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thank you for joining us for another power-packed message provided by monroe global incorporated and monroe global comm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let’s go into the message I want to speak to you on a very simple subject and we got to be talking about the kingdom and we’re gonna if I can get this thing to function you there we go discovering your kingdom destiny you’re gonna talk about that this morning for those of you joining us by television around the world may God bless you as we continue in our series on understanding the kingdom of God and this is the gospel we’re going to be focusing on specifically today discovering your destiny which is the kingdom itself we’re going to be kind of zeroing on the fact that the kingdom is the original assignment of Jesus the kingdom the original assignment of Jesus I believe that we have covered a lot of material already in this series but the more I prepare myself to share this the more I understand how off we have been as a global church so I want to give you some thoughts to hang your hat on as we begin this segment of discovering your kingdom destiny first of all let’s remember that the purpose for man’s creation was really not to have a religion but it was to carry out an assignment that God had from the beginning and that is God’s original purpose for man was to administrate a kingdom not a religion the last thing God wanted was a religion that he I don’t know what this is we made this thing into but religion is a very dangerous thing because religion does not necessarily answer your questions of life the word religion actually means to search and we shouldn’t be searching anymore we found the answers the secondary thing I want to remember is that the fall of man was the lost of a kingdom not the lost of heaven for the loss of a kingdom and the third principle I want you to remember is that the promise of redemption was to restore a kingdom whatever man lost that’s what God wanted to restore so the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus was not to establish a religion on a worship experience and under rituals and the traditions that we’ve developed that was not his goal his goal his purpose for coming is his assignment was to it to restore the kingdom that was lost that man was given by God and then the other prince we want to remember is that the fulfillment of God’s will is the re-establishment of his kingdom on earth and I want to stress that God’s will will be fulfilled when what he intended to have is restored so God’s will is not for man to really be in heaven I want you to follow the thoughts of these principles God’s really gonna be fulfilled when man is on earth ruling and administrating his kingdom on earth that’s God’s fulfillment so until that happens God is not satisfied God is not fulfilled and the last Prince what I want to reiterate is that the program of salvation was to restore man to the kingdom government of God that was the program design and I like the word program I put the word program here because it has a Dumon with systems and methods and techniques a program have to do with goals laid out to accomplish an ultimate purpose so the probe salvation is a program salvation is not the goal salvation is the program remember mine I used the term salvation it includes all the redemptive acts of God for example the promise of the Messiah is a part of the program then the fulfillment of that promise through Mary being conceived of the Spirit the Word of God and bringing forth a child born of miraculous birth that’s a part of the program and then the child growing up and and Jesus giving his life on the cross is a part of the program Calvary is not the goal of God Calvary is one of the goals in the program to ultimately accomplish the original and final purpose which is what to restore God’s kingdom on earth that is what God wants so if you don’t understand this you’re going to be stuck in a religion if you don’t understand this you’re going to literally live and tell you die and you use religion to keep you happy in poverty and depression and sadness until you die in other words you you will you religion to be a pacifier rather than to be an overcoming power I’m gonna make a statement again and I don’t want you to misunderstand me but I mean what I say and that is Calvary is not the gospel Calvary is a part of the program that takes us to the good news which the gospel means which is the kingdom of God so I want to stress again a couple of things here number one God creating you was to administrate a kingdom you are created to be an administrator an administrator is somebody who has been given the responsibility through delegated power and authority to execute decisions and judgment on behalf of another authority if you’ve been given administrative position if you are a CEO or an executive administrator or if you are a manager in a department of a company you are an administrator and what you’ve been given is delegated authority to oversee a specific area in the company and your job is to execute the judgment of that company on behalf of the board or behalf of the Chairman to carry out the will of that company in that department that’s what administration is is that clear that’s called dominating or influencing the department Dominion and that’s what God gave man Genesis 1:26 very clear God’s first command to man let us make man in our own image in our likeness and let them have what administration power dominion over the territory called Earth so the department that man has been given authority over is all of Earth not heaven but Earth now if you’ve been given administrative authority over the department that deals with with let’s say correspondence or maybe a mechanic’s but you decide you want to go work in the accounting problem what do you call that that would ego that mismanagement you are moving out of your area of responsibility you are actually illegal if you go into a constant partner try to be an accountant if you’ve been given the job in another department well the same thing is true of you if you go to heaven and try to take over you are illegal in heaven sounds tough doesn’t it see religious people want to go to heaven but Kingdom people want to stay on earth because that’s where they were supposed to be matter of fact my boss said to me by the way his name is Yeshua mushiya he’s the king the Lord he said to me father do not take them out of the earth now we pray and a lady pray for us to stay whose prayer gonna get answered me doesn’t he want us to come to heaven do doesn’t he want to be with him I mean wouldn’t he really want us to be so we could sing forever and ever around the throne