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greetings everyone and welcome to the four points broadcast with I am pastor 0:05 Levi Harrell and I am so excited to be here with you and I know tonight is 0:10 going to be a night that changes your life so listen get your pen get your paper 0:17 get whatever you need so that way you can take down everything that is taught on tonight and you can share it with all 0:23 of your family and your friends and before I move out of the way I just want to remind you that in July will be 0:30 Kingdom school of ministry and you got to be there yes yes yes 0:35 you’ve got to be there it is one of the greatest schools you will ever attend in your life and I promise you you don’t 0:43 want to miss it so with that said at this time put your hands together and 0:48 welcome the one and the only dr. Cindy trim excited tonight because we’re 0:59 continuing on in our topic on destiny I know that it’s one of those topics that 1:04 you hear and one of the concepts that you hear a lot of people talk about but 1:10 in order for you to really understand the effects of knowing or having a 1:15 working knowledge of it we are going to just take you to a biblical journey and 1:22 look at some lives of individuals and some biographies of individuals whose destiny was altered as a result of an 1:29 action or a decision or mindset so that you can have a working knowledge for your own so we’re gonna go directly into 1:36 our teaching and direct you to the Book of Numbers the Book of Numbers amen 1:43 numbers chapter 25 numbers chapter 25 and we’re going to be reading from verse 1:50 10 numbers 25 to worse number 10 to 1:55 verse number 13 and we’re gonna braid that particular scripture with Hebrews 2:01 chapter 4 verse 14 to 16 again if you 2:06 have your Bible I’m reading from the King James Version of the Bible numbers chapter 26 2:12 verses 1 to 13 and then also braiding that with Hebrews chapter 4 verse 14 to 2:18 16 we have a lot of ground to cover today and we want you to take copious notes knowing that God is with you and I 2:26 believe that this message is going to alter your mindset and give you a brand new paradigm as to how things actually 2:34 happen and where your tomorrow comes from destiny is attached to a decision 2:40 or an action and a mindset so when we talk about destiny we’re talking about 2:45 will you end up in a future date based on something that you do right now or something that you did yesterday or the 2:53 day before somewhere in the past now this particular tax is an exciting text 3:00 I was sitting and I was thinking that that there are so many people in the 3:05 world whose lives are just happening to them and not knowing that that that day 3:13 themselves could change anything the moment they understand that they are an 3:18 agent of change so there were three types of people in this world number one the ones that watch things happen 3:25 number two the ones that acts what happened and then finally the ones that make things happen I concluded that life 3:34 is not fear and some of you would say well I can say an amen to that but life 3:40 is not fair success and prosperity happens on an uneven playing field I 3:46 used to think that the playing field was level but it’s not it’s uneven it’s not level for all of us so life is not fear 3:54 success and prosperity happens on an uneven playing field so if you want life 4:00 to become fear you have to adopt a make it happen mindset that you cannot wait 4:07 for success to come to you or prosperity to come to you you’ve got to be able to make it happen 4:13 now you know mning in a world where we hear a lot about discrimination we hear 4:21 a lot about marginalization and justice inequalities and that forty’s and somehow i believe most 4:29 people believe that that those things determine their destinies but it’s not 4:35 these inequalities or inequity or in in inequities or the discrimination or 4:42 marginalization or even the injustice that determines our destiny but it’s how we react how we respond to them that 4:50 determines our future so I turned your attention to our text numbers 27 verses 4:56 1 to 13 and I wouldn’t want to read that in your hearing and I gave you enough 5:02 time hopefully to be able to grab your Bible and to find that particular context or text very quickly the Bible 5:10 said then came the daughters of Zelophehad the son of he for the son of Gilead the son of Meeker the son of Manasseh of the 5:18 families of Manasseh the son of Joseph these are the names of his daughters 5:25 malla Noah Hagler Milka Tirzah and they stood before Moses and 5:32 before Eleazar the priest and before the princess of all the congregation and I 5:37 want to highlight they stood before not only the high priest and and Moses they 5:43 stood before the princes as well make that notation and all the congregation’s 5:48 by the door of the tabernacle of the congregation saying our father died in the wilderness and he was not in the 5:54 company of those that gathered themselves together against the Lord and the company of Kohler but he died in his 6:00 own sin and he had no sons why should his name or the name of our Father be 6:08 done away with among his family because he had no son give unto us therefore possession 6:15 amongst the brethren of our Father and Moses bought this cause before the Lord 6:21 and the Lord spake unto Moses saying the daughters of Zelophehad speak right thou 6:26 shalt surely give them a possession of an inheritance amongst their father’s brethren and thou shalt cause the 6:33 inheritance of their father to pass unto them and thou shalt speak unto the children of visual saying if a man die and have 6:40 no sons then ye shall cause his inheritance to pass until his daughters and if he have no daughters 6:46 then you shall give his inheritance to his brethren and if he has no brethren 6:51 then you should give his inheritance unto his father’s brethren and if his father have no brethren then you shall 6:56 give his inheritance unto his kinsmen and and that is next to him of his 7:02 family and he shall possess it and it shall be unto the children of Israel a 7:07 statue of judgment and I love that in other words what they did was they 7:13 changed the legislation based on their demand and we’re going to talk a little 7:18 bit later down in the sin and in the message tonight how you are not 7:25 relegated to a legislation or policy that is contrary to the will of God for 7:33 your life you can defy the status quo no matter what they are passing as a law I 7:41 believe that we are not above the law but if a law is contrary to the laws of 7:47 Christ if the laws is contrary to the laws of the Spirit if the laws are 7:54 contrary to the covenant of God you can reverse those laws in the name of Jesus 8:02 at least the effects of those laws and the Bible said in the Lord said unto Moses get thee up into the mount Abram 8:11 and see the land which I have given unto the children of visual and when thou has seen it 8:16 thou shalt be gathered unto thy people as Aaron thy brother was gathered so 8:22 here you have presented five women and in a concerted fashion they bring their 8:28 case what to what would have been like a Supreme Court but the Supreme Court of 8:35 Israel this is the highest court in the land and they they lobbied before the 8:40 Supreme Court that presented their case and as a result of that they made an 8:46 exception to the law and actually altered the law to accommodate what was rightfully 8:51 theirs Hebrews chapter 4 14 to 16 the Bible said seeing then that we have a 8:57 great high priest that is passed into the heavens Jesus the Son of God let us 9:03 hold fast to our profession for we have not an High Priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our 9:09 infirmities but in all points tempted like as we get without sin let us 9:15 therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find 9:21 grace to help in a time of need in our text we are introduced to five women 9:29 they’re identified as the daughters of Zelophehad and their disparaged so I 9:36 would consider them disparage daughters of Zelophehad and they are presenting 9:43 their