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well good evening everybody this is Pastor Ryan and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with Dr. 0:06 Cindy Trimm you’re in for an incredible evening of word of breakthrough God is 0:12 gonna give you a strategy for your life for your business for your health for your relationships we want you to get 0:19 ready to take notes and go ahead and hit that share button right now share it on Facebook go ahead and retweet at Cindy 0:25 trim we want to make sure that we’re getting this message of empowerment out to as many people as possible it’s our 0:31 goal every time we get on facebook live to have at least 2,000 people watching at the same time so hit that share 0:38 button right now we also have intercessor standing by if you need 0:43 prayer head over to Cindy trim ministries org and just hit that prayer button at the bottom underneath the 0:49 video and we’ll take you to a private chat room and we’ll cover your need tonight it’s gonna be explosive get your 0:57 heart ready right now let’s welcome dr. Cindy trim I’m so excited about our 1:08 series that we are teaching on the DNA of destiny and we want to talk to you 1:13 tonight about the power of decisions there’s a lot of times we are have our 1:20 life in neutral and we don’t recognize that our decision is altering our destiny every time you make a decision 1:29 something is altered in your future so you want to make sure that your life is 1:34 taken out of neutral you shift it into gear and you begin to recognize how powerful a single decision is not only 1:42 in your life but in the life of humanity and so let’s go with me to the book of 1:48 Hebrews chapter 11 verse 24 to 27 I love the book of Hebrews it’s it’s a book 1:54 about history makers people that not only made history but shaped history the 2:00 Bible talks about Moses in this particular tax it says in verse number 24 by faith Moses when he was come to 2:07 years refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter it was a decision 2:12 that he made he could have made really the decision to be called Farrell’s daughter but he refused to so this 2:19 decision altered his destiny and it altered it permanently choosing rather 2:25 to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for season now you cannot make a 2:32 decision if there’s no options and so the first thing you have to understand that we always have options you can 2:39 choose to live or you could choose to die you could choose to sin or you could choose to live righteously you could 2:45 choose where you live or where you’re not gonna live you could you choose who you’re gonna marry or who you’re not gonna marry you could choose to sit on a 2:52 green couch or an orange couch you live in a world that is characterized by 2:58 decisions it did this domain called the earth that we live in is where human 3:05 beings have the right to choose good or evil blessing or cursing success or 3:11 failure life or death you are never a victim of circumstance and this is the 3:16 one seduction that the enemy wants us to believe that we don’t have a choice 3:23 every single day you awaken to a world of unlimited possibilities and 3:29 potentialities and the moment you make a decision all of those other options collapse and then that one decision 3:37 brings to you by way of an experience and encounter or an opportunity it 3:42 brings that to you as a result of the decisions that you make is the law of 3:48 cause and effect everything that is happening to you it is because you have 3:54 caused it to happen and you’ve gotta be begin to understand that you are never 4:01 at a point in your life where you don’t have a choice and listen to me carefully 4:09 if you decide that you’re not gonna choose it’s still a choice not to choose so you were making a decision every 4:17 morning you awaken you awaken to a world of unlimited possibilities the moment 4:23 you make a decision every other alternative possibility collapses and 4:28 life brings to you the reality of that one decision in the form of an 4:34 experience an encounter or an opportunity you’ve gotta then decide how 4:40 you’re gonna respond to those realities failure to make a decision as a decision 4:45 not to make a decision and it is a decision in and of itself that means that you are never a victim or held 4:54 captive in a prisoner of your life if you do not like where you are make a 5:01 decision to be somewhere else but you’ve got to decide where that somewhere else 5:06 is where is that somewhere else emotionally professionally spiritually 5:11 where is that somewhere else if you do not like what you have make a decision 5:16 to have something else if you do not do not like the way your life is make a decision to live the life of your dreams 5:23 you are always only one decision away from living the life of your dreams one 5:29 of the things that Anthony Robbins says and I quote he said more than anything else I believe it’s our decisions not 5:36 the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny it is it is in your moments of decisions 5:43 that your destiny is shaped so what we want to do is to help you to ship your 5:49 life into the realm that is in alignment with God’s original plan and purpose for 5:56 your life and is based on decisions Isaiah 1:19 says if you are willing and 6:02 obedient you shall eat off the good of the land and this is the last day that you’re gonna eat leftovers amen 6:09 you’re gonna eat of the good of the land you’re gonna drive the best where the best go to the best schools you’re gonna 6:15 work in the best jobs this is the last day for Christians to work in the worst 6:21 jobs in the industry you’re gonna work in the best jobs I decree and declare this is the season where you’re going to 6:28 begin to eat of the good of the land let’s pray our Father God even as we begin to ask of a the whole topic of 6:35 destiny destiny is turn is tied to the decisions that we make and we pray tonight that we well you 6:43 what move is in a position where we have the skills the ability the wisdom to make the right decision so that our 6:49 lives are in in total sync with your original plan and purpose in Jesus name 6:54 Amen now let’s go to Deuteronomy 13 verse 15 to 20 I want to read it in the new 7:00 American Standard Bible amen you might be reading from the message or the King 7:06 James Version of the New King James Version but just for this task this 7:11 particular text I want to be able to read from the new American Standard it 7:17 says see I have set before you today life and prosperity death and adversity 7:25 my god I’ve set before you in other words you make the decision are you 7:32 gonna choose life and prosperity or death and adversity I’m gonna present 7:39 you that same question are you going to choose life and prosperity or death and 7:46 adversity which one life and prosperity okay so God is presenting to us these 7:53 options and