that was not his purpose for you he said father do not take them out of the earth but keep them from the evil and at why but they got the power to overcome that evil now if you die don’t get me wrong if you die you’ll go to heaven no problem if you die now you go to heaven if you’re born again you’ll go to heaven but that’s not your permanent residence if you read the Bible carefully guard got a program to get you out of heaven after you go there you read the Bible carefully because you were not designed to be in heaven that’s not your final assignment the book of Revelation is the last chapter 21 and 22 powerful chapters and they close like this it says and I’m sorry you happen on a new air coming down out of heaven how do you explain that because you ain’t gonna stay there God won’t get you on an earth to rule if you gotta make a new one clap that’s a good base the class might as well get used to the idea so God’s plan is to reestablish the kingdom that Adam lost now Adam did not fall from heaven we talk about the fall all the time but let me keep forgetting where he fell from Adam was not a heavenly fell to earth and so we got to take him back up to restore know Adam fell from authority over the earth he had dominion over the garden and he was he was a beguiled or tricked by unemployed cherub whose name was Lucifer Lucifer tricked man and man therefore became subjected to this diabolical hideous evil angel and so the the management contract that Adam was given was actually handed over by Adam to this unemployed cherub so Adam is still the legal manager of her and I say Adam are talking about you all mankind is Adam we are still the legal authorities here but the devil Satan Lucifer you want to call him he has become the illegal ruler by subjugation of the legal ruler through treason what is treason treason is when you’ve been given a trust and you give it to somebody else Adam committed high treason he was given the trust by the government of God to run the earth and he took that contract and gave it to someone else and therefore he committed high treason and so the highest form of disappointment is treason because you’ve been given a trust now what did God do in the same chapter Genesis 3 when Adam gave the contractor is the same chapter that the government made a promise and the government of God made a promise in verse 15 it says and he was speaking to the diabolical angel he says it to Satan in verse 15 of chapter 3 of Genesis he says I promise you that the same woman that you use to destroy mankind contract I’m going to use a woman just like her and I’m gonna come back into the human race myself God said and I’m gonna crush your head in the word head is referring to authority and I rethink of a snake Satan as a snake he’s not a snake it’s just that he uses snake’s body originally in that chapter he possessed a snake body so you could have legal access but the head of a snake is how you killed the power of the snake isn’t it yeah you cut a snake tail off he still lives so when God says I will come and my seed will crush your head he was talking about government power he was talking about the authority that that this evil creature stole from Adam is I’m gonna take back the power and I’m gonna destroy your influence he’s talking about government authority so what does God sent Jesus for well according to Genesis 3:16 15 he was sending the Messiah the seed to bring the government of God back to her can you please turn with me to a couple of scriptures that we dealt with before i isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 and 7 it says for unto us a child is born for one to us a son is given and the next statement says what and the government shall be upon his shoulders the reason for Christ’s coming was not to be a little baby laying in imagine like Santa Claus and reindeers know the purpose why he came was to bring one not a church not a religion not a tradition where the reason why he came was what not to sing songs clap hands and praise the Lord no he’s coming to do what to bring a government on his shoulder the word shoulder here is referring to to the position that you carry something as a burden in the days of Isaiah whenever you had a server they would put the wood across their their necks and they would carry the burden to balance it it’s like a yoke for a man and that’s where they care they care on their shoulders just like a cow they call it a yoke a yoke is when you put around the shoulders of a cow well humans all so all yolks in the days of Jesus and the days of Isaiah they’ve been put buckets on both sides or whatever and they were bouncing on their shoulders and that’s where they carried their weight for someone else read it it says here fun to us a child is born yes he’s coming the son is given as a revelation irani comes he’s coming with some weight on his shoulder and what’s the weight not a church not a religion no tradition but he’s bringing back to earth what say love I can’t hear you say it again he’s bringing back a government in other words the recent why he’s coming is to restore a government that was lost the word Dominion means to govern Tolu the control to manage and to lead so when you say the bible says let us make man and let him have what Dominion the word Dominion the Hebrew means to govern to rule to control to manage to me so he said let them have what government when the man knows he lost government would’ve Christ come to break he came to bring back the government that means you were born to be a ruler tell your neighbor I like that sit up straight and act like it look like a ruler come on some of y’all just smile and put your chair sir I feel good look good smell because I believe I’m good so if you get this right in your head you won’t wake up Monday mornings wondering where you going if you are a governor a ruler and you are a leader and a manager then no job controls you you control the job your attitude changes when you understand why God sent you here to this planet and that is to govern the route of control and Christ came to restore that government and look what it says here it says it shall be upon his shoulders and he will be called what mighty counselor mighty God everlasting father Prince of Peace and I tell you one of these days in this series we’re gonna deal with this word peace is a powerful word peace every time it talks about Jesus and talk with the kingdom it talks about peace because peace means quiet confidence right there down there important word quiet confident peace Shalom it means quiet confidence because of what the knowledge of prosperity in other words you are quietly confident when you know that everything is covered by the government of God peace comes to you when you ain’t