case because they are have their father’s property that is held up in 9:49 probate could and they have definitely 9:54 determined that they were not able to access what was rightfully theirs 10:00 because of their gender so this case is escalated to the Supreme Court of Israel 10:06 they abroad front and center stage in the unfolding of a story that would not 10:13 only change the destiny of these five women but also legislation and 10:19 ultimately the corporate destiny of a nation no man is an island the things 10:26 that you are doing the things that you are saying is affecting someone in this 10:32 world you may not understand how important you are to the bigger scheme 10:37 of things but it’s called the butterfly effect in other words scientists 10:42 discovered that the flapping of a butterfly wings in California actually affects the wind flow in a place such as 10:50 Japan it’s called the butterfly effect so here you have five women 10:56 they we’re marginalized because of their gender they were pushed aside 11:03 but these activists women began to lobby the powers that that be by raising the 11:10 issue of gender inequality it had to have taken a lot of courage because they 11:18 were going against the status quo legislation they were going against traditions and mores they were going 11:25 against the social contract construct and the cultural construct of the very 11:31 nature of that the very nation and they were they were saying there is something 11:36 that is lacking in our nation it took a lot of courage I would imagine and I 11:42 asked myself the question what kind of courage does it take to stand up and 11:48 represent a marginalized group of individuals knowing that your entire 11:53 reputation is at stake what kind of inner conviction does it 11:59 take to resist the status quo and to declare that your human rights have been 12:04 violated here is the story of two women the daughters of Zelophehad err 12:11 fascinating to me their names are mala Noah Hagler Milka 12:17 and Tirzah numbers 27 verses 1 to 11 encapsulate the challenges that these 12:24 women’s faced and what they had to do in order to affirm their rights you as a 12:31 believer you have spiritual rights and no matter what is going on what is going 12:37 on in your community what is going on in the workforce in your workplace what is 12:42 going on around you you have the right to oh and not only affirm those rights 12:49 but you have a right to begin to demand your inheritance 12:54 number 26 describes that in in detail what to them going to the Supreme Court to 13:03 demand what belonged to them numbers 26 describes a census that had been taken 13:09 of all the males over the age of 20 this is verse number 2 and as part of the 13:15 list of the various clans we read that de Lafayette had no sons only daughters 13:21 this is verse number 33 now as the census was concluded God instructed 13:26 Moses among these shall the land be apportioned as shared among these refers 13:34 to the males listed in the census hence we conclude that Salafi Ed’s daughters 13:40 were not counted in the census and also they were not married therefore because 13:46 they were not counted in the census and they were not married therefore they were not legally in the terms of the 13:55 natural legalities of things able to receive land as an inheritance we might 14:01 expect the women heirs of Egyptian slavery and then put under law that 14:09 frequently favorite men might react by keeping silent or by accepting it as 14:16 natural and that the rule decreed it and therefore they had to follow the rules 14:21 but these were rule breakers I call them disruptors when they figured 14:28 out that there was something that belongs to us and the rules don’t favour 14:33 us and so they became a disrupter we are living in a time where believers have to 14:40 be disruptors where we no longer can take things a laying down we have to 14:46 rise up and lift up our voice against the injustice that many individuals are 14:52 experiences experiencing and we have to be counted among those that not only our 14:59 proponents or support human rights we ourselves have to be able to lift our 15:06 voice on behalf of God too on behalf of the marginalized the 15:12 fatherless the orphans and those that have no voice we could expect certain 15:17 women in those days to stay close to the tents and remain out of sight and not go 15:24 far from their families so how and why did the loaf Ahead’s daughter write a 15:31 new chapter in the history of a nation first they had to dare to go out on a 15:37 limb that dear to go beyond the status quo they had to dare to break the glass 15:43 ceilings there to dare stretch beyond the walls that were established for them 15:49 they had to dare to go beyond the boundaries and the expectations of man 15:54 that the dare goal be under a social space base and from the destiny that was 16:01 imposed upon them I found out that there are many people that have more to give 16:08 they’re more gifted and more talented but instead of them saying that my 16:13 expectations are of the Lord they live up to man’s expectations and there are 16:19 so many people that are living miserable lives they are gifted and they are talented but they can feel the 16:26 restrictions that are placed around them restrictions because somebody knows 16:31 about their past restrictions because people don’t expect anything from them 16:37 because they know their family heritage but the days of living restricted are 16:43 over you are going to rise up and you are going to not only take your place 16:48 you are going to rise up and you’re going to speak up and you are going to go for what belongs to you this is the 16:56 last day you’re going to allow someone to impose upon you their low 17:02 expectations for your life the moment you understand things will change when you change them 17:10 is the moment that things will begin to change but hold the press for one moment 17:16 I don’t want you to miss the point destiny was about to collide with 17:22 purpose you got to understand that every one of us have a purpose and from their 17:28 story I’ve learned something I’ve learned that purpose and destiny has the 17:34 power to override any condition have the power to override any situation has the 17:42 power to propel you beyond the status quo when purpose is discerned no matter 17:49 how muted your voice is when purpose collides with destiny and when it brings 17:56 you into the divine timetable of God nothing is impossible with God I found 18:04 out that when God begins to move on you there’s this inner prompting that that 18:11 allows you to know that it is time to move on it it’s time to begin to expect 18:19 the exceeding abundantly above all things that you can either imagine or 18:26 think those things to happen no matter how muted your voice is whenever your 18:33 voice and your your your actions bring you into sync with God’s plan and with 18:40 God’s purpose according to his divine timetable that very creates a power 18:47 around you that has the ability to cancel out the most horrible 18:54 dysfunctional circumstances the most for building social mores it has the ability 19:03 to empower you to overcome the ditions of man it has the power to 19:09 empower you to overcome generational curses insufficiencies humiliating 19:17 history’s institutionalized in justices government policies constitutional 19:24 legalities whenever God begins to move in your life and you make a decision 19:30 that if I perish I’m gonna perish something happens on the inner side of 19:37 you when I was reading and preparing for tonight God took me to Matthew chapter 1 19:44 verses 1 to 18 and if you would go there with me please I want to read it because 19:51 hidden in there is a a nugget of truth that I want to extrapolate as I empower 19:59 you to begin to make Destiny’s decisions and when you make these decisions not to 20:05 only think about yourself think about your family think about your community 20:11 think about your nation and think about the world that you live in that you are 20:18 effecting changes even if you don’t see it even if you don’t know it something 20:23 is