remnant it’s not going to be most churches are just kind of probably dead right but then there’s the fiery ones 4:34 and those are the ones holding the plates up in the spirit so so you you are greatly 4:39 honored in heaven amen and respected just for holding the fort so keep it keep going 4:46 now you have to have revival all the time i mean pastor was so believed he needs revival he named his ministry that 4:51 so that’s kind of hard you have to live up to it after you know you know some churches we had great revivals of the different denominations 4:58 like the wesleyan and the imagine if your church was called the biggest revival ever church 5:03 and then and then that and then that revival faded but that’s still your name like you have to keep that and it become a denomination and give and it goes all 5:09 and like 20 years later they’re completely dead with an organ the greatest revival ever [Music] 5:15 and every service like a funeral service for a guy named jesus that died and we feel we so sorry for him so we do a 5:21 service every sunday and honor and respect for this great man he died and he so bad it’s too big they didn’t know 5:27 that you get the memo that he rose from the dead it’s still so most services in the world are funeral services for a nice guy named 5:32 jesus there’s no laughter you don’t laugh at a funeral you don’t make jokes 5:39 right you dress up really nice your best suit because it’s a funeral you know in respect for that dead guy you try to 5:45 dress up the food’s usually really good so most churches are very predictable 5:50 it’s like a funeral you know have you ever been to a funeral where the actual pastor said i don’t want to lie to you 5:55 he’s in hell he was terrible i mean i’ve never been to one and i know some that i know went to hell but yet i never 6:01 went to one with the pastor the priest it’s a it’s you know what the whole thing’s a fraud because even the pastor 6:07 or the priest will say and he was he’s in a better place now is he 6:14 he was a good man and no he was dude you know he wasn’t you knew he beat his wife and went with three others and and robbed the liquor 6:20 store and and was in prison for 20 years what i don’t want to say going i’m going off but my point is this is a good church 6:28 we’re not doing a funeral service in memory of a nice guy named jesus he did some good things and every week we just 6:33 come together to you know memorial service oh man i’m getting drunk in here 6:38 [Music] man i can feel there’s that ooh realm here feel that 6:44 thank you lord so bring in those archangels or bring in father the reinforcements 6:49 father [Music] thank you lord 6:55 wow thank you jesus and i just saw something too i saw um 7:02 that some of the ukrainians that are in ukraine are gonna be coming here as refugees 7:07 [Music] and then they have a form of god you know they understand but a lot of them aren’t born again and so and there’s a 7:14 russian ukrainians here and russians gotta lead them to the lord so there’s 7:19 that’s good thank you lord so you get to be a part of it in some way 7:24 is that awesome and glory glory glory 7:30 hallelujah thank you jesus and there’s going to be an exodus of the jewish people soon out 7:35 of america back to israel that which you’ve heard from many many years because ukraine 7:41 how many were wondering what’s going on with ukraine why is this happening so one of the reasons is god’s trying to bring the jewish people out of the 7:48 nations that are so when the russia so union collapsed one million jews moved to israel right 7:53 in the 80s 90s but they didn’t leave ukraine because it would ukraine so that now god’s shaking them out of ukraine 7:59 it’s like 200 000 of them thousands and tens of thousands are applying now for aliyah some have already come back to 8:05 israel so he said i’ll take them out from the land of the north and all the nations at the end time and i’ll bring them back 8:11 and the bible munch is the hunters and the fishers so many fishers have told them guys go back to israel and i know some that did 8:16 but most no we’re good we grew up in ukraine it’s easier here and now the running back 8:22 and i’ve always said it whenever economic collapse hits or persecution that’s the only way they’d come but but so 8:27 that which you see is a chain reaction that’s starting is is going to happen in all the nations that have high jewish 8:32 populations can you think of another gentile nation that has a really high juice population 8:37 which one yeah right here so so when you see the shakings the economic stuff the 8:43 political stuff the persecutions no god has a plan behind the scenes he’s got to get his people back 8:49 usually when something’s about to happen to a country they take their ambassadors out first 8:57 so we’re going to some stuff here so what’s so so when you see this stuff coming in america it’s not 9:04 against you it is shaking the babbling system let my people come back because it says in the land that’s when they’ll 9:10 find me so most jewish people won’t get saved till they get back so we’re going to israel next week 9:15 and we’re doing three fantastic outreaches in the same week i’ve never done three most people don’t even do anything go on a tour and then visit eat 9:21 some good hummus and come back float in the dead sea you know and we do and we do those we do those tours we we done we did it before covet but this 9:28 one’s three that god organized all in the same time and and one of them is going to be mostly ukrainian unsaved jews at the 9:34 coming we have a huge hall renting where we’re busting in like tons of buses and they’re coming in for a tour and then 9:40 they’re going to get free food and then let’s do a seminar seminar by me and then 9:46 miracles are going to happen they’re going to get saved and then there’s another one and there’s two other cities two open air ones different ministries organizing and we’re doing that one so 9:53 it’s it’s i’m like what are you doing lord he goes it’s harvest time i’m bringing my so very soon there’s gonna 9:59 be a big shaking i believe this year because we’re on the seven year cycle shmita every seven years since the temple was destroyed there’s a shaking 10:05 but this is the big one this year uh oh man we’re into the jubilee time too on the on the hebrew calendar 10:12 so all deaths are cancelled you know so the great reset you know the great reset there’s a demonic one charles schwab and 10:18 then there’s gods great reset and jubilee all debts were cancelled all slaves had a return 10:24 in modern day you can say your unsafe family members are coming back from sin of slavery there’s a reset of the financial 10:31 through a shaking and a crash the enemy thinks he’s doing it for his purposes but god has a purpose behind the purpose 10:37 and so so when that happens a lot now you understand why a lot of jewish people might go you know what and then 10:42 they’re going to blame the jews on everything like they always do or pick one bad jewish guy like george soros and say they’re all you know they always do 10:48 that that’s that’s anti-semitic so and when this happens they’re going to be something they’re 10:53 going to be running and they need to hide on their way to israel and i just saw also parts of washington state some of the 10:59 jews will need places to go as they’re trying to get out and some of you are going to house them [Music] 11:05 as they’re making their way out it’s getting quiet in here similarly some of you like say what 11:10 i was okay with ukrainians but now you’re going too far david you’re like i don’t want a bunch of new 11:16 yorkers here no i didn’t say new york they’re not all larry david’s okay you know 11:24 it’s getting quiet man so we’re not i don’t know why i just when i got here this end time stuff started hitting me prophetic but it kind 11:30 of like isn’t exciting though so the shaking is coming and shaking i’ll take them out and the jews will leave the 11:35 nations and then he’s going to shake those nations even more and then revival and harvest is going to 11:40 come until the fullness of the gentiles come in then all israel shall be saved so 11:46 there’s two revivals of the jewish people there’s the of course the ultimate one when they see him whom they pierce the whole nation gets saved but 11:52 there’s got to be a precursor revival before that because it says when are you coming back when are you going to do all 11:58 these things and restore the kingdom and he says when you he’s talking to jewish people when you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord when 12:04 there’s a remnant of jewish people in israel calling him back that helps trigger the worldwide harvest and then eventually the return of the 12:10 lord so i found a secret in romans 11. i caught on the secret paul says this is a 12:15 mystery how many want the mysteries he goes this is a mystery how many believe paul was pretty successful 12:21 of the 12 apostles what you say is probably one of the most successful we wrote two-thirds of the new testament most of the doctrine that we have came 12:28 from him apostle evangelistic prophetic he’s prophesying to kings and leaders and how 12:33 many he’s a pretty good example right he gives a key how we want the key he goes 12:38 there’s a mystery he goes i magnify my ministry how many want your ministry magnified 12:44 your effectiveness your influence by making my own people the jewish people jealous and or saving some of them and he found 12:52 a secret he wanted to go to the jew because he was a pharisee and god’s like no you know them too well so your main call is the gentiles gentiles this guy 12:59 don’t know nothing about the word yeah you go to a bunch of barbarians go to the greeks and worship zeus and all 13:05 this stuff he’s like what that’s not my thing he goes exactly he sends you where you don’t feel comfortable so that god has to move but he goes i 13:11 have a secret to win these gentiles if i go to the jew first it triggers a it’s like a thousand-fold harvest on the 13:17 gentile harvest and i don’t know how i caught on to this i fasted and prayed way back 30 years 13:22 ago i got to paris france i go man this is hard no one’s getting saved how do you get people saved they’re atheists they don’t care about god they’re very 13:29 self righteous and they love their culture and their food and they i don’t need jesus i don’t need god so i fast 13:34 and pray for three days and i said lord show me how do i win france in europe this is hard you know and he goes oh touch 13:41 israel my people if you touch the jewish people i’ll give you the gentiles i said but where and then there was a tour coming up that our bible school 13:47 from christ the nations was going to israel and it was evangelism mixed with touring and he goes if you go to that 13:54 and you