gotta worry about nothing even in the midst of a storm you can go to sleep like Jesus because you are in the kingdom the next segment says what I love the increase of his government this is deep there shall be no end let me explain something to you very important it says when Jesus comes he’s bringing a government already brings it I like this God says look you don’t get this verse he got it turned to adverse look at the last line in that whole that whole passage it says what I’m the Ziva the Lord shall do this in a great let me tell you why that statement is important disease alone understand God is God God I ain’t afraid and nothing God made everything he owns everything so he don’t need to have zeal anybody here no you don’t understand what I just said are you sure okay so you can you need zeal because you gotta fight against some things but God ain’t gotta fight against none so you don’t need no zeal and yet the Bible says the xena the Lord’s gonna make this happen in other ways bosses look if anybody gets in my way I’ll kill him in a way of what you know in his way of increasing the government that his son is bringing do we tell you why that’s important many of you are concerned about other religions growing around you you concerned about all of the isms and the Islam’s and the Buddhism and Confucianism and all this is some stuff causes look the increase of my son’s government there will be no end to its increase its gonna keep growing and growing and growing and no longer no matter either bill Morse can either build temples nada don’t worry about that my government will keep on growing and wrote in other words every every every thought of the growth of any other group is temporary it’s a good place to say man you’re mislead you look at me like I’m crazy see I got confidence when I walk into into a country like Malaysia or go to to Timbuktu or I walk into Iran Iraq and look at Saddam Hussein’s – I guess what you on your way out why according to the promise God dealeth against you you don’t want God to get mad at you now do you God God doesn’t really fight he doesn’t find God created some some creatures to fight for him and there’s some main brothers we gotta learn from them about them right now some mean brothers those guys are so powerful one of them poor one villain the earth the whole earth had a farming one guy took one bale importer in the whole weight had a farm and he destroyed all the economies with one of these guys another guy came Portobello and all the oceans dried up he’s a trouble these are mean brothers God I’ll fight he made some guys who could frighten one of them sure unripe the economy of the earth out who these guys it’s dangerous guys the more I learn about them the more I have peace at nights because I thought they used to fight only for God hallelujah I’m getting excited by myself that’s okay and he will reign on David’s throne referring to of course the throne line that God established notice he’s gonna reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom establishing and upholding it for how long forever but justice and righteousness justice and righteousness Oh Oh Lord is so much in this thing everybody say justice write that word down please don’t pass these words quickly it says that when Jesus comes to earth son he’s bringing back to you your government that you lost your power to rule the planet and to overcome your circumstances your tuition is paid by the kingdom of God now if you try to pay yourself you have heartache and depression and frustration I went to college to spend fifty seven thousand dollars on my undergraduate degrees and the Lord opened every door I tell my parents and him to send me any money at thank God my sister right here started me off with one semester payment that was it everything else God supplied and for eight years of college and treated for four or five degrees God has been a good God why because I trusted the kingdom it says here justice he shall uphold it with justice get the word justice down the way justice means right righ T s rights he say look when he comes he’s gonna restore up the government of God he’s gonna restore the kingdom there it is of God and he’s gonna give every citizen their rights again that’s what justice means it doesn’t mean the judgment seat of God I’m referring to that it’s talking about rights that’s why the righteousness is next to it in other words when you enter the kingdom of God you no longer get anything from God because of the way you feel or the way he feels you get it now because of your rights as a legal citizen entity that’s completely opposite to religion religion functions on emotions it functions on appeasing it functions on trying to please somebody that’s not right that word justice is what you find courtrooms and when you go to a car you go there to get what is justly yours as a citizen and when you go there to get justice the judge doesn’t care how you feel he he deals with what the law and when you come in that clock from you better don’t start crying and moping cause he into that matter of fact if you started getting mushy he tells you we’re gonna join the cart until you catch yourself and you come back what because justice has to do it law has to do it right not how you feel so playing all night and moanin and groanin and all that stuff doesn’t move God if you don’t come with the law your power as a citizen of the kingdom of God is in this book in knowing the law of God you know when Jesus wasn’t was confronted oh man this is so good by Shaitan in the wilderness remember that forty days how did he deal with that guy he didn’t get you know my cloud man y’all they get this yet we don’t fear the gods well Lord you know how fearless no feeling if you are a citizen and I am the government you diva believe it law if you got a need for healing you better find some law to kick into the health system of the kingdom you’re there talk to me if you got frustration you better find some scriptures and law to kick him for peace of mind if you’ve got some need for some prosperity you better get to call them Jehovah Jireh and use some law to get Jared or work for you I’m preaching to miss having a good time all by myself tell your name I’m a kingdom citizen let me tell you something the last thing I want to be from now on is a religious question I am NOT dying anymore you Christian can be Christians I’m gonna be a citizen of the kingdom of God [Applause] hallelujah they live have a right to be healed you don’t go to Gaza Lord you know you need to go there as a citizen you told me that the government paid for my health program you told me in the law that that strikes on the back of my king was to pay for my healing so I am claiming my rights now I’ve got some