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  • Guest speaker Pastor Dominic Russo ministering at Freedom Church in Chatsworth, California.

Video Transcript

you are about to watch a very special guest today his name is dominic russo founder of mission.me if this message has spoken to your life you can let us know by going to freedom.church online and if you felt impacted by this message and you want to help make it free for others you can do that by going to freedom.church give or text freedom church to 77977 20 for you so would you stand to your feet if you can give it up for my friend pastor dominic russo man preach as long as you want bro so good to be here with you guys freedom church you’re absolutely incredible we have so much love for pastor justice and maria coleman can we just give it up for our over the top extraordinary incredible senior leaders here at freedom church such incredible friends the lindsay and i and all of us at missions dot me in one day what a joy it has been to already partner with you this year and we are so excited to run towards 2021 one day la with each and every one of you well we are so glad you tuned in to the broadcast this morning we believe that god wants to speak something specific to each and every one of you watching today so let’s open in prayer and we’ll dive right in father in the name of jesus lord we thank you that eye has never seen ear has never heard it’s never even entered the heart of humanity what you have prepared for us who love you spirit of god we recognize that you didn’t simply come to make bad people good you came to make dead people alive and we thank you today that you are calling to life your eternal purpose over each and every person watching may we never be the same again we pray in jesus name and everybody shouted amen and amen how many people know that nothing is impossible with god i mean nothing is impossible with god if i were to be honest i don’t think it takes a great intellect to come to that conclusion you could step outside on a dark starry night and look at this vast universe that god’s created around us and i think the logical conclusion is that nothing is impossible with god you consider the complexity of the world i mean you you you have to conclude that our god is wise he is capable he is powerful the uncreated creator spoke the universe into existence so when jesus makes the statement in luke 1 37 for nothing will be impossible with god i don’t think that’s a massive revelation but there’s a second statement that jesus makes and i believe it’s what he wants to say to all of us today and that’s simply not that nothing’s impossible with god but that nothing is impossible for us he said in matthew 17 20 truly i tell you in other words i’m not exaggerating this is not hyperbole this is not overstatement when i’m when i make this this this this declaration he said if you have faith like a mustard seed now notice he doesn’t say if you have massive faith he doesn’t say if you have faith like abraham or king david from the bible or john the baptist no he says if you have faith like a seed which is the tiniest amount of authentic trust he said you can command those mountains to move and then check this out nothing will be impossible for you this morning i believe that god wants to invite each and every person watching to live the impossible nothing’s not only impossible with god but jesus says if you follow me and if you trust me nothing is impossible for you see living the impossible is not just reserved for our pastors living the impossible is not just reserved for the author of that book that impacted your life living the impossible is available to each and every one of us when we come to jesus an incredible miracle happens the bible says instead of being a slave to sin we actually become a slave to righteousness so before coming to jesus it’s natural for us to sin but but after coming to jesus we actually have to work contrary to our new nature to sin to continue in sin and i believe it’s the same way with living the impossible i think when we come to jesus there is a seed for the impossible deposited in our heart and we actually have to work against who we really are now to live a possible limited life somebody say live the impossible this morning [Music] jesus continues to make the case in john 14 he said truly i tell you he said the works that i’ve been doing you will do also and even greater works than these jesus is literally saying i want to make sure that everybody’s clear the impossible life is available to every single person i’ll never forget getting a hold of some of these scriptures and beginning my journey of believing god for more i was 26 years old i remember finding myself in the president’s office in the nation of honduras nation was a honduras was a nation in distress and and i said to the president mr president i know the nation’s in pain unemployment’s over 40 percent they’re calling this the world’s murder capital but there’s a scripture in the bible in isaiah chapter 66 verse 8 and the ancient prophet asks the question can a nation be saved in one day i said mr president what if in part isaiah was speaking to this moment in your history what if all of honduras could be healed could be transformed could be saved in one day and i said we have a vision called one nation one day and we want it to begin here in your country and we we invited the president to partner with us in an unprecedented way to declare one nation one day a national holiday to open up all the public high schools in them to give us the 18 largest stadiums in the capital cities of all 18 states for our use for free now we didn’t know what the president was going to say but he and the congress signed a resolution and it became law in the country it was a miracle up until that point we brought small groups with us on short-term missions trips and i’ll never forget flying to meet with the president i came back and and i was nervous to just cover that cost of that plane ticket myself but 18 to 20 months after that first meeting with the president we were able to recruit the largest missions team in history a team of 2 000 and i’ll never forget standing