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Don’t quit on God’s plan for your life. That’s the message in this Ministry Minute video by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. In this short video, Mac Hammond, Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, shares an encouragement to stand strong and not quit on God’s plan, on the calling you have received.
To do this, you’ll need patience—Spirit-led, Spirit-filled patience.

Strong’s Concordance provides one definition for patience that is this: “cheerful endurance.” When you’re waiting for the plan of God in your life to be fulfilled, patience—cheerful endurance—is required. You don’t want to give up right before your breakthrough. You want to stand strong on God’s Word for His promises to be fulfilled.

How can you do this? You rely on the joy of the Lord because it is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). The joy of the Lord, which comes to you as part of your salvation and as a result of stirring up your faith, strengthens you was you wait for God’s promises to be fulfilled in your life.

So don’t quit on God’s plan for your life. Whether you’re believing for a new ministry, a new relationship, a physical healing or a new direction, if God has promised it, He will fulfill it.

Listen as Mac Hammond shares this encouraging word. And if you need someone to stand in prayer with you, then visit Kenneth Copeland Ministries at kcm.org to contact our prayer ministers. They’re waiting to pray and encourage you on your way. Remember, Jesus is Lord and we’re here for you!

3 Things to Do While You’re Standing in Faith: https://kcmorg.us/2tmp5du


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