problems in my body and I did mine the government to kick in the health system please Lord somebody never blind back to him as he was blind it flyingbat teams would blind a long time go into the synagogue every Saturday that means go into Church blind every time because I’m ministers who and charge them some rabbis and think they didn’t know to do with him one day he heard that this man came to this town and Jesus you know what he started saying everybody’s that saying it says on of the increase of his government there will be no end and he will reign on David’s throne now I believe that he must must have heard the scripture somewhere so healing saying Jesus he said Jesus thou son of David in other words upholding the law now though I have my seat I understand you government and I got a right to be healed Christ heard this man in the crowd there’s a big crowd around Jesus the Bible says I’m ready heard the man I mean the Mawlid blind Jesus thou son of David mercy on me have mercy on me some of them Christ said son of David he says someone knows the law then he told the cipher stop they said there’s too many people he said find that man they were not a blind people around in that town there might have been many of them right at the gate but that’s the only one who understood the law so you got healed and Christ healed it let me tell you something friend listen carefully many people may be sick around you I hope you the one who gets healed healing is not contagious y’all better hear me it has to do who knows the law the rights the citizen rights and that’s why you can’t just hang around religious people think you can get well you better know the law of God you better know the kingdom government of God so you can get what’s rightfully yours he comes to bring what justice and righteousness let’s take a look at what Jesus said himself interesting words of Jesus Jesus said these words in Luke chapter 4 he said I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to other towns because that is why I came I’m reiterating this because you see we’ve got to understand that we don’t need to guess about why he came he tells us I’m gonna read this again this verse needs to be inscribed on your mirror when you were fixing your face in the morning Jesus said I must preach the good news was a good news to her it means gospel I must preach the gospel of what the kingdom not our denomination not of your religion not of your traditions not all of your rituals but I came to preach the good news of the kingdom can I suggest you that there’s only one good news and it’s what the restoration of your authority over your circumstances which is kingdom the best news you could hear is that you can control your future again your number-one problem right now is that everybody controls you the bank owns you the insurance company controls you you know the people you’re the creditors or you did they own you the credit card people I mean your whole life is controlled by people and your greatest hope is that you’ll be debt-free talk to me somebody anybody be different and that’s your dream you know why you dream that but that’s what your destiny is your past is debt free and your future is depth rich what you are not supposed to be and get it to anyone except to love them and crisis that’s the good news the good news is what the kingdom of God was the good news the kingdom of God was the good news I can’t hear you what is the good news it’s not the Baptist the Anglican the Methodist the Catholic the Pentecost of the charismatic the Assemblies of God it ain’t none of that the good news is the kingdom of God and if anyone preached anything else other than the kingdom rulership of God they are not preaching the gospel now big government they’re all kind of stuff in the church in the last three I mean two thousand years or so we just lost the thing he preached in all kind of stuff he preached and even born again has become the gospel that’s not the gospel I mentioned to you last week God only mentioned born again once Jesus mentioned him once in the whole four gospel only once and never to a multitude only to one man the old man tonight three o’clock in the mornin named Nicodemus how come he preach born again as if it’s the gospel it’s not the gospel that’s the gospel the gospel is the kingdom of God why did he mention born again because the guy wanted to get into it his question was how do I get into the kingdom of God Nicodemus was not interested in born again he says in this kingdom thing he’s I want to get into the kingdom and place of good you want to get into it then you need a new spirit to come back inside of you what it’s a spread that you lost it’s the Holy Spirit Adam lost contact with heaven that’s why I didn’t know how to rule earth I repeat Adam lost contact with heaven didn’t know how to ruler so the number one key the kingdom of God is getting the Holy Spirit back into every human being so he can be in touch with the unseen so he could rule the scene that’s why the number one goal of Jesus Christ is to get the Holy Spirit back into every human being that’s why Joe r2 is so important Joseph I see the day coming when he shall put his spurt in all fresh he got excited he says I see it upon the handmaidens I see it upon the old man I see it in though you in the young people I see it in the young man he’s everybody gonna get this thing back again Wow he got excited and the last work of Jesus on this earth he’s very simple isn’t it found in John 21 John 20 rather heater’s disciples after resurrection and he hosts him and he breathes in them he says receive now the Holy Spirit the purpose for the cross is to cleanse you so you can receive the Holy Spirit again so the key to the kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit that’s why I love the song we signed this morning righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost and that’s the kingdom of God the king of God is not meat and drink my thing that’s important to remember because the charismatic movement is going after meat and drink some of you and I was driving you this morning early this morning I’m driving by myself to the service to my offices and the Lord is gonna speak to me quietly to myself again he said you know it’s not about prosperity he’s a prosperity Redis down is a byproduct of the kingdom it’s not the goal of your life prosperity is a benefit of being a citizen of the kingdom of God it should not be your focus now that we’re trying to get a big car and a big house and nice clothes on he says you got your focus wrong and we’ve made that gospel he said you must be living right if you get a big car because that’s not true but you get a big car and have no peace cuz you’re gonna pay for living a