happening in response to every action that you decide to take Matthew chapter 20:30 1 verses 1 to 18 if you would go there with me please in this particular tax 20:36 most people would overlook this most people would jump over it because it 20:41 just seems like a string of names that have no implication or no relevance or 20:47 no significance to us only Apostolic ramblings of the generations before 20:53 Jesus Christ but it’s worth reading it says the book of generations of Jesus 21:00 Christ the Son of David the son of Abraham Abraham begat Isaac Isaac 21:06 got Jacob Jacob begat Judas and his brethren Judas begat Phares and Zara of 21:13 Tamar Phares begat East Room he’s from begat Aaron Aaron begat 21:18 aminadab and Minard have begat naasson and naasson begat Selman and Selman 21:23 begat Boaz of Rahab and Boaz begat obed of ruth Obed begat jesse jesse begat 21:31 david the king david the king begat solomon of her that had been the wife of 21:37 urias solomon begat roboam roboam begat abia abia begat asa asa begat Josaphat 21:46 Josaphat begat joram joram begat ozias ozias begat joatham begat a cos it has 21:55 begat ezekias ezekias begat manasses manasses begat Amnon Amnon bigoted 22:01 Josiah’s Josiah’s begat jechonias and his brethren about the time they were 22:07 carried away to Babylon and after that they be brought to babylon jokin iose 22:12 begat salathiel so Leafeon begat zerubbabel zerubbabel we got AB you’d be 22:19 you’d be got alaikum alaikum begat azor azor begat so that so that begat egg him 22:25 a begat Iliad Iliad begat eleazar and eleazar begat matthan and matthan 22:31 begat jacob and jacob begat joseph the husband of mary of whom was born Jesus 22:36 who is the Christ so all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations and from day David unto the 22:43 carrying away unto Babylon are fourteen generations and from the carrying away of Babylon unto Christ are fourteen 22:50 generations now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise who all of death 22:57 just to say Jesus was born now when I used to read I read my Bible read 23:04 through the entire Bible and after I got through they maybe fifth or sixth time I 23:10 felt like I could jump over that it’s only a string of names but God stopped me he said I want to give you a 23:17 revelation of this although you’re going to be tempted to skip over the string of men and women 23:23 that are listed these verses and relegate them just to apostolic 23:29 ramblings and Jewish antiquities riding with no spiritual or pragmatic relevance 23:35 other than identifying the generational heritage of Jesus a careful examination 23:41 will expose divine eloquence and revealed that through the manifold 23:48 wisdom of God and the diverse background of Jesus his close relation to common 23:55 man made him the perfect candidate to redeem humanity that although he was 24:02 truly God he was truly human and he is touched by the feelings of our 24:09 infirmities that means it alludes to ordinary individuals that contributed to 24:16 our extraordinary Christ in other words if they had not been born if one of them 24:22 had been aborted we would not have had Jesus it lets me know that purpose has a 24:28 way of hiding an unusual place and purpose cannot be destroyed and what 24:34 happens in one generation is going to be then affecting a generation unborn to 24:43 time it alludes to ordinary individuals during challenging moments that change 24:49 history it lets me know several things that number one God has an agenda for 24:55 both the male and the female gender number two it lets me know that our IQ 25:02 is no match for the I am it lets me know that all of our insufficiency is 25:08 canceled out by his all sufficiency and lets me know that God achieves his 25:14 purpose irrespective of man’s frailties it lets me know that his purpose 25:21 prevails so that previous experience is not always a 25:26 your indication of future performances that means I have come tonight to 25:33 encourage you don’t let the double play games with your mind he knows your past 25:39 but God knows your future not only that he may know your past but you know his 25:45 future you know where he’s going you know where he’s gonna end up don’t let 25:51 him play games with your mind to make it feel as if you’ve made mistakes in the 25:56 past that somehow God cannot use you he can use whoever he wants 26:02 God does not choose us based on man’s qualification he chooses us based on 26:09 what we are carrying the Bible said you have this treasure in earthen vessel the 26:15 vessel maybe trick it maybe crap the vessel may be chipped but it’s not the 26:22 value hallelujah that that is not the value of the vessel is the value of what 26:29 the vessel is carrying you are carrying something important you are carrying 26:36 something special you are carrying gifts and talents that this world needs and 26:42 you may not understand it and I speak even to stay-at-home moms because a lot 26:48 of times when we talk about destiny we are thinking about people who do these amazing things that history records 26:56 their name but I beg to different let me ask you a question 27:01 who was Albert Einstein’s mother but it probably took an extraordinary woman to 27:07 raise an extraordinary man even as you stay at home you’ve got to recognize 27:12 that what you were doing to raise healthy a contributing members of 27:18 society is just as important as finding the scientific breakthrough for HIV it’s 27:25 just as important as taking a man to the moon that means that no one is ever 27:31 wasted that you are right now God wants to get your 27:36 attention and I want to encourage you that during this week you should spend 27:41 some quiet time and your quiet moments and avulsion and God God what snacks 27:48 what have you wired me to change what have you wired me to build what have you 27:54 wired me to effect what have you wired me to lead Gold is not true with you 28:01 you’ve got breath hallelujah in your union in your lungs and you still have 28:07 life in your body as long as you have breath and as long as you have life 28:13 there is something I want to tell you that man cannot count you out because 28:19 God has already counted you in God sees the end up from the beginning and 28:25 through this text we see how destiny always seeks an expression based on 28:33 purpose we see that each individual is going to have a defining moment and in 28:40 fact God often in the midst of our greatest crises creates that tipping 28:46 point that gets you from just being an ordinary individual to be an 28:52 extraordinary human being that is making stuff happen you no longer see yourself 28:58 as an individual in this world where things are just happening that you have 29:03 no control over you have control over your destiny you have control over your 29:10 financial destiny your economic destiny your relational destiny your spiritual 29:18 destiny where you end up tomorrow is not a mystery we may not know everything but 29:25 one thing I do know that your destiny is determined by your decision stop 29:32 allowing other people to determine how far you’re gonna go how 29:38 you’re gonna earn that is not for someone else that is between you and God 29:44 God has given you this entire world to experience he said the earth is the 29:51 Lord’s and the fullness thereof and the world and they that dwell therein he 29:57 said go into all the world and make disciples you are not relegated to a 30:03 city just because you were born there it doesn’t mean that you have to die there 30:08 you are not relegated to live hallelujah by making just making ends meet it’s 30:15 time to stretch one end to another until you have a cycle of prosperity you are 30:22 not relegated hallelujah to earn the salary that you’ve earned for the last 30:28 five years the moment you understand that your destiny is in your hand when 30:35 doing is more important than understanding you will begin to obey God 30:41 we are living in a time when cooperation is more than comprehension there are 30:47 some things that God will prompt you to do there are some things that God will 30:52 direct you to do and there