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0:00 the believer’s walk of faith is paid for 0:02 by bill winston ministries partners and 0:05 viewers 0:14 hello i’m bill winston and welcome to 0:16 another program the program that you’re 0:17 watching is called the believer’s walk 0:19 of faith where we walk by faith and not 0:21 by sight oh we have an exciting program 0:24 for you today praise god we’re still 0:26 teaching on revelation of royalty 0:30 revelation of royalty you see the bible 0:32 says over in the book of revelation it 0:34 says that jesus is a king of kings 0:38 praise god that he’s the lord of lords 0:42 well who do you think the kings and the 0:44 lords are it’s us the believer praise 0:47 god in psalm 115 and verse 16 it says 0:50 the heavens even the heavens of the lord 0:52 but the earth has he given to the 0:54 children of men you see god has given 0:57 this earth as our domain he wants us to 1:01 dominate in this earth and no king feels 1:05 inferior in his own domain that’s why 1:07 jesus didn’t feel inferior to anybody 1:10 anything the devil disease anything why 1:14 because it’s his domain it’s our domain 1:17 we’re to dominate this earth praise god 1:20 get your bibles and pencils and papers 1:21 ready let’s find out how to do it let’s 1:24 go into it it’s called revelation of 1:26 royalty 1:30 you and i 1:32 are going into these areas 1:35 and we’re going to break the powers 1:38 of the spiritual foundations 1:41 that have been occupying these areas 1:44 with the power of god 1:46 and those principalities and powers may 1:49 seem strong 1:51 but they break down in the presence 1:55 of 1:56 kingdom-minded people 1:59 let’s go to mark chapter 4 2:01 verse 35 2:04 and the same day when evening was come 2:06 he said unto them let us pass over to 2:08 the other side 2:10 and when they had sent away the 2:12 multitude they took him even as he was 2:14 in the ship and there was also with him 2:16 other little ships this is jesus now 2:19 and there rose a great storm of wind the 2:21 waves beat into the ship so that it was 2:23 now full 2:25 and he was in the hindu part of the ship 2:27 asleep on a pillow 2:29 and they awake him and said to him 2:31 master 2:32 careth thou not that we what 2:35 perish 2:36 and he arose and rebuked the wind and 2:38 said to the sea peace be still and there 2:42 was a great calm 2:44 and he said to them why are you so 2:46 fearful how is it that you have no faith 2:50 and they feared exceedingly and said one 2:52 to another what manner of man is this 2:54 that even the wind and sea obey him now 2:55 look at the next verse 2:57 and they came over into the other side 2:58 of the sea into the country of the 3:00 galleries 3:01 and when he was come out of the ship 3:02 immediately that met him out of the 3:04 tombs a man with an unclean spirit 3:06 and he had his dwelling among the tombs 3:09 and no man could bind him no not with 3:11 change because that he had been often 3:13 bound with feathers and chains feathers 3:15 you put on your feet chains you put on 3:16 your hand 3:18 and the chains had been plucked asunder 3:20 by him and the fed is broken in pieces 3:22 neither could any man tame it so no 3:24 natural power could hold him 3:27 and always night and day 3:30 he 3:30 was in the mountains and in the tombs 3:32 crying and cutting himself with stones 3:35 but when he saw jesus 3:37 a far off he ran and 3:39 worshiped him and put another thing in 3:41 he fell at his feet and worshiped him he 3:43 bowed before 3:46 so no matter how powerful the kingdom of 3:48 darkness is 3:51 it bows in the presence of 3:53 kingdom-minded people 3:57 so now this man 3:59 bows 4:00 but notice what happened 4:03 verse 7 and he cried with a loud voice 4:05 and said what have we to do with thee 4:06 jesus our son of the most high god i 4:08 adjured thee by god that you torment me 4:11 what 4:12 not 4:13 for he said 4:15 unto him come out of the man you unclean 4:17 spirit and he asked him 4:19 what is your name and he answered and 4:20 said my name is legion for we are many 4:24 now what do i believe 4:27 i believe 4:29 that this 4:31 demon 4:32 legion 4:34 was the leader 4:37 or the strong man 4:40 that was