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Donna asks…

Holy Spirit?

When Christians accept Jesus into their life the Holy Spirit then dwells in us.  What i’d like to know is, how come some Christians have different views on certain Bible passages? If the Holy Sprit is in us how come we don’t have the same views? There’s only one Holy Spirit.

Cee Harmon answers:

Hello Donna,

You are correct. I believe the answer to your question is that the Holy Spirit will give certain people certain messages (revelations)through the same Bible passage, because they need it at that time, for example maybe one person was going thru depression, and another person was getting married, and they read the same Bible passage, and it comforted and helped both of them thru the Holy Spirit and its leading.

Check out this video by Joseph Prince and his teaching on the Holy Spirit and his role in your life:


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Celebrating Joseph Prince Ministries: 5th Year Anniversary


Celebrating Joseph Prince Ministries: 5th Year Anniversary – From 1 airtime per week in 2007, Joseph Prince\’s sermons are now broadcast more than 240 times a week into millions of homes across the US and the world, including Europe,


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…you will walk in blessings in every area of your life. — Joseph Prince



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