big house and you have all kind of else’s because you can’t keep the mortgage up see that’s foolishness no the kingdom of God is what love joy and peace in the Holy Ghost and if you seek first this kingdom then all these things come along with it can I hear amen which a some young people you start in college you go into your education I’m telling you as a man of God will been there if you trust the kingdom of God gotta bring people into your life and all your money all young one is not in your parents is not them folks you left home your monies and people waiting for you right here in this country they were born to pay your tuition I saw the kingdom works crisis of any man trust me he will never ever be made of shame let me tell you something if you be made a shame you can’t pay your bill you better check your trust level help me Jesus you got to refocus ourselves on the kingdom I was sharing my son by directors last week I said you know something we need to make sure as a leadership that we get focused on the kingdom and understand how it works because if we don’t you’re going to end up trying to solve your own and have yourself a heart attack because you weren’t born to carry the week that God’s supposed to pay for Christ as I came to do it to preach the kingdom of God for this reason I came as an awesome statement once having being acts by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come jesus replied the kingdom of God doesn’t come with your careful observation Luke 17 20 but it says not well people say here it is or there it is because the kingdom of God is well he said it would be within you the rulership of God begins within you right it’s by the Holy Spirit when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the reconnection of the kingdom of God I want to read John 18 he turned to this one this is very good jesus said My Kingdom is not of this world if it were My servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews but now my kingdom is from another place I wanted to pause here a minute this will get deep what is happening here Jesus Christ is in a courtroom a makeshift courtroom this is late at night it’s illegal trial because no one’s supposed to be tried after sunset in the culture of the Roman authorities but the Pharisees and scribes got a problem with this young 30 year old rabbi right now he’s 33 years old actually thirty three and a half years old and they upset at him because he’s not a religious man and he’s taken away all their members so they said we gotta stop this man before he corrupts all of Jerusalem with his teaching with teaching of the kingdom of God let me say something very important here are you listening I’m annoyed religion gets its pleasure from controlling people keep the TV on in other words the religious people feel like they are successful when they control the people that follow them Jesus came preaching a message that gave the people freedom to determine their own destiny what you understand how some of this is psychologically so when you begin to teach people that they don’t need the priests anymore then they are a priest themselves and that they can go direct to the high priests that’s a problem for religion set up straight see religion loves to control people and the kingdom does the opposite it gives you authority over your own life and gives you responsible to determine your own destiny which means that religious people now can no longer control you think about it friends if I get my job from you needing me to bring your sins to me then you better have a lot of sense keep me in business [Music] I see you know in your hair some of you understanding it that’s just run over something to say see see you better keep sinning because I need a job [Music] but I come preaching a gospel it says you can’t confess your own sins and he is faithful and just to forgive you of your own sin you don’t need me no more [Applause] then I lose my job in other words it is good business for some people but Jesus came oh man these religious leaders came to Jesus one day and they said we caught this woman man she’s an adulterer man we caught her in the act I’m still trying to figure that a man is anyhow that’s the problem I got with them see religious people they anyhow hyper hypocrites so I bought the woman caught in adultery huh and they said to Jesus ah we got her we according to the law we have to stone her because the law for adultery says there must be capital punishment the stoning in those days come the punishment of stoning they threw rocks and tell you were dead jesus said to them Jesus said well I’ll tell you what we’ll do I’m gonna write on the ground I can’t tell you what he wrote but I got my hunch I believe he started writing names I’m putting women names next to them John Mary Jeffery Susan in other words I know we all sleep he would do whatever he wrote the Bible says they dropped their stones and they walked away from there and the scripture says when he was finished only he and the woman was there he then turns to the woman an accent where are those who accuse you and she said they’re gone sir and then he said neither do I do you know if the Pharisees and scribes really wanted they wanted to go home that night saying kill do another one today yes sir them dirty sinners got another one today I’d show them no fool around our religion will kill you what kind of attitude is that they got their pride out of controlling people’s lives and even killing them but the kingdom of God brings mercy it brings forgiveness in praise restoration he gave that woman her own powerlessness and he says go and sin no more now how can a woman do that before the cross and there’s your mystery he were telling her you don’t need the Holy Ghost to live right you need the Holy Ghost to be back in touch with heaven but you have the power to choose to do right right now which of you done wrong couldn’t couldn’t stop yourself stand up anyone yet did wrong and couldn’t stop yourself stand up even before you were saved you done wrong and you couldn’t stop yourself stand up see I love you like that woman go and sin no more well we gotta pray for this man according to you Jesus lied to the woman [Laughter] jesus knew that you and I get the willpower to do right but we don’t have his conviction the Holy Spirit brings us conviction he reminds us that we are in touch with God can I suggest to you France and the kingdom of God gives you individual government you know what the Bible says in the book of general relations 5 it says this it says the full of the Spirit is love joy peace sounds familiar it’s a kingdom a self-control against these there is no law goodness kindness long-suffering patience there’s no law in other words when you