win jewish people i’ll give you france and then that scripture during the fast and it says this is a mystery he goes i 14:00 don’t want you to be arrogant towards the roots he’s telling the gentile christians like us right i don’t want you to be proud like oh we got it now 14:06 towards the jews who don’t have it because they gave it to you the root support see if it wasn’t for paul saying 14:13 hey gentos could be saved too you won’t even have it so you owe it back to them to pray for them to come back in 14:18 now that you’re more numerous than them in salvation that was the revelation he got so i’m like okay whatever i’ll do it and 14:24 then and then i said my lord i need i need three thousand dollars for this trip the next day my mom calls your car just sold for three thousand dollars in 14:30 the states and i go wow and the next day we were in israel it was like the last day to come up with the money and i led 13 people to 14:37 the lord ten jewish israelis and three arab israelis i got visited in the upper room by the power of the holy spirit shaken 14:43 by the core by god i get back and suddenly revival start breaking out in france i’m preaching everywhere and then 14:49 a six month revival broke out in 98 and then we start doing civic centers and what happened was i hit something in the spirit realm i hit the core of the apple 14:56 of god’s eye was the jewish people because at the end if you’re in heaven the end time planet right is all based 15:01 around israel but whenever the fig tree is ripe you know the time is near that that’s the the barometer 15:06 so anything you do to speed up a jew getting saved therefore speeds up the end time harvest 15:13 it’s the dial you can get saudi arabia saved the last one hold outs north korea let’s say 15:18 everyone gets saved there but he still can’t come back until there’s a remnant in israel that’s saved that calls him back 15:25 so by going to israel i’m actually touching the dial of the end time worldwide harvest and speeding it up 15:30 and then suddenly i come back and the pakistan’s open up for me and the other so every time i do something towards 15:35 israel’s revival the nations open up to me supernatural people tell me david how did you get such supernatural favor how 15:42 did you pull off awakened 2020 get kanye the only thing i can say is we’ve been doing this for years we keep 15:48 going towards israel’s salvation and it opens up the ability in supernatural doors to win the other 15:54 the gentile nations so if jesus is in heaven he’s in heaven waiting for for you know a certain remnant to 15:59 call him back and every jew i get saved he’s that much closer but then the worldwide harvest is that much closer 16:04 too then when i get a jew save it speeds up the end time harvest [Music] there’s a i might might might be going 16:11 to saudi arabia within the next 12 months there’s some different crazy doors that are opening because i’m touching the apple of god’s eye 16:17 and some u.s stuff isn’t this exciting how many are like i want to get on board i want to do some so and then 2020. so 16:23 every year we would go to israel i would usually go in there at least twice a year so we’re doing a tour outreach and 16:28 ministering different places and we couldn’t do anything in 2020 or i said oh man we can’t go and the lord said and 16:34 then i had three prophets in a row even michael made it you know michael made it and see that’s where we go when 16:39 we’re not traveling he he calls me out there’s like a thousand people david the lord says i’m just sitting there in church like what you’re gonna start a 16:46 humanitarian organization i’m like in my mind i was like no i’m not like that’s great that’s not what i do like what 16:53 and i’m like what is that and then i call another prophet and he goes oh that and in my mind i think was that could that be israel because two years before 16:59 someone in israel advised me should start a humanitarianization you can reach a lot more people and you’ll be accepted and then it’s 17:05 different and then this guy goes the second prophet calls me all i’m getting is that’s for israel oh my gosh i got to do 17:10 it so we i don’t know how we pulled it off we needed seven israeli board members and we pulled it off 17:16 in a few weeks got had approved and we have one it’s called the return in hebrew that’ll give us the name so since 17:21 since 20 end of 2020 up to now when they were under the fourth lockdown nobody could leave their house our guys with 17:27 their badges of humanity can go anywhere and we and we’re sitting thousands every month they’re feeding the poor and then they go of course they go to the 17:33 congregation and say hey you want to come to the congregation so we’ve been ministering them with food humanitarian medical supplies and get this 17:41 the congregation we work with is ukrainian they helped me organize the 17:47 outreach and guess what most so we’re doing three the third one the biggest one is mostly 17:52 all ukrainians and some of them will have just come from ukraine and most of them have 17:57 families still in ukraine that are on their way to israel so we’re literally reaching the ones 18:03 coming and that’s our biggest outreach where we have to rent the building is this crazy how god set this up 18:09 god is so smart and then it looks like how are you coming in doing a thing with ukrainian jews right the perfect timing because 18:15 it’s just in god’s time man but it’s it’s a holy ghost set up and then after that it’s over there’s 18:21 follow-up we’re going to keep helping the ones that are poor immigrants they have no money they don’t speak the language and man ministering with food 18:28 hey let’s get diapers for your kid let’s and they’ll tell me hey guys these kids are going to school now they have no backpacks all right let’s get them 18:33 backpacks you know and we’re just is that awesome so the bible says you have to bless them physically because they 18:38 give a spiritual help remember paul said let’s help them let’s help them to take an offering for the 18:44 ones i’m not doing an offer about i’m just telling you just pray so number one pray for israel’s salvation 18:49 number two pray for souls to be saved amen pray for their physical needs to be met 18:54 pray for the nation of israel whether or not you agree they don’t do everything right at all the government doesn’t but but you pray because that’s 19:02 that’s the end time it’s getting quiet in here and so that’s if so if you want to know what’s going on in the world events there’s going to 19:07 be a lot of earth shaking events that we haven’t seen anything yet this year this year always see through the eyes of heaven 19:13 first of all from heaven’s perspective and then israel keep your eye on israel don’t forget israel because that’s the 19:18 barometer and it’s funny zelinski is jewish and he’s asking israel to possibly 19:24 negotiate the peace deal this is and then there were prophetic events you know war gog magog russia supposed to eventually invade israel that’s all 19:30 getting ready they’re already next door in syria iran’s just about ready to finalize the 19:36 nuclear deal if they get if they get that approved which it probably will because abide in some power then israel will have to in a 19:42 very short time knock out the nuclear reactor when that happens russia is allied with 19:48 israel remember it says in the bible i will cause you russia i’ll put a hook in your jaw i’m gonna have to force you to come down like god’s entrapping russia 19:54 to come down russ is gonna have to because their alliance with iran they’re gonna have to come down so this is very imminent all this stuff 20:01 guys but guess what israel wins that war says in the bible this is during you’re 20:06 going to see this that’s not the tribulation yet that’s the beginning of sorrow shaking you’re going to see a lot of these things 20:12 it’s exciting you’ll probably see the beginning of the construction of the third temple at least the construction of it 20:19 i thought we weren’t going to be here you probably will be here when you see these things then say oh you don’t you won’t be here don’t worry it says when 20:25 you see the abomination even they cause that doesn’t mean you’ll be here for the wrath of the last three and a half but 20:30 does say when you see who is he talking to you oh this is probably talking to the 20:36 bachelor in people that backslid and that’s why they’re stuck here well no he’s talking to 20:44 i mean it says it there oh it’s getting quiet i’m messing with your mind man 20:49 the bible should be read where a kid can just read it and understand it you need a theologian to confuse you of what it doesn’t mean 20:56 when you first read the bible you’re like wow that’s going to happen and someone said no it’s just symbolic theoretical not really it already 21:02 happened two thousand years ago the temple got destroyed and uh no you know you need someone to confuse you to 21:07 unbelieve what was normally you believed so we’re living in the end times 21:13 so the bible says redeem the time redeem your time to make the most of your life 21:19 so you can be impactful how many how many are getting sober this morning like whoa but you know most people don’t talk about this stuff especially in our 21:25 circles in our revival circles have you noticed people don’t talk about this and then the ones who do talk about it don’t 21:31 move in revival don’t move in miracles or healing don’t move in joy and they’re always doom and gloom just they’re just end time profit thing you know it’s 21:37 always like they’re going to kill us all next week you know like so then there’s extreme of that so then whenever we hear anything sounds like it 21:44 we just shut off but there’s something in the middle there’s god does speak about things to come we’re supposed to know 21:50 but because we like lot we don’t want to hear it because we want revival and then things happen oh why did russia 21:55 invade ukraine what’s going on we should have known we’re prophetic right but because theologically we cut off from 22:00 anything that sounds negative then we miss that whole segment of what god’s doing and we’re not ready financial crash no i am blessed i’m the 22:07 head and not the tail yeah and you could be even more blessed if you know what’s coming if you don’t want to hear anything la la 22:12 la la la then you lose everything see how many i want and there’s there’s pieces of 22:18 revelation in different segments of the body of christ that got put in and that we need we can take the good and spread out the bad our movement here 22:24 right has some great it has some not so great too how many know our movement has some bad characters in it too 22:30 in the last 20 years things that you’re like oh man why did that guy do that oh you’re making us all