he said look I’m presenting you the option you were never a victim 7:59 of circumstance you were never locked into a status you may have been born in a particular 8:05 status but you don’t have to die there I was born in abject poverty and when I 8:10 found out through the Word of God that I can make a decision to choose life and 8:15 to choose prosperity or death and adversity I was already living in adversity and so when I found out I 8:23 could make a decision to choose life and choose prosperity guess what I chose I 8:29 chose to live my days of dying are over 8:34 Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly living in the 8:40 abundant life you’re gonna have abundant friendships you’re gonna have abundant 8:45 resources you’re gonna have abundant opportunities I’m gonna say it again 8:50 Kame that you may have life and have it more abundantly you could choose to stay 8:55 like you are or choose the life that God provided for you I choose abundant I 9:03 decree your days of living and lack or over and your days of more than enough 9:09 and you’re gonna have more than enough because you have a lot to do in this world we’ve got to help those that are 9:16 less fortunate than us we’ve got to be able to build homes for the homeless we’ve got to be able to feed the hungry 9:23 and you cannot do it if you yourself are hungry if you yourself are homeless your 9:29 days of hunger and homelessness and begging are over you were gonna be the 9:35 hands the world needs you were gonna be the mouth the world needs you’re gonna be the heart the world needs and the 9:42 world needs hope and I believe this is a season that the church is going to be used by God to bring some solution to 9:50 the table if you’re a doctor I’m believing that God is going to give you the solution for healing cancer and HIV 9:58 and high blood pressure and diabetes if you are an educator I’m believing that 10:05 God is going to give you a new educational model that will refurbish our entire educational system if you are 10:13 a scientist I’m believing that God is gonna give you a breakthrough formula 10:18 that is going to adjust and address a world’s problem if you are technologist 10:25 whatever industry you are in I decree that God is going to give you an abundance of wisdom so that you can be 10:32 the head and not the tail and make the changes your industry needs if you 10:38 believe it should I believe you thank you God thank you God thank you God 10:45 thank you God I set before you today life and prosperity death and adversity 10:53 in that I command you today to love the Lord your God to walk in his ways to 10:59 keep his Commandments and his statutes and his judgment that you may leave and multiply and that the Lord your God 11:07 may bless you in the land where you are are entered to possess it but if your 11:12 heart turns away and you will not obey but are drawn away and worship other 11:19 gods and serve them I declare to you today that you shall surely perish 11:25 you shall not prolong your days in the land where you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess it I call heaven 11:33 and earth to witness against you this day that I have set before you life and 11:39 death the blessing and the curse so choose life in order that you may live I 11:46 choose to live I choose a life I shall not die but I shall live and the choice 11:55 is yours just that you should not be surviving your days of surviving are 12:02 over and your days of thriving are here 12:08 you and your descendants this is not just for you but your children and your grandchildren you’re going to live and 12:15 you’re gonna live a dynamic vibrant prosperous successful life by loving the Lord your God by obeying his voice and 12:22 by holding fast to him for this is your life and the length of your days that 12:28 you may live in the land which the Lord swear to your fathers to Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give them now let’s just 12:35 break this down for a moment God is giving us a choice and you live in a world that is a domain driven by 12:42 decisions all human progress is driven by decisions all human stagnation is 12:49 driven by decision love is driven by decision hatred is different driven by 12:55 decision competition is driven by decision cooperation is driven by 13:00 decision all of that is driven by decision and so someone has to make a 13:05 decision but God is going to give us a motivator that will help us to make the 13:13 right decisions in obedience to the Word of God there should be no believer that that 13:19 second-guesses that the value of obeying Gaunt so let’s turn to Deuteronomy 13:25 chapter 28 verses 1 to the very end and 13:30 verse 1 to 14 and then verse 15 to the very end so 1 to 14 gives us the 13:37 blessing and then 15 to the very end of Deuteronomy gives us the curse so that 13:44 means every day you’ve got to weigh your options am I gonna be obedient to God or am I 13:50 going to allow the world to seduce me into a place where I’m disobedient to the Word of God and I’m praying that 13:57 once you walk out of here you would be you will be adamant about serving God 14:03 and being obedient to his word no matter what the inconvenience now I’m gonna 14:09 share this with you the wages of sin is death so can a Christian sin absolutely 14:15 but why don’t we sin is because of the consequences so why do we want to obey 14:22 God because of the consequence so the Bible says in Deuteronomy chapter 28 and 14:29 verse number 1 and if you could go there with me please Deuteronomy 28 verse 14:36 number 1 Deuteronomy 28 verse number 1 and and every day God is going to 14:42 present to you these options and you have to choose am I gonna obey God or am 14:48 I gonna be following the world and today 14:53 even Christians believe that the Bible is old-fashioned so we come to church 14:59 but we do our own thing but I believe that God is raising the standard I’m a 15:04 Christian because I fully embraced the Bible the Word of God I loved the Word of God and I’ve been 15:10 living this this way since I was 17 years old and and and I don’t want to 15:16 compromise because of the benefits of obedience being obedient to God 15:22 Deuteronomy 28 the Bible said it shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice 15:30 the LORD thy God to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day that the Lord thy God will 15:38 set the on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come 15:44 on thee and overtake thee if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God let me ask you a question how many 15:51 of you want to be blessed how many of you want all the blessings okay so the 15:56 Bible said if you obey God you’re not gonna have to pray for the blessings the 16:03 natural outcome of an act of obedience is to be blessed that’s number one 16:10 so then you’ve got a choice you’re either gonna be obedient or you’re not gonna obey so let’s look at verse