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0:00 in grade 7 and grade eight I started 0:03 developing like crippling anxiety and I 0:06 had no idea what the cause of it was and 0:07 I wasn’t able to be myself around my 0:10 friends at school that led to people 0:12 picking on me and you know what I mean 0:14 yeah something I did some insecurities 0:16 right yeah yeah and you started acting 0:18 out got involved in drugs and yeah yeah 0:20 so it just snowballed it like it started 0:22 off really harmless and it was just 0:25 rebellion and it just snowballed over 0:26 the years and I started what I seen was 0:29 a lot of people getting a lot of praise 0:31 for 0:32 bad things and like that was being 0:34 glorified you know fighting drugs oh if 0:37 you want to be if you want the attention 0:38 and you want to be the cool person you 0:40 know how to do this you want to be 0:41 accepted you have to do this 0:44 um and I just I don’t even know what 0:46 happened man I just had this Darkness 0:47 come over me that just started such a 0:49 craving to have that and have that 0:51 glorification and have that being 0:53 exalted in that type of way selling 0:55 drugs and yeah yeah well I illegal 0:58 things yeah I dated a girl that kind of 1:00 pushed all that and her mom was into 1:03 that and like I was sold 1:05 once I seen all that like I was sold 1:07 right into that lifestyle how long did 1:09 you spend in jail 1:11 um so I went to jail twice the first 1:13 time was six months and the second time 1:15 I was on house arrest for four months 1:17 and then I ended up running away from 1:19 house arrest 1:20 um I made it to Stratford the cops 1:22 chased me down they grabbed me in 1:23 Stratford I ended up doing six months in 1:25 jail for trafficking and then a year 1:27 after I got out I went back uh the 1:29 police the girl’s house I was staying at 1:31 the police raided the house and I ended 1:34 up back in jail for I was just in jail 1:36 for a month that time and then my 1:37 charges were dropped from someone else 1:39 taking them where was God in all this in 1:41 your mind again you have this Christian 1:43 background maybe it was as you talked 1:46 about maybe not passionate you know in 1:49 terms of in your home but where was God 1:51 in this thing Jacob 1:52 so God honestly he was always there I 1:56 remember there was a point when I was I 1:58 was 14 I just dropped out of high school 2:00 I was working at I picked up a job at 2:02 Canadian Tire 2:04 um 2:06 I remember there’s a point where I was 2:08 walking down the Iowa Canadian Tire and 2:10 I said God I don’t want you in my life 2:12 anymore 2:12 I’m I’m done I don’t want anything to do 2:14 with you and like I said there’s just 2:17 this like demonic pull to get really 2:19 dark and like I want to be angry I want 2:21 to be mad I want to like don’t want any 2:24 love I don’t want anything to do with 2:25 love and I remember actually like 2:27 denying God and rejecting him there in 2:29 my life 2:30 um and that actually didn’t push him 2:32 away from me because he always had his 2:34 hand on the situation uh when I was 16 I 2:37 ended up in the psych ward and I was 2:38 diagnosed rapid cycle bipolar and God 2:41 wasn’t a thought in my mind except for 2:44 every once in a while because I had this 2:45 bitterness towards him if some of my 2:47 friends were talking about him I took 2:49 the opportunity to bash God oh where’s 2:51 he in my life look like look what he’s 2:53 doing in my life do you believe in him 2:54 but you don’t want nothing to do with 2:55 him yeah because I was mad it’s not that 2:57 I didn’t believe him it’s I was mad so I 2:59 said I didn’t believe in him and I 3:00 didn’t want anything to do with him you 3:01 know what I mean and Society such was 3:03 such an anti-christ society that like 3:05 you know if people are going to make fun 3:06 of God then like I’m gonna do you know 3:08 what I mean and so he was he was there 3:12 the whole time I remember one time when 3:15 I was sit I went to jail when I was 3:16 sitting in jail that’s when God became 3:19 appealing to me kind of because I was in 3:22 a situation and oh this can be my way 3:24 out here but I remember sitting in jail 3:26 and the guy that was in my cell with me 3:30 he was this big I’m on this little 3:32 skinny 18 year old and he’s this big 3:34 tall six foot you know he’s just told