look bad here dude 22:36 same thing but it doesn’t mean god’s not moving doesn’t mean it’s not revival doesn’t mean healings aren’t for today it 22:41 doesn’t mean prophecy is prophecy even if someone misprophesied see it’s getting quiet up in here it’s 22:47 sunday morning right so i can deal with the issues a little bit we’ll see if we do miracles we had that all weekend you had this morning but 22:53 let’s like i’m excited that i was well god chose you to be alive with these this time 22:58 in world history it’s like a relay race and he gave you the last baton you’re the last lap dude 23:04 don’t mess it up okay don’t just chill out man free so 23:10 this makes you pray more fast more seek god i want to go all out and and it helps you if you’re if you’re tempted by 23:15 sin because this sin is rampant in the church and in the world just realize you don’t have much time like oh my god sober up like like this 23:22 is a war get your if you guys are in a war you get more serious this is not chill out time this is 23:28 intense time but it’s fun though i’m having a blast and it’s intense and people are texting 23:33 me as i’m preaching why are they doing that okay [Music] some of my son’s on my dick my dad calls 23:38 right into my servants all the time he did that when i was in a member i don’t know if you were there he was like 23:44 oh i need you to call me right now uh kind of hard i’m literally on the stage preaching and i can’t talk to two people the same 23:49 time my dad has the nagger calling at the worst worst possible time while i’m being interrogated in customs you know 23:56 i have a question for you can you call me right now no i can’t oh are you dissing me no dad i’m 24:02 literally being interrogated by the can please wait and it’s never as 24:07 important as he makes it sound he’s 83 he doesn’t know time he’s in the glory right 24:14 and he doesn’t have a job so he’s like when you retire you have a job there’s no time it’s just oh i didn’t know it was sunday yeah why 24:20 aren’t you in church what are you doing you’re calling me at 10 a.m 11 a.m you should be doing something else 24:28 some of you can relate that’s why you’re laughing you or your family members 24:34 oh man so we’re in this end time thing so are you excited about this and so the the big players in the end 24:40 times you know it’s russia’s in the bible big time i mean it’s all in the bible um russia’s in the bible 24:46 i don’t america is not clearly in the bible there’s kind of hints of the coastlands and the so that probably means we’re not the world power at the 24:53 end we’re still here but we’re not the dominant world power right and we want it we want it we want america to be great again we want all 24:59 that but i’m just saying if just look at the bible you have to realistically face what’s going to be if you know who the 25:05 players are then you know what we’re going to have a part a big part in it the church in america have a huge part 25:10 but for the end time events to happen and america become can’t if america is blocking russia blocking china blocking 25:18 at the end these things have to happen at some point kind of quiet 25:24 but even the shakings can be used to bring the greatest revival america ahead so i believe that the last great of all 25:30 america we’ve had the goodness of god leads me to repentance we’ve had the goodness in america for 200 years but now the shakings of god some remnants in 25:37 america need to wake up especially the church after 9 11 happened the churches were filled for three months and they already 25:43 went back to normal covey we thought clover would do it let’s open now guys you can come back to church 25:49 just watch it on zoom what get back in church oh i’m good see what i’m saying so i don’t even think even 25:55 the covet i don’t think was enough pain that the church felt to crowd to god as a whole for awakening 26:04 should have been that we had pockets sean floyd going out we got mauro miller going but i’m saying as a whole 26:09 so i think there’s another shaking coming but if you know that in advance here’s the great thing when shakings 26:14 happen that’s actually when you could have the greatest advancement of the gospel in the financial realm that’s actually where more money is made in crashes than 26:21 any other time in history it’s the bumper crops if you know what’s about to crash and what’s about to go up more millionaires are made after the 29 crash 26:28 than any other time the ones who knew short at the market insiders right well same in the spirit 26:34 on prophetic your inside information he showed you things before he showed daniel what’s going to happen so joseph 26:40 he showed moses in egypt i mean they knew the apostles all right sell your home now no don’t sell it now okay buy 26:45 food and grain for jerusalem because there’s gonna be a famine is coming next year that they knew they didn’t go oh that’s negative prophetic i don’t agree 26:52 with that but that’s what we do in our movement sometimes anything positive is from god anything 26:58 that sounds scary or negative not from god well have you read the bible 27:04 so that we have to clean up our american americanized system here because we’re we just want it a certain way 27:10 it’s like you’re sitting on a train track that’s not a train because it’s not my theological it had not been taught that way and i’m not on a train track and i’m 27:17 not going to get hit that’s a symbolic train coming towards me i’m not on a train track it’s not a problem i have my 27:23 starbucks in my hand i’m fine the sun’s out this [Music] 27:34 and i’m going to prophesy that’s not a train i decree that is a vision that’s just a vision 27:40 that i’m looking at [Music] move out of the way 27:50 i’m going to quote all the promises over my life god i’m blessed i’m above blessed i’m the head not the hell that’s great but get out of the train track 28:02 quiet in here so there’s got to be someone here that has that theology that i don’t know why i’m nailing that so somebody here has 28:08 that and god’s using me to help you because i don’t know why i’m going that way 28:14 so just give up now and some of you are like well one saved 28:19 always saved well just in case you’re wrong it’s a big mistake 28:24 think like if you thought okay pre-trip post-trip pantry not a problem you’re safe either way you’re gonna get sick but if you were wrong on one side to 28:31 always save and you go back into sin and it actually wasn’t true and it actually meant what it meant that your 28:36 name could be blotted out the book of life whoops that’s a big mistake better the error on 28:41 the side of just in case it means what i think it’s what it says i’m going to stay holy and before god and right and go out for god 28:47 [Music] [Applause] because that’s a big one to mess up on if you’re wrong 28:53 even even if it’s not what what i’m telling you it’s better to err on the side of playing safe 29:02 get it really quiet in here the bible says in the end and the shakings even the rich your money your 29:07 wealth won’t help you but only righteous is before god when the shakings and the judgments of the earth begin to happen the judgment’s 29:13 for the earth for the wicked right it’s not for you unless you’re wicked there’s some wicked christians out there 29:18 trust me so don’t be the wicked be the righteous this tree is going to be violently shaken either you’re going to be shaken 29:25 by it or you’re going to be under it with your harvesting baskets it’s rated like we’re going to israel with our harvesting baskets we’re like it’s a 29:31 setup it’s a divine setup as kevin’s that i says it’s rigged in your favor if you line up 29:37 but if you’re not doing what he tells you you’re still in a lot of things he told you not to do or even financial stuff that he told you you’re having a 29:42 sense i think i need to pull out of this when my my broker told me listen here’s the holy spirit too and then everything crashes and you’re 29:48 like oh my god i lost my retirement lost all my money my house i don’t know what to do because he was giving you hints 29:54 but you were just stuck in this and yet money was important to you because you need to do the gospel you were hoping to be free enough to go on 30:00 the mission trips and serve the church and so the money is really important because where your treasure is your hardest 30:06 so the devil is going to use money to control people the antichrist system is all about money 30:11 in the end in the end how you treat your money is going to determine your soul even judas went after money more than 30:17 jesus he lost his soul it’s getting quiet in here so make the 30:22 shifts that he tells you and you’ll not only be surviving what’s coming you’ll thrive you’re going to be crazy blessed 30:28 almost in 2020 a lot of ministries got hit really hard we could have you know we had conferences set up and and then 30:34 uh then also we had we couldn’t do it the governor said hey we you know we don’t have we didn’t have our own 30:39 building so no hotel will run to us so i’m like you should have just done it anyway like and just be like riding hop 30:45 around and go to jail for jesus it’s not that i didn’t have a building now i do so the lord told me 30:51 quickly create a studio tv studio and normally you know they could be up to a hundred thousand dollars we did ours under ten thousand but if you watch it 30:58 looks like a hundred thousand dollar studio this guy set up for us and we just shifted our whole conference 31:03 our car into the studio we had sid roth chuck we had him um pre-recorded we were live and then we’d 31:09 go to their videos and we reached so many people april 2020 may 2020 june we just kept doing one after the other and 31:15 it went viral exploded we had we reached way more millions of people way more finances came in for the ministry for 31:21 israel for the poor for and we we did better in 2020 than the times we worked our butt off setting up stage and sound 31:26 equipment and and going to conferences and driving to hotels and flying the speakers in all that work i mean god bless our socks 31:33 after in that time why because we hurt and we shifted then he said okay now go back out 31:38 if we just stayed like that we would have gone back down again because everybody was doing it so you have to hear the lord on every 31:44 season but we get used to ruts like oh i’m gonna do this now for the next five years no no it wasn’t for five years but 31:50 now you have that extra media thing for your ministry that’s growing with your physical but don’t just go back to just 31:57 online the church we the the church we bought a campus three and a half million dollars 32:02 uh october last year supernatural favorite guy says buy it now i’m like why would i buy it when things are about to crash it goes because