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for just the next few moments I want to share something with you I have a picture now I purposely have my hand covering an image that’s in the corner this is not one of those can you see this in the clouds or do you see this image you know people take photographs sometimes but I got to tell you about this picture and I’m going to talk about for just a brief moment angels protecting children how that supernaturally at times angels are assigned over children now the Bible says in fact it and I’m going to mention this the book this season of angels there is a chapter in chapter five angels assigned to protect children the bible does not mention the phrase guardian angel but it does tell you that the angel of the lord encamps the round about them that fear god and delivers them in Psalms thirty-four and there’s other references that we point out in detail and one of the things my father prayed every single day over us was angelic protection and there had been times I lost an engine on a plane and my pilot was able to land it there’s been times we’ve been in car accidents we come out without without a broken bones and so I do believe that angels are assigned as special to children there’s about there several verses that we break out in the New Testament Greek words to show you how that angels are assigned literally a sign from God in heaven to protect children now I will show you a picture that to me is the most fascinating picture that I have in my possession now please pay careful attention to what I’m about to say this part is important this is not a modern picture this picture was taken in nineteen eighty at a hospital there was a car accident and this baby that we’re going to show you that let me just do this right here this little baby that we’re going to show you was in a hospital bed you in a minute you’re gonna see an IV bag over here you’ll see the railing and a baby nursery the grandfather is over here holding the head of the child up and you can see the skin tone of the the the grandpa’s hands right here and the baby’s face right there so you can see the skin tones now remember this this was before computers this was before power Point this is before photoshopping this was this no this is not the original picture I had him copy it because I don’t want to mess with the original but this is the copy that they had in the computer from my ministry and I’ve showed people this picture this very picture you can see that how old it is by the edges for forty years almost now when they went to take a picture because this child in the car wreck there were people killed but this baby who’s now she would be probably her thirties she’s still living I just heard from the grandmother several years ago that she’s still living survived a terrible car accident now I’m going to show you something that blows your mind I want you look up in the corner right here that is a very clear face and several points I want to make out number one it is absolutely either an angel captured on photo now again it’s years old or it’s the face of the Lord it’s one of the greatest pictures and let me just say this to you I’m always very hesitant to show people things like this because percent of the people are skeptics they don’t believe in angels they don’t believe in the supernatural they think it’s all a joke or whatever I don’t met folks I don’t miss that way I don’t mess with the holy spirit I don’t mess with the things of God because I have a great fear of the Lord but the thing I want to point out is the skin to cut off can you still see it the skin tone here’s the eyes there’s the nudging but there’s the IV bag see there’s the back so it’s not in front it’s behind and here is the tone there’s the Grandpa’s hand there’s the baby’s aunt notice the flesh tone is the same this is very bright and when you when you pull it back far and kind of zoom out Jonathan – nothing I got I got walking shorts how so don’t get that’s in the picture but can you see that that is a that is just to me a moment captured in time of God’s showing this family in Northport Alabama in nineteen eighty how God had protected this little girl who today is still living from from a very bad car accident and there again there were people that were killed in the car if I’m not mistaken I may be wrong because the actual photograph has the riding on the back with the details but the reason I’m showing you this is to encourage every mother and dad to pray over your children every morning for the angels of God to protect them and go with them one little boy I was in the Midwest they told me this story one little boy was taught about the protection of angels by his mother and about how to pray and a man came and pulled up in this house it must have been scoping the house out and knocked on the door and the little boy answers okay I need to talk to your mom and daddy he said well that is it work mom’s in the shower and he grabbed the boy and threw him in the front seat of the car this happened in Oklahoma and that young boy started rebuking him and said you’re not my dad you’re not my mama I command you in the name of Jesus to take me home and he start praying it aloud and screaming the name of Jesus and that driver turned around and let the boy out so there’s a lot of stories that we can talk about like this but I had actually put this picture away and I asked him to give me a copy that was enlarged the actual picture is about this size right here it’s about half of this so this is the ‘large version so I’m going to ask you again this book has become a very very well-known book and it’s called this season of angels and they have it on Amazon right now and you can go to Amazon now and get it and I want you to if you’d if you’re a parent or a grandparent I really want you to pay attention to the Greek word studies I did in the sex and it talks about angels assigned to protect children right there it is in chapter five and it’s a very detailed chapter and I hope that you will put what you read here in this season of angels put it into practice espares several chapters that gives you some practical things that would be a blessing to you so I had to show you this I mean I got to thinking about I said you know the skeptics are going to be the skeptics and people that know us and know our minister are going to understand the integrity that we have with things such as this so may God bless you and keep you make his face to shine upon you and may God protect your seed in the days to come with his mighty warriors so thank you for joining me

Do Angels Protect our Children?

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