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0:01 CS: Are you suffering from wounds from the past 0:03 in relationships with your parents? 0:05 If so, then God wants to heal you. 0:07 Stay tuned. My guest is going to show you how. 0:11 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:13 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:19 Today is your day to change your life 0:21 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:25 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:34 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:36 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman, 0:38 and today we’re going to be talking about 0:40 how to be healed from parental wounds, 0:44 how to have God encounters 0:45 that will bring about the healing that you need. 0:49 All of us have had relationships with our mothers and fathers 0:52 or maybe no relationship at all, 0:54 which has left a deep wound on the inside of us. 0:58 If the relationships were not healthy and not fulfilling, 1:02 then it’s left us with a lack. It’s left us with a gap. 1:05 And so today we’re going to talk with licensed psychologist 1:09 Dr. Barbara Lowe. She’s a friend of mine 1:12 and she has her own television show on Facebook and YouTube. 1:15 She’s interviewed a lot of different people. 1:16 She’s a conference host. 1:18 But most of all, she has the heart of a mother. 1:21 And she knows what it means to pour in to men and women 1:25 who have not had a mother 1:27 who or who have wounds from that mother relationship. 1:31 And so as much as this discussion today 1:33 is going to be for men and women in relationships 1:36 with both parents, 1:37 we’re going to focus a little bit more on the wounds 1:40 that come from having lack in a relationship with the mother. 1:44 So welcome to the show, Dr. Barbara. 1:46 BL: I am so excited to be here. 1:49 And, you know, sometimes when I, when I go to places 1:52 and I preach or I teach, 1:54 I have to learn to not look at faces 1:55 because as I’m going deep, God called me, 1:58 like part of my anointing is to take people deep. 2:00 And what we end up having is all these testimonies 2:02 on the back side like, “That was life changing.” 2:05 But I often am, like the people are like this- it’s telling 2:10 because I’m like up there, a psychologist opening up 2:12 and I’m going to open up my heart today 2:15 and share with you my own story. 2:17 And so I’m going to do that today. 2:18 CS: Well, tell us about your relationship with your mother. 2:22 BL: So, I found out when I was 15 2:24 that my dad might not be my real dad. 2:26 And there were some issues about how I was conceived. 2:29 I was set up to have a difficult relationship with my mom. 2:33 I think when she looked at me, 2:34 I reminded her of something from her past, 2:38 but I didn’t know that. And so all I remember 2:40 is my mother never being comfortable in my presence. 2:44 And I remember her treating my brother different. 2:47 And he came later and he was my dad’s child. 2:50 And she ended up telling my dad the truth, apparently, 2:53 because my dad told me when I lived with them. Anyway, 2:56 so, she never really felt comfortable in my presence. 2:59 I don’t remember. “I love you.” 3:01 So, my friends were afraid, afraid of her 3:04 because she would just turn on a dime. 3:06 She would slap me. 3:08 But around 12, 13 things really began to fall apart. 3:11 My mom left my dad for another man 3:14 and they ended up marrying. 3:15 But they began to drink like I mean, like a fish in water, 3:20 like they were just drinking, drinking, drinking. 3:23 And the violence really took off. 3:25 There was domestic violence before. 3:27 There was, there was, it was a difficult place to live before. 3:30 But now she was going into drunken rages 3:33 and kicking me out in my pajamas in the middle of the night. 3:36 And she would try to lock me in my room. 3:39 Or I remember one time she almost beat a chunk 3:41 out of my arm. It was really difficult. 3:44 And I remember just feeling like, “Why can’t you love me?” 3:48 And my brother did this thing 3:50 where he kind of went quiet and withdrew. 3:52 I am a little bit feistier than that. 3:55 And now I’m so glad that I’m so strong willed. 3:58 But, you know, I would sometimes get in the mix. 4:00 I’m sure I was a hard child to raise, 4:02 but that set me up to being the scapegoat. 