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we’re in a culture that’s a billion-dollar business but we create millionaires well you start standing by your word you’ll be able to build more relationships and resources you know what if you’re gonna get in a cell you got to be prepared you got to do something you get into a room you gotta take advantage of network having an open conversation sometimes you got to look in like pop all you want to go I love to win the people that love to win they’re gonna be successful probably one of the first in only to play in the NBA he’s an American rapper actor entrepreneur and former basketball player he’s a founder and CEO of P Miller enterprises a conglomerate company in 2013 Forbes estimated his net worth to be 350 million dollars he’s master p and here is my take on his top ten rules for success we’re in a culture that’s a billion-dollar business but we create millionaires I talk to a lot of guys that I know that got a lot of big contracts in the financial advisors running everything and it’s like when basketball over so you can’t play basketball anymore you haven’t put anything into learning financial literacy where do you go from that you go back to the hood they take everything they steal everything that you have we’re not thinking ownership you got somebody writing your checks even though there’s good financial advisors out there but the most of them most of them and at the end of these guys careers there’s no is the same story what happened to my money I come from independence I come from owning product that’s what that’s the way I was able to be who I am and as I grow and mature you know I’m thinking like whatever LeBron owned the Cavs how much money he would be making on Nike you know it’s good Nike gave him a billion-dollar shoe did a lifetime deal but how much money are they gonna make off him what happens when we own actually own the product when you look at all the all of all the big brands from Apple TV to apple music you know these guys are taking over the industry and we got to go to them to sell them our products and to get a small piece but we are not creating brands oh no and I think that’s where I plan to change the game you know I wanted to be more of us more minorities having an opportunity to cash out on what we do every day if you a businessman an entrepreneur you got to find a problem so I found a problem record stores are closing but video game stores are opening that and that’s when it hit to me I’m like I need to be in a video game business I put my life my passion and saying what I did into the music I put into the video game and I’m mostly like probably the only person that looked like me come from our culture that’s a part of this in Silicon Valley just like she was saying when you give somebody your word your word is so important once I gave her my word I had to come you were not I’ve got the million other things I got to do is say well I gave my word and that’s gonna go a long way with you in business once you give somebody your word it’s good to get it in right everything that you need to get done but when you give somebody your word you gotta stand by because when you start standing by your word you’ll be able to build more relationships and resources you know what if you’re gonna get in the stuff you got to be prepared you got to do something big you know and you gotta you gotta you know I feel like this power record with me in lil’ wayne it’s definitely a statement record but it’s just real this time it I know I mean I tell you all the time man on my time we won’t go as soon absolutely so how the Lebron James  feel when you’re in the gym you got to go practice work on your jump shot work on your game I feel like or does not need to spend that time in the studio then just Paul in order my whole life is about helping the kid helping other kids you know linens look at my life do a boot print you know you can’t just make any music in a music business I want to show people that you got a you gotta have a couple of things long cuz when that when that things and ran out something else might open up you know the film the TV open up for me or the clothing you know the music business is not the same yeah so it’s like like you say it about the marketing is about the endorsement deals so you got to get hiding something to get though you did so you know I think in this game 9 what I don’t know how to do best is about being independent you know so if you’re independent you could make moves the way you want to make it you’re gonna be successful now down the line you meet somebody you might see them again and they gonna remember you you build those relationships I did the same thing with all we Warren Buffett didn’t know he was Warren Buffett you guys you know I’m sitting in the room with Donald Trump Robert Kiyosaki and I’m thinking these are the guys you know and he told me said man look his old guy over here he makes a million dollars he’s touching the computer and I’ve been holding this guy the whole time you know and I’m like wow you never know who you might be sitting next to who you might meet so you got when you get into a room you got to take advantage of network having an open conversation meet somebody telling you your name telling them where you from telling of what business you in you know tell them whatever whatever you involved in because that person might know somebody say hey you know you into okay I could hook you up with them like oh okay yeah this is my guy from over here that’s what building relationships is about in network and that’s the first part of business being entrepreneur because you might not have the money to start the business even though you entrepreneur you got the idea that’s how people say they started a business with no money they had the idea but then they went to somebody and network with the person that had the money right now and through the power the internet right now should have to sit back and wait it’s about creating opportunity don’t wait for something right now the Internet is so strong with me you look at it it’s all chucks a look at a guy like soulja boy just came on the Internet so you’ve got sit back wait even though people laughing so the old man is built yourself or whatever but this guy create is not happening but you like Chuck same he also had to go sell out to take it to a big picture now my thing is sometimes you got to look at and like pop all you want to go you might think it’s independence I thought that this was a happening I was able to open up the creek and still be able to empower our own people in the community so I just think that we have to figure out how far we want to go in before that that they are turned down a million dollar deal with Jimmy I mean Jimmy Iovine offered me a million dollars and I’m in the project I had like 500 I was in my pocket okay so I went to see him and my brother was with my brother see it was like man take the million now they’re gonna be rich and go take over the project I said nah ain’t taking over don’t present okay when I get this baby now I’m going I’m out of this I don’t even want to see no more president I need to be gone so I sit in that office I had to check but I read the paperwork so orders that’s watching this you need to read the paperwork by me going to college outlook I was like to my mind I’m thinking this is a Michael Jordan tickets Michael Jordan got a million dollars from Nike he would have been a billionaire people don’t know that but they gave him maybe like 3% a 5% of something like that so I was like I can’t do this deal because I won’t own my name no more none of this stuff so I told I say I said mr. iovine I’m gonna get some lunch I’ll be back so he was like man if you don’t come back you would never get a deal in this town I get back on the plane I’m on Southwest start eating them peanuts I start thinking about that million dollar make the people you wanting more peanuts me my brother man we bout to fight he’s right it was like go man why would you not take the million dollars knowing that we don’t have no money so how much money you got – I got 500 he said you got 500 out he turned out million as I say but before we start tripping on each other if that white man offered me a million now how much you think I’m worth that’d be worth 10 15 20 something you know that’s when he left me alone it was a long ride back to New Orleans but you know but that’s some time you gotta take chances on yourself I think you know a lot of people they say the hustles they said it from the streets but why somebody else putting your music on if you really on the street I’m these records I’m hands yeah how you trapping and how you doing all right you know you should be input your own music right you don’t need nobody but your music right nothing we was out there if we change our life but we put our own music right we did our own thing I like to win I love to win the people that love to win they’re gonna be successful but this okay losing some time you might not win all the time because you always say tomorrow I loves today but tomorrow I’m gonna make up for it so be prepared to take losses in business being entrepreneurs so that’s the thing about it but that one win take away all the pain if you want to put north and you own your own business and you run your business well I’m probably the first hip-hop artists to make a movie independent film I’m probably the first hip-hop artists to do a sports agency I’m probably the one of the first hip-hop artists that do clothing probably one of the first and only to play in the NBA probably one of the first and only to make an 80/20 deal distribution deal I mean I could go on and on then but it’s like you know I mean so many doors and opened up fire people and I’m just glad to be a part of that that history thank you so much for watching I made this video because mystery MediaCorp asked me to so if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do I also love to know which of Master P’s top ten rules hit you the hardest and why leave it in the comments I will join the discussion thank you so much for watching continue to believe and I’ll see you soon [Music]

✎ Master P’s Top 10 Rules For Success: In this video, we’re going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Master P’s rules for success.

Master P (Percy Miller) is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, record producer, and former basketball player from New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s the founder and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises, a conglomerate company. In 2013 Forbes estimated Miller’s net worth at nearly $350 million.

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