number 16:16 15 verse number 15 of Deuteronomy 28 the 16:22 scripture says but it shall come to pass if thou will not hearken unto the voice 16:28 of our Lord thy God to observe all to do all his Commandments and his statutes 16:34 which I command thee this day that all these curses shall come upon you and 16:40 overtake thee all right so let’s settle once and for all and give you a 16:45 definition of a blessing a blessing is the natural outcome of an act of 16:51 obedience to God a curse is the opposite a curse is the natural outcome to an act 17:00 of disobedience to the voice of God the statue of God the law of God that means 17:06 that you have to choose every single day whether you’re going to obey God or 17:12 whether you’re going to disobey now a curse is not coming upon you 17:17 because I’m witch or warlock is sitting with there a black hand on top of their head with a black cauldron saying bubble 17:25 bubble toil and trouble you know you’ve been watching too much cartoons if you 17:31 were a believe if you are a believer God said that your actions have a 17:38 corresponding outcome so before you get the outcome 17:44 you’ve got to decide what you want to come out of an action that you take what 17:51 do you want to come out of and a lot of times we go for immediate gratification 17:56 so let’s just see if we could break down Deuteronomy chapter 28 I know a lot of 18:02 people only go to verse number 14 but verse 15 and beyond 18:08 and if you’ve noticed verse number 1 18:14 to 14 that’s short but verse number 15 goes all the way can you can you see how 18:22 many curses there is and it just keeps going and going and going like this is a 18:28 seriously long chapter from verse number listen to this from verse number 15 to 18:35 68 so which one you’re gonna choose 1 2 18:41 14 or 15 to 68 I’m gonna take the one 18:46 214 honey so let’s look at 1 2 14 and then let’s see if we can extrapolate the 18:54 blessings that God is gonna give you because you of acts of obedience as opposed to acts of disobedience and then 19:00 we’re gonna pray we’re gonna pray that God will give you the ability to make 19:06 the right decisions based on the Word of God and that you will not compromise your future for immediate gratification 19:14 by walking in misalignment with the Word of God Deuteronomy 28 and let’s read out loud 19:21 today and it shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice 19:28 of the Lord to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day that the Lord God will set thee on 19:37 high above all nations of the earth now this is important that means your 19:42 blessings are voice-activated so God has been in technology now we have voice-activated how many of you know 19:49 Alexa Alexa play this Alexa but your blessings are voice-activated and God 19:58 voice-activated it long before there was an Alexa long before technological 20:03 advancement and so the mama says that is based on a choice that you are making 20:09 and this operates by the law of consequence so the law of consequence 20:15 automatically activates it has three different aspects number one the law of 20:21 cause and effect number two the law of refitting sewing number three the law of seed time and 20:27 harvest so the law of consequence overarching law and these are spiritual 20:32 laws they operate in three aspects cause and effect reaping and sowing seed time 20:39 and harvest so that means that if something is going on in your life there 20:44 was a cause if something goes on in your life some seed was sown if something is 20:50 going on in your life there was seed time and now is harvest so that means 20:56 that you’ve got to be conscious about what’s going on because we have short-term memories so some of the 21:02 things that we did when we were fifteen it’s possible that the harvest may come when were fifty so most of us are not 21:09 gonna associate what’s going on in our lives at 50 with something that we did and said at 15 you cannot go back to 21:18 have a new beginning but you can start now to have a new ending and you’re going to start now with being conscious 21:26 of the law of consequence that there is going to be a consequence for everything that you say everything that you do and 21:32 I’ll give you an example when I was young I was in ministry I started preaching at the aid age of 18 and a lot 21:40 of the missionaries and all the ladies they were real old and they looked me and you know they were deep but they 21:49 were mean with it and I was young and I said to myself I don’t want to be old 21:54 like that I don’t want to look like that are you with me cuz to me they were like 21:59 the preachers were all like you know I thought in my young mind I’m only 18 and 22:07 I thought honestly when I was 18 I thought 40 was Oh 22:13 all young people think twenties all right so I said out of ignorance listen 22:20 to the law of consequence now I said out of ignorance I don’t want to be oh I think I want to die when I’m 40 and so I 22:30 go on about my business about my business I turn 37 and all of a sudden I 22:39 would eat in at night I would have pains in my chest deep pains in my chest and I would cry at night because the pain was 22:46 so great so I went to the doctor the doctor said you have a high near hernia we’re gonna have to operate and I’m 22:53 thinking I’m young I’m only 37 years old I don’t want anybody operating in my 22:59 life on my chest the Holy Spirit brought back to remembrance a word that I spoke 23:06 over my life in ignorance words have power presence prophetic 23:12 implications no time no space no geographical limitations your body 23:17 receives everything you say as an instruction not a colloquial expression 23:24 when you say this is to die for guess what you were instructing your body to 23:29 die for it it was a man that had a daughter and he was very wealthy and he 23:35 tried all the daughters in the United States of America all the doctors in the United States of America to heal his daughter and so she got sicker and 23:43 sicker and one day he’s sitting in the hospital room said I would give my arm 23:48 and leg for you to be healthy a couple of days later he gets this call and said 23:53 and said we found a specialist as one specialist you should take your daughter to this one specialist he specializes in 23:59 your daughter’s condition took his daughter they operated on er her health 24:05 turns back she has a 100% health he’s going to pick up his daughter from the 24:11 hospital because they were releasing him on the way he has this accident and guess what happened he lost his arm and 24:18 his leg the universe works by instructions things that we think things 24:25 that we say have consequences you gotta be careful how you’re speaking over your 24:30 life how you’re speaking of your body how you’re speaking of your children how you speaking over your money I learned 24:36 that I learned not to say I can afford because then I