you need a 32:08 place to meet and then michael made and told me yeah you there’s probably gonna be stuff coming down the pike again they’re going 32:14 to try to shut things down and you’ll have your own building so i see god has a wisdom and it’s opposite of the world the church we 32:19 bought it was it’s a big campus four and a half acres classrooms basketball courts and you know meeting center that 32:25 church i asked the pastor why are you selling it he said because no one’s coming to church anymore they’re watching it online see they the 32:31 church didn’t hear it’s time to come back and then they don’t give so i can’t pay it so what is it what was the loss for him 32:37 was a blessing to us i said well don’t worry pastor all and they built it from scratch i said this is awesome building it’s in good hands 32:44 because he said yeah i’m glad you have it because you guys are doing big stuff for jesus then all the work you put in that is some secular company wanted to 32:50 buy it they were going to do whatever with it and i’m glad i’m and he’s still renting it from us on sunday mornings now we’re his landlord he still gets to 32:56 be in the church he’s got the money back and we’re still doing so see how it all works out so he still gets to be useful but he’s 33:02 not having the burden is that awesome and we’re friends you know he said hey we have a funeral okay is it okay i said dude don’t worry i won’t charge you just 33:08 do it like we work together you know isn’t that awesome i’m usually begging people please can we 33:15 stay in one more hour to revive god’s moving tonight can we go to 11 hotels kick us out at 10. 33:21 now we can go all night whatever we want to do amen so i’m going to read some scriptures here how many are 33:27 already getting like revelation for the end times i want you to be sober and when you know this the greatest harvest of souls are 33:33 going to happen these next seven years between now and 2029 2030 this is it 33:38 this is the moment our highest moment you can right now still win the loss you can right now still things just we’re in 33:44 between the op reopening after covet and another war we’re in this fine line space right now 33:52 we went to france paris france january why freezing cold that’s not when you go like she’s like well you can come later 33:58 i don’t know we’re gonna go we’ll go now because we don’t know when that door’s gonna close again so do now what you gotta do 34:05 you don’t go to israel in march it’s colder there way colder you can’t even go swimming you know but we’re not going there for vacation 34:11 we’re going there for springs are the time when kings springtime is the times when kings go to 34:16 war and chuck pierce had said that last year he said he said way before this whole thing in russia he said there’s going to 34:22 be some kind of conflict with china he didn’t mention russia so we haven’t even seen the china one yet 34:27 the big one is china and so china now is looking at taiwan going okay i see how they did afghanistan they just ran i see with 34:34 they threatened putin but they did nothing but some sanctions they’re not putting okay so that so things are about to happen 34:40 so just position yourself but if you know in advance that’s that’s the blessing of it you’ll be so blessed 34:47 you’re going to see more soul save more blessing financially more breakthrough if you know what’s coming and how to position 34:52 the sons of issachar had the gift prophetically to know what season they were in prophetically 34:57 and what they needed to do as israel most christians are telling me what’s going on i understand 35:03 what oh my god russia and this and then they’re saying please be ready 35:09 two months before covet hit they had the simulation i said last night they had a simulation what if a worldwide pandemic 35:14 hit and the two months later happened but meaning they already knew and they actually had the vaccine how do 35:20 you think they got the vaccine so fast they already had it the next thing is um because it takes years the next thing 35:27 is now they had a simulation a few months ago what if all the world economic systems shut down and got hacked 35:34 so they went and did a simulation together what if hypothetically so they had federal reserve european 35:39 union japanese aiming all the major worldwide entities together and they did war like simulations 35:45 okay they all all these banks american express cards uh wells fargo chase bank bank of 35:52 america oh my god they’re all hacked they’re all offline so they were like yeah we have to shut all the banks down close them down for a few weeks let 35:58 people pull out maybe 100 a day or 100 a week max just in case hypothetically something happened 36:04 this is two three months ago which means they’re planning it as an excuse for what they did and now we have the perfect excuse war 36:12 and now they’re warning they already saw this few months ago now they’re saying on the news now oh we’re in great danger of possible cyber attacks from our 36:18 banking industry they’re already setting up the narrative i’m just like most no one talks about 36:24 this i’m like the tr you know the unsafe people talk about this and the christians don’t even know what’s going on 36:30 but i want my people to know what’s going on sometimes the people of the world are wiser than the people of light the bible says how many want to have a 36:36 little more wisdom so so then this is happening now like this is we’re right in the making but 36:42 but the greatest harvest of souls is now so if you’re a soul winner this is the greatest time 36:47 greatest time soul winning stock is up 36:52 because when people are hurting and they’re scared and they’re fear jesus 36:57 they’re sick jesus they lost all their money jesus family problems jesus 37:03 depression jesus no food jesus so we’re gonna i’m saying so the 37:10 greatest opportunity for the church is about to happen when things are going well it’s you know 37:16 it’s going good there some get saved but not like the masses why do you think when you we go to africa or pakistan and 37:21 charlie and i go we tell you these stories oh 100 000 got saved in one night because it’s hard over there 37:27 people are being dying there’s sickness there’s no money it kind of sucks living there right i’ve been there 37:33 so why do you think in africa everyone comes there’s nothing going on but jesus here we got too many things going on 37:38 well the latest movie came out i love to go to church but this real new movie i got to watch the game and i got tickets you know like we got all this stuff 37:44 going but there man it’s jesus is coming with miracles oh i’m coming witch doctor atheists they don’t 37:51 care religious spirit christian they’re going to come at least check it out so that’s what’s coming to america 37:57 they come to america have a dream they come to america the background of 38:04 that song is actually not very good but the song sounds cool [Music] 38:11 so i think it was that i think that was a song sometimes the guy really he was anti-american hippies 60s he was mocking 38:17 the america and every time fourth of july they play that they come to america another guy’s 38:23 mocking america on the song i didn’t even know that i was so patriotic when i heard that song 38:28 yeah and he was like i think his talking against the vietnam war and all that kind of anyway but you get the point so how many want 38:36 this how many got prophecies over your life how many are waiting for them to come to 38:41 pass that’s probably why they haven’t happened yet 38:50 right that’s what i thought i had a bunch of prophecies i wrote them down in a notebook and put on my desk oh god i’ll just do it and i’ll do it 38:57 and ruth heffman told me you’re going to start doing stadiums and civic centers when i was in france like benny hinn does and this and that i’m like great 39:04 one day amen and then she dies a year and a half later and the lord says when are you going to start doing it i’m waiting for you to make it come to 39:10 pass he goes when she prophesied it was already done what 39:15 it was done no no one invited me to nothing no it was waiting for you to walk into it ephesians 2 10. god is 39:21 predestined everything in your life waiting when i got that revelation i went wait a second 39:26 everything i’ve been waiting for for 10 20 years oh my god i got that those prophecies back out 39:32 i i start going to the heavy glory like i mentioned last night worship praise waiting on him and then i would start declaring those 39:38 prophecies that he gave me already then he say now take an action step towards each one next day i go okay 39:44 stadium events you told me i call up the guy who invited benny hinn and cerullo and anaconda the big faith church hey um 39:51 what’s the number of the civic center where you guys rent out give me the number make an appointment i just start walking into it and they go oh you want 39:57 to rent this thing out what is this for a insurance company a religious event car show religious event 40:02 and they go oh yeah we did the benny hidden one with that church right this is a businessman running out the big in paris and he goes who’s this was it for 40:09 benny hinn again i go no no who who’s the getting one speaking this one it was me i felt so embarrassed 40:14 the rehearsal i mean i feel so awkward organizing it for myself like it felt like it was not 40:20 me right i was like i had another friend he goes wait what’s the name again i said it real shyly david 40:27 who’s that is that you yeah it’s me oh i heard about you no you did not hear about me in france i was less than one 40:33 percent christian and you’re a secure businessman because yes about a year and a half ago when i got 40:39 that prophecy you had a revival that was going on for six months how would you know that 40:44 because i’m a baptist pastor this is my second is my secular job half my church went to your revival and i was 40:50 jealous of that church that had it so i didn’t go and the lord’s been telling me recent he’s a spiritual baptist the 40:56 lord’s been telling me recently that that i missed it and i had repented and i just got to give me a second chance 41:01 and now you’re moving the revival to the civic center i go exactly he goes and then ruth haven’t prophesied 41:06 when you do it you’ll do it like katherine coleman every three months which usually you organize once every two years to do a big event right these 41:12 big guys come and i go he goes i go my gosh that’s what i that’s the word ruth hit game every three months he goes do 41:18 it every three months if you want well how much is it going to cost me he goes well i won’t give you the numbers i 41:24 was going to give you now that i know who you are and what this is don’t worry about that just