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Peoples Climate March 2017 - Washington DC - 350_org

Peoples Climate March 2017: More than 200,000 people marched through the streets of Washington DC and were joined by over 370 actions across the United States for jobs, justice and climate action. | Image: 350.org



Great Barrier Reef Bleaching Aerial Survey 2017 - Environmental - Coral Reef Sudies

Environmental: Australian scientists took aerial surveys of the Great Barrier Reef and documented a mass bleaching event for an unprecedented second year in a row. | Image: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies



Heatwave in India and Pakistan Sets New Records - Climate Change

Climate Change: Heatwave in India and Pakistan sets new records. April brought a heat wave to India and Pakistan that set new records as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. | Image: DeSmog Blog



Environmental Issues: China’s Air Pollution Linked to Arctic Sea Ice Loss

Environmental Issues: In 2013, there was a prolonged air pollution event in eastern China that lasted for almost a month.  A study in the journal Science Advances says the pollution lasted so long because of the impacts of melting sea ice in the Arctic on wind patterns. The scientists say that if Arctic sea ice continues to melt events like the 2013 “airpocalypse” could happen again.  Learn more…bbc.com



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