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Video Transcript

0:00 I didn’t know 20 years ago that us 0:02 supporting a ministry would be so 0:05 finally to our life for so many years 0:08 when we we couldn’t go to church we 0:11 couldn’t have fellowship about 20 weeks 0:17 entire pregnancy we found out that our 0:19 daughter was going to be born with half 0:22 a heart it’s called hypoplastic left 0:23 heart syndrome and at five days old she 0:26 had her first open-heart surgery about 0:28 January rolls around and I said to Brian 0:30 one day he said how was your day and I 0:31 said he no Amelia seems to be a little 0:33 um fussy she’s throwing up more they did 0:36 a catheterization of her heart and saw 0:38 that her function was very poor and told 0:40 us that she was in heart failure 0:41 March 15th of 2012 she got her new heart 0:44 so in October they bring her to the 0:46 hospital because we were really worried 0:48 about her and it turns out she had a 0:51 virus it was um CMV so we actually that 0:54 year we spent four months in the 0:56 hospital and I remember being at Circle 0:58 K on Thanksgiving and I’m like God like 1:00 help us like we’re scared they don’t 1:03 know what’s wrong with her and she’s 1:04 dying like helper and so I heard on the 1:07 radio right as I was pulling in and I 1:09 heard the TobyMac speak life so I went 1:11 into the hospital room and I just said 1:13 we’re gonna speak light so we’re gonna 1:15 rebuke whatever Seanie has got going on 1:18 you’re gonna trust that God is gonna 1:20 bring us through this and sure enough 1:22 this hematologist dr. Shaw came in and 1:25 he said I think I found another case 1:27 like hers across the world and I think I 1:31 can help her so we gave her this form of 1:33 chemotherapy 1:35 she got better during that time calif 1:38 was West Church for us we couldn’t go to 1:41 church so it’s kinda comfortable circle 1:45 because our children now listen to Klove 1:46 that’s what we always thought in the car 1:48 hey we’re Brian and Kim were from Mesa 1:51 Arizona 1:52 we’ve been igniting hope supporting 1:54 Klove for 20 years now and we’ll be 1:58 doing it hopefully for another hundred 2:00 men 2:03 [Music]

Brian & Kim have been giving and supporting the ministry for 20 years. They share how K-LOVE has helped them through their life & faith! Visit K-LOVE Radio online at: http://www.klove.com


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