are some things that you may not understand and it may go against the grain but when it 31:00 goes against the grain perhaps God is bringing you from the back and putting 31:06 you in the front and changing your status from being a follower to a leader 31:12 maybe God wants you to be the one that breaks the mold so that others can 31:18 follow you’ve got to understand that this is a time for prophetic 31:24 intercession for watching and praying for standing on your watch to see what 31:29 God would speak to you next yesterday’s success is today’s failure because if 31:36 you keep trying to do what you did last year it means that but since the timing 31:42 and the season is over you are guaranteed pale God is doing something new he said 31:49 behold I would do a new thing God would do a new thing in you he would do a new 31:54 thing with you but he will also do a new thing through you many of you are trendsetters many of you 32:01 a change agent you knew for a long time that you think differently that you want 32:08 more than the people that are around you stop compromising what God has placed in 32:14 your spirit as a vision a dream or desire begin to rise up and say God if 32:21 this is you hallelujah give me the wisdom to fulfill it give me the wisdom to do what you have 32:28 commissioned me to do no matter how people feel about it no matter how many 32:33 people you upset let me tell you something even in your family if you dare to change if you dare hallelujah go 32:41 out on a limb to fulfill what God has commissioned you to do some of your family members will turn their backs on 32:49 you because misery loves company but this is your last day for living a 32:55 miserable life it’s time for you to stop waiting until you’ve got all your ducks 33:01 in a row it’s time for you to be obedient to what God has commissioned 33:07 you to do and this is why I love the story of the daughters of Zelophehad 33:13 it is an encouraging story it reminds every last one of us how history is made 33:19 but more important it reminds us that every one of us have been given a divine 33:25 destiny that no matter how much we are hidden in obscurity we are not none entities and that our 33:33 lives really does matter and at the moment we take our lives out of neutral 33:38 and stop waiting until someone makes it happen the moment we adopt a make it happen 33:46 attitude things will begin to change things will begin to happen for you 33:52 there’s a seed of greatness on the inside of each one of us and it is 33:58 hidden from the naked eye it is obscured by our family habited often time it is 34:05 obscured by an economic and our social status it is obscured by political 34:11 policies it’s obscured by legalistic a 34:16 circumstances but I’m telling you when the time comes for you to find the 34:22 expression of that seed a potential that is hidden on the inside of you when the 34:29 time is right all the elements fall into place in our tax we are presented with five 34:36 brave women grace at the power hallelujah grace was placed upon them 34:43 and as a result of that grace bought them front and center stage where they 34:49 were began to negotiate hallelujah what they needed what they wanted and what 34:55 they felt was theirs God has a way of throwing grace into the mixing a pot 35:02 creating what one writer called a tipping point and oftentimes when your 35:08 time comes to go to the next level many times it seems as if it’s in the middle 35:16 of a crisis it’s either in the middle of a national crisis or a health crisis or 35:22 a personal crisis or a political crisis or a relational crisis or a financial 35:29 crisis or a marital crisis or a family crisis or a economic crisis and when we 35:37 think about it and I look and I read scripture there was always some crisis 35:42 that gave birth to the rising up of an individual and maybe gone is trying to 35:47 get your attention because hallelujah he’s ready to bring you front and center 35:53 stage and maybe you’re in the middle of a crisis and the crisis itself has 35:59 become distraction to you and maybe the enemy has convinced you to wait until things 36:07 settle down but I’ve discovered in my own life things didn’t settle down until 36:14 I settled it down with the help of God with the wisdom of God with the power of 36:20 God through prayer through spiritual warfare to begin to understand that God 36:27 was not waiting on me and God was not I was not waiting on God but God was 36:34 waiting on me and my question is what kind of crisis are you currently in and 36:42 in the middle of the crisis I want you to ask God God or what are you trying to 36:48 get my attention on what are you attempting to awaken what kind of skill 36:55 what kind of potential are you attempting to awaken in me I believe 37:01 that God in this season is awakening the giant within he’s awakening the change 37:08 agent within he’s awakening the revolutionary within he’s awakening the 37:14 industry-specific leadership within he’s awaking the history-maker within he is 37:21 awakening the policy and lord changer within he’s awakening the leader within 37:27 he’s awakening the artist within he’s awakening the preacher within he’s 37:32 awakening the prophet within God is waking something up on the inside of you 37:39 you are a mover you are a shaker and you are a history maker by the women who 37:48 were marginalized five women in the middle of a personal crisis five women 37:54 in the middle of economic crisis for I’m a women that had no support and they 38:01 came together not knowing that they were God’s secret weapon the devil overlooked 38:08 him because they were females most assured he has overlooked you because of what 38:16 you’ve been through because of what you’re faced with but I believe tonight 38:21 God is wakening you up to the fact that you are his secret weapon no one would 38:28 have thought of Rahab as being God’s secret weapon no one would have thought 38:33 of Ruth as being God’s secret weapon no one would have thought of the woman at 38:39 the well as being God’s secret weapon but I believe many of you a god secret 38:46 weapon and God is getting ready to anoint you as an agent of change five 38:53 women they had been often hallelujah why would God use them because they had 38:59 nothing to lose many times when our back is up against the wall God is simply 39:06 saying it’s time to move forward why because you’ve fallen as far as you 39:11 have fall can fall and you have hit rock bottom you have nowhere else to Paul you 39:17 might as well go up your back is up against the wall you cannot go any way 39:23 back you might as well use your energy to go forward Marlon no one hug ler 39:30 Milka Tirzah their story reads like the story of women in developing countries 39:37 and least developed countries whose laws relegate them to being treated no better 39:43 than an animal with no decency and dignity all of which have been stripped 39:49 because their name is woman it is a story of women who lived on the fringes 39:55 of society women who were undervalued underpaid trying to make ends meet some 40:02 of you have that story you are undervalued you are underpaid and from 40:09 month-to-month you were just about making ends meet but I’ve got good news for you even as 40:17 they stood before Moses and the high priests and the princess demanding their inheritance God 40:24 sent me here to let you know that he has secured an inheritance for you there are 40:31 some people that have overlooked you and told you you were not good enough not 40:37 smart enough not educated enough not pretty enough you are not connected 40:43 enough you are not from the right pedigree you don’t hold the right academic degree 40:49 you cannot articulate enough but get ready the people that overlooked you 40:55 last season will have to look up to you this season because they do not have the 41:02 last say in our story God’s grace prevail I am here to announce to you 41:08 that you are going to prevail you will win you will overcome you have already 41:14 overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony you can tell 41:20 the devil for me he can go to hell the devil cannot