4:06 It’s all, it’s, we would be fine if it wasn’t for, you know. 4:10 CS: Yeah. 4:11 BL: So you can imagine having these violent events 4:13 or even your mom passing out. 4:15 And my brother would have to sneak to let me in 4:17 after my mom passed out, which I had been kicked out. 4:20 And then we would wake up the next morning 4:22 and no one would talk about anything. 4:23 It was as if it didn’t happen at all. 4:25 There was no closure. 4:27 So it just was this heap of ick that I was left with on my soul. 4:31 And there’s this felt sense for a lot of people. 4:34 It’s hard to talk about their mom 4:35 because there’s this sense of love. 4:37 My mom didn’t love me. What does that mean about me? 4:41 CS: Yes. Does that mean 4:43 I’m unlovable? 4:44 Does that mean that I can’t be loved? 4:46 Does that mean that God doesn’t even love me? 4:48 Yes. Yes. You know, this this dialog 4:51 between us just reminded me of a story that on of my past 4:54 psychology professors mentioned about one of his clients 5:00 that actually he had said 5:01 how she had been in psychiatric wards 5:05 and how she said to him one day in a therapy session, 5:09 how come no one will love me? 5:14 And I remember when he told that testimony 5:15 to a group of young psychologists, 5:20 it broke my heart because I thought, 5:23 oh, my gosh, the pain that this young woman has been through, 5:26 that she thinks she’s unlovable, you know? 5:29 And of course, if you think you’re unlovable, 5:31 that lack is going to cause you to look for love 5:34 in all the wrong places, 5:36 because you don’t know where real love is, 5:39 you question whether or not you can be loved 5:41 and then- but you’re still- that doesn’t change our human need. 5:44 We still have a human need and a human desire. 5:46 You know, whether we think someone desires us or not, 5:49 it doesn’t change the fact that we have a need to be loved. 5:52 So how did you handle that need? 5:55 BL: Well, when we have mother wounds 5:57 and that can be- come from our mother being absent 6:00 through sickness, through death, through sometimes- 6:04 -and then sometimes mothers can be abusive. 6:05 Sometimes we have the critical mother, 6:07 the the mother that’s controlling. 6:08 So, how these things wound us and we do end up developing 6:12 broken, broken systems for relationship. 6:15 Well, what’s so hard about that is, 6:17 is relationships are the human habitat. 6:19 This relationship, but God, is very clear in His Word 6:23 that we need to have lots of this relationship. 6:25 But when I don’t know how to do relationship, 6:28 when I may be clingy and I’m drawn to these avoidant people, 6:32 people with histories, 6:34 then it’s like I had one person say, 6:36 this is called Welcome to Hell, and it’s not literal hell, 6:39 but it is really painful to have this kind of relationship 6:43 that is to pursue- withdrawal-er. 6:45 And so you enter into these patterns 6:47 where you you’re relating you’re seeking out people 6:52 who are like people from your past 6:53 because you’re comfortable with it. 6:57 CS: You know what I’m feeling right now in the spirit, 6:59 I’m feeling that there’s some women 7:00 that are watching who are even involved 7:03 in some of those pursuer withdrawal type of relationships 7:07 and that they’ve stepped in to sexual immorality 7:11 or things of that sort that they don’t want to be in. 7:14 Nobody wants to be in those types of situations. 7:18 Yet, we kind of unconsciously find ourselves 7:21 there when we’re wounded. 7:23 We begin to step into those areas. 7:24 And so right now, 7:25 I’m really going to just pray for those those women, 7:29 because I really feel like that there’s a whole, 7:33 just a whole group that are just so hungry in that area, 7:36 but doing it the wrong way. 7:39 BL: And to be honest, I was so promiscuous 7:41 in those early years before I became to Christ. 7:44 When I finally did come to Christ, 7:45 I had, I had just exponential guilt and shame 7:49 because I knew what I had done was outside of God, 7:54 even though I wasn’t raised as a Christian, 7:55 I just knew it was wrong and dirty. 