holding 4:42 that entire coastline 4:46 that the enemy was channeling 4:50 through a demon 4:53 to actually 4:54 stir up a weather pattern 4:58 that could sink the boat 5:00 of jesus and his disciples why 5:04 because they were coming to the other 5:05 side why 5:06 they were invading 5:08 why because they were going to establish 5:10 the kingdom of god there 5:14 you got what i’m saying 5:15 now 5:16 this 5:17 is a picture here 5:19 because when that storm came 5:22 up jesus 5:25 rebuked it 5:27 so right away 5:29 we can see that that storm 5:32 wasn’t from god 5:35 now you know how many things been put on 5:37 god 5:40 god will kill you 5:41 god will take your kids 5:43 god will make them deformed 5:45 all kinds of been put on god that’s not 5:47 god at all and what jesus came to do is 5:50 represent 5:51 how god really was to the people 5:55 and that’s what you’re supposed to be 5:56 doing 5:57 because other than that the devil gives 5:59 them a distorted picture of what god is 6:01 really like 6:03 and that’s why they don’t want to come 6:04 to it 6:06 so i’m saying here 6:09 this man 6:11 the enemy was using him to control 6:13 whether weather pattern 6:15 and jesus rebuked it 6:17 now 6:19 this 6:20 is what we’re going to talk about a 6:21 little bit today 6:23 we’re going to talk about taking 6:25 charge 6:27 taking charge 6:30 now 6:31 this is not this is a kingdom message 6:34 there’s not no little old 6:36 three points in a poem 6:39 and something religious this is not that 6:41 at all 6:42 it’s time 6:43 for the church to take 6:46 over 6:49 got it 6:50 and the one reason why is because they 6:53 the world 6:55 are walking in 6:57 darkness 6:59 darkness total darkness they think they 7:01 know what they’re doing they don’t bit 7:02 more know what they’re doing than 7:04 anything 7:05 and that’s why this babylonian system 7:08 has been so successful when i say that i 7:11 mean this i mean babylonian system has 7:14 really tried to impoverish the church 7:18 and has done a pretty good job at it 7:21 notice the the gifts and the callings of 7:23 god that are without repentance that 7:26 come into the church notice how many 7:28 people are famous singers that you’ve 7:30 heard about but they got their start 7:32 where 7:33 in the church 7:35 singing in the choir and so forth and 7:37 come on now but then babylon snatches 7:40 them out puts them over there in vegas 7:42 or wherever he puts them i don’t know 7:44 i’m not talking about anybody now but 7:46 i’m saying notice how he’ll take the 7:48 gift look at the ball players them ball 7:51 players let me tell you something they 7:53 ca 7:53 most of those families are those ball 7:55 players now listen i’m talking i’m not 7:58 talking dirty or mad bad about anybody 8:01 i’m talking about some realities here 8:04 most of them both players their parents 8:07 pray 8:08 for something to happen to break the 8:10 cycle of poverty in their family come on 8:13 now you know and i know it 8:15 and the next thing you notice bart grew 8:17 seven feet tall 8:19 oh you follow what i’m saying but notice 8:22 how many of them are tithing 8:24 how many of them come on now because the 8:27 babylon’s job is to snatch the resources 8:31 out of the church 8:33 and use them for his benefit to build 8:35 his kingdom and not george i’m telling 8:38 you now 8:39 we’re going to be coming to take charge 8:42 we’re coming to take over we’re coming 8:44 to take back we’re coming to release 8:47 people who’ve been held by demon forces 8:51 and they cannot cooperate with the plan 8:53 of god because of a stronghold in their 8:56 life and we’re coming to release them 8:59 from captivity that’s what we’re coming 9:01 to do 9:03 that’s what we’re coming to do and the 9:05 thing about it is what the enemy wants 9:07 to do with the rest of the people that 9:09 are left in the church is get them so 9:12 preoccupied with provision 9:15 so preoccupied with my paycheck so 9:19 preoccupy with whatever so that their 9:22 gifts and their talents will go 9:24 undiscovered or undeveloped and they 9:26 have no time to spend time with god to 9:30 allow him to speak to them about her 9:33 real purpose in this earth and what he’s 9:35 called them