count you out because by 41:27 the blood of Jesus God has already counted you in the darkness of the 41:32 Lafayette came forward and when they stepped forward they stood before Moses 41:38 and Eleazar the priest the Chieftains and the whole assembly that means all of 41:44 Israel’s eyes were on them let me stretch your imagination for a moment 41:50 the Israelites camp was formed and they were formed in tribes each of them had 41:56 to determine how to determine place but the tabernacle in the middle and in the 42:01 center stood the main authoritative figures all of them were man and all of 42:08 them in the camps that came to meet together where man there was Moses there 42:13 was the Eleazar the brief there was the cheese dense there were the princess so there was this imposing structure that 42:20 the sisters had to come up against in order to claim their rights that means 42:26 that when they went front and center stage they were the only women that means they were 42:32 outnumbered but when they came together they came into a place where that the 42:39 tablets from Sinai hallelujah rested in the ark they came to a place of holiness 42:46 they came to a place of authority that came to a place where women had no 42:52 authority these men must have been overwhelmed when they saw such a 42:57 startling unprecedented situation I’m here to announce that what God is about 43:04 to do for you and your family is going to be unprecedented and I feel the 43:10 anointing of God nobody is going to expect it and when you stand up and when 43:17 God moves you into position people are going to look and they’re gonna be looking because they’re gonna they’re 43:23 not gonna be able to figure out how you got there but you’re going to have the testimony if it had not been for the 43:31 Lord on my side your God the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is about to make 43:40 an exception for you let’s analyze the text a little further the first thing 43:46 you want to note is that these women knew the law and history and one of the 43:52 things that we are suffering from in Christianity is this that we don’t know the law we don’t know the Bible we don’t 44:00 know the promises we don’t know our rights we don’t know the Covenant but 44:05 these they knew the law and they knew their history and they were able to articulate it before the Supreme could 44:13 they use the fact that their father was not involved in korah’s rebellion as 44:19 evidence to support their claim to land they knew that the continuity of family 44:26 name depended on inheritance of the land they realized that the current law was 44:33 not adequate to accommodate what rightfully belonged to them they also 44:38 presented the pack was not their poll that their father didn’t have sons it wasn’t their pong 44:45 that they were born a woman and so we are we we we are introduced to 44:51 individuals that possess the acumen to recognize this omission and it was 44:57 recognized and written what was called the law of God and they noted that they 45:02 were honor represented but because they considered God’s law to be just some hallelujah or 45:09 to aim to be just hallelujah they did not show any hesitation and pointing out 45:16 that there was something unfair about how the law had been written and it 45:21 could have been and they pointed to the pact but it was not flawed because it was God that that presented a faunal 45:29 Deford law but they recognized that it was flawed because of human 45:34 interpretation and soul they were they stood with confidence and courage to 45:40 support their claim and their compelling argument because they knew their rights 45:46 you have a right to go boldly to the throne of grace to state your case 45:53 before heaven supreme could you have a right to state your case against any 46:00 injustice you have a right hallelujah to begin to demand anything that is held up 46:07 in probate could God said I have blessed you with all spiritual blessings in 46:13 heavenly places and that means if your heavenly father has already blessed you 46:20 it is held in probate could and you have the right to begin to negotiate on 46:26 behalf of what rightfully belongs to you you can go pulled me and ask for your 46:33 health you can go pulled lee and ask for your wealth you can go boldly and ask 46:40 for your prosperity you can go boldly and ask for your land you can go boldly 46:47 and act for salvation for your children you can say God you said my children 46:54 shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace you can go boldly 47:00 and you can begin to negotiate based on the promises of God 47:06 you can go boldly and tell God God you promised in your word hallelujah that I 47:13 can ask what I will and it shall be done unto you you can go boldly according to numbers 47:21 23:19 2:22 declare for all the promises of God are in him yay and a man and unto 47:29 Him be glory and for ever you can say God you are not a man that you should 47:34 lie neither the son of man that you should repent you have said it and shall 47:40 you not do it you have spoken it and shall you make good you can go boldly 47:46 hallelujah and tell God you said that acts for the nations and I will give you 47:52 nations as your inheritance you can go boldly to decree and declare 47:58 you are a covenant making in a covenant keeping God you can go boldly and you could stir up 48:05 your abilities based on the Covenant of God you said gone you have given hallelujah 48:12 every man hallelujah the gifts hallelujah and severally as you where 48:18 and you said there were different gifts according to the grace that you were given unto us 48:24 so father in in lieu of my natural ability father I make a demand 48:31 hallelujah based on your promise that you give us hallelujah different gifts 48:37 according to your grace let your grace hallelujah fall on me you 48:42 can go boldly and that’s God for abundance you can go boldly and ask God 48:49 for angelic assistance you can tell God according to some 34 verse 7 the angel 48:57 the lord encamps around those who fear him and you can say god i feel you but 49:02 it not only encamps around those that fear god they deliver you out of trouble 49:08 i decree and declare you are going poorly before the throne room of God 49:15 that wherever you are you can ask God to give you angelic assisted you can say it 49:22 according to some 91 verse 11 to 12 for he command his angels concerning you to 49:29 guard you in all of your ways they will lift you up in their hands so that you 49:34 will not strike your foot against a stone you can come boldly to the throne of God 49:41 and you can ask God for the anointing you can tell God according to some 23 49:48 verse 5 you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy you said you 49:54 will anoint my head with fresh oil until my cup runs over I decree and declare 50:00 according to the promises of God fresh oil is being poured on you right now I 50:07 decree and declare you will not go another day with yesterday’s anointing i 50:13 decree fresh oil is being poured on you right now i decree that the hand of God 50:21 is upon you you can stand boldly before the throne of God you can ask God for 50:27 assurance you can ask God for a poety you can say the God according to Luke 10 50:34 and 19 you have given the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions to 50:40 overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me you 50:46 don’t have to Alleluia go and pay your expense but pour for a facelift the 50:53 Bible says that he beautifies the meek with salvation salvation is your new 51:01 beauty-queen you can ask for blessing of Abraham you can ask God for 51:07 boldness you can ask God for clothing you can ask God to comfort you 51:13 you can ask God for confidence you can ask God for deliverance you can ask God for divine health you 51:21 can ask God for divine counsel you can ask God for Dominion you can ask God for 51:27 eternal life you can ask God for faith you could say God increase my faith you can ask God 51:34 for on behalf of your family you can ask God for favor 51:40 you can ask God for financial blessing you can ask God