do i want you to do it i’m going to work with the mayor’s 41:29 office to lower as much as possible just do it every three months still was a lot of money but not compared to the astronomical what it 41:35 would have been and we did it and we and we did it and another and another and it just launched us 41:41 and we started having big stuff start happening so i walked into a prophecy that i was waiting to come to pass 41:47 [Music] so how does that work 41:53 so here’s the cross right so in the old testament they prophesied oh the cross is coming jesus you know this god’s 41:59 going to die raised from the dead we’re going to be a sacrifice for our sins right by his stripes we were healed the prophet saw that thousands of years 42:05 before jesus right but in the spirit realm there’s no time 42:10 so when he’s in the spirit it’s not future anymore it’s present we are healed and some versions say we 42:15 were healed in fact they went beyond it and go oh we were healed back there so when when you how many are saved and 42:21 healed when you got saved you’re here 20 22 or whenever you got saved we look back to 42:26 the cross and you go because of the cross i received jesus because of the stripes he paid i’m healed how many 42:32 believe if he didn’t die on the cross he didn’t pay the price for the stripes you couldn’t be saved or healed how many 42:37 believe that how many of you couldn’t raise the debt if he didn’t raise from the dead coming to mess with your theology then 42:43 how do they raise the dead in the old testament before he died how did they get healed looking at the pull before he died how to abraham’s 42:49 faith not works faith became as righteous as before he paid the price for that you just said you can’t have that unless 42:54 but [Music] blah blah blah blah blah right so when 43:01 they’re looking at the at the cross when he’s looking at the cross was it past present or future 43:06 [Music] i’m hearing all kind of answers 43:14 i say [Music] it wasn’t all right from where he’s standing it looks like future but when 43:20 he gets in the glory in the spirit it’s it’s it is now how do i know that because it says the old testament things 43:27 are shadows of things to come so we don’t kill an animal now that was a shadow of his sacrifice does that make 43:32 sense so if you’re in the shadow of something to come see that shadow there 43:38 that means it’s not it’s just it’s not to come it’s there what’s creating the shadow that’s the thing that you’re looking at 43:45 so the prophecy over your life your personal destiny your prophecies get this it’s not in the future 43:50 it’s there creating a shadow meaning if there’s a shadow of it it’s there now 43:56 my gosh i could have it now if you start walking up to it you’ll realize it was there all along 44:01 [Music] because he claimed the cross 44:07 had to now when did jesus really die then well here’s the cross here’s you know isaiah the prophets 44:14 here’s genesis 1 1 and it says before the foundations of the earth that 44:21 mind-boggling wait before genesis he we can’t understand that in our brain because heaven is different it’s 44:26 circular we’re linear so that’s why when he went to the cross he goes for the joy set before him he 44:32 already went to the future or the past whichever you want to look at it he already endured the cross 44:38 i’ve been there done that have you ever done something for the first time it was like deja vu as if you’ve always done it 44:44 i did my first stadium event it felt like i always did it so i go honey i’ve done this before but 44:49 i haven’t i feel like i’ve been to this place but i haven’t [Music] 44:55 you’ve now entered the glory zone jeremiah 1 5 before you’re in your 45:01 mama’s womb he knew you before not before you were born before 45:06 you were on the earth at all in any form he knew you as a spirit jeremiah i knew you and i called you as 45:12 a prophet to the nation so he already has destiny figured out the whole thing whole nine yards then he sent him on the 45:18 earth but then the baby could remember if you ask the baby what is your destiny 45:23 he could tell you completely but he can’t speak english and then after he got older he forgot 45:29 and well she forgot most people’s number one prayer after they get saved is what’s my calling what’s my destiny that’s the the big 45:35 inner desire more than who do i marry that’s a big one but even more you get married you’re still not satisfied 45:41 you get the house you’re not you so you’re doing some ministry not satisfied unless you’re doing the thing you’re called to do 45:46 that you’re born to do and when you find that then you’re like that’s it that’s what i’m supposed to do 45:52 how many want to find that so that thing god is pre-planned pre-destiny ephesians 2 10 waiting for 45:58 you to walk into it but the glory comes when you get in the glory and you and you start seeing things you start seeing 46:03 your destiny and then you speak it into existence i declare i will do that thing but you 46:08 said lord boom it starts happening the hebrews 11 uh the worlds are framed 46:14 by the spoken word of god glory you get in the glory and then you speak and then it creates glory plus spoken word equals creative 46:21 miracles glory plus spoken word equals destiny manifested body parts you that are missing even how 46:29 do they get created glory presence then speaking so invisible glory combined with 46:35 invisible sound wave equals solid physical matter 46:40 everything created this is being held up by atoms protons neutrons is at the core and inside that even smaller is the 46:46 sound wave when you’re speaking to cancer you’re speaking at the core to the sound wave the gut that messed up 46:53 shift back in jesus name moses speaks of the rock and tell it to turn back to water 47:00 what how the core inside the atom and proton that rock there’s a sound wave that got put in their creation and how 47:06 did that rock get created glory and sound the spirit was hovering over the waters and then in that cloud of 47:11 hovering he spoke rocks were created if the same original ingredients that 47:17 created the rock is present the same original greens can recreate the rock to another form 47:23 if the original building blocks of creation are present begin revelation 47:28 so that’s how you see metal plates turn back to bun which you saw recently again it just turns back 47:34 again the revelation that’s doing in the glory realm that’s a different dimension how many want this stuff 47:40 now seeing something multiply that’s even easier something everything multiplies after its own kind anyway so 47:45 you pray with the offering and what we the first stadium event we did in paris it we didn’t have enough money still we 47:51 i they counted the money it was only a fourth what we needed i said what do we do cute little baby and then the 47:57 distraction isn’t that cute and then the lord said oh command the money to multiply what is that legal 48:06 so i i commanded it to multiply it and i told the i don’t count the money i then you guys will count it and after you count it count it like three four times 48:12 pray over it each time before you count it i didn’t i went back to my hotel the next day they told me amazing after i 48:18 prayed it doubled they had counted it double then they prayed again counted it triple quadruple 48:25 i was like what that’s the only time we had to have that happen every other one there was above what we needed it was 48:30 just like so even the finances in the supernatural but when you understand these elements and how they operate 48:36 revelation knowledge gives you a lot more authority in the spirit realm does that make sense and i think oh that’s how the that’s how 48:43 those things jesus had authority over the wind and the waves not he didn’t ask god oh lord no he spoke to it when you 48:49 talk to a cancer it can hear you so you’re not going lord please heal grandma she’s been good she goes to 48:55 church he pays her ties that’s works you’re trying to name all the work she did that she earned the 49:00 healing he’s been a good woman that’s great but that doesn’t heal you cancer i know you can hear me because of 49:07 the revelation david taught last night die sucka from the root 49:12 men will turn the bone you see i’m saying and the object can hear you ezekiel 37 if you need another scripture 49:17 speak to these bones what the people that die no the bones of the people 49:23 hey hip hip bone i got a prophet word for your life oh come together right now 49:31 over me [Music] start doing the robot you know 49:39 how does the bone know what bone to connect to cellular memory your muscles have cellular memory if the most you bench 49:45 press when you’re in high school you haven’t done it in 10 years you come back and often you’re able to do in two weeks the bones new whip bone imagine if it 49:51 did if you just did whatever a grandma’s head a big man’s torso and a baby’s legs ah it would be crazy no it knew which 49:57 bone it was connected to it had memory bone imagine it how did the bones knew 50:04 bones come together it knew jesus had a conversation with a tree this encouraged a lot of the tree huggers here 50:12 he didn’t hug the tree but he’s but he had it he spoke it was more like a monologue probably actually it’s more of a monologue 50:17 with the tree so he goes oh fig tree to him it was like a vending machine i like some fakes 50:24 please and the apostles are listening to this oh you’re gonna play the silent treatment 50:29 now i’d say i would like some figs oh it’s not the season for figs yeah right if 50:34 your life depended on it you could give me figs right now you just don’t want to oh you’re gonna play that way huh die sucker 50:41 let’s go boys and they’re like man jesus needs a vacation he’s getting mad at trees now 50:46 i think he’s that the crowds are getting to him we need to go to a quiet place i think he’s getting mad at trees right 50:52 talking to trees the next day just in case they went back to check it out the thing was completely 50:58 dead that’s power 51:03 so cancer died see i’m saying body parts recreated how many want to see stuff like that happen yeah man i do too 51:10 bald heads growing here we’ve seen all this stuff yeah we’re not doing a question answer right now we’ll talk at the she’s like i have a question like in 51:16 our in our training school we’ll have a question to answer but because it’s sunday morning of a church in the middle of a revival like a question answer over 51:22 here all day but my but you get if you have questions read my books the book that explains this stuff is glory invasion explains 51:29 the quantum levels of the glory how many love this stuff because when they have revelation 51:34 then you’re like oh wait a second so when someone stole my chain here in paris france