to do they’re vague about 9:38 everything they can’t hear god’s voice 9:40 on nothing let alone pray ain’t no time 9:44 to pray the only thing that do has been 9:47 24 7 trying to find some money 9:51 and the bible says seek ye first the 9:54 kingdom of god and his righteousness and 9:57 all the money you need will be added to 10:00 you 10:05 [Applause] 10:07 the priority 10:10 is the kingdom 10:12 if 10:13 you’re born again 10:16 if you’re not it’s not 10:19 but if you are 10:21 and i’m saying that people who have a 10:23 bunch of money notice how many poor 10:25 people 10:26 starving people and so forth that money 10:28 don’t trickle down to them 10:30 they don’t operate like that only reason 10:32 reason why i’m not blaming them they’re 10:35 being controlled 10:38 they’re being controlled and don’t even 10:39 know it 10:40 and watch this and can’t get out from 10:42 under it 10:46 that that rich young ruler 10:48 here here was jesus 10:50 and he came the man slid upon him and 10:52 said hey what must i do to inherit 10:53 eternal life jesus said you know the 10:55 commandments don’t steal don’t kill and 10:57 so forth and so on man i’ve done all 10:59 that in my youth he said okay there’s 11:00 one thing you like just go your way sell 11:02 what you have now give it to the poor 11:04 and you’ll have treasure in heaven 11:05 you’ll come on follow me notice what the 11:07 man did dropped his head and backed away 11:08 and went on 11:11 you know why because his money was his 11:13 god 11:14 that idolatry 11:17 and how the enemy has set it up 11:19 it ain’t trickling down 11:22 so god needs you 11:24 why he’s going to take you to take he’s 11:27 going to get you to take all of it 11:30 you’re going to be in control 11:32 of the monetary system of the world 11:35 now listen i’m talking to some self 11:37 that’s another level say breakthrough 11:39 i want you to break through in your 11:40 thinking because god needs you because 11:42 he’s got to solve some problems out 11:44 there that you’re going to be used to 11:46 solve say amen to that they’re going to 11:48 take wisdom all right but they’re going 11:50 to also take some money somebody’s going 11:51 to have to have some money say amen to 11:53 them 11:54 so now we’re going to take charge from 11:56 this point forward we’re going to take 11:59 charge say amen to that 12:01 and those demons are not going to be 12:03 holding god’s people or holding back the 12:06 resources of god anymore because we’re 12:08 going to call money to come we’re going 12:11 to make things happen in this earth 12:13 through words that could not be made to 12:16 happen any other way the bible says over 12:19 in job decree a thing 12:21 i said decree effect 12:24 you see jesus came to bring a superior 12:26 government a superior kingdom the 12:29 kingdom of darkness is inferior to the 12:31 kingdom of god oh it looks bright it 12:33 looks like it can stand the test of time 12:35 it looks like it got all that stuff 12:37 built up but it doesn’t it’s just that 12:39 god’s people have been trying to handle 12:41 that on a lower level of thinking and 12:44 you can’t do that you don’t have to come 12:46 on up folks when you couldn’t bail no 12:49 water out of the ship fast enough 12:52 watch this the natural way what did 12:55 jesus do 12:56 he just stood up and what spoke folks 12:59 when nothing else will do the job just 13:02 speak 13:04 [Applause] 13:12 now let me see where i am 13:15 say take charge 13:17 so you are here to take charge 13:22 and god wants you 13:24 to take charge 13:26 say amen 13:28 now 13:29 let’s look at one more thing here praise 13:32 god 13:33 let’s go to isaiah 13:35 chapter 51. 