never could afford I 24:43 learned not to say I can’t afford that I don’t have the money I learned how to 24:49 speak over my finances I learned that everything that I say and do so do the 24:54 wind we reap a whirlwind put your hand in front of your mouth and say so to the 25:00 wind reap a whirlwind you feel that breath 25:05 that’s only going out but God said it’s gonna come back to you in gale force 25:12 it’s gonna be so forceful you’re creating hurricanes in your own life and I rather a hurricane and a tsunami of 25:20 blessings come and it to show of your faith then a tsunami of curses because 25:25 of ignorance and so I said that and I’m sitting up with chest pain and the Holy 25:31 Spirit brought back to my remembrance Cindy when you were young you said you wanted to die at 40 and your body took 25:37 you serious and so I had to reverse that and I had to say I shall not die I shall 25:44 live and I reversed every spoken word over my life that I said in ignorance 25:49 that was contrary to the will of God for my life I pluck it up it shall not stand 25:54 it shall not come to pass I went back to the doctor they didn’t have to operate 25:59 and I don’t have a high near hernia today are you getting this the law of 26:06 consequence could things be the way they are because you are the way you are what 26:11 one thing can you change that can change everything it could change your destiny you could change the way you speak about 26:18 your life and think about your life let’s start there all aspects of your life you could 26:24 change it and it means that you’re gonna have to fight the enemy every day because if it’s not in alignment with 26:29 the will of God and the Word of God you want to eject it if he injects it you 26:34 got to reject it and so the second thing was run about my 40th in my 40th year 26:42 somewhere they were about then I was was was diagnosed again and it was the 26:49 strangest thing my blood my blood count dropped and had 26:54 to go back to find out okay where was the route and I remember saying to 27:00 someone you make me sick and guess what 27:07 happened I got sick and there was no reason so I did go back I was sitting on 27:14 my bed and the Lord showed me and so I had to reverse that word and when I went 27:20 back to the doctor my blood come my blood count had dropped to five the platelets or whatever it is dropped to 27:26 five and then when I went back it was back up to thirteen and so it’s 27:33 interesting because a lot of times we don’t think about cause and effect we just think about what the devil is doing 27:39 Madea said I could do bad all by myself and we’re doing bad all by ourselves 27:47 right the things that we’re saying the things that we’re doing are the things that we’re not doing but the Bible said 27:53 that God if your obedience the Lord God will set you on high above all nation that means that God is gonna give you 28:00 the competitive advantage verse number two said and all these blessings shall 28:05 come upon thee and overtake thee and thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God it means that you’re not 28:12 going to have to pray for blessings you’re going to be a magnet that attracts it that means everywhere 28:19 you go you’re gonna attract blessings people are just gonna bless you they’re gonna bless you with houses they’re 28:25 gonna bless you with clothes they’re gonna bless you with food they’re just gonna bless you and you’re not even 28:32 gonna have to pray about it you’re just gonna be it’s just gonna be attracted to you the Bible said verse number three 28:39 blessed shalt thou be in the city that means that if you work in the metropolis you’re gonna be blessed there in your 28:45 workplace blessed shalt thou be in the field you’re gonna be blessed in the rural areas so whether you live in the 28:51 city or whether you live in the suburbs or whether you live in the rule whether you work whether your assignment is 28:56 there my assignment is in with the underserved and so a part of my 29:03 assignment is not just coaching and consulting with the billionaires and 29:08 millionaires of this world and with the governments of this world that has resources my assignment is also to go 29:14 into the rural areas but it’s interesting I went into the rural area to help the poor and underserved and 29:21 guess what I met a multi-billionaire so I was out there with the undisturbed working with people that could never 29:27 return return the favor God just so happened to have planted a multi-millionaire near there who 29:34 transferred some of his wealth into my bank accounts hallelujah 29:46 you don’t turn your nose up to an assignment God said if I take if I send 29:54 you to the underserved I’m gonna bless you while you’re there are you with me 30:01 blessed shall the fruit of your body that’s your children your children are gonna be blessed and the fruit of your 30:08 of thy ground that means God is gonna give you gold mines and diamond mines 30:13 and oil and fossil fuel and precious metals that was on an assignment the other day and someone said I want to 30:20 introduce you to someone they introduced me to that someone who said I want to introduce you to someone else who 30:27 introduced me to someone else and the someone else wasn’t too keen on Christians but they happened to favor me 30:34 and in that introduction they said I want to do business with you and as a result of doing business I flew 30:40 to Dubai then I flew to another country to cut a contract and one of the contracts was a gold mine are you 30:53 hearing me you’re gonna be easy going to bless the fruit of the ground the fruit of the 30:59 ground is gold and diamonds and oil and fossil fuel and precious metal whatever is in the ground he’s gonna bless you 31:06 with that he said I’m gonna bless you the fruit of your cattle that means 31:11 meats and animal skins and so when I when I when I want to eat fish I don’t 31:18 buy fish at a fish farm I imported from 31:24 Bahamas he’s gonna bless you with me when I want 31:29 crab cake I don’t eat crab cake from Atlanta Atlanta don’t have crabs and not at 31:36 least not the crabs that I eat they may have crabs with anger look and the crabs 31:41 that I want so where do I get my crab cakes rum definitely not from 31:50 one of these stores here I get think I was gonna name the restaurant but I 31:55 decided not to are you with me I was gonna say Red Lobster but I decided not 32:01 to say Red Lobster I said Red Lobster I said I wasn’t gonna 32:07 tell you that it was Red Lobster so I’m not gonna say Red Lobster you are not 32:13 gonna seduce me into saying Red Lobster I know they want me to say Red Lobster 32:21 but I’m not saying Red Lobster but I 32:32 just reported they freeze-dry it from Maryland cuz that’s where you get the 32:37 grabs from right he’s gonna bless your meat he’s gonna bless your meat the 32:43 fruit of the cattle is animal skin I know you know people pick it about 32:49 