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Video Transcript

We worship American idols. We worship people whose names are in lights who have reached a level of significance in the culture because of who they are, what they can do, how much they have, or the power they wield. Well that may be celebrity-ship down here, but it’s not celebrity-ship up there. God calls a celebrity somebody who touches somebody else who needs them in the name of God. What Jesus says I want from you is I want you to touch the life of another in my name, and I want you to touch the life of somebody who can’t help you. They can do nothing for you. They’re naked. They’re without clothes, without food. They’re thirsty. They’re in prison. They can’t do anything for you. There is a direct correlation between ministry and love for God and ministry and love for others, and by others I mean folks with a need who can’t help you back and for which you do not expect help back. And the more God sees you do this, the more blessed the Son will be on you. We all have to be reminded of this and made conscious of this. I’m made conscious of it every Sunday morning because in our first service, every Sunday, there’s a young man. He sits over here. In the first service, every Sunday, at the beginning of service he walks over to me. He cannot hear. He cannot speak. He never misses church. He walks over to me. He grabs my hand, and he does this. What he is saying is, “Look at my suit.” He said, “Look at my suit.” And what he’s asking is “Do I look ok?” And every week I go. And once he sees that. You know what he wants to know, “Am I okay?” He’s just looking for an okay. He’s not asking for money. He’s not asking for— Am I just okay? Do I look okay? I can’t hear. I can’t talk. But am I okay? Can I get somebody to say I’m okay? Pastor are you too big to tell me I’m okay? In a few hours I’ll be driving down with many of you to Waco. At the appointed time I will stand before what is expected to be 35,000 people live, not counting the people on television, to preach the Word of God. When God looks down at that stadium today and sees Tony Evan preaching, He will not credit me with greatness. Now some folks may. “Wow, you spoke to 35,000 people.” He will not be impressed. God the Father is not gonna turn to God the Son, and God the Son’s not gonna turn the Holy Spirit, “Did you see that Evans man there? 35,000 people, not counting folk watching on TV. Hey, he’s a bad boy.” Uh uh, I’m not going to get no credit for that. When he sees me touch that deaf boy, I’m gonna get credit for that one. I’m gonna get credit for caring for somebody who can’t do anything in return. May God keep me and keep us from becoming celebrities. Do what we’ve been called to do, do it to the best of our ability, but let’s not be a celebrity church. I want God to feel comfortable to come in here on Sunday. I don’t want Him to say, “Well they’re having church, but I’m not going, cause they ain’t nothing but a bunch of celebs in that place.” Who knew who knows who, and who can cut a deal with who, and who’s popular, and who can sit up front, and who has to sit in the back. This is not that kind of place.

In this video, Dr. Tony Evans ministers on the topic “What God Calls Great”.  He speaks about what true greatness looks like in the eyes of the Creator. He points out the difference between what man calls great and what God calls great.

About Dr. Tony Evans

Dr Tony EvansDr. Tony Evans serves as Senior Pastor to the over 10,000 member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. He is also the founder and president of The Urban Alternative, a national organization that seeks to bring about spiritual renewal in urban America through the church.

The Urban Alternative radio broadcast can be heard over can be heard on more than 1,400 radio outlets throughout the United States and in more than 130 countries worldwide. Dr. Evans has authored over 100 books, booklets, and Bible studies.

He was the first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Dr. Evans is the former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys and former chaplain of the Dallas Mavericks for over three decades, which is the longest-standing NBA chaplaincy on record. He was married to Lois, his wife and ministry partner of over 50 years until Lois transitioned to glory in late 2019.

They are the proud parents of four children who serve in the ministry.  Many pastors regard him as a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith.  At the heart of his vision is the use of church and school partnerships to effect spiritual and social change in communities.


Dr Tony Evans - Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Dr. Tony Evans | Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship



Dr. Tony Evans Channel | Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship



Photo Gallery

Dr. Tony Evans ministering at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas

Dr. Tony Evans ministering at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas | Image courtesy: tonyevans.org



Dr. Tony Evans ministering on Trinity Broadcasting Network

Dr. Tony Evans ministering on Trinity Broadcasting Network | Image courtesy: tbn.org



Dr. Tony Evans ministering with Marcus Lamb on Daystar Television

Dr. Tony Evans ministering with Marcus Lamb on Daystar Television | Image courtesy: daystar.com



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