13:38 you and i 13:42 are designed 13:44 to rest 13:48 in the complete provision 13:51 of the father 13:53 boy that’s a mouthful right there 13:57 now we are ambassadors for christ 14:01 say that i am an ambassador for christ 14:06 and most of what is causing the problems 14:09 in the earth 14:11 is spiritual 14:14 say amen to this 14:18 and what you and i have to do 14:20 is leave the natural 14:24 and go to 14:26 the spiritual 14:28 verse 16 14:30 and i have put my words 14:33 in thy mouth 14:35 and i have covered thee in the shadow of 14:37 my 14:38 hand protection 14:40 that i may do what 14:42 plant the heavens and lay the 14:45 foundations of the earth and say to zion 14:50 thou art my people 14:53 now 14:58 what we’re talking about 15:02 is breakthrough 15:05 and you know 15:08 when you go into breakthrough 15:11 and i’m going to just say this and i 15:13 don’t mean any harm by it 15:15 but how many you know i had to preach 15:17 what i feel like is in my heart to give 15:19 you 15:23 i talked about the law 15:25 of association 15:27 [Applause] 15:29 that 15:31 all you got to do is show me your 15:33 friends and i’ll show you your future 15:35 [Applause] 15:39 and i’m going to tell you something 15:41 the devil’s trying to talk you down out 15:45 of the realm that god has called you to 15:48 and he can’t he’s doing it subtly with 15:51 people 15:52 who may be relatives 15:55 i’m going to talk about it now 15:57 who may be other 15:59 church folk 16:01 come on now he’s not some some ranked 16:04 center or some heathen 16:06 this is folks who’s supposed to be saved 16:10 because if you remember 16:12 12 of them went to spy out the land am i 16:14 right about it 16:16 come on am i right about it 16:18 and when they went to spot that land 16:20 they came back 16:21 and ten of them come on now 16:24 had a what kind of report 16:26 they had an evil report now the bible 16:29 says how can they hear without a 16:32 preacher 16:34 and how can he preach 16:36 except he be sent didn’t he say that 16:38 so they were all sent 16:41 but some of them came back preaching 16:44 something that god didn’t say 16:48 come on now 16:49 i’m finding out i’m going to have to 16:52 check my association 16:54 because god talked to me on this trip he 16:58 said son you’re still thinking billions 17:03 he said i’m thinking 17:05 trillions listen man listen back we we 17:09 i’m telling you see it’s hanging around 17:12 with folks because when i mention 17:14 billions they go off when i mention 17:17 millions some of the saints are shaking 17:20 folks wait a minute what do you think 17:22 canaan represents 17:24 it represents the wealth of the wicked 17:27 how much wealth do you think they have 17:31 folks i was looking at television and 17:33 was talking about how much was traded 17:36 over here in this certain market and it 17:38 was 27 trillion dollars 17:42 man they got 17:48 [Applause] 17:53 see 17:54 the thing about it you you haven’t put 17:56 it together you still think you gotta 17:59 hold all of that no no no no no you 18:02 gotta take care 18:04 of the poor 18:06 of the earth 18:12 you’ve got to build houses all over the 18:15 world 18:17 that’s when they’re going to see the 18:19 manifestation of the sons of god 18:22 [Applause] 18:27 we’re coming to take take over here 18:32 [Music] 18:35 you’ve got to enlarge the borders of 18:37 your tent 18:38 because you got to plant the heavens 18:42 i’m not asking for your brain to hold 18:45 this because it can’t hold it this is 18:48 for your spirit your spirit came from 18:51 god your spirit is is in the god class 18:56 your spirit you can operate out of your 18:59 spirit 19:01 [Applause] 19:06 and i found out something i said you 19:08 know i’ve been doing too much i’ve been 19:10 preaching too much i’ve been saying too 19:12 much i’ve been trying to get too much 19:14 done and and i’ll start looking at this 19:17 plant to heavens plant to heaven thy 19:19 kingdom come and and since the uh sydney 19:21 trim when jesus here preached that thing 19:23 i said whoa i got that uh-huh pray thy 19:25 kingdom come thy will be done 19:28 not on earth 19:30 in earth 19:31 on the earth 19:32 [Applause] 19:34 as it is where 19:36 in heaven see and and and so now i i got 19:40 this in me 19:42 see it’s got to come in me first 19:45 [Applause] 19:48 my wife 19:49 went to the laundry 19:52 and i had taken my shirts no she took my 19:56 shirts 19:57 and she told the laundry guy his my 19:59 husband’s shirts 20:01 this is some years ago 20:02 and he gave and and she gave him the 20:04 church 20:05 and then she asked 20:07 she said where do you go to church 20:11 he said oh i don’t go to church she said 20:13 uh-uh 20:14 you need to go to church 20:17 didn’t