wearing minks and furs and all of that but I came from abject poverty so every 32:57 now and then the sister wants to wear a turn not not not not with the apple 33:04 bottom jeans and the boots with the fur cuz everybody in the club would lean 33:09 looking at her god don’t want to drop it 33:17 low cuz next thing you know shorty is gonna get no lololo god don’t want you 33:24 to be low low low low he wants you to raise the paw and get high 33:31 he’s gonna set you if you want to look 33:46 at me you gotta come to church and look at me can I get a show you’re right I’m 33:57 anointed tonight Loretta God the Bible said that he’s 34:06 gonna increase there’s gonna be the increase of your kind so the kind is 34:12 what you used to travel on right so we don’t we don’t we don’t travel on oxes 34:19 any longer and and camels any longer are you with me unless you got a camel toe 34:25 but we don’t travel that way anymore are you with me your kind is gonna be your cars and 34:32 airplanes that are used for travel and he’s gonna bless your flocks the flocks 34:37 of your sheep we don’t have a sheep but sheep is translated wealth then he verse 34:42 number five blessed shalt thou be in that basket and so our storehouse that’s your checking accounts and your savings 34:49 accounts blessed shalt thou be when there cometh in that’s when you when when thou cometh in when you come in 34:55 from work and bless when you go out that means when you go out from work it means 35:01 that you’re not gonna leave stressful and you’re not gonna come in stressful it means you’re gonna leave live stress 35:08 free in under another words you’re not gonna need a happy hour your whole life is gonna be happy what can you do with 35:16 just one hour your days of needing a happy hour is over your whole life is 35:24 gonna be happy 365 every year he said 35:32 verse number six blessing with you coming in and going out number seven the Lord shall cause that enemies that rise 35:39 up against you need to be smitten before thy face they shall come out against thee 35:44 one way and flee before these seven different ways in other words God is going to give you success in spiritual 35:51 warfare verse number eight the Lord shall command the blessing upon thy 35:58 storehouses that’s your investment that’s your stocks that’s your bombs that your mutual funds 36:04 that’s your 401k that your property of you invest in property God is gonna 36:09 bless your investments and then in all that I set thy hand to do that means 36:15 that he’s gonna make you an entrepreneur and any business that you start is going 36:20 to be wall street friendly globally scalable he shall bless thee in the land 36:26 which a LORD thy God giveth thee that’s real estate in other words you’re gonna have prime property you’re gonna your 36:34 your home is gonna be on prime property you’re gonna buy near the beach you’re 36:40 gonna have waterfront property you’re gonna be living on a golf course I like that 36:45 the Lord shall establish the holy people unto himself as he is sworn unto you if 36:50 thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God and walk in his ways that means you are going to be blessed with 36:56 spiritual maturity there are so many people that have been saved a thousand 37:02 years and they’re like babies in an incubator you know when the other babies 37:07 are being birthed out and you’ve got new converts it seems that these people that have been saved a long time should be 37:14 helping with the discipleship but they still need to be disciple so the babies 37:20 are coming in that that are getting saved and the people that have been saved 10 15 years are still trying to 37:27 get the attention of the pastor and you know you go to big you know the new 37:33 delivery and the people are just getting saved and you put you know and you put the baby in the incubator right so you 37:39 got these grown men and women and incubate incubators so you go to change the baby’s diaper and you got to bring 37:47 in a whole case of depends cuz they should be mature and the babies are 37:52 crying 37:58 and then all in the corner here where’s my coke can you bring me a coke nurse 38:07 while you come in there spiritually 38:14 immature and you see them in church all the time like you know grown mothers of 38:21 the church still crying and fighting with the teenagers what are you crying for what she talked about me what’s just 38:28 only 13 that’s what teenagers do God is 38:38 gonna bless you with spiritual maturity just from acts of obedience verse number 38:43 10 and all the people the earth shall see that thou are called by the name of the Lord and they shall be afraid of the 38:51 in other words God is gonna give you influence he’s gonna give you celebrity status he’s gonna give you notoriety and 38:57 respect this is just from being obedient to him verse number 11 and the Lord 39:02 shall make thee plenteous in goods and the fruit of the body and the fruit of the cattle and the fruit of the ground and the land mature Lord swear unto thy 39:09 father’s to give you in other words God is gonna give you scandalous wealth people are gonna be gossiping did you 39:15 heard what God did did you see the mansion they live in I remember when she 39:22 was a nobody I remember – I remember when she was catching the bus I remember 39:29 – I remember when she couldn’t even afford to shop in Walmart I remember – 39:35 but look what God done deed 39:45 verse number 12 the Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure the heaven to 39:51 give rain unto the land in his season in other words God’s gonna give you the ability for innovation it’s gonna make 39:59 you an innovator and to bless all the works of your a work of your hand thou shall lend to many nations shall not 40:05 borrow in other words is gonna give you banks and the Lord shall make me the head and not the tail and thou shall be 40:11 above only and shall not be beneath if thou shalt hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God which I command thee this day to observe to do them in other 40:19 words when he says I’m gonna make you the head and at the tail first not last above only enough beneath he’s gonna 40:24 make you CFO CEO CEO president owner Prime Minister governor mayor city 40:31 council you won’t be the grand pooh-bah in your city 40:36 thou shalt not go aside from any of these words which I commend lead this 40:43 day to the right hand or to the left to go after any other gods but the choice 40:48 is yours every day you gotta make a choice whether you’re gonna serve God 40:54 whether you’re gonna compromise your standards whether you’re gonna do what everybody else is gonna everybody else 41:00 is checking up without being married and you’re single you’re gonna walk away 41:09 you’re gonna call up your booth and say unless you put a ring on it I love you 41:15 you love me but I gots to go because of because it’s an act of disobedience are 41:22 you