next to my wife lindsay on this 7 47 we just chartered all the commercial flights were where we bought all those tickets and we had to literally chart our own 747. the flight attendant walked up and said mr russo would you like to pray before we leave i said first of all i’ve always wanted to talk on one of those things and and secondly absolutely i said i said linds i can’t imagine i was so nervous to pay for one or two international flights here we’ve just chartered a 747. i never want to live confined by the same limiting thoughts i never want to live a possible life for the rest of my life is anybody hungry for the impossible this morning somebody say live the impossible so how do we get these limits off of us what’s the process of removing the limitations that keep us from the impossible i believe it’s easy i believe if you’ll follow this journey through the scriptures this morning that god’s gonna teach you how to live the impossible first this morning is we have to hear the voice of god living the impossible starts from a place of revelation and here’s what’s so powerful jesus is talking to you in fact i believe he’s talking to you with a greater clarity and frequency than ever anytime ever before in your life he said it categorically in john 10 27 my sheep hear my voice and if you will simply lean in and listen if you’ll quiet your heart and quiet your mind you’ll be able to hear that familiar safe trustworthy encouraging voice jesus is talking to you and the first step to living the impossible is hearing from heaven one of the things i love about this this god that we love this god that we serve is that even from the moment that adam sent him broke relationship with god in the book of genesis the first bible in the first book in the entire bible adam disobeys god the first human being sins against god and the bible says his relationship with god is broken his closeness with god is broken but from that point to today god has been trying to move closer and closer to us in the old testament he said i don’t like this distance so he commanded the people in the bible to build a building called the temple and his presence would be there and after a while he said you know that’s not good enough i’m just going to leave heaven and walk among you i’m going to put skin on and god became a man the bible says in in the person of jesus christ and he walked among us but even then even still jesus said this isn’t good enough i i want to be even closer to my creation so the bible says jesus said when i go i’m going to send the holy spirit and my spirit will not just live near you but he’ll actually live in your physical body it doesn’t really get closer than that and the bible says that when the holy spirit comes jesus said he won’t just speak on his own but he’ll speak what the father saying and check this out he will tell you about the future he will tell you things to come i’m so grateful that i’m living today things that the holy spirit showed me three years ago and five years ago and i’m not wondering where i’m heading in three or five years i know exactly the direction i’m going because the holy spirit has showed me things to come and and you don’t have to wonder where god’s taking you you don’t have to guess what’s next in fact the holy spirit is living in your physical body living in your heart wanting to talk to you about your life wanting to reveal things to you about where you’re going and where you’re heading and what god wants to do in you and through you so how do we live the impossible first and foremost we need to hear from god we need to live out of a place of revelation there’s nothing more powerful than knowing you’ve heard god’s voice there’s nothing more confidence building than knowing that heaven has spoken to you and the direction you’re moving is what the spirit of god spoke to you so number one we got to hear the voice of god somebody say hear his voice once we get the word from god then number two we need the plan somebody say plan first the word then the wisdom and the plan i think one of the great tragedies in our generation is when somebody has a legitimate word from god when when they’ve really heard from heaven and then they sit back in a place of passivity thinking it’s all just gonna happen see the reality is once god speaks to you then you need to pursue him for the wisdom and the strategy to steward what he said see planning is godly planning is biblical planning gives definition to faith planning pulls promises out of eternity and puts them into time planning documents vision god has a plan for you but he will not plan for you and god is a planner in fact the bible says before the foundations of the earth he had a plan he conceived of a plan it says in the book of ephesians and that’s why when adam sinned in the garden god didn’t throw an emergency meeting he didn’t say what are we going to do in fact when adam sinned he said it’s time to put the plan in motion and he sent his son jesus thousands of years later god conceived a plan he outworked his plan and he’s going to finish his plan when his plan is over you and i will be ruling and reigning with jesus in heaven forever does your planning match your promise god wants you to take the time to write to to strategize to get the wisdom to steward what he said so first the word number two then the plan i’ll never forget uh when god spoke to us for los angeles many of you that have followed the journey of freedom church know that we were planning something pretty outrageous for los angeles we wanted to give the city of la the greatest display of love it’s ever experienced and we were calling thousands of people to come to la from not just across america but from around the world and then in march there was a declaration of national emergency a couple of weeks later the mayor of la said there will not be any large public gatherings and suddenly we realized that it would not be possible to take a stadium it would not be possible to bring people from all over the world to la in this environment and so rather than try to force some diluted version of what god showed us for los angeles rather than give the city something that the original