for forgiveness 51:45 you can ask God for new friends you can ask God for to make you fruitful you can 51:51 ask God for grace you can ask God for greatness you can ask God for guidance you can act 51:59 God for happiness you can ask God for healing you can ask God hallelujah for an understanding of 52:07 the work of the Holy Spirit you can ask God for honor you can ask God for hope you can ask God for 52:14 inspiration you can ask God for joy you can ask God for justice you can ask God 52:21 for knowledge you can act God for freedom you can ask God for longevity 52:26 you can ask God for love you can ask God for marriages you can ask God for mercy 52:33 you can ask God for miracles you can act God for a ministry you can ask God for 52:39 multiplication you can ask God for national prominence you can ask God for 52:45 overcoming ability you can ask God for peace you can ask God for power you can 52:51 ask God to increase your prayer life you can ask God for promotion you can ask 52:57 God for Prosperity you can ask God for protection you can ask God for provision 53:03 you can ask God for rest you can ask God for sleep you can ask God for restoration you can 53:10 ask God for resurrection you can ask God for riches you can ask God for righteous 53:16 you can ask God for salvation you can ask God for security you can ask God but 53:22 soundness of mind you can ask God for strategies you can ask God for success 53:28 you can ask God for supernatural strength you can ask God for truth you can ask God for understanding you can 53:35 ask God for victory and you can ask God for wisdom and you can ask God for 53:41 wealth John 15 and 7 says turn with me 53:56 to John 15 and 7 if you abide in me and my word abide in you you should ask what 54:03 you will and it shall be done unto you the daughters of Zelophehad acts for 54:09 their inheritance God has prepared an inheritance for every believer before 54:17 the foundation of the world I began to ask for my inheritance a couple of years 54:23 ago and then I see the unfolding of God’s plan for my life and how he’s 54:29 directing my path straight to my inheritance i decree and declare your 54:35 season of waiting is over and your season of receiving is here let me just 54:43 make a few more points how did Moses react when these five woman stood in 54:49 front of the Supreme Court he bought their case before God because 54:55 he was an intermediary I’m so glad that we don’t have to wait for human being to 55:02 become our intermediary Jesus Christ is your intermediary and here’s what Jesus 55:11 Christ said and if you would turn with me to the book of Hebrews and let’s look 55:17 hebrews chapter 4 verse 14 to 16 this 55:25 sets us up for a final statement seeing that we have a great high priest 55:30 that is passed into heaven Jesus the Son of God that his whole fast our 55:36 profession let’s bring our case before the Supreme Court of God for we have not 55:42 a high preach which cannot be touched with our the feelings of infirmities in other words right in the middle of your 55:48 crises right in the middle of your struggle he gets it he gets it so just 55:56 how you’re feeling come before God raw you don’t have to fix it up you don’t 56:04 have to say it right you don’t have to do all that these and the thous because 56:09 desperate times call for desperate measures these were five desperate women 56:15 they could have been stoned but it took courage you’ve got to have the courage 56:22 to believe that the next move is yours 56:27 you could go before the throne room the Bible says that we can come boldly verse 56:33 number 16 unto the throne room of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace 56:40 and the time of need I’ve discovered that there are so many people that are 56:46 in the middle of legal battles and they need to know how to pray and how to lay 56:54 claim on what is theirs and so many people have had their wealth taken from 57:00 them and their houses and their homes and their children and their property 57:05 and jobs and has been taken from them illegally but you have a high priest 57:13 this landmark achievement of the daughters of the Lafayette they were 57:19 seed of Abraham and we too are seed of 57:24 Abraham and therefore we are heir according to the promise so don’t 57:31 second-guess your ability because you might not feel qualified enough or 57:37 educated enough or strong enough this might be a first for you what God 57:44 has called you to do might just be a first think of all the 57:50 first in the Bible David never fought a giant before he fought Goliath 57:55 Esther never won a beauty contest and she until she won the contest in Persia 58:01 Joshua never penetrated the city walls until he penetrated the walls of Jericho 58:07 Peter never walked on water until he got out of the boat in the middle of a storm 58:13 thus we are inspired by the stories of scriptures when we talk about your 58:21 inheritance I want to give you a few scriptures so that you can know exactly what we’re talking about and then over 58:29 the course of your prayer life I want you to begin to go after what belongs to 58:34 you and your family my inheritance skipped over one generation and this is 58:41 the second generation that did not live with their inheritance my grandparents were multimillionaires but it didn’t 58:48 make it down to this generation when I found out that that inheritance didn’t 58:54 make it down to this generation they their businesses and the property I 58:59 began to negotiate with heaven and like the daughters of Zelophehad I began to 59:05 say to God I want my inheritance let’s look at some scriptures 1st Peter 1:3 2:5 the Bible said blessed 59:15 be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ which according to his abundant mercy has begotten us again into a 59:22 lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled that fadeth 59:32 not away reserved for you in heaven I want my inheritance 59:40 it may be held up in a spiritual probate court but I want what’s mine 59:46 so what has God left for us to inherit number one he’s left a kingdom let’s 59:52 look at Matthew 25:35 he’s left a kingdom Matthew 25:34 the 59:58 Bible said then shall the King say unto them on his right hand come ye blessed 1:00:03 of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of 1:00:08 the world so God has a kingdom this is why when you pray you’re praying a 1:00:16 kingdom prayer when you pray pray our Father which art in heaven hallowed be 1:00:22 thy name thy kingdom come God didn’t want to give you a corner in a deluxe 1:00:29 apartment in the sky he said inherit a kingdom so you were 1:00:37 not relegated to a city the whole earth belongs to God 1:00:44 go visit the whole earth visit an arctica and Australia visit South 1:00:51 America and North America and Asia visit visit Europe don’t don’t don’t don’t 1:00:59 don’t say that I’ve never been anywhere outside of Georgia or outside of Florida 1:01:04 cook visit the whole world not just the Bahamas go tomorrow and apply for your 1:01:13 passport and tell people listen God has given me the entire kingdom and I plan 1:01:19 to see it before I die it’s my inheritance I’m going to Antarctica this 1:01:27 year all of my friends are say where do you want to go to and doctor for because I can it’s a part of my inheritance I’ve 1:01:36 been to all of the other continents this is the only one I haven’t been to so I 1:01:41 might as well go why it’s a part of my inheritance I want to go cuz I can all that’s there 1:01:48 is polar bears have you seen a polar 1:01:53 bear no oh well number two the Bible says we haven’t inherited all things now 1:02:02 what does all mean if you’ve inherited that means you don’t have to work for things 1:02:10 another day in your life I decree and declare a second job is not needed a 1:02:15 third job is not needed God has given you all things how do you get all things 1:02:21 given to you the Bible said that you must first seek the kingdom of God and 1:02:28 all of his righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you all 1:02:33 of the not some of these things and he said it’s gonna be added to you a 1:02:39 meaning that you don’t