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well do you think about the Bible and the Bible tells us you know be still and know that I’m gotten so one of the things that I think it really helps get into that place of intimacy with God where you hear his voice or the secret place is making time to develop what I call listening prayer and what I mean by that is that you know when we pray a lot of times we’ll have a list that we go to God with or you know you may not have a physical list but in your mind you do you know and you’ll go to God and you’ll kind of go through the checkpoints see how Lord help you know finances family you know whatever my destiny you know open up doors for me to pray for people or or you’ll go to God and say Lord I want to know you more and you know you may cry out to them and pray and worship and I tell people all the time if you want to get into the secret place you got to take as much time in listening prayer as you do in prayer so if you spend twenty five thirty minutes praying things to God praying in the spirit and tongues if you spend an hour doing that then I tell people you know take an equal amount of time to wait on the Lord to actually speak the answer back to you of what you’ve been asking because it’d be kind of rude if you know me being Miranda’s husband you know if Miranda and I if the way we communicated to each other was like this if I just but you know spoke and spoke at spoken spoke to her but never let her answer back that becomes strange wouldn’t it but that’s what some people do with the Lord and in prayer and so you know if I’m gonna make a petition to God I need to give him time to answer back to me and and so that’s one of the keys I think is developing and listening prayer as opposed to just prayer so yeah and the Bible says in James chapter 4 I believe it’s verse 6 it says draw near to God and he’ll draw near to you and in that same chapter through verse 8 it talks about humbling yourself in the sight of God and I think that humility and surrender are major keys in you know going deeper in your relationship with the Lord Jesus came not to sir not to be served but to serve and he can even be humbled himself it says in Philippians 2 so humility is really a key in growing both in favor as well as growing in your relationship going deeper in the things of God and a huge part of humility of simple obedience and so when God asks you to do something you know he often tests our faith and he texts okay well how much can i how much can I entrust my friend my daughter my son with are they gonna believe me and are they gonna be obedient to me you know if I ask them to do this thing and so a lot of times you know God will take you deeper by actually testing you to see if you’ll go do something for him and our relationship is about being but it’s also about doing you know we need both faith and works and in a relationship with God and so sometimes I’ll ask you to go pray for someone of her or he’ll ask you to go to a missions trip and as you’re obedient and as you step out in faith you actually draw near to God because he’s entrusting you you’re trusting him and you ends up I’m seeing encountering God that way and I’m just on a personal level or on an everyday level just you know for me a lot of the times that I person to God are draw near to God so that he’ll draw near to me our number one I pray in the spirit a lot and if you if you don’t know how to pray in tongues you know the Bible says that that Jesus gives the gift of the Holy Spirit and a lot of the times a sign of that is by ear receiving the gift of tongue which is your prayer language it’s your heavenly language spirit to spirit and so it’s the most the deepest form of communication and communion you can have with God the Father and so I really encourage you to deepen your relationship with the father to deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit ask Jesus to give you the gifts of the Holy Spirit with the ability to pray in a heavenly language to pray in tongues and then as you receive it don’t be afraid to step out and pray and use it even though you don’t understand what you’re saying the Holy Spirit and the gut and God the Father does and lets you pray a lot of the times for me I’ll often get revelation as I pray in the spirit I’ll get visions as I pray in the spirit or I’ll have revelation of word or even prophetic words that I’ve been given or things that God spoken to me in the past all of a sudden things will begin to click and I realized that oh I was praying in the spirit I was praying in tongues this could be number one the interpretation of that tongue or it’s the answer to what I was just communicating with the Holy Spirit directly through the gift of praying in tongues so that’s a big key as well I put on worship music and I just begin to worship and worship is really you know one of the number one ways that you can access God and that you can go deeper in your relationship with God because you know you’re you’re exalting him you’re lifting him and as you lift him he loves to pour back on you and you know it says in Psalm 100 that we enter his gates with Thanksgiving his courts with praise so a praise and worship Thanksgiving are huge keys in accessing the secret place in in entering in through his gate entering into his courts experiencing him hearing his voice you can’t help when you worship God when you lift up his name when you give him thanks for all the many things that he’s done for you in your life you know it doesn’t have to be just present it can be past past past you know the things that you know that he’s gonna do in the future give him thanks continually and as you do that it opens up your relationship with him for him to give you more and to speak more to you so I just encourage you to live that lifestyle of worship and praise of praying in the spirit and then just waiting on him like Jeremy was talking about those are some great keys to entering the secret place

In this video from World Harvest Church in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Jerame and Miranda Nelson answer the question, “What are some things that you’ve done to advance further into levels in the secret place (of God)?”

Source: World Harvest Church

About Jerame and Miranda Nelson

Jerame Nelson is an international prophetic minister, author and the founder of Elisha Revolution. He has a powerful word of knowledge and healing gifting, along with a strong anointing for miracles and the supernatural. His passion to equip the body of Christ in hearing God’s voice and in walking in the supernatural power of God in every day life.

Miranda Nelson is a prophetic minister and co-founder of Elisha Revolution. She has a passion for purity, no compromise and the Presence of God. Through her own experiences in the business, modeling and fashion industries, she has an anointing to awaken a generation to be influencers for the glory of God.

Elisha Revolution

After traveling around the world and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to more than 50 nations under the banner of Living at His Feet ministries, they decided to change their name from LAHF to Elisha Revolution. It birthed a revival January of 2016 called “Fire & Glory Outpouring,” which has been receiving worldwide recognition and bringing in visitors to the city from all around the world.


Elisha Revolution - Jerame and Miranda Nelson

Elisha Revolution: Jerame and Miranda Nelson co-host the Fire and Glory Outpouring, an extended move of God, and they work together in the ministry to change the lives of thousands through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. | Image courtesy: elisharevolution.com


Elisha Revolution Channel | Jerame and Miranda Nelson



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