7:58 I knew it. And, you know, we carry those things with us. 8:01 And then with that wrong and dirty does 8:04 is it actually causes us to run from God, not run to Him. 8:08 The system works really bad from a human nature standpoint 8:11 because we don’t know where to go to get our needs met. 8:14 We don’t know how to confess so that we feel clean, 8:17 we feel pure, we feel holy. 8:20 And so, you know, I really feel like we’re setting the stage 8:23 for being able to position you, okay? 8:25 And I want you to begin to start looking to Heaven 8:28 right now as we’re speaking. 8:29 We’re going to come back in just a few moments 8:32 so that we can pray for you because God really wants to see 8:36 those deep wounds in your soul be healed. 8:38 And He wants you to come to that place 8:40 of knowing that He’s the answer. 8:42 You know, Jesus is the answer. I know Jesus is the answer. 8:46 Do you know that Jesus is the answer? 8:49 And that’s the real question here. 8:50 Can we open ourselves up? 8:51 Can we can we can fast can we position ourselves 8:54 so that we can receive the healing 8:55 that we need from the lack of love 8:58 that we’ve had in specific in mother relationships 9:01 and father relationships and get met those needs 9:06 through our personal relationship with the Lord. 9:08 So, as you’re watching right now, 9:10 I want you to stay with us 9:12 because we’re going to come back in just a few moments 9:14 and we’re going to pray for you. God’s 9:16 going to supernaturally touch you. [Music] 9:17 He’s going to supernaturally heal you 9:19 so stay tuned. 9:27 [Muisc] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman 9:28 is an international prophetic voice 9:30 healing minister, author and pastor 9:33 who travels the world sharing how to access 9:35 the heavenly realms and live the resurrected life. 9:38 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:41 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ 9:44 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:47 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:49 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 9:52 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 9:55 and see miraculous healings. 9:58 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train 10:00 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:03 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:06 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:08 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:11 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder 10:13 of Dream Mentors International, 10:16 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:20 Check out her Website 10:21 and subscribe to our YouTube channel, 10:23 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:32 [Music] CS: I’m so glad that you stayed with us, 10:34 because we’re going to really begin to move 10:36 into supernatural healing for soul wounds 10:39 that we have from lack of love and relationships 10:43 with our mothers and our fathers. 10:45 And we know we’re specifically putting emphasis 10:47 on the mother-child relationship in this particular segment. 10:50 But you can apply this even if it was a loss to your father 10:55 having lack of love in that area as well. 10:57 I want to share with you some scriptures 10:59 to just help position you here 11:00 before we actually move in to healing Romans. 11:03 Chapter eight, verse one. 11:06 The Apostle Paul says, “There is therefore now no condemnation 11:09 for those who are in Christ Jesus, 11:12 because through Christ Jesus, 11:13 the law of the Spirit who gives life 11:15 has set us free from the law of sin and death.” 11:18 And that is Romans Chapter eight, verses one and two. 11:20 Also in Matthew, chapter twenty two, 11:23 verses thirty seven and thirty to thirty nine. 11:26 We hear Jesus talking about how the whole law is together 11:32 in these two things that love the Lord, 11:34 your God with all your heart, soul and all your mind. 11:37 And this is the first and greatest commandment. 11:40 And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. 11:44 Well, we can’t love others unless we love ourselves 11:47 and we can’t love ourself unless we know that God loves us. 11:51 And when we have a gaping wound in our soul, 11:55 the wound seems to scream louder 11:57 and mess our perception in the area 12:00 of what we really need to be healthy 12:03 and causes us to look at all the wrong places 12:05 for this love that we need. 12:07 So, Dr. Barbara, let’s talk a little bit more 12:10 about how to overcome in the area of the wounds. 