think anything about it left 20:19 right right right 20:21 i came back to pick the church up next 20:23 week 20:24 the man saw me 20:26 and it looked like i could see 20:28 kind of fear on his face 20:31 and he started look at my boxing and 20:33 finally got my box of shirts and slammed 20:35 them down on the counter 20:37 your wife told me i need to go to church 20:41 now wait a minute i caught something 20:43 plant the heavens 20:47 you see what i’m saying 20:49 she just 20:51 decreed something 20:54 she didn’t have to do nothing else 20:57 all i got to do is proclaim something i 21:01 got to do nothing else 21:03 it’s going to come 21:04 in earth 21:06 [Applause] 21:08 you better hear what i’m saying 21:11 see i got to keep my faith on it when 21:13 she spoke and she just released it in 21:15 faith when jesus spoke to the fig tree 21:17 what did he do he just spoke it didn’t 21:20 he he didn’t try to explain to the fig 21:22 tree how this was gonna happen and so 21:25 forth he just released the word he 21:28 proclaimed the gospel 21:35 well today is offering day on the 21:36 broadcast and we give you the viewing 21:38 audience and our partners and friends 21:41 and those who are being blessed by the 21:42 ministry an opportunity 21:44 to sow a seed now we of course take what 21:47 you’ve given us and we support the 21:49 broadcast and pay for television all the 21:51 things that we do 21:52 but what i’m saying to you is that it’s 21:54 good soil it’s soil where the word is 21:57 coming forth and the bible talks about 22:00 four types of soil one was hard soil 22:03 when the word is sown uh because the 22:06 ground is so hard the birds just come 22:08 and take it away 22:10 the next is a stony ground stone ground 22:13 is ground that a planet some seed but 22:16 when the roots begin to try to grow down 22:18 they couldn’t and because the stones 22:20 were there so the heat scorched the 22:23 plants and it dried up the next was 22:26 thorny ground this is ground 22:29 that soil has 22:30 thorns in it and as the 22:33 plants tried to grow the thorns choked 22:36 it out but the last was good soil and in 22:39 that good soil jesus said it will come 22:41 forth thirty sixty a hundredfold now 22:45 that means that whatever is being sown 22:48 can come back multiplied this is god’s 22:51 way of meeting the needs of his people 22:53 somebody might be looking at me and say 22:55 well i’m on fixed income unfix it 22:58 you can do that god can make it so that 23:02 that government or that pension whatever 23:03 it is it’s not your source your source 23:06 it’s god and he says that you do give 23:09 it’ll be given back to you good measure 23:11 press down shaken together running over 23:14 men shall give into your bosom you see 23:16 we’ve got to come off of that notion 23:17 that our job is our source or some 23:20 people are our source or this government 23:23 is our source now the government of the 23:25 kingdom is our source god himself wants 23:28 to be our source now he says it’s over 23:30 in galatians chapter 6 and verse 7 23:33 he says be not deceived now god is not 23:36 mocked for whatsoever man sows that 23:39 shall he also reap you see god 23:42 guarantees us a harvest from our seed 23:45 now look at me 23:47 we’ve been using it 23:48 ever since i got here i don’t know 23:50 whether you know the story or not but we 23:52 came here with two hundred dollars 23:55 look at what god has done sowing and 23:57 reaping sowing and reaping sowing and 23:59 reading so 24:00 it is not just a promise it’s a covenant 24:03 it’s god’s promise and covenant to you 24:06 that’s saying when you do so a seed 24:09 he then is obligated to measure that 24:11 back to you good measure press down 24:13 shaken together and running over now 24:15 you’re trying to make god do something 24:18 he doesn’t want to do no no no god is 24:20 the one that came up with the system he 24:22 is the one that wants to support his 24:23 people so his people don’t have don’t 24:25 have to look to anybody else for support 24:28 how would you like your family or wife 24:30 your husband somebody to look to some 24:32 other family for their support 24:35 not god you’re going to be supported by 24:37 