vision never never represented we said we’re going to sit and we’re going to hear from heaven and after about 45 days of just waiting on god and planning and preparing god began to give us the strategy he began to give us the new plan and what’s so amazing is one daily and love has no limits it’s going to be a hundred times better than the original version because it’s not just a week but it’s an entire year of changing the headlines we want to eradicate all the purchasable medical debt in la county 22 000 families are going to get a letter in the mail that says your debt has been paid in full 46 million dollars taken away of medical debt burdening families there are 700 children that are stuck in the foster care system 700 children that are legally separated from their parents waiting for a home how many people believe that the church can step up and bring 700 kids home across la we want to recruit thousands of of new foster parents to help the overburdened foster system in l.a county we want to launch a hope community in all 35 state prisons when somebody is convicted of a crime in l.a they’re sent to one of 35 state prisons and and we believe that they should find hope in prison and community in prison and there’s a sequence of seven humanitarian strikes to the city all through the year and then one day la will live this summer and we can’t wait to be a part of it with you but god gave us the plan somebody say plans first the word then the plan then number three then we anchor into faith almost a hundred out of a hundred times whenever god speaks to you whenever he’s spoken to me the next phase is everything looking opposite to what he said and and he gave us a live illustration in the bible through a man named abraham and he actually called abraham the father of faith he gives abraham an outrageous promise he says your descendants your children will outnumber the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore he said abraham i’m going to make you famous i’m going to make your name great in fact your children will be so great that they’re going to call you the father of nations how many people would be pumped with the word from god like this so abraham gets this word he gets this promise then all of a sudden one year passes and his wife can’t even conceive a child so this man that god calls the father of nations who god says his children will outnumber the stars his own wife can’t have one child five years pass no promise 10 years she’s barren 20 years past no child 30 years 40 years 50 years now abraham and sarah are physically incapable of reproducing and the bible says in romans 4 against all hope abraham in hope believed everything that abraham was looking at was opposite to what god said and yet he had a decision to make would he let go of the promise or would he actually anchor deeper into faith and i believe with all my heart there are people even watching the broadcast this morning that you’ve said man god showed me things and then this 2020 environment emerged the pandemic hit i lost my job the pandemic hit i lost my opportunity i lost my hope i lost my dream i lost my vision and god says to you against all hope it’s time to in hope believe again i want you to actually anchor deeper into faith and the bible says that abraham in hope believed and even though he was his wife was barren even though he was 100 years old he continued to trust god and the bible says his faith gave great glory to god see what happens is when your promise is tested all of heaven i believe looks at you and watches what you will do and how you’ll respond and when instead of living by what you see with your physical eyes you live by what god said and you release trust what happens is there is a thrill that fills heaven it actually releases such glory to god and i and i’m challenging every person watching today don’t you dare let go of your promise don’t you dare draw back this is your time to anchor deeper into faith because everything god said everything he showed you every vision he placed in your heart every dream for the impossible that you carry shall come to pass god wants it to be a reality but we’ve got to trust him and this season and this moment in time you have to live by faith i’m watching it all across the world people who are approaching this season in faith are coming out on top people who are approaching the season in faith are more blessed today than when the year started in january and some of you say dominic that the heartache has been real the challenges have been so significant and and i believe with all my heart that december 31 2020 you can still look back and say god was so faithful he blessed me in the storm he he he protected me he provided for me and god wants to be with you even in the shaking somebody say anchor into faith then it’s time number four to release greatness greatness is when god trusts you with a calibration of influence and authority that is uncommon and it is god’s desire that every single person watching this morning that every single person watching enter into greatness enter into greatness but i believe some people never step into this place of greatness because of one of two c’s the first c is criticism see when you’re standing in line with everybody else you’re not a target for criticism when you’re blending in with all of your family and all of your friends and living like all the people around you you really aren’t exposed but that’s the second you take a step of faith that the second you start to make waves all of a sudden you become a target for criticism and oftentimes people say i don’t really want to step into that space of of of becoming vulnerable of becoming a target so i’ll just kind of hang back but let me tell you something this morning criticism is often a proof you’ve entered into greatness in fact jesus said woe to you if all men speak well of you in other words if you’re gonna follow jesus if you’re gonna break out and live an impossible life then you better be prepared for some criticism i don’t know about you i’m not gonna let a little bit of criticism keep me from living this big limitless life that jesus has prepared for me i think the other c it’s not just