12:15 BL: Well, we were talking about sexuality here a minute ago 12:18 and in the last segment. 12:19 And I was hoping that we could talk about 12:21 that a little bit further because it’s rare. 12:24 I don’t think I’ve ever met a client 12:26 or even a student if they’ve, if I’ve learned about them 12:30 who didn’t have brokenness in the area of sexuality, 12:33 the enemy really goes after that area. 12:35 And I really want to encourage you, y’all, 12:37 that God created your sexuality and God wants to heal it. 12:41 You know, a lot of people feel like, 12:43 oh, that area is dirty or that area is shameful 12:46 or I don’t even want to deal with that. 12:47 They assume it’s spiritual, but this pushing back. 12:50 But it’s not God. Actually, the woman with the, with 12:54 the ten silver coins when she lost one coin, 12:57 what does it say she did? She turned on the light. 13:00 She cleaned the house until she found that coin. 13:04 And sometimes that coin that is hidden, 13:06 that coin that is lost is, is, is our sexuality. 13:10 God wants to heal it. 13:11 And what I’m seeing in the spirit realm, 13:13 what the Holy Spirit showed me as you were talking was that, 13:16 you know, we’re all made for relationship, 13:17 we’re made for attachment, we’re made for connection. 13:20 God literally made us that way. 13:22 Infants die if they don’t have it. 13:25 And we need those primary connections, 13:27 whether it be with our spouse or with very close friends, etc. 13:32 And when we are wounded, we and we didn’t get those needs met. 13:36 It’s like we had these open pieces of Velcro in our soul 13:40 and we begin to attach those to people, 13:42 to the wrong people outside of the covenant of marriage, 13:45 where we’re not under the safety of that covenant, 13:48 we attach and we attach to unhealthy people. 13:50 And what literally what the Holy Spirit showed me. 13:53 Oh, yeah. What He showed me is He is taking those 13:56 Velcro pieces that you have attached 13:58 and where you’ve been ripped, 14:00 you feel like you’ve been ripped. 14:01 You feel like sometimes you even lost it. 14:03 Stick that no one will stick to you 14:06 because other people didn’t love you and now no one will stick. 14:08 And God is sticking Himself 14:11 to those very places that feel so raw, 14:14 that feel so burned out, that feels so unspeakable. 14:17 And He Himself is becoming the stronghold of your life, 14:22 the key relationship. 14:24 CS: That’s so good, that’s so good, 14:26 because if He becomes a key relationship 14:28 than all other relationships 14:30 are going to submit to that key relationship, 14:32 you’re going to be able to make better decisions 14:35 about the relationships that you are involved in. 14:38 You’re not going to be tempted to go and reach 14:41 for that wrong thing. BL: Yes. CS: And of course, 14:43 the enemy is always there trying to get us off path. 14:46 And the more needy we are in a certain situation, 14:49 the more he’s likely to do that. 14:51 BL: Yeah. CS: Pull us in that direction. 14:53 So now I know you have some activations 14:55 that really help people come to that place 14:58 of being able to be whole in this particular area. 15:02 Can you start at this particular point to lead us into that? 15:04 BL: Yes. So I would like to start out 15:07 with this Velcro piece that the Lord showed me, 15:09 because a lot of times when people come in 15:10 for Breakthru Intensives with me, 15:12 it’s not just psychology, it’s not just ministry. 15:14 It’s actually Spirit-led. 15:16 And so there’s a prophetic element. 15:18 And I know that prophetically the Lord showed me 15:19 a word of wisdom, the 15:21 Lord showed me that some of you have these Velcro places. 15:23 And so He’s coming to you as He came to the man 15:27 at the, at the, at the pool. 15:29 And He’s saying, what do you want? 15:31 Do you want to be made whole? 15:32 So, all you’ve got to do say yes, you want to be made 15:34 whole, because right now the Holy Spirit 15:36 is going to do something powerful. 15:37 Daddy, God, Jesus coming in. 15:40 He’s come to that pool where you are, 15:42 where you’ve been saying everyone else is dead, 15:44 that no one will meet my need. I feel that. I understand. 15:49 So, I want you to know I understand where you are. 15:51 We understand. Boy, I’ve have I felt empty, 15:55 but right now He’s going to pour into you. 15:57 So, right now I want you to say, 15:58 God, I give you every piece of Velcro. 