have to work by the sweat of your brow another day in 1:02:44 your life while listen there are people that work 9:00 to 5:00 and there were others that work 9:00 to think you’re 1:02:54 gonna get that tomorrow you will never have to work 9:00 to thank another day 1:03:01 in your life you wake up tired you go to bed tired those days are over what my 1:03:14 revelation 21 and 7 he that overcometh shall inherit all things I will be his 1:03:22 God and he shall be my son I decree and declare you are overcoming all things 1:03:29 you are coming up over everything nothing’s gonna stump you nothing good is gonna lay you out flat you are going 1:03:38 to overcome you are not a victim number three God said you’re gonna inherit the earth Matthew five and five the meek 1:03:47 shall inherit the earth God is in two dirt and so should you be there’s a plot 1:03:54 of land that has your name on it I want mine there’s a beachfront property that 1:04:01 has your name on it I want my there’s a condo that has your 1:04:07 name on it I want there’s a bank that has your name 1:04:12 on it there’s a credit union that has your name on it there’s a car dealership that has your 1:04:19 hey Mona I want my your inheritance has 1:04:25 been guaranteed by Jesus I tell you to make a note early about the prince you 1:04:32 serve a God who has a son who is the Prince of Peace look at this Ezekiel 46 16 the Bible 1:04:41 said thus say the Lord God if the Prince give a gift unto any of his sons the 1:04:48 inheritance there off shall be his sons it shall be their possession by 1:04:53 inheritance Jesus Christ came to secure 1:04:59 seek and to save that which was lost we 1:05:04 lost our inheritance and Jesus Christ restored it here’s your requirements 1:05:11 Revelation and Colossians chapter 1 1:05:16 let’s go to Colossians chapter 1 12 and 13 how do you secure it number 1 you’re 1:05:22 going to secure it by revelation Colossians 1 12 and 13 you gotta have 1:05:28 the revelation that God has delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his 1:05:33 dear son he’s translated us and so that we can be partakers of the inheritance 1:05:39 of the saint and life so that in light is revelation so you’ve got to have a 1:05:46 revelation of the fact that this is your hair inheritance number two you’ve got to be spiritually mature God is not 1:05:53 going to give you your inheritance if you’re prodigal son first current first 1:06:00 Corinthians 15:50 now this I say brethren that flesh and blood cannot 1:06:05 inherit the kingdom of God neither does corruption inherit incorruption number 1:06:11 three you secure it through holy living and this is a first corinthians 6:9 2:11 1:06:18 know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God be not 1:06:24 deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind 1:06:31 nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom 1:06:37 of God so you you you you you secure your inheritance through right living 1:06:43 and righteous living number four preparation how do you prepare to receive it first Peter 1:3 1:06:50 2:5 and I want you to read that that whole amount first Peter 1:3 2:5 and 1:06:56 also Isaiah 51 one two terrine one fifty 1:07:01 one one two three you receive it through humility Psalm thirty seven and eleven 1:07:08 through righteousness or right Living Psalm 37 29 to 34 now when we talk about 1:07:16 inheritance we’re talking about you posturing yourself before the supreme 1:07:22 court of heaven will you go boldly like the daughters of Zelophehad the 1:07:27 daughters of the salafi had fought a legal battle and they won and I want you 1:07:36 to understand there are prayers that you can pray so that you can win every legal 1:07:41 battle whether they’re spiritual or in the natural and the Lord just laid in my 1:07:47 spirit to begin to pray over you especially those of you that are in legal battles or those of you that 1:07:56 something has been illegally stolen from you whether it’s a promotion whether 1:08:02 it’s something that you’re battling with or on behalf of your children I can go 1:08:07 back and I can see where my inheritance jumped to generations the generation 1:08:13 before me and this generation and so legally something belongs to me and so 1:08:19 tonight I want to pray over you just a simple prayer and show you how to go 1:08:24 before the throne room of God so that you spiritually can get what belongs to you and then if you are ever faced with 1:08:31 a legal battle you know the legal language that you can use I’m gonna get you to stay in and those of you that are 1:08:38 viewing right now I want you to stand or even come into agreement with this prayer how many of you need a prayer for 1:08:45 something to be store it to you you lost something either in your family line or you going 1:08:50 to a legal battle or or you were overlooked in a situation alright we’re 1:08:56 gonna pray over you let’s begin to worship God and let’s pray and come into agreement with this prayer our Heavenly 1:09:03 Father we come in the volume of the book it is written of us and we think you now founded that we are able to exercise our 1:09:09 legal right as your earthly representative you said in Hebrews 4 that we have a great high priest that is 1:09:16 passed into heaven Jesus the Son of God that we should hold fast to the profession of our faith for we have not 1:09:24 a high priest which cannot be touched by the feelings of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like as we get 1:09:31 without sin that we can come boldly unto the throne of grace that we can obtain 1:09:36 mercy and find grace to help in a time of need father we are standing even as 1:09:43 the daughters of Zelophehad stood collectively we are standing 1:09:48 collectively in agreement father requesting hallelujah for our 1:09:53 inheritance we make our appeal to the Supreme Court of Heaven requesting that 1:09:59 this case against any individual hallelujah be overthrown father I thank 1:10:05 you that whatever is challenging individuals whether it is a challenge against their name where there’s a 1:10:11 challenge against their family whatever accusations that have been falsely made that has been affecting their ability to 1:10:20 influence or to rise up a decree and declare that you are a sponging it 1:10:26 father I thank you that every illegal Falls inflammatory statement that is 1:10:32 laced with defamation of character or character assassination a 1:10:37 misrepresentation or gossip that has hurt any individual under the auspices 1:10:43 of my voice I decree in the realm of the Spirit it is expunged I pluck it up it 1:10:48 shall not take root I decree and declare that you are blooding out the handwriting hallelujah that was a gang 1:10:55 stamp I thank you right now you are our you our our defense you are our advocate 1:11:03 you are our attorney and you our our witness father will do not care what man 1:11:09 shall do for you with against us or do unto us because we are hidden in the 1:11:16 secret place of the Most High God you are our defense you save the upright in 1:11:21 the heart you judge the righteous father I thank you hallelujah that this case 1:11:27 that is is dug up or this case that is against us hallelujah I thank you that you are 1:11:34 going to laugh at them in the division I decree and declare that you have given us divine success because we have 1:11:41 already overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony you promise to defend the poor and the 1:11:47 fatherless you promise to do justice to the afflicted and needy father I thank 1:11:53 you that we confess that the enemy has no legal right no legal ground no 1:11:59 injunction no restraining order against us that can hold us down you have given 1:12:05 us legal right you have given us authority you have given us power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over 1:12:12 all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper 1:12:18 in every tongue that rises up against us we are condemning father I decree and declare that no one can condemn us but 1:12:26 there is therefore now no condemnation to them which is in Christ Jesus I decree and declare that we are no