with me so if it’s an act of disobedience I’m undermining the flow of the blessing 41:28 the blessing will flow from you but not to you in this season I decree the 41:35 blessing is flowing to you and it’s not something you have to pray about as soon 41:41 as you have an act of obedience these blessings shall come upon you 41:46 and overtake you say Amen now conversely let’s examine the outcome of the results 41:53 from poor decision-making you haven’t thought about it you’re just making these decisions because it’s convenient 42:00 because everybody else is doing it and you’re believing you’re a Christian you 42:06 want to be blessed the Bible said however if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all of 42:13 his commands and decrees I’m giving you today all these curses shall come upon 42:19 you and overtake you so we know the curse is the natural outcome of acts or an act of disobedience it works by the 42:26 law of consequence right so verse number 14 thou shall not go aside from any of the words which I 42:33 command thee this day to the right hand or to the left to go after other gods to serve so in other words this is this is 42:41 not a suggestion it’s a strategy he said I’m gonna give you life strategies don’t 42:48 don’t go after God follow me make me your gone look at Jeremiah 44 verse 23 says 42:56 because you have burn incest and have sinned against the Lord and have not obeyed him or followed his law or his 43:03 decrees or his stipulations this disaster has come upon you as you now 43:09 see so it wasn’t the witches in the warlocks he said you made a decision not 43:15 to obey God so now these calamities are coming upon you verse number 15 but it 43:22 shall come to pass if thou will hearken unto the voice of the Lord if thou if thou will not hearken unto the voice of 43:29 the LORD thy God to observe to do all of his Commandments and his statutes which 43:35 I commanded this day that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake you so it’s your decision because it 43:43 occurs it’s the natural outcome of wrong decisions that we make that are contrary 43:50 to the will of God the Bible says as as as proverbs 26 and two as the bird by 43:58 wandering and as the swallow the scripture says by flying so 44:04 the curse causeless shall not come it’s not gonna come those outcomes will not 44:10 come so verse number 16 cursed shalt thou be in the city and cursed shalt 44:15 thou be in the field now this is important because we talked about living the blessed life so here we’re not 44:23 talking about these curses that are just coming upon you because you are a curse 44:29 light because your curse we know that you’re blessed but is acts of 44:35 disobedience that is causing the consequence you understand that right so 44:40 curse shalt thou be in the city and cursed shalt thou be in the field you will have the worst jobs in your field 44:46 your discipline and your profession so instead of having the best jobs you’ll 44:52 be working in the worst jobs verse number 17 cursed shalt thou be cursed 44:58 shall be thy basket and storehouse are you still with me reading that means that you you’re living in debt your 45:05 mortgages and your debts that cannot be paid and if you made an investment you 45:11 lose your investment that means you’re gonna be cash poor you’re gonna be 45:17 living hand-to-mouth curse shall be the food of your body in other words miscarriages steal births 45:24 complications with pregnancy and the food of the land that means that wherever you live there’s gonna be a 45:30 devaluation of currencies drought reduction of the GDP GNP the increase of 45:37 your kind and your flocks of your sheep that means a curse will come upon the kind and the flocks you’re gonna have 45:44 transportation problems if you have a car your car is always gonna be breaking down you’re gonna have food problems 45:49 you’re gonna you’re gonna buy cars and then they’re gonna impound your car you 45:55 do get in these crazy accidents that will just demolish everything that you have verse number 19 cursed shall 46:02 they’ll be when thou cometh in in other words when you come in your house is gonna be contention there’s gonna be 46:08 lack in your house there’s gonna be restlessness and leaflessness and and cursed shalt thou 46:14 be when thou go without life is gonna be stressful for you you’re gonna hate to 46:19 go to work you’re gonna hate to come back home verse number twenty the Lord shall send 46:24 upon the the cursing vexation rebuke in all that thou set thy hands unto for to 46:32 do until thou be destroyed and until thou perish quickly because of the wickedness of thy doings whereby thou 46:40 has forsaken me so you’re gonna be living with frustration irritation futility nothing is gonna work out for 46:47 you verse number 21 the Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee until he 46:53 have consumed he had consumed thee from off the land whither thou goest to possess it so you’ll have incurable 47:00 diseases viruses epidemics infections aids verse number 22 the Lord shall 47:07 smite thee with a consumption and with a fever and with an inflammation and with 47:12 an extreme burning and with the sword that’s gang violence and with blasting 47:17 and with mildew and they shall pursue thee until thou perish the leads our people are gonna begin to die tragic 47:25 deaths verse number 23 and I and I 47:30 haven’t that is over the head shall be as brass in the earth that is under thy feet shall be as iron no prosperity no 47:37 blessing nothing is working the Lord shall your prayers are not gonna it’s gonna hit the ceiling and 47:45 never go any further the Lord shall make make the rain of the land powder and 47:51 dust from heaven shall it come down upon thee until thou be destroyed so there’s gonna be a drought there’s gonna be a 47:57 drought of love a drought of money a drought in the industry things are just gonna dry up the Lord shall cause thee 48:05 to be smitten before thine enemies thou shalt go out one way against the dam and 48:10 flee seven ways before them so this is a reverse of your enemy’s coming in a one 48:16 way in fleeing seven different ways the Bible said you’re gonna be defeated dispersed there’s gonna be disunity at 48:24 with land of your own she’s gonna you’re just gonna be confused and the carcass and 48:30 thy carcass shall be meat unto the fowls of the air unto the beasts of the earth and no man shall fray them away so 48:37 there’s gonna be destitution verse number 27 the Lord shall smite thee with the botch of Egypt and with embroidery 48:44 modes and back in those days there was no preparation H so not even the 48:50 preparation H is gonna work and with scabs and with the itching so you’re gonna put cream on but you you know 48:57 Aksum i’s gonna increase and you know the Bible talks about the bunch of Egypt 49:03 with with hemorrhoids and the itching where we’re off thou cannot be healed so 49:08 there’s