16:01 I give you every place of attachment 16:03 right now in Jesus Name. 16:05 And I tie them to you in that scripture 16:08 that says whatever you loose on Heaven 16:10 and from Heaven will be loosed on earth. 16:11 Whatever you bind, it actually means tying and untying. 16:15 And so right now, 16:16 right now, the Holy Spirit just gave this to me. 16:18 He is tying Himself to you 16:20 in every place where you’ve been abandoned, 16:22 in every place where you feel like no one is sticking to you. 16:25 Right now, He is coming and merging with you 16:29 in those places to make you whole. 16:31 He’s amalgamating Himself together with you 16:35 to make you a whole new thing. 16:36 And when two metals are amalgamated, 16:38 they become a new metal. 16:39 So, we release that in the mighty Name of Jesus, amen. 16:45 CS: Amen. I hope you received that. 16:47 Yes. You’re being amalgamated. 16:50 You’re being welded together with the Holy Spirit, 16:54 your spirit and His Spirit. 16:56 That means you have a new identity in Christ. 16:59 We have a new identity 17:01 and we’re brand new in our spirit, man. 17:03 Now, the soul needs to catch up with that. 17:06 Okay, so what you did was you bind 17:09 and you loosed in the heavenly realms. 17:11 It’s going to manifest in the earth realms in your life, 17:14 but it’s also going to now position you to have new eyes 17:17 so that you can fight forward for the things 17:22 that God wants to do in and through your life, 17:24 the destiny that He has for you. 17:25 That’s been hindered by the lack of love or by the soul wounds. 17:30 You know, I think that’s one of the most frustrating things 17:32 for me as a counselor, 17:33 is when I see people held back by the perceptions 17:37 that they have of themselves or of their environment. 17:40 Yes, because when you know and understand 17:44 what Christ has done for you 17:45 and you wash your soul in the Word of God 17:47 and you sit in His presence, 17:49 and I know you and I’ve had a lot of discussions offline 17:51 about soaking in the Spirit of the Lord, 17:54 how important that is, receiving that holy hug from God 17:58 that helps to heal our soul properly. 18:00 Positioning yourself that way is also going to cause you 18:04 to feel the presence of the Lord and feel His love in such a way 18:07 that is going to renew and refresh and renew and refresh. 18:12 Then we can go forward and be and do good 18:17 and new things for the Lord, that’s for sure. 18:20 So, Dr Barbara, so, in Romans Chapter eight, 18:24 the word says in all these things 18:26 we’re more than conquerors. And through Him who loved us. 18:29 So, nothing can separate us. BL: Yes. Yes. 18:31 And you’ve given us some good activation, 18:33 some good things to focus on 18:35 when it comes to making sure that we stay 18:38 in that place of nothing coming in and dividing. 18:42 And when we come back, 18:43 we’re going to talk more with Dr. Barbara about anything 18:47 extra that we need to know to be healed in our soul. 18:50 And we’re going to pray for you so that we can kind of seal 18:54 that deal and you’ll walk away from this program 18:56 knowing that you’ve encountered God. 18:59 And, you know, I see women just getting up 19:00 and just wiping off their knees and saying, “I’m ready to go. 19:03 I’m ready. I’m, I have confessed that I have a need. 19:07 God has met that need and I’m ready to move forward.” 19:10 So I want you to stay tuned, because when we come back, 19:13 we’re going to take care of the rest of this. 19:15 So that, you can definitely say you have met Jesus. 19:19 You have encountered Him and the Holy Spirit. Stay tuned. 19:23 [Music] CS: We’ll be right back. 19:28 [Music] >> Log on today 19:32 and get Candice Smithyman’s powerful book 19:35 “Releasing Heaven.” 19:37 CS: There are vats in Heaven where there is oil, 19:39 grain and wine. 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You will love this book. 20:36 [Music] CS: I’m so glad that you stayed with us. 20:38 We’re talking to Dr. Barbara Lowe 20:40 about healing the wounds from our mothers 20:44 and how we carry that with us 20:47 and we walked you through a lot of process, 20:49 a lot of activations. 