understand this if the kingdom of God works the police will lose their need to be in Iran I like it away Paul Paul said to the church in Indonesia he says the greatest law in the whole Bible is to love the Lord and to love your neighbor yourself he repeats the words of Jesus and then he says no man can say he love his neighbor and then commit adultery with them against his wife or something in other words he said look all the problems in the world are related to the fact that we are not in the kingdom of God not following the holy spirit and that’s why we got so much other laws in society the kingdom of God brings peace in society and it brings order in society because people begin to govern themselves the reason why God doesn’t send a pastor to check on you every day all day it because he gave you the Holy Spirit he’s going to live right in secret if you are governed by the citizenship of God and that’s why righteousness is a part of the kingdom of God because it makes you stay in right-standing with the with the kingdom of God now I want you to notice something here in this verse he says standing before Pilate but it says to Jesus he said you know I got the power to kill you or to give you your life back now Jesus was quiet all during the trial the reason why he was quiet is because they was not dealing with Kingdom at the moment they were not challenging his citizenship he had no problem with what they were doing cuz far as he concerned this is just a matter of you know this is procedure but the only time he spoke was when Pilate challenged him with a kingdom challenge Pilate said to him do you know who I am I have the power don’t use that word with Jesus I have the power to condemn you to death or to give you life well Jesus couldn’t stay quiet any longer so Christ aside to speak he said excuse me and then he said these words right here he says you know my kingdom is not of this world because if my kingdom was of the world that you are part of then my servants would come here and they would protect me and you couldn’t arrest me now this is in the book of John in the Book of Luke he says the same thing in the same context but he says this he says if my servants came even now I could call 10 legions of angels and they would take you out Pilate now a legion is a as a whole lot angels they say between six to six thousand multiply that by ten how much that is 60,000 now one angel could pour one Vail on the earth and create a farmen could you imagine 16,000 showing him take care you two of them moved a stone that it took 10 soldiers to move one of them for to get Daniels prayer through a whole network of demons these are powerful people creatures I should say Jesus said pilot you are lucky luck on your side then the lucky is my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom my government of this world then I would call my servants write the word service down please very important word servant the word service they’re referring to soldiers army I would call my army and they will prevent my rest he says hey boys a kingdom servants say it again now according to Jesus the kingdom has its own army okay I’m getting ready to wrap up but no don’t miss this gonna change your life this week jesus said the kingdom of God has an army that is not of this world but it has an army oh dear it’s not a risk before I explained that I want to show you in verse 37 he says Pilate asked him then are you a king see Pilate got nervous are you king with his cake ruler you have a domain and a dominion over domain are you a king jesus said you’re right I am a king in fact for this reason I was born okay now he got two scriptures here that explains why he came number one he came to preach the good news of the kingdom of God that’s why he came and secondly he came to establish the fact that he is the king of the kingdom two reasons he came and then he says here and for this cause I came into the world to testify to the truth what’s the truth that I am a king and there’s a kingdom the truth is there’s a kingdom and I am the king that’s the truth and I came to testify the will testify like the way testify it’s a legal word in the courtroom and it means what to test someone’s confession in other words he says I I came to let your test the kingdom to see how it works Wow well pilot was testing the kingdom and crisis okay says you testing kingdoms let’s test if my kingdoms of this world I would call my army the way you call your soldiers this is practical pilot cannot fight Jesus Pilate heard about him walking on the water heard about this guy speaking to the wind into the storms this is news everybody knew but it’s matter of fact I did inherit one and cheeses and do some stuff for them my back hair attacks a request show me some tricks they knew the guy had power so Pilate wasn’t gonna deal with him by himself with piracy but I says I got authority to give you your life and take it from you why I got a I got a Centurion and under him is six thousand soldiers and I got a whole army of Cesar behind me I got the best army in the world behind me if we were to give a command they would come and wipe you out Jesus Jesus let me talk about kingdoms now you give me a bless in a minute he says look he says you talking about army he said you are so lucky pilot that my kingdom is not of this realm cause even worse then my servants would fight who is okay trying to explain this he was saying the the disciples are not my soldiers by the Dom please very important see we think that the church is the army that’s why we’re getting so beat up religious people like to fight stay with me girl you’re gonna get blessed in a minute I’m being taught and I used to believe until the Lord corrected me that the church was the army the church is not the army crisis look our kingdom our government is not of this world that’s why we don’t fight flesh [Applause] friends listen to me carefully laboring all night in prayer sweating and groaning walking the floor all morning wondering you know trying to get God to feel sorry for you walking up and down I don’t get nothing done what you doing you fighting you Friday Jesus said up your kingdom it’s none of this world so my servants I’m not of this world My servants my soldiers my army those who protect and take care of me I’m not this world so Pilate I don’t want to deal with you because you are a different level you lower than me talk to me my see the reason why you have a good week this week because I’m gonna elevate your mentality to your awareness or who are your protectors I’m gonna give you your dignity back this morning I’m so important that I feel real important Friday statements now number one kingdoms have citizens number two citizens are not servants and number