gonna be new strains of viruses and incurable diseases that they’re going to try to give you know medicine 49:16 for and therapy for but nothing’s gonna help verse number 28 the Lord shall smite thee with madness and blindness 49:23 and astonishment of heart so you know you’re gonna have anxiety and anxiety attacks neurosis psychosis not you but 49:31 people that are disobedient let me change my words psychosis you’re gonna they’re gonna suffer from 49:36 neurological psychological nervous malfunctions and breakdowns even the 49:42 young verse number 29 thou shall grope at noonday as the blindness grope it in darkness thou 49:49 shall not prosper in thy ways thou shall be only oppressed and spoiled evermore 49:55 and no man shall save thee so you people are gonna have no direction for their life no vision as to how to get from 50:02 point A to point B they’re gonna be living without support without hope without help gonna be helpless and 50:09 hopeless and homeless verse number 30 thou shalt be trove of wife and another 50:14 man shall lie with her so do I mean the world’s gonna be filled with infidelity isn’t that what’s happening now like 50:21 people are getting married and you know man have two and three girlfriends and 50:27 five girlfriends and it’s a lot of infidelity thou shall build in house and 50:32 thou shalt not dwell therein so you’ll be able to build your house but you’re not gonna be able to afford 50:38 mortgage payments until your house forecloses thou shall plant plant a 50:43 vineyard and shall not gather the grapes there off so you nothing works out for you you start businesses and they go 50:49 belly-up and they fail then ox shall be slain before the eyes thou shalt not eat there off dine as shall be violently 50:57 taken away before thy face and shalt not be restored to thee the Sheep shall be given until that enemies thou shall have 51:03 none to rescue them you buy vehicles and they will be repossessed that’s what 51:08 it’s saying thy sons and thy daughters shall be given to another people then I shall look and fail with longings for 51:14 them all day long you’ll lose your children to gangs verse number 32 II the 51:21 fruit of that land and all that Labor’s shall a nation which thou knowest not eat up thou shall be only oppressed and 51:29 crushed away in other words made in America will now be made in China 51:34 made in Brazil made in India so where we had our vehicles and our coals being 51:41 made in the u.s.a where we were able to hire our own we’re gonna ship it out and 51:47 things that we used to make some other nation is gonna be making it and their GDP and GNP is going to increase at our 51:54 expense verse number 34 so thou shall be mad for the sight of thy eyes which thou 51:59 shalt see in other words everything is gonna be the new CNN ABC is just gonna 52:05 turn you crazy you’re gonna be upset all the time from watching the news number 52:10 33 the Lord shall smite thee and the knees and the legs with a sore butt that cannot be healed this is um author 52:18 writers the soul of your feet onto the top of your head so you’ve got high blood pressure low blood pressure 52:24 arthritis diabetes so people are losing their legs and their limbs because of 52:30 diabetes they’re losing their sight verse number 36 the Lord shall bring thee and thy King which thou has set 52:36 over the unto the nations with naught which neither thou nor thy fathers have known and thou shalt and and there shalt 52:43 thou serve other gods woods and stones so our Christian nations will be overtaken by other faiths so where 52:52 used to have Christian nations like in Europe where a lot of European countries used to be Christian nations now it’s 52:59 overtaken primarily by other faiths you go to Europe and all of the churches 53:05 that used to you know have the choirs and used to be Christians you go there 53:10 now and they’re now storage places there now clubs and you know the churches are 53:16 being shut down and used for other things verse number 37 and thou shalt 53:22 becoming a stud astonishment a proverb a byword among the nations where the Lord 53:27 shall lead thee so other nations are gonna scorn you you’re gonna be scorned by other nations 38 thou shall carry 53:34 much seed out into the field and show and and shall gather but little in for 53:40 the locusts shall consume it so you’re gonna have stock markets that crash you’ll make large investments with no 53:46 little or no return thou shall plant vineyards and dress them but shall neither drink of wine neither gather the 53:53 grapes for the worm shall eat them so the industries are gonna be failing so 53:58 you industries that used to thrive you’re gonna have the whole not just jobs and not just businesses entire 54:05 industries are gonna begin to collapse thou shalt have the olive trees 54:10 throughout all the coasts but thou shalt not anoint ourselves with oil for that olive shall cast shall shall cast a 54:17 fruit so there’s gonna be a great spiritual decline along with ineffective 54:23 healthcare so this is what’s happening in the world today you know before you 54:28 used to be able to go to church and get healed but where’s the anointing for healing where’s the anointing for 54:34 deliverance and now we’re talking about healthcare all of the healthcare is failing verse number forty one thousand 54:41 sons and daughters but thou shall not enjoy them for they shall go into captivity so you got gang membership 54:48 incarceration forty-two all the trees in the fruit of the land shall the locusts 54:53 consume 43 the stranger that is within thee shall get up every child get up 54:59 above thee very high and thou shalt come down very low so you will know 55:05 control the political systems or government foreigners will be voted in who will represent their own I’m gonna 55:12 say it again so you’ll have you’ll have immigrant Paul immigration policies and these 55:17 people will stay connected to their original they’re not gonna call themselves Americans they’ll they’ll 55:23 they’ll they’ll they’ll maintain their attachment with the country or they’re 55:29 their heritage and so in the boating process instead of voting in people that 55:35 will represent all of us when they get into power they’re only going to 55:40 represent their people are you getting this all right so verse number 44 he shall lend to thee 55:48 and thou shalt not lend to him he shall be the head and thou shalt shall be the 55:54 tail so there’s gonna be a loss of positions of power and authority that 55:59 that means that there will be no economic clout or networks so everyone 56:04 everyone in in your network is gonna be just like you nobody in your network is 56:11 gonna have influence nobody in your network is gonna have power no one in 56:16 your network is gonna have a position that would change anything you’re not gonna be be able to get favor from 56:22 anyone because they themselves don’t have favor are you