me 3:36 he just finished doing 13 years in the 3:37 penitentiary this is my soulmate and 3:40 we’re sitting there and I was I was 3:42 literally just mad so 3:45 um 3:45 I forgot how we got on the topic but I 3:47 was like man like I’m just I’m gonna 3:49 pray so like whatever so I was praying 3:52 and I remember I was like swearing and 3:53 stuff while I was praying like I was you 3:55 know just kind of talking to God and 3:56 being like can you please like do 3:58 something you know what I mean 4:00 um 4:01 then I laid down he was on the bunk 4:03 above me and also and I had this feeling 4:06 and this is I I didn’t want anything to 4:07 do with God and also I had this feeling 4:09 where I was like yo can I pray for you 4:12 and he’s like 4:14 yeah sure so I prayed for him and again 4:16 it was just raw I was I was swearing I 4:19 was you know just doing what I I don’t 4:22 even know what I was doing to be honest 4:23 the next morning we woke up and this man 4:26 looked at me and said can I tell you 4:28 something and I said yeah sure he’s like 4:30 last night I was waiting for you to fall 4:32 asleep because I was gonna hang myself 4:36 and then all of a sudden while I was 4:37 thinking about this you looked at me and 4:39 said can I pray for you that’s why I 4:41 didn’t do it and looking back at that 4:45 now I’m just completely amazed because I 4:47 rejected God I didn’t want anything to 4:49 do with him and that was the Holy Spirit 4:52 just kind of I’m gonna take control here 4:54 for a minute 4:56 oh that is wow that is so powerful Jacob 4:58 so you do make this commitment to the 5:00 Lord five o’clock in the morning and and 5:02 we’re kind of running out of time so I 5:04 want to talk about that and I also want 5:05 to talk about your cancer scares so tell 5:07 me about what happened at five o’clock 5:08 one morning in your mom’s home so what 5:10 happened then was actually it was a 5:13 realization of what happened prior to 5:15 that when I first started getting clean 5:17 and actually seeking God after like I 5:20 was out of jail and stuff and I actually 5:21 started seeking and enough was enough 5:23 with the drugs and the lifestyle I was 5:24 living I didn’t know how to read the 5:26 Bible and I remember just picking it up 5:29 and opening it up and what I read was go 5:31 to the planes lay down and I will speak 5:32 to you and I was like okay I’m like 5:35 that’s your word god and I didn’t know 5:37 what I was doing at the time right so I 5:38 know God’s like oh that’s cute like so I 5:40 closed the Bible I put my coat on and it 5:42 was night time I walked down to the park 5:44 and I was standing in the park and 5:47 um I was like God I’m here like your 5:49 word said go to the planes and I’ll 5:50 speak to you I’m here and I got pushed 5:52 there’s no one in the park I got pushed 5:54 three times and on the third time I fell 5:56 flat on my back and all I seen was a 5:58 flash of white and I didn’t know what 6:00 that was and I got up and I ran home and 6:01 I never talked about it because I was 6:02 like that was weird 6:04 so this five o’clock in the morning 6:05 experience and this was just last year 6:07 pretty much when I had this five o’clock 6:08 in the morning experience I was like 6:10 that came on my heart I woke up at 5am 6:12 and that came on my heart and I was like 6:14 God what was that 6:16 and he’s like that was me baptizing you 6:17 with my Holy Spirit and I just laid on 6:19 the ground I’m in my mom’s living room 6:21 bawling my eyes out at 5am because I 6:23 just realized like how great are you 6:25 like I I didn’t deserve that I didn’t 6:28 deserve anything to do with that now you 6:30 had a that’s amazing you had a health 6:32 scare though you were diagnosed 6:34 eventually with stage four cancer yeah I 6:36 got diagnosed and this was after I got 6:38 baptized and thought I made it through 6:39 the storm I was like oh I’m baptized I’m 6:41 saved it’s all clear I’m clean I’m doing 6:43 the best I ever have done 6:45 um I got diagnosed with cancer it was 6:49 stage two at first and then none of the 6:51 treatments were working they cut me off 6:53 chemo because it wasn’t working they did 6:54 radiation radiation appeared to work and 6:58 then 6:59 the day I was supposed to go in to get 7:01 the results of being like Oh you’re all 7:02 cleared up and stuff I was at work and I 7:04 just happened