three citizens do not fight the army fights number four the army protects and defends the citizens number five the army serves the citizens number six who are the servants and the army of the kingdom of heaven that’s the big question and that’s a question that we need to get Claire for an answer we live in the Bahamas thousand for the United States those of you who from Guyana and other countries Jamaica and Barbados England okay many of your countries have armies in the Bahamas we got will be called it the Defence Force a boys the Defence Force they are what the Defence Force couldn’t do they defend they defend us the policeman is the army of the Bahamas they are the law-enforcement agency they enforce the law and protect the citizens you’ll follow me man in America you’ve got the army which consists of the Marines and the and the Navy and the military guys and were they there for they are there to protect the citizens oh lord help me with this citizens do not fight citizens do not fight citizens are protected by the army the army carries out the citizens bidding Oh help me now if someone breaks into your house do you know me to power you have you got the power to pick up the telephone and make the policemen come to your house you’ve got what you’ve got citizen authority somebody given it slowly all right so that when someone attacks your country the citizens won’t pick up rocks and bottles and conch shell because no no they call for the mother people una call for their army the citizens never fight ratify the citizens stay safe in their home while the armies are there fighting and killing for them I’m gonna get us in a minute see as long as you are the army you in the fight but if you are a citizen Union accent drink kool-aid no that’s unhealthy I produce you stay safe in the city what the army is working for you they are protecting you they are defending you so when you are a citizen you don’t worry you let the generals were the kingdom of God is the most exciting thing to get a hold of because suddenly you stopped writing do you know what it is so you either pick up the phone and call it angel and say look I got some problems happening over here no I give a separate way all rights over there see you get another see we with the church is not an army Oh hallelujah Dino the phone call is a phone call is prayer prayer wears when you call the government and say look I got some conditions that I don’t like around here and the government then dispatches a whole regimen go and get it after I’m gone all right so we’ve confused Ephesians 6 when Paul says to the church he said look here’s how we fight for says you put on the helmet of salvation the breastplate of righteousness the lying part of truth the shoe of the gospel the shield of faith and the sword of the word then he says what pray you don’t fight you want fight he said I’m praying about seizing I’m praying all kinds of Prayer why he said because we don’t fight against flesh and blood when you pray you are calling up the government some of y’all need to call the government today [Applause] [Music] citizens don’t fight ona closed on couple of scriptures and we gonna come back to this next next next week but look at this it says the church is not the army the church is the citizenry look at Ephesians 2:19 verse 19 and 20 consequently Paul says you are no longer foreigners and aliens but you are fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household now the two words she wanted underline one is citizenship and household also citizenship has to do with legal rights you have a you a legal citizen but also means what family oh man this is deep help me Lord I can teach okay the King is your king so you a citizen of the kingdom but the problem is the king is also your brother don’t they get that so Paul says look we cover twice we cover legally and they covered blood wise man talk to me how I have a problem that my brother is the key hebrews chapter 2 says he does not find it a shame to call us brothers we are his brethren jesus is your big brother your big brother died to give you back authority in the kingdom and therefore you have a citizen’s rights but you also have relationship with the king because that’s your family and that his father is your daddy so i don’t understand what your problem is we should have no worry days no depression no ulcers no heart trouble no high blood pressure no tuberculosis no kind of ulcers nothing why because if we understand kingdom we walk on in the morning broke and smiling why I’m broke I just thinking for money [Applause] how many you got money in the bank banana in your pocket let me see your hands come anybody yes see you got money do you think you’ve got no money it’s just in the bank account that’s how the kingdom work the Bible says you throw up your treasures in heaven where inflation can’t get to so I ain’t look book don’t you let that fool you when I ready to make a drawdown on my account I go to the bank you can see hallelujah citizenship and household relationship repeat up to me I’m a citizen of the kingdom of God say it again I’m a citizen Psalm 91 he never says for he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways who are the army the army is the angels and they’ve been dispatched to guard you and they will do what God you and keep you in all your ways they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone that is not a devotional scripture that is a government contract with the citizens oh my lord pastor Richard listen when the devil came to Jesus the devil knew that Jesus knew his citizen rights so Satan could not try and snow him in religion so Satan said to him look jump from this place he said because you know the rights are the right side of you jump from here he has given the army how does Satan know this he used to be an army [Music] [Applause] he says I know how to army works and the general said that if anyone was to not oh thank god have mercy this is heavy okay hallelujah why does Satan say to Jesus the angel will keep him because Jesus was a man he put on human flesh and gaudiya see in heaven they don’t take you of that all of them is army in heaven no sitting come to read okay if you are a human they work for you [Applause] he said because you are a man they have to protect you based on the law that you wrote Satan was putting Scripture but he misquote just one word it says if you fall not if you jump if you fall he has given his angels cha charge means what responsibility he’s given the army didn’t watch over my kids don’t you get this till I’m going when you walk out here believe me friends this message is attracting angels right now when you walk through here there can be some big guys welcome hind you can’t see them big