longer 1:12:34 held captive by man’s low expectation of us but we are praying the prayer of 1:12:40 Jabez that you would bless us indeed that you would enlarge our territory 1:12:46 father we stand before the righteous judge to appeal our cases you were the 1:12:51 judge of old judge you were the king of all kings you were the Lord of all Lord you were 1:12:56 the government of governor or amongst the nation you said that you can we can come boldly unto the throne of grace 1:13:03 that we may obtain mercy and get help in a time of need I thank you right now 1:13:10 we are able now hallelujah to stand to overturn to revoke and summer.i li 1:13:18 dismiss with prejudice on lies or accusation on the lining of our name all 1:13:24 character assassination or misrepresentation and motions against us 1:13:29 the truth prevails the truth liberate sus for whom the Sun sets free is free 1:13:35 indeed we command all illegal arrows of the enemy to boomerang and return back to 1:13:42 the point of origin according to some seven and sixteen that his mischief shall return upon his own head and his 1:13:49 violent dealing shall come down upon his own plane I decree and declare now 1:13:55 father we shall not be afraid of the arrows by day and the terror by night 1:14:01 nor the passengers that walk in darkness for the destruction that wasteth at noonday a thousand jokbal at our side 1:14:09 and ten thousand at a right hand but it shall not come nigh our dwelling i bind 1:14:14 break nullify revoke overruled dismiss with prejudice or illegal infractions 1:14:21 distractions injunctions indictments and persecution with the hammer and the 1:14:26 Gabel of the lord I thank you right now in the name of Jesus as we lift you up 1:14:33 as we extol you hallelujah I thank you that our enemies shall not over rejoice 1:14:41 over us because we over will reveal the activities of the Spirit of sabotage 1:14:49 degree and declare there will be no more demonic entrapment no satanic 1:14:55 entanglement no defamation of character no demonic liability no squatting 1:15:02 spirits no trespassing spirits no the money prohibition no dark Council no 1:15:08 counsel from the regions of the underworld we decree and declare all God hallelujah 1:15:14 any movement over and emotions any restraining orders 1:15:19 Kurian declare in the name of jesus it is illegal I decree there is no spirit 1:15:27 that will be able to stop us I decree that we are strong in the Lord and the 1:15:32 power of his mind i decree right now we are rising up because your word declares 1:15:39 that you should we should rest in the Lord and wait patiently for you we are 1:15:45 not taking matters in our own hands but we are casting our cares upon you 1:15:51 because you care for us i decree and declare our enemies shall grow at 1:15:57 noonday and shall as the blind groping in darkness and they shall not prosper 1:16:02 in their ways and they shall be only oppressed and spoiled for evermore 1:16:08 we thank you right now God then we submit a revocation and a summary 1:16:15 judgment with prejudice cancellation papers from every demonic petition made 1:16:22 against our life in Jesus name I decree and declare in advance that if any of 1:16:28 your children are taken to court the cases shall be thrown out with a summary 1:16:34 judgment with prejudice and declarative judgment father I thank you that no fat 1:16:41 child fit the rule of law for you have blotted out the handwriting that was 1:16:47 against them we break up revoked and nullified the assignment of spiritual 1:16:53 and illegal weariness and sickness and discomfort in the name of Jesus I decree you are 1:17:02 healed father we are asking for divine healing because this is our inheritance 1:17:08 we are strong in the Lord and in the power of his might i decree and declare 1:17:13 we are getting our strength back for even though you shall think them be weary and the young men shall utterly 1:17:20 fall but they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall 1:17:25 run and not grow weary they shall walk and not think I decree all spiritual legal fees have 1:17:33 been satisfied by the blood of the slain land Jesus Christ 1:17:39 therefore we rebuke and we revoke all demonic dealings of conspiracy and 1:17:45 Confederation from hell that is aimed at us aimed at our family 1:17:51 we decree and declare the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Heaven is superimposed 1:17:57 upon and prevail I decree that your rulings override and overrules and 1:18:03 negate revoke an issue summary judgment and orders with prejudice against 1:18:10 demonic verdict against demonic sentences against demonic opinions and 1:18:16 against a monic decision and I repeat in the name of Jesus by the blood we decree 1:18:24 hallelujah that God your rulings override noble rules and negates and 1:18:31 provokes an issue summary judgment orders with prejudice against demonic 1:18:38 verdicts against demonic sentences found that they shall not span and they shall 1:18:44 not come to pass we rebuke it and we override it now father we rise up to 1:18:51 decree that everything that was lost everything that was stolen everything that was embezzled everything that was 1:18:59 sabotage everything that would hinder everything that would undermine everything that was diverted everything 1:19:06 that was held up everything that was converted shall be released shall be 1:19:11 restored shall be redeemed with interest at legal rates with no less than ten 1:19:18 percent compounded monthly along with punitive damages and sanction 1:19:24 I decree we shall recover all 1:19:29 we sell they cover our health we sell recover our please we sell recover our 1:19:35 reputation we sell recover our good name we shall recover our opportunities we 1:19:41 shall recover our wealth we sell recover our stamina we shall recover our vision we shall 1:19:48 recover our our ministry we shall recover our businesses we shall recover 1:19:54 our relationship we shall recover our children we shall recover our property we shall recover 1:20:00 our time we shall recover our destiny in the name of Jesus Father we stand today 1:20:16 to decree and declare that like the daughters of Zelophehad 1:20:22 you will reveal to us what belongs to us and then we will stand before the 1:20:30 Supreme Court of heaven to demand it I decree we shall prevail we shall succeed 1:20:37 we shall prosper in Jesus name Amen 1:20:51 hallelujah amen amen come on it sounds 1:21:01 like you’re encouraged in the room tonight hallelujah hallelujah God we 1:21:07 thank you for that word that we thank you for the gift of dr. Cindy trim come on put your hands together one more time 1:21:14 yes yes yes yes yes I don’t know about the viewers at home but this 1:21:19 breakthrough in this room there’s healing in this room there’s activation 1:21:24 in this room and if I were you if you’re sitting at your desk wherever you are I 1:21:29 would live in my head and receive the word that was given come on make some noise in the room hallelujah hallelujah 1:21:38 hallelujah and I don’t know about you but again for our online viewers this 1:21:43 would be a perfect time to sow we love to sow into revelation and when 1:21:49 you sow into revelation that’s when you see the increase that’s when you see the harvest so wherever you are hit the tab 1:21:56 to give and sow into this moment so that way you can see the increase of God not just hit your life but the life of your 1:22:02 children and your children’s children I guarantee you it will happen for you 1:22:08 amen amen I also want to remind you to register for Kingdom school of ministry 1:22:13 it is a class that will change your life and you will meet people from all over 1:22:19 the world who have a like mind just like you which is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ 1:22:24 spread the Kingdom message and just lift up the name that’s above every name we 1:22:29 can’t wait to see you next week share it with somebody and until then I want you to be empowered and go into all the 1:22:36 world and be all that God has called you to be put your hands together one more time

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