criticism but it’s crowns some people with genuinely good intentions say you know i don’t want to really step out because i don’t want the attention i don’t i don’t want people to recognize me i don’t want them to throw crowns at me i i don’t want to be known and yet jesus said i want you to live a life that the world can’t ignore i want you to do things that the world can’t do without god in fact jesus said i want my church i want people who follow me to be a shining city on a hill that cannot be hidden our call as followers of jesus is to do things that command the attention of the world around us in fact god wants us to love the world around us god wants us to live an impossible life to the point where the world around us has to say only god and so when people crown you when people recognize you that’s okay just as long as every night you take a moment and you take those crowns off of your head and you say lord my frame was never meant to carry the weight of worship these crowns aren’t for me they’re for you and you lay them at the feet of jesus and you say lord all honor all glory belongs only to you and you give jesus all of the praise and all of the glory don’t let don’t let the attention that your impossible life will command keep you from manifesting greatness from releasing greatness there is an invitation for every single person this morning to live the impossible i dare you to break out i dare you to just release the tiniest amount of faith see when we learn to get alone with jesus and say jesus i i don’t know that i have the faith like like pastor justice and maria i don’t know that i have the faith like like the author of that book or like my my grandmother or i don’t know that i have the faith like some of these christians but but lord this is what i do have and in this moment i give you the authentic innocent child-like trust of my heart he looks back at you and says that’s all i need and he’s he’s wanting to take you from where you are and bring you to the impossible place all across this room i want to invite you to stand and those of you watching right now i believe that jesus says this is a marked moment in your life regardless of where you find yourself in september of 2020 regardless of the status of your world right now the status of your family the status of your employment the status of your peace jesus is issuing you an invitation to live the impossible he wants to crush every limitation that’s keeping you from that impossible place so all across this room let’s lift our hands you watching i’d invite you to lift your hands right in your home run in your office right in your car just lift your hands right now and pray this with me say lord jesus i don’t want to live the possible [Music] limited confined life i don’t want to hold back i want to enter into everything you have for me so right here and right now i release trust i release my confidence in you cause me to live the impossible [Music] in jesus name now for a moment make it real between you and god just in your own words say lord jesus in your own words say i want to live that impossible paint a picture of my future on the canvas of my heart give me a vision give me a glimpse holy spirit show me things to come show me 20 21 show me a glimpse of 20 22 give me hope for what’s coming speak to me lord just listen for his whisper this morning he’s talking to people he’s talking to people sitting with their wife and their children he’s talking to men right now sitting with their families he’s giving you hope of what’s to come for i know the plans i have for you declares the lord plans to give you hope and a future let me promise you this morning where god’s taking you is so much better than where you’ve been because the path of the righteous the scripture says is like the dawning day shining ever brighter and where god’s taking you is better than where you have been just let them cement this truth in your heart right now [Music] now i just want to take a moment for people who may be tuning in right now that this is your first time experiencing a a virtual service like this maybe you were sent the link by a friend maybe you stumbled upon it online maybe you’ve been tuning in for the last couple of weeks or maybe you once walked with god but if you were to really evaluate your heart you’d say dominic i don’t have peace with god i’m not living like i know i need to live i’m not walking with god right now in this moment you can be brought back into right relationship with god jesus the bible says stands at the door of your heart and he knocks and he waits for us to give him permission to take his rightful place in our life jesus is looking not for us to call him friend but to call him lord and the bible says if we will confess with our mouth jesus is lord and believe in our heart that god raised them from the dead a miracle happens our sins are forgiven and we’re brought into right relationship with god so all across this room and for those of you watching if that’s you you say dominic i want to know my sins are forgiven i want to lead you in this prayer pray this with me this morning say lord jesus from today forward [Music] i want you to be my lord my savior forgive me of my sins thank you for dying and rising from the dead from this day forward my life is yours totally and completely amen and amen hey if you made a decision for jesus just write just write i believe in the comments section of your chat we want to continue to resource you to give you more information about this new journey with jesus we love you freedom church let’s celebrate what god’s doing this morning the lord is in this place the lord is in this place to come holy spirit and drive on to the lord is in this place yes he is the lord is in this place forsaken the lord is in this place come on let’s just lift up our hands to the god that is with us to the god that is for us say come holy spirit enter my home into my life enter my situation and do what you want to do [Applause] holy spirit i’m so grateful you haven’t forsaken me not foreign [Music] is [Music] [Applause] is [Music] you are in this place [Music] [Applause] come [Applause] we on you jesus we worship you jesus