20:50 And Dr. Barbara has another activation, 20:53 faith activation that we want to do with you right now. 20:55 So, Dr. Barbara, take us there. 20:57 BL: Well, I sense that as I was being with the Lord 21:00 and with this audience, 21:02 I sense that many of you feel like you have people in your 21:04 life where you’re trying to attach to them. 21:07 And every time you feel like you’re you almost attached 21:10 to them or connected with them, it seems like it shifts. 21:14 And so you’re left with this felt sense of confusion 21:16 am I lovable why can’t I connect with anyone? 21:19 And here’s what I want us to do. I would love for us 21:22 to take a moment and think about the last time that happened. 21:25 Just that, you know, that feels almost like 21:27 a could feel like a stab. It can feel like a deflation. 21:30 It can feel like for some of us we get into flight. 21:33 For some of us, we can get into fight. 21:35 For some of us we can get into freeze. 21:37 For some of us, we get into what I call friend, 21:39 where we’re fixing, fixing, fixing, fixing. 21:41 But let’s get under that. 21:42 What is the felt sense that you feel in your body? 21:46 Because feelings are information, 21:48 their data, you know, and as a psychologist, 21:50 I like data. You like data. So we’re going to use that data. 21:53 So how does that feel in your body? 21:56 And maybe you and I can do that at the same time. 21:58 So, for example, maybe one time when Tim left 22:01 without saying goodbye, 22:02 well, my mom used to drive off without saying goodbye 22:06 and sometimes kick me out of the car and drive off. 22:09 Right. So, so let’s say I have over 22:11 I have this sense of abandonment so I can scroll back. 22:14 So, you’re going to scroll back on that felt sense 22:16 that you feel in your body. 22:17 Don’t get out of your mind about it. 22:19 Just what you feel in your body. Going to scroll back 22:22 and then you you’re going to come to a memory, 22:24 maybe the most salient memory, the most germane memory. 22:27 Now, if we want to keep it in the manageable zones, 22:30 if it’s too much, go to a milder memory, okay? 22:33 Something that you can you know, 22:35 we don’t want you to feel like you’re going to panic here, but. 22:37 But where you can feel like you can cope with it right now 22:40 because we’re going to bring Jesus into this. 22:42 So we have this memory. Right. 22:44 So, I’m remembering on Montgomery Avenue, Maryland. 22:47 My mom kicking me out on the street. 22:50 So wherever you guys are, I want you to be with that memory, 22:53 okay? You know, and then it could even be like 22:55 with a parent who died or any of that. Right. 22:58 And so we’re going to be with that memory. 23:00 Now, let’s welcome the part of the Godhead 23:02 that you feel most comfortable with. 23:04 We know He’s three and one. We love all parts. 23:06 But whatever part 23:07 you’re most comfortable with the Holy Spirit, 23:09 the Father, Jesus or all three, let’s just have a party there 23:13 and let’s bring the Father in. Also, we’re going to bring 23:17 we’re going to bring in a whole crowd of support here. 23:19 We’re going to bring in wrap- what we call as psychologists, 23:21 wrap around services. 23:23 Let’s also imagine that part, that memory, that part of you 23:27 is your little sister maybe, or your little brother. 23:29 And let’s bring your most adult self 23:31 in that nurturing part of you 23:33 in who also can be a part of this repair story. 23:37 You know, as humans, when we are hurt, we need repair. 23:41 What hurts so much is being alone with that trauma. 23:45 And so now we’re not alone and Jesus is there, Father 23:47 is there, Holy Spirit is there, our adult self is there. 23:50 And what does that little part of you, 23:53 that younger part of you, that earlier part of you, 23:55 what does that part need to hear from them? 23:58 What is Father saying to you in that place or Holy Spirit or 24:03 I like to call them Holy by His first name. 24:06 What is Holy Spirit saying to you? What is Jesus? 24:08 Oh, I wonder if He’s just taking your hand 24:10 and, and wiping the tears away from your face and saying, 24:14 I will never leave you. And what He really is real, 24:21 He really is outside of the three dimensions we live in, 24:24 He’s, He’s in all those dimensions. 