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Elevate Your Potential Magazine :: Evan Carmichael

  • In this video, Evan Carmichael shares his very own Top 10