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Video Transcript

0:00 I’m Debra wood and I’m from Denver 0:03 Colorado area I had talked many times to 0:11 my husband he was brought up in a 0:13 Christian family but he had never 0:15 accepted the Lord into his heart he 0:18 wasn’t sure how he could be loved when 0:21 he had done so many things wrong in his 0:24 youth before we got married and it 0:27 wasn’t until the last week before he 0:30 passed away that he accepted Jesus in 0:32 his heart and Klove was a big part of it 0:34 because that’s all I played for the last 0:37 year of his life for me 0:40 it was Chris Tomlin Jesus loved me and 0:44 to this day that’s home plays and I can 0:48 sit and just cry I feel it’s also Jesus 0:51 loved him and I believe in supporting 0:54 the station 0:55 I hear what it does for others and I 0:57 know what it’s done for me there’s many 1:00 other people out there that are hurting 1:01 that need to get to know Jesus and I 1:05 know the music ministers to you if you 1:08 don’t support something that you believe 1:10 in it could go away I wouldn’t want this 1:13 to go away 1:17 you 1:18 [Music]

Debra shares her testimony of how K-LOVE played a huge part in her husband’s salvation. See more stories of how God is using K-LOVE to change lives here:  http://www.klove.com/why-give/


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