guys take it won’t block they can’t run behind your car just truck behind you just just stay with you huh if you an ambassador I’ll tell you about it brother I’m positive yep you wonder what show for under God what they got a guy over a guy in the back guess what you are an ambassador of Christ when you leave here there’s a guy in front of your car just turned away died behind watching everything cool let a guy on the side going along not a guy in the front driving with the driver you ain’t going to worry about of US citizen the kingdom of God [Applause] they never I’m under responsible hands say neighbor nothing could happen to me today because I’m protected by Secret Service agents lift your hands and shout for one second for rubber heart I’m will shut down my vodka this is not a joke this is real this is Kingdom business oh man look at this he sounds 78 49 says he unleashed against them his hot angels his anger his wrath indignation hostility we’re in the center of it a band of destroying angels meeting God don’t fight nobody not them same creatures look at what they do he released his heart finger his wrath his indignation is hostility through a band of destroying angels that’s the army the church is supposed to be fighting he’s supposed to give orders [Applause] Teli angels every time I leave it inane is not your stay by my house watch over my property watch over my children watch over my car I’m going away and I mean that that ain’t no no no less sheep is prayer I know that Kingdom talk have you let angels in your house before you left home you better point right now where it is you tell them go no matter where it could be in America being Barbados you sent them home so you go and watch over you’ve been given responsibility by the government to watch and guard me just Kingdom talk oh I got to get to this mercy in Psalm 103 place the Lord rest ready you his angels you mighty ones who do his bidding who obey his word place tomorrow dollars heavenly what hosts for his servants you are his servants who do his will talk about angels my angels are here to do God’s will for us but look at that it’s this return hosting you read it all to the Bible hosts hosts is referring to our me God heavenly hosts is the army of heaven and they are what the Bible said they are there to serve Him and to do his bidding but look at Hebrews 1:14 and this is the powerful verse I want you to get it says are not all angels how many all angels that includes Michael Gabriel and Lucifer he our angels are ministering spirits sent forth to serve those who will inherit salvation is that you if that you would handle please Dania but they were sent forth to serve me they are my servants they are my ministers they are my army they are my police they are my servants they are my military that’s what the Bible calls them same word used they were sent for to serve you who are as a Salvation that may you and I are citizens and citizens don’t find I think a great example revelation 12:7 and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back Daniel 1012 your words were heard the angel told Daniel the moment you prayed 21 days ago your words were heard and I have come to it to in respond to them I’ll come in what and respond to your words who was playing a man who answered an angel who read the next statement it says but on my way the Prince of Persia the kingdom of the present Kingdom red resisted Lee 21 days then Michael showed up one of the chief Prince’s and he came to help me because I was detained there with this with the king of Persia in other words these angels they take care of business man my point is this Daniel was praying and then he waited no fight Daniel cool and the angel says the first day you prayed let me take your blessing with this we couldn’t go now listen to this the answer is bought by angels oh yeah angels can talk to the man who waken in the bank who holding up your loan but you got afraid the government don’t don’t talk to the man talk to the government and then go to the bank now sometimes you go to the first time angel they reach it because it might be living fighting going on you go back to second time the third time the fourth time 21 times and then the fellows say you know I don’t know why I was always up for you but I know why michael–ah came in and fix things new bit my point is this whenever you pray God dispatches the army to take care of your business this is incredible for citizenship and that’s why we as a people need to stop thinking in terms of us being the army and we got to understand that we have a destiny in the kingdom of God and the clothes of this verse Matthew 24 25 24 34 come you are blessing my father take your inheritance which is the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world jesus said you were created to inherit the kingdom it’s yours from the beginning is what you were born to have it was always yours Jesus when he finished his tests in the wilderness remember what he did the Bible says that after he had left fasted forty days and forty nights Satan came and tempted him and he quoted the law back to Satan and he warned and what happened to by was and then angels came and ministered to him and this this has been bugging me a little bit lately what does that mean what does what does that mean okay to minister means what to serve they came to serve him they were soldiers they came to serve him take care of him he is a citizen well what did he need anyone tell me food what else you need water shade yeah you needed a bath probably need some solution cuz we dry out there in other words these angels came probably ran the devil far away and came back and washed his face found him food rubbed his foot massage his back but lotion on I don’t know what they did but it just simply said they ministered to him some of you need some ministry this morning and I don’t know what you’re going through maybe you tie it fighting all this battle you men try to fix things yourself I’m gonna say well you just relax this morning because I’m gonna send some of the servants into the service and they gonna go about and they’re gonna just minister to you but that’s their job citizens do not fight citizens are protected and preserved by the army the kingdom of God is therefore the most exciting place to live because suddenly you stop worrying today angels are going about doing work for you if you call the government thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Munroe Global possible please visit us online at www.munroeglobal.com [Music]

From the very beginning God’s plan for His creation was centered on our being in a relationship with Him. It was never God’s plan to establish a religion.

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