him and he’s going to take care of you 24:39 in style praise god so just sow your 24:42 seed get it ready and 24:44 or just get in mind what you’d like to 24:46 sew and we encourage you to sow and 24:49 expect a miracle expect something to 24:52 happen you might be sowing it for some 24:55 debt relief or might be sowing it for a 24:57 friend that needs to come into the 24:59 kingdom who might be sowing it for some 25:01 sickness a disease needs to be healed 25:03 but get put something in mind expect a 25:06 miracle praise god let’s pray together 25:08 father we come before you in the name of 25:10 jesus and we do thank you for all of our 25:13 listening audience and those that are 25:14 sowing seed into this ministry we pray 25:17 lord 25:18 that your word will prove to be true 25:21 that you’ll measure back to them good 25:22 measure press down shaken together 25:24 running over men shall give into their 25:27 bosom or whatever they have sown this 25:30 seed for that you will work a miracle in 25:33 their lives father we thank you for it 25:35 we believe it’s done in jesus name amen 25:39 well praise god thank you so much for 25:41 your support of the ministry thank you 25:42 for your prayers we love you and until 25:45 next time bill winston saying keep 25:47 walking by faith 25:51 once you received jesus as the lord of 25:53 your life you were engrafted into god’s 25:56 royal family 25:57 you are a child of the king and the 26:00 authority of the kingdom is within you 26:03 before you can exercise your kingship 26:06 you must have a revelation of your 26:08 royalty you and i are getting to the 26:11 promised land 26:12 but but you can’t go into that land with 26:16 the wrong image 26:19 you got to have the right image of who 26:20 you are watch this and who god is 26:24 in this new series by dr bill winston 26:27 you’ll learn that you are seated in 26:28 heavenly places with god because you are 26:31 royalty 26:33 there are certain things that would 26:34 affect your behavior if you knew you 26:37 were royalty 26:39 say amen to that 26:40 god is a king 26:44 you are his children 26:46 you can’t help but have the same 26:49 dna in you as he has in him 26:53 order revelation of royalty today and dr 26:56 winston will explain why the holy spirit 26:59 is the one who tutors you to act like a 27:01 king 27:02 why royalty is not just a title but a 27:05 manifestation of your redemption 27:07 why you need to speak only the word of 27:10 god and much more before it got taken 27:13 back satan still had the power 27:16 but he doesn’t have it now 27:18 jesus stripped him of all his authority 27:21 everything that adam lost jesus got it 27:23 back watch this and gave it to you 27:28 to order your copy of revelation of 27:30 royalty simply write to bill winston 27:32 ministries p.o box 947 oak park illinois 27:36 60303 27:38 buy bank card at 1-800-711-9327 27:42 or online at www.billwinston.org 27:48 doctors bill and veronica winston are 27:51 dedicated to seeing lives changed 27:53 through the power of prayer our loving 27:56 and highly trained prayer ministers are 27:58 ready to pray and agree with you we know 28:01 that prayer can turn around any 28:03 situation in your life we want to thank 28:05 our partners who have made this prayer 28:07 call center possible if you are not a 28:09 partner we encourage you to pray about 28:12 joining us in partnership and be a part 28:14 of the wonderful work that god is doing 28:17 through this ministry 28:21 the believer’s walk of faith is paid for 28:23 by bill winston ministries partners and 28:26 viewers 28:30 now remember you need faith to get to 28:33 your destiny so don’t forget to 28:35 subscribe and click on the notification 28:37 bell so that you don’t miss any of our 28:41 videos 28:42 this is bill winston i love you and keep 28:45 walking by faith

Dr. Bill Winston: You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God where Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. For you to have access to your inheritance, you must not only have a Kingdom mentality but also recognize your Royal status. It’s time to rule and reign in this earth today!

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