i knew that there’s no 51:39 distance in my god knew where my chain was and i asked lord have the angels fetch this guy and grab him and then 51:44 we’re running through paris with the in a police car chase chasing this guy stole my necklace and and all suddenly sorry we lost him he could be hiding 51:51 anywhere too late and we go no in jesus name and then he pops up his accomplice pops up grab him handcuff him the next 51:56 thing you know the other guy’s walking down the street this blocks away from where they stole it and then they grabbed him they got my chain back and 52:01 the police are shocked we’ve never seen this we if normally once they’re gone they’re gone how did you search up preaching 52:07 jesus to the police officers and to the guy who stole it sorry dude you didn’t stand a chance man we prayed to jesus he’s a muslim we have 52:13 to start from the same time you know as he’s to be taken away you know i didn’t feel too bad for him because in 52:19 paris they let him go the next day the cops it’s like new york cops tell me man it’s so frustrating we work hard to get 52:24 these guys and sometimes i see the same guy 10 times in a month dude i caught you again 52:30 honey i gotta go to jail i’ll see you for breakfast 52:35 so the penalty is not high so i wasn’t feeling but they took me to the jail it really smelly gross disgusting i don’t want to 52:41 go to jail in france hey the food isn’t great there but but but you have you have um like wi-fi 52:48 worldwide roaming in the spirit realm you can you can know that you know i lost my watch one time someone gave me a 52:54 really nice watch we had a resurrection of the worship leader drop dead in near sedona we did a conference and he raised 53:00 arose from the dead during the thing and the lord told me something significant is going to happen at pentecost at your 53:05 conference it was pretty significant first night he’s leaning worse and it wasn’t steve it was another guy leaving worship 53:12 don’t worry you’re not going to die in my conference but if you were going to die somewhere why not do in the middle of the glory 53:17 so he could have been just driving his car go off the road he was leading worship drop dead heart attack and brian welsh was there he used to 53:24 give his testimony that night because i’m not getting my testimony right now oh he was freaked out what the heck and the parrot makes her on stage trying to 53:30 get him and we’re like and i go sing a song again i had the where the worst team keeps singing we’re speaking god is so good while we’re 53:36 trying to raise the guy from the dead it was crazy he died four times and he lived through it never had he he should have like it 53:42 was like a widowmaker type thing he completely survived it supernatural the cardiologist said this is a miracle then a guy gave him this 53:48 watch it was like an old rolex like a cheaper rolex but it was a sign like i said when someone gives you this watch it’ll be a 53:54 sign of a level of power that i’ve given i go wow this is great so this the watch was the sign of that moment well then i 54:00 go to shanghai china and i lose the watch i left it in the hotel there i get to hong kong two-day 54:06 layover and then home oh oh no i call the hotel they can’t find anywhere not in my bags it’s complete and i know i 54:11 left it right on the sink oh man it wasn’t about the watch even though it was a nice old watch it was the what 54:16 represented to me man i get back home to arizona and i’m in sedona at the time and the lord says 54:23 you’ve seen this before come command it to come back well yeah but you know it’s in china lord 54:29 he goes do you believe what you teach well yeah you know i’ve seen it before do it again but i don’t feel like doing 54:34 that sometimes i don’t feel like doing any of this spiritual stuff i’m exhausted i’ve been traveling 30 hours 54:40 i just want to go to bed he goes he goes just commanded to come back the lord’s like bugging me i’m like okay i did it 54:45 with an attitude okay all right i start worshiping a little bit so tiring man all right i worship you 54:52 and then when the glory starts coming in jesus name i command my watch that’s in china in a hotel 54:58 to show up somewhere where i can find it tonight in sedona amen i’m going to bed lord i’m done i go to bed i sleep that 55:05 man i honestly didn’t have but i had revelation but i didn’t have a lot of excitement about it and i’m in my bed i’m sleeping trying to 55:11 sleep and then i wake up middle of the night the lord says now check your back packets by your bed i go no come on he goes check it i open 55:18 the zipper i’m half asleep it just pulls right out there’s no way i’ve had checked everything and we’ve seen this 55:24 over and over and over again floating axe head acts head falls they don’t float right the wood might float not the 55:30 accent so even the lawns that fixes in gravity shift in the glory levels of glory 55:36 commanded to come back is this you know what i’m saying how many want to live the super nine supernatural life naturally and their natural life 55:42 supernaturally so it’s not just in meetings it’s not just in meetings like paris we demonstrate the power of the glory of god but then we had to live it 55:48 in between the two meetings on our day off when someone stole my necklace you see what i’m saying so how many want 55:54 to raise the dead well i got good news and bad news the good news could be bad news too the good 55:59 news is you’re gonna have a lot of opportunities very soon to raise a lot of dead people yay wait what 56:08 if you complained you didn’t find any dead people to raise you’re going to get a lot of opportunities very soon that’s great though isn’t it 56:14 even mass resurrection is going to be a new form of god’s power just like healing used to be one on one and then there was mass healings then 56:20 deliverance used to be one on one come out no yes oh clean up people where are you and then 56:27 there’s there was mass deliverances and crusades and now you hear about every now and then a resurrection here or there on sid roth or something so the 56:33 next level is going to be master resurrection more than at least more than one at a time at the same time resurrecting ezekiel 37. 56:40 speak to the bones tell them to come together and this is a next level now look at it so he looks 56:47 as he’s looking flesh as i look flesh up here looking for the thing god tells you speeds it up even faster 56:55 so you know when you speak in the glory a subatomic particle of the thing you just said gets created 57:02 did you know in the actual physical solid matter of the thing you’re saying the glory gets created at that moment 57:07 faith is the substance or subatomic particle of the thing you’re hoping you’re 57:12 reaching for you know when you pray when you feel faith and you’re glowing you go like honey i feel it’s starting to happen i can feel the spirit boom we just started 57:20 then when you start to look for it it speeds up they made tests and studies and scientific analysis when you think about 57:26 something at a high enough intensity it it can start creating the thing you’re thinking about 57:32 as a man thinks so is he i’ll do above what you ask or think so at what time i was in kansas and i 57:37 was teaching this and i had a word of knowledge someone hears his white hair is turning black and the front of his hair turned white 57:44 uh black and the back was still white it was a 70 year old man just come up so he comes up everyone’s like wow that’s 57:49 great it’s still half the hair returned you know now turn around i said i want all 700 of you to stare at the back of his white head and believe and i want 57:55 you to see in the spirit that the rest of it’s turning black now but i don’t want you anyone here to be like oh let me see you this works i want you in the 58:01 spirit to see and the scripture is he who began a good work is faithful to finish it so kansas city they’re all staring at 58:08 his head within like five or five to seven minutes max everyone starts screaming oh my god and with cameras on and the things started 58:13 turning black right in front of everybody so i i didn’t know it was gonna work but i was i was i was 58:20 i experimented on my own meeting which is kind of dangerous you should do that in private in a lab and then you bring it 58:25 and i was like well well let’s see if you know it’s the speaking part worked right but what about if i start looking 58:31 that’s why i took you my meetings now check your pants now run now do some do because it speeds it up oh let me check 58:36 oh my god it’s healed usually it didn’t get healed just because i spoke it sometimes it does but sometimes he got healed when you start checking it 58:43 some of you get healed like oh the moment you said that david boy it popped others of you as you started testing it 58:48 it got you because you start looking see but most you are just used to whale if 58:53 if they call me out my name and and say where i live then i’ll believe no that’s ridiculous 58:58 that’s once in a while that’s very rare well if he does if charlie does a healing line and lay hands that’s great 59:04 but you’re not dependent on that so how many are want to be in the quantum levels of glory 59:10 from glory to glory glory how many want to go through walls jesus went through the walls and he got trans just came beat me up scotty 59:20 how did that happen spirits and angels go through walls sound waves which is the smallest thing right goes through 59:26 walls your cell phone sound water particles when there’s a flood finds a way to so they’re small enough 59:31 on a microscopic level for it to go through when you’re in the spirit realm and you feel like you’re floating you 59:36 feel lighter when you’re soaking your room you put worship you’re like what happens is the molecular structure of your 59:41 physical body starts to expand [Music] and your spirit man takes over 59:46 and when it’s in an expanded enough state it can go through the walls through the metal 59:51 because the sound waves start to if i took a picture uh i just showed you a picture of four dots you’re like okay i can see those dots but i blow it up to 59:58 200 you can’t see them but they’re there in an ethereal realm when we worship today like i said last night the 1:00:04 miracles are floating in the atmosphere the body parts last night were here but then how did i extract it from the 1:00:10 invisible expander realm to the compact realm then a word of knowledge i see it i decree it and i get it from the glory 1:00:16 realm into the and then you act on it and then it starts manifesting so i’m actually explaining to you how 1:00:21 these miracles are happening in the glory realm how many like to like it’s you like to know the behind the scenes otherwise oh i can’t wait for that 