to throw my hand up under 7:06 my armpit and I felt a lump and I knew 7:08 what it was right away and I went in the 7:09 bathroom and just started crying and I 7:11 was like like God is this it am I dying 7:12 like so I went into 7:16 um the doctors the next day and they 7:19 told me what it was they’re like the 7:21 radiation cleared up the cancer in your 7:22 neck but the cancer breached the 7:24 radiation and it’s now stage four it’s 7:26 under your armpits and your abdominals 7:28 your liver like you know um they started 7:31 me off at a 95 success rate and by this 7:33 time it was 50 50 and they said the only 7:36 thing left that we can do is a stem cell 7:37 transplant which we’ll we’ll go ahead 7:40 and book if you have if we have your 7:41 consent but the only way for that to 7:43 work is your cancer has to be chemo 7:45 sensitive and up until this point it was 7:47 not chemo sensitive so they’re like 7:49 we’re gonna try this new this new chemo 7:51 this more potent chemo I wish I remember 7:53 what it was called off my hair but I 7:55 don’t it had some weird uh letters with 7:57 it 7:58 um so they started me on this more 8:00 potent chemo my cancer was still active 8:03 it was still uh still wasn’t chemo 8:05 sensitive you know it was still 8:07 spreading it was still like there’s no 8:08 change 8:10 um 8:10 one close to New Year’s my throat 8:14 randomly swelled close so I couldn’t 8:15 swallow like I was trying to eat and 8:17 even water I was choking on water just 8:18 trying to drink water so I go in and 8:20 talked to my doctor and they’re like 8:21 okay we’re gonna admit you into the 8:22 oncology part of the hospital because 8:24 like we have to feed you like you have 8:26 to eat and drink to stay healthy through 8:27 the treatment I was laying in my bed and 8:30 I remember I was so scared and I was 8:31 reading Hebrews and I remember reading 8:33 the verse of like faith is Hebrews 11 8:35 like faith is believing in the things we 8:37 cannot see and I honestly can’t explain 8:39 what happened I I say the Holy Spirit 8:41 must have fell upon me because I just 8:43 got this overwhelming courage to get up 8:45 and just you know what God you are my 8:46 answer for this you are you’ve brought 8:48 me through so much you are my answer for 8:50 this medicine’s not working you are my 8:52 answer I went in the bathroom I started 8:54 praying and I threw my hand up on my 8:56 lump and I just started praying and I’ve 8:58 never said a prayer like even to this 9:00 day I’ve never prayed the way I prayed 9:01 that day I don’t know how to explain it 9:03 it’s almost like it wasn’t coming for me 9:05 it was late at night I went to bed I 9:07 woke up the next morning and instantly I 9:09 don’t know why I just threw my hand up 9:10 under my armpit and my lump was gone and 9:12 like it was sticking out of my armpit 9:14 like it was a very large noticeable lump 9:16 and it was completely gone I called the 9:18 doctor in 9:19 I was like my lumps gone he’s feeling up 9:21 under my armpits and checking and stuff 9:24 um I was supposed to get a pet scan like 9:25 a pet scan and I did not like getting 9:27 those and I was really praying like Lord 9:28 is there a different way I can get this 9:30 so he said 9:32 okay we’re going to just do a CAT scan 9:35 to check it because we don’t need to do 9:36 a pet scan because it’s clearly gone so 9:38 something clearly happened the scan 9:39 results came back and there was no lumps 9:42 in my body anywhere there was one spot 9:44 in my liver that was 9:46 um a quarter of a fraction above what 9:48 they would call abnormal and they said 9:50 it’s so small we can’t characterize it 9:52 as anything 9:53 so medically though you’re in remission 9:56 yes you believe that God has healed you 9:58 yes and I know your mom Kim was praying 10:02 and was just standing on God’s word that 10:04 you would be healed uh Amy he went to 10:06 the doctor they did another CAT scan 10:08 didn’t find the cancer you got the 10:10 charts yeah and and the x-rays it’s an 10:14 amazing Story I mean so you’ve been 10:15 physically healed more importantly 10:18 spiritually healed yes thank you for 10:20 sharing your story no problem 10:21 [Music] 10:34 thank you

Drug Dealer meets God in an unlikely place. Jacob Watson recounts his experience with God’s grace and mercy.

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