24:26 He’s able to go back in time with you 24:29 and give you something in your felt sense right now, 24:32 because He really can make you all the way whole through 24:37 His wounds. So, let’s bring him back. 24:38 What’s He saying? What’s He doing? 24:40 And right now, we release the Holy Spirit of God 24:44 to work in that place to bring revelation. 24:46 Some of y’all are going to have dreams. 24:48 Some of you are going to have visitations, visions 24:50 right now about this very memory. 24:52 God is giving you repair, repairing it. 24:53 We release the Holy Spirit, the angels of God, 24:58 all of Heaven into that place, the Kingdom of God 25:01 to bring healing in Jesus Name. Amen. 25:05 CS: Amen, amen. I know where you’re at right now, 25:07 you’re feeling overwhelming peace. Peace of God 25:11 is surrounded you. 25:12 He is loving you right where you’re at. 25:14 He’s connecting with you. 25:16 You’ve opened up your heart to Him to be connected to them. 25:20 I know He’s healing some of these deep places. 25:22 You’re going to get up from this time, from this activation, 25:26 and you’re going to feel renewed and feel fresh. 25:29 But I can feel the intense peace of the Lord, 25:32 that God is- and you know what? 25:35 That is so important for people to feel God’s peace, 25:38 because when you have wounds, you need some stability. 25:42 And peace is an element of stability, 25:46 an element of knowing that your loved. 25:49 Peace flows from that place of being loved. 25:51 And so, so just know from this program, 25:54 from what Dr. Barbara shared, that God loves you so much, 25:58 He loves you so much that He sent His precious Son, 26:00 Jesus, to die on the cross, to be buried, resurrected 26:04 and ascended to shed His blood for forgiveness of your sins 26:07 so that you can be reconciled to relationship with the Father. 26:11 You can be reconciled to a relationship with Him. 26:13 And He wants to fill you with this Holy Spirit 26:15 and He wants you to come to that place of knowing Him more. 26:18 Now you’re set on a new and fresh journey 26:21 where you’re able to know and grow in His presence. 26:26 And I just I really feel, Dr. Barbara, 26:28 that people have been released. 26:29 I’m going to say, hallelujah, praise the Lord. 26:32 I know you have been released. 26:34 It’s time to start rejoicing. You are in overcomer. 26:38 Do not let the memories of the past come back to haunt you. 26:43 They have been bound in Jesus Name, 26:45 but all love has been released upon them and forgiveness 26:49 has been released where there has been any guilt 26:54 or shame. That its all been washed away by His wounds. 26:58 We have been healed. 26:59 BL: Oooh, so good! 27:01 CS: And you have been healed in this program. 27:04 You know, soul trauma and soul trauma wounds. 27:06 Everyone has them. 27:08 There is not one person, on the planet- 27:09 BL: It’s true. 27:10 CS: But, you know, our wounds also reveal that we need 27:15 a Savior. We need to be saved. 27:16 Healed and redeemed and it’s through Jesus Christ 27:20 that we come to that. And so, I’m grateful. 27:21 Dr. Barbara, thank you so much 27:23 for joining me today for the program. 27:25 And if you want to reach out to Dr. Barbara, 27:27 she has an awful lot of resources. 27:29 Go to DrBarbaraLowe.com 27:32 She has a practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. 27:34 You can reach out to her there. 27:35 You can watch her on Facebook, watch her on YouTube. 27:39 She’s all about mothering, as you can see, 27:42 helping bringing people to that place of wholeness. 27:45 And we want to hear that you’ve been healed in this program. 27:48 So reach out to her, reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 27:51 because we want to rejoice with you 27:53 and we want to send you some resources 27:55 that are going to help facilitate 27:57 your personal walk with the Lord. 28:00 Remember, you are on a Path to Destiny. 28:04 All you have to do is take Messiah’s hand 28:07 and He is going to carry you into this path of destiny 28:12 where you are going to live fighting for being that 28:16 overcomer, being victorious. [Music] 28:17 He has great things in store for you. 28:20 We’ll see you next time. [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman and Barbara Lowe release healing of soul wounds from your parents.

Learn more about Candice and purchase her resources: https://candicesmithyman.com

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