1:00:27 speaker to come back because those cool things happen how about you understand how you can do it because we’re supposed to equip you to 1:00:33 do what we do we’re not so just preaching hope to get invited everywhere and do the stuff my goal that’s why we’re doing the 1:00:39 training school in september three months training school to explain to you and i do it here here and there but how 1:00:44 you need to do this stuff if everyone starts doing it we can win the lost if every single day okay if sean floyd and 1:00:50 mario marillo every day do a revival it still wouldn’t be even touch one percent of america 1:00:56 and they’re going hard you know sean’s going hard so it’s going to take way more than one or two people argentina revival hit so hard because 1:01:02 everyone was evangelizing that was the key there were the anacondas and the cloud of reasons but they were still just a little it was just to get the 1:01:09 people going and then the 60s revival remember the jesus movement catherine coleman was there all these people were doing it but it wasn’t them it was the 1:01:15 masses were just playing their guitar and witnessing to everybody and the masses were winning the masses actually 1:01:21 that’s how more came in but then there was points of reference where billy graham would come or this guy would come that was just kind of 1:01:26 like a booster shot in between does that make sense so so here and there there’s some 1:01:32 stadium events in america or the senate is going to do a thing in october or whatever whatever they’re doing may 21 but but that’s still just and that’s 1:01:38 mostly for the church to mobilize them to go out be sent right but but how about in between 1:01:43 see that’s the key is daily living in this stuff i’m going on a daily living this stuff daily doing what god says 1:01:50 i’m gonna man it’s already one i’m gonna pray here in a minute i know i know i said lord do i do this more he goes go right into the 1:01:56 revelation knowledge mornings are good for revelation knowledge how many were here at 9 a.m 1:02:03 how many times miracles healing okay so much he wrote it here so i don’t need to reinvent the wheel 1:02:10 i want to get healed again of the same thing so this this newest book limitless glory 1:02:15 has a lot of this stuff in there this one has the revelation on the speckled lambs remember the 1:02:20 unspeckled and speckled lambs was it the speckled lambs that sarah the unspeckled or vice versa 1:02:26 you remember laban seven years his lambs look at the other lambs 1:02:31 whatever they were let’s i didn’t remember i think they were unspeckled looking at speckled or vice versa they’re looking at the other lambs and 1:02:36 also they become what they’re looking at so when you’re you know get this when you’re looking when we’re looking at the 1:02:42 back of the guy’s head in kansas in our mind we’re thinking that’s turning black we’re seeing it as black 1:02:49 guess what the thing you’re looking at in the spirit is looking back at you 1:02:55 and when you’re thinking black it’s like a mirror and everything you’re looking at mirrors what you’re thinking in the spirit 1:03:03 so i’m sorry here’s what i do i get in the glory i worship i do my decrees it’s called decree right declaration 1:03:08 conference then i take a second hour and i start to just visualize maybe i shouldn’t say visualize that sounds new 1:03:14 age i would never visualize but i imagine those things that god just showed me okay don’t visualize brother i will 1:03:20 never but i have a mental picture of the things that god just showed me 1:03:25 jesus did not levitate levitations demonic but he arose 1:03:30 maybe get a dictionary it’d be really interesting oh never levitation is evil but he arose 1:03:36 off the air [Music] anyway anything the devil can do by the 1:03:42 way is an inferior copy of the original once you get that it’s not about the act it’s the source what’s the source 1:03:48 okay moses rod pharaoh’s rod similar but his is more powerful so i sit there and i start so he told me like let’s say 1:03:54 australia indonesia you know these nations this that tv so i i declare all that in the glory then i take another 1:04:00 hour and literally i sit there as if i’m doing it how do you have a dream in the dream it feels real in the dream you feel the excitement of 1:04:06 it the adrenaline he says do that while you’re awake while vision in your vision realm on purpose 1:04:13 okay lord wow and as i’m doing that i gotta oh man wow oh miracles resurrection wow deliverances all the 1:04:20 money just came in and i’m doing this realm guess what within that hour i’m getting phone calls open doors blessing finances because 1:04:27 when i’m seeing it guess get this guy this is the most important part of this one when i’m seeing those things that 1:04:32 god told me those things are looking back at me seeing me see it and it doesn’t know what dimension past 1:04:38 present future it goes oh he’s already there starts manifesting 1:04:45 even ahead of my time so jesus said i can’t do a miracle mary 1:04:50 it’s not my time if i do this miracle then i’m they’re gonna know i’m the son of god and my ministry starts and i’m i’m exposed and 1:04:57 he goes okay whatever he says just do it mom i just said no and he wasn’t doing false humility oh i 1:05:03 don’t want to show off no mom okay no it’s i am the son of god no it is not my 1:05:09 time mother yeah he’ll do it just just do what he tells you how many got moms like that 1:05:17 and then also jesus goes oh she’s already there you see the future becomes present oh mom’s already there if you 1:05:23 can see it even though it’s future it becomes present and then he goes all right give me the water pots and does his first miracle 1:05:30 and he did his first miracle and they believed even his disciples that he was the son of god thanks a lot mom i’m gonna die in three years now 1:05:37 you started the countdown what i didn’t know yeah i could have gone to 50 50 jubilee that’s a prophetic 1:05:43 number because you did mom you jumped the time clock i’m gonna die in three years 1:05:48 i only got three years now thanks a lot mom [Music] i won’t make it to your 30th anniversary 1:05:54 now see what you did 1:05:59 that’s my version of it but i have to use it in that way to understand syrophoenicia woman comes 1:06:04 please heal my oh are you jewish no sorry i can’t do it why because i’ve only come for the house of israel on 1:06:10 this trip you gotta wait till i die raise from the dead and then tell a guy named saul who’s a pharisee that hates 1:06:15 christians wait till he gets saved maybe 20 30 years from now and then wait till he gets a revelation that even the non-jews 1:06:21 can be saved to heal then your daughter can be healed that’s basically what he’s saying it can’t do in this dispensation but 1:06:28 she’s in the future and goes but even the dogs get the crumbs meaning i know you’re a good guy 1:06:34 eventually you’re going to touch the gentiles too and because they would consider they would say they would call them dogs unsafe because they were 1:06:40 it was like because they were not clean right they eat bad food they you know they they they say they were 1:06:46 not fornication they didn’t have the laws of god they didn’t know what was what so they called them dogs the jews did and she goes he didn’t call them 1:06:53 dogs but she goes well the jews call those dogs but even the dogs get the crumbs from the master’s table she he’s already in the future 1:07:00 see there’s no time when you’re in that room and you go oh you’re already there and all sudden hit she’s healed 1:07:06 so your destiny is there waiting for you to kind of pass you get in the glory you speak it as if not you you visualize it 1:07:11 as if it’s happening and you take a phase step towards it and awesome boom it’s happening faster that’s how when 1:07:17 seeing jake as props hi you’re getting a new beautiful building in four months we owned it 1:07:22 part of it was i understood some of these elements so the next week we went and physically walked on the property every place of feature shelter’s trust 1:07:28 shall be given to you and we call the angels of territories hey territorial angels you heard the 1:07:35 word you need some help here talk to the owners on my behalf then and then we got in the glory begins weekend 1:07:42 every day i would see myself in the building doing our meetings and and then the money should start coming lord you said it was going to be easy a 1:07:48 prophet told me it’s not going to be hard it’s going to come really easy to finance you don’t have to beg or stress or and it can’t so what i’m saying is 1:07:55 how many want this stuff how many got some other stuff i still got some stuff i haven’t done yet and i need to and i just need to make time to go into that 1:08:01 realm to keep doing this stuff sometimes i’m busy too busy traveling to go in the prophetic stuff just to do the stuff 1:08:07 so i need to do less stuff so i can pull back so i can do more stuff i need to do some behind the scenes 1:08:13 stuff so i can do the bigger stuff but i’m doing the medium stuff which hinders me from my big stuff sometimes i’m not 1:08:19 saying you’re this meaning here’s a medium stuff this is because i’m giving you stuff so you can do stuff so you can do stuff 1:08:26 i’m speaking in code like jesus spoke in parables jesus spoke in parables i’m thinking 1:08:31 about stuff stop doing some stuff so you can pull back do spiritual stuff then to eventually do 1:08:37 the big stuff you got me i just moved here from asia i don’t know 1:08:43 what you’re talking about okay from russia someone’s trying to someone will translate for you okay we’re going to pray in just a 1:08:49 minute here because some of you are getting hungry i could feel it sometimes i am my own meeting shorter 1:08:55 because i’m hungry i’ve done that many times many times i’m sure steve has had to worship a 1:09:01 little shorter just to go get a hamburger or something the glory’s so strong the angels are here but i’m hungry man it is finished 1:09:08 [Laughter] one time i wanted to go so bad this is 1:09:13 really bad and i was teaching how to go to third heaven because we did in bethel we actually took people to heaven they saw each other saw 1:09:19 you know one guy goes i saw your dog and i saw your dad who died and she starts crying because her dad and her dog die 1:09:24 at the same time all this stuff so we actually took you to heaven third heaven and bethel we learned it i learned in israel at 1:09:30 bethel not bethel reading bethel bethel the israel bethel the original battle no that’s a good one 1:09:37 but that the original and they said this is the gate of heaven it’s actually one of the portals jerusalem is one of them there’s four 1:09:42 major ones in israel so it went there lay down