About Dominic and Lindsay Russo

Dominic Russo is a speaker, a humanitarian, and an innovator in international missions. At the age of 20, Dominic founded Missions.Me and began organizing strategic ministry outreach campaigns in cities across Latin America. 

In 2010, Dominic’s wife Lindsay founded Angel House – an organization that has the vision to rescue 100,000 children and trafficking victims.  Through her efforts, more than 5,000 orphaned children who would otherwise be reduced to a life of begging and homelessness are enrolled in school and flourishing in over 200 safe and loving homes. Together, they reside in Southern California with their sons Mason and Jude.

About Missions.Me

Missions.Me empowers people to change the world. Whether it is introducing a street orphan to their new home, leading a nation in a prayer of reconciliation, offering medical relief to the suffering, or hosting large missions teams.


Dominic Russo Ministries - Mission.Me

Dominic Russo Ministries – Mission.Me



Dominic Russo Ministries Channel | Missions.Me



Photo Gallery

Pastor Dominic Russo ministering at Freedom House OC Church in Fullerton California

Pastor Dominic Russo ministering at Freedom House OC Church in Fullerton, California | Image courtesy: freedomhouseoc.org



Pastor Dominic Russo ministering at Pneuma Church in Miami Florida

Pastor Dominic Russo ministering at Pneuma Church in Miami, Florida | Image courtesy: pneuma.church



Pastor Dominic Russo ministering with pastors in the nation of Nicaragua

Pastor Dominic Russo ministering with pastors in the nation of Nicaragua | Image courtesy: missions.me



Dominic and Lindsay Russo

Dominic and Lindsay Russo. | Image courtesy: https://twitter.com (@dominicrusso)



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 81.8k Followers, 710 Following, 971 Posts – Husband to @Lindsay_Russo| Father to Mason, Jude, & Liviana| Founder of @MissionsMe #1Nation1Day @1dayla | Just a small glimpse of what we’re anticipating this Saturday! So many have said “yes” to loving the LA community and showcasing the power and beauty of a city coming together…

14.2k Followers, 935 Following, 424 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Lindsay  Russo (@lindsay_russo) | Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask about the health and safety of our @theAngelHouse team during this second wave of Covid-19 that is currently sweeping across India. The reports are devastating and our hearts are broken for all those who are currently suffering, and especially those mourning the loss of family and friends…

Love Has No Limits: How to Organize + Mobilize Volunteers …

Dominic Russo

Meet Dominic Russo. He’s a humanitarian and innovator, and he knows how to mobilize massive audiences toward good. At the age of 20, he founded Missions.Me and began organizing strategic outreach campaigns in cities across Latin America. Today, his Love Has No Limits grassroots org has an audacious goal: calling all to be part of the greatest display of love Southern California has ever experienced through volunteer efforts addressing homelessness, poverty, and other crippling community issues…

GO Conference | Learn To Witness Effectively

On the week of July 20, 2013, more than 1 million Hondurans were personally reached through the 1Nation1Day outreaches and every national newspaper announced: “We Have A New Honduras.” Recognizing it was never supposed to be one moment for one nation, the 1Nation1Day movement grew to include The Dominican Republic in 2015, Nicaragua in 2017, and Peru in 2019. All four campaigns were marked by a historic level of collaboration among national political and religious leaders…

Do Not Say, I Am Too Young | Pastor Dominic Russo

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Do Not Say I Am Too Young (Book) by Pastor Dominic Russo

All throughout the Bible, God’s track record overwhelmingly demonstrates that he really enjoys picking young people to take on big assignments. He places a ton of trust in their potential, in who they can be, and what they can do. God knows something about the profound capacity of a young person.

That’s why the scriptures sat, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young!” Consider this. God sent His only son to live on the earth for 33 years, to die, rise from the dead, and get the church started. Jesus knew He would have 3 years to find and train a handful of people to take over His mission when He left. Who does He choose? 12 young people.| Learn more…


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