getting this then it goes through verse number 45 46 47 48 49 56:31 50 51 all the way down it talks about that downturn the economic downturn the 56:39 social cultural downturn the spiritual downturn and is gonna affect every area 56:45 of your life drop down to verse number 54 so that so that the man that is 56:51 tender among you and very delicate his eyes shall be evil towards his brother 56:57 and to what the wife of his bosom and to what’s the remnant of the children which he shall leave no one is going to be 57:04 concerned about morality and ethics anymore there’s no there’s not there’s 57:10 not gonna be such a thing as immoral or unethical people are just gonna do what 57:15 they want to do and the laws are going to support it verse number 55 verse number 56 it goes 57:22 on to talk about no more morals so if anyone could do 57:28 anything and to anybody and and and and we’re not gonna be able to judge them 57:33 you know what they do in their house against their children it’s really 57:39 interesting verse number 57 and towards our young one that cometh out between 57:45 our feet and towards our children which I’ll bear for they shall for she shall eat them for one of all things secretly 57:52 in the siege of the straightness we’re with that enemy shall distress the at the gate so that means there’s gonna be 57:59 child slavery and human trafficking and people are gonna give up their children 58:04 and sell their children so that their children could sell their bodies so that they can bring money back into the house 58:10 and they’re gonna do it for baby children and before you think that this is not happening it is happening and 58:17 this has been happening for a long time 30 years ago I met a Christian woman 58:23 that adopted children and these children were adopted from the mother who was a drug addict and they came out and they 58:30 had already introduced the three-year-old to prostitution so and so 58:37 in as much as they were in doing adult things to them they were doing things to 58:45 them so once this Christian woman got this little girl she her appetite had 58:50 already been opened because the mother was giving it to giving this baby child for a man to do whatever they want to do 58:57 for money for drugs their own baby this is happening verse number 58 if thou 59:05 will not observe to do all the words of the law that are written in the book that thou may’st fear this glorious and 59:12 fearful name the LORD thy God then the Lord will make thy plagues wonderful in 59:17 the plagues of thy seed even great plagues and and and of long continuous 59:23 and sore sickness and long continuous these are incurable diseases and you 59:29 keep going on and on and you can see how you don’t want to be a part of this look 59:34 at 67 in the morning thou shall shall say what God it were even and in the 59:41 evening you would say what God it were mourning for the fear of thy heart wherewith thou shalt fear for the sight 59:48 of the eyes which thou shalt see you will never be happy and satisfied and you will be anxious because you’ll be 59:54 able to see the violence outside of your house and then at night you’ll be so 59:59 afraid that the violence will be penetrating your door and the Lord shall 1:00:04 bring thee into Egypt again with ships by the way there are that I spoke foul 1:00:10 shall see it no more again and there you shall be sold on to your enemies for 1:00:15 bondman and bound woman and no man shall by thee in other words here is decisions 1:00:22 that we make and and God is laying before us look the blessings 1 to 14 the 1:00:33 curses and 15 to 68 look at this portion it’s disproportionate 1:00:39 there is so much more curses and the blessings will take our lives over the 1:00:46 top but the curses just keeps going on and on and on destiny flows from our 1:00:55 decisions you determine your path but through prayer God can order your steps 1:01:03 for the steps of the Lord the steps of the righteous man are ordered by the Lord 1:01:09 some 37:23 the steps of the righteous man were ordered by the Lord when your 1:01:15 thoughts are synchronized but your potential you allow God to order your 1:01:21 steps and when you act in accordance with the Word of God then blessings 1:01:30 automatic every day you wake up you’re gonna wake 1:01:36 up you’re gonna take your life out of neutral you’re gonna consciously understand 1:01:42 there is always convenient to San it’s always convenient to be disobedient it’s 1:01:48 always convenient to keep up with the status quo but when God calls you and 1:01:57 directs your life when it gives you instructions it will temporarily 1:02:05 inconvenience everybody people gonna 1:02:10 start saying she thinks she’s holier than everybody else he thinks they’re 1:02:15 only saying that because they want to seduce you to compromise your Christian 1:02:21 values but when they say it raised a ball higher 1:02:28 I’d rather obey God and I’d rather be true to my calling why because every act 1:02:36 of obedience is changing my destiny for the best and every act of disobedience 1:02:45 its altering my destiny for the worst choose you this day whom you will serve 1:02:53 the DNA of destiny 1:03:03 our family god we thank you even as we bow our heads we can look at our lives 1:03:09 we can’t go backwards to have a new 1:03:15 beginning but we can start now to have a new ending you can’t go backwards and 1:03:23 fix things things that we said and did out of ignorance or even immaturity but 1:03:29 right now father we want to make some destiny decisions we want to move closer 1:03:35 and closer to our lives being synchronized and syncopated to your original plan and purpose so we stopped 1:03:42 we asked you to forgive us the curse causeless shall not come we’re thinking 1:03:51 about things that we said in error that is affecting us even today and there are 1:03:57 some things we said we can’t even remember but if there’s anything that was said over our lives things that we 1:04:05 spoke in frustration or anger or in defense and if those things which were 1:04:11 sad altered our destiny in a negative way forgive us first and secondly father we 1:04:19 pluck it up and we say it shall not stand it shall not come to pass teach us 1:04:26 to number our days that we may apply a hard to wisdom today we are choosing we 1:04:33 were choosing life and not death we’re 1:04:38 choosing blessings and not cursing and we thank you for giving us an 1:04:45 understanding that we are not victims of circumstances or products of our 1:04:50 environment but we are decision-making beings were sentient beings our lives 1:05:00 can be altered to our best days always 1:05:05 lie ahead of us forgive us God today we 1:05:13 begin again we choose you we choose your word you 1:05:20 choose your standard and we choose life in Jesus name Amen powerful word we want 1:05:33 to thank you for joining us from around the 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