the rock did the bible say and boom it was there man 1:09:48 there’s a rock yeah there’s a rock there so i took it we all laid our head on it and we we got taken we were doing this 2003 no tour group star l the biggest 1:09:55 tour company said no one’s no one goes there we were the first ones to go there by revelation from reading genesis 1:10:01 and this is when the intifada was happening the wall wasn’t fully up and they go dude it’s too dangerous you gotta pass near ramallah it’s a 1:10:07 settlement there are zionist guys with the machine guns i go great because i’m trying to discourage you sir i go no we 1:10:13 want to go i insist okay it’ll cost you more money you have to rent a bulletproof bus to go there no problem 1:10:19 certainly you have to rent a soldier with a machine gun because that’s how dangerous it is oh i said you’re getting me excited 1:10:25 he’s like sir i don’t the tour guide doesn’t want to go i said we’re going so we did it and then drive and we don’t 1:10:31 know where we’re going in bethel it’s just settlements there’s no there’s no there’s nothing to visit there and the driver goes i don’t know where your 1:10:36 thing is dude just park here at this water tower and that’s where it was and we walked down this hill and also just 1:10:41 signed with a ladder the archaeologists believe that was the spot but they didn’t know and then we laid on the rock and now 1:10:48 everyone go a lot of people go there now since then but no one go in the first few years nobody was ever there but us 1:10:53 this is the gate of heaven and you get in the heavenly realm and you sit in your heavenly seat and then you rule and reign from there 1:10:59 how big in revelation so sum it up get in the glory worship pray praise then worship then wait on 1:11:06 him then you see the things that god shows you or the things already told you you decree a thing as be established okay 1:11:12 then i take a second hour many times i put soaking music and i start to see by faith all those things happening as if 1:11:17 it’s happening it sees me seeing it and it starts manifesting way faster into my now then i get out of that realm and i 1:11:24 take faith steps so left brain right brain your artistic spiritual side then there’s the logical how do we actually do this i call the thing up i go visit 1:11:31 the property i start writing the chapter or the book that i think i’m gonna write like you just start see you start then 1:11:36 you start step now the frame is created hebrews 11 3 the worlds are framed by the spoken word of god in english it 1:11:42 just says it just says word of god but the original for word is the spoken word same as in genesis 1:11:48 then you start stepping in the frame and then it starts manifesting how many are getting res i’m just summed it up for 1:11:54 you a little bit so we talked about israel end time events great shaking is coming and then we shift it to your destiny quantum 1:12:01 levels of glory and how to walk into your destiny we just kind of mix it all up so i just preach like three sermons in one 1:12:08 and then tonight i’ll be back with charlie champ at 6 00 p.m and i’m going to let you in in early but oh get these books this is 1:12:14 another one the courts of heaven it’s not all on just courts it’s the title but one chapter is courts i wrote it 1:12:19 before i even knew who henderson was way back i was still in the mission field we had sid roth call me one day he goes did you copy him or some stuff i go no look 1:12:26 look at that look at the year that i told you that happened he goes oh wow that was before exactly but then then 1:12:31 but you’re getting this he goes oh that’s a confirmation then you saw the same thing in the spirit exactly but he 1:12:37 he went further with it but it has quantum glory in this book one whole chapter on the quantum things i just 1:12:42 told you has dna sound and glory how sound and glory collide together sinking with heaven how 1:12:49 to increase your vibrational frequency in the glory when you fast you start vibrating on a higher glory when you 1:12:54 forgive another higher level when you worship when you give it and you get buzzing at such a high level you break through anything 1:13:01 like if you have to push a wall it’s hard but you back up and you’ve got high speed you can break through the wall so there’s breakthrough and then there’s 1:13:06 dna how to how to get new dna how to use the blood of jesus to reset your dna your bloodline 1:13:12 and reset the the corruption in your blood sickness mental sin issues do you take communion and ask god to it re sets 1:13:19 your blood code and the defects and the sin defects too because the blood has memory blood has 1:13:26 memory of of good and bad blood your blood has memory of your forefathers languages they spoke and you asked the 1:13:32 blood to redeem it and you start to pick up german or swedish wherever you’re from suddenly you’re picking up really fast because your blood has memory of 1:13:39 that proof a guy had a heart transplant probably from a chinese donor a guy from the south probably he’ll build a guy and 1:13:45 all of a sudden he was speaking understanding perfect chinese because the blood had memory 1:13:51 this i i’m not gonna preach a whole sermon on that but there’s some interesting stuff out there how much memory does the blood of jesus have 1:13:57 the memory of his resurrection dwelling in your physical mortal body so when i take communion i say lord i i 1:14:02 break all the curses off my bloodline and i don’t just break generational curses a lot of people teach that i redeem generational blessings after that 1:14:10 now lord all the wealth that my jewish side lost and my friend european side lost i redeemed that wealth i redeemed 1:14:15 the knowledge the wisdom one of them was into finance one of them was a scientist in austria probably knew einstein during 1:14:21 the world war he got killed nazis and then other than the french side has a whole nother so i start claiming that 1:14:27 stuff and when i was in france i had french ancestors i started claiming that suddenly boom we’re owning a huge property in france with no money no job 1:14:34 no salary because i started claiming the inheritance of in my bloodline and suddenly i start 1:14:41 picking up languages russian german my ancestors lived in the place 1:14:48 they started picking up you know german 1:14:54 i just started picking up quito says finless they start picking up really fast my brain when you’re young your brain picks up languages faster when 1:15:00 you’re older it gets set but he renews your youth like the eagles even your brain the sudden your ability to learn goes 1:15:06 your iq can go up with the blood being reset daniel he did a daniel fast 1:15:13 for three weeks so sometimes you have to do some physical mix with the spiritual and he hit an iq he said he was ten 1:15:19 times wiser smarter more intelligent than all the others didn’t study ten times harder supernatural wisdom 1:15:25 intelligence and knowledge not just of the bible of natural things the arts music science how do you want to be smarter 1:15:31 suddenly nasa is calling you to figure things out like bob jones was helping nasa find the meteorite or something you know like i’m 1:15:37 a hillbilly but i think i know when it’s coming it’s coming on this day no no we’re now so we’re scientists we do this for many 1:15:43 years you’re hillability and i mean they just know bobby connor will call the president on air force one 1:15:49 how did you get my number well lord just don’t want to tell you this word changes his he changes his phone number 1:15:55 and then he calls him again a new number hey i forgot to tell you what how did you call me back again 1:16:00 what the there’s on air force one he told me the story crazy stuff and you don’t have to be a super you know educated left wing woke person and 1:16:08 yet you’re a hillbilly from texas or alabama but somehow you got the president’s number 1:16:13 so there’s hope for you if bob jones can do it and bobby connor 1:16:19 who used to you know almost kill people you could do it bobby kahn how many heard a story he was 1:16:24 really a sinner he told me there’s a bunch of people that are half bobby connor half mexican running around mexico 1:16:31 this before he was saved i won’t go further that’s how i’m saying thank god he got 1:16:37 saved amen that was his visit to mexico one time 1:16:42 right oh my god i think he shared it publicly didn’t he yeah 1:16:49 you know the story right you know the story okay i won’t go further he’s funny guy 1:16:58 anyway get get the books i’ll sign some books at the end for people that want them um i was going to say we have a conference and during passover april 1:17:04 14th and 17th if you want to come we’ve got troy brewer also we’ve got steve jacobs coming and others in our in our 1:17:10 new building um i’m going to say if you want to if you feel like a three-month school god’s leading in arizona then we’ll train you three months in all this 1:17:16 stuff hands-on mentoring once a lifetime probably the only time i’ll do it but the lord told me i don’t want to do it 1:17:22 the lord told me to do it i have no desire whatsoever to train people for three months and the same people at all 1:17:27 that’s like pastoring for three months but the lord told me to do it because you need to multiply yourself quickly for what’s coming so that’s that so 1:17:34 there’ll be information out soon on that all right guys now my sermon will begin open your bibles no 1:17:40 no i’ll let you go it’s one o’clock i want you guys 120 i want you guys to have the time i could have moved into more stuff but 1:17:46 we’ll do it tonight amen just turn to your neighbor and just tell them don’t worry you’re going to look a lot 1:17:51 better in heaven don’t tell your wife no no 1:17:57 no no no the wife can tell the husband but not the other way around then you’re gonna have you’re gonna need counseling and you might be sleeping on 1:18:03 the couch tonight i don’t care if david herzog said it why did you say that to me honey 1:18:10 i was insecure all right hey who said you could leave hey what 1:18:15 the heck no i’m kidding i’m kidding i’m kidding hey pastor can you get up can you bail me out 1:18:22 get me off the stage quickly before i say something crazy good to see you joel [Applause] 1:18:29 love you man [Applause] 1:18:38 come on let’s give david one more big thank you how about that wasn’t that great 1:18:43 bro that was like a supernatural sampler [Applause] some onion rings some cheese sticks hey 1:18:50 if you want more get here early we will have a packed house tonight begins at 1:18:56 six okay it’ll be a tag team charlie shamp david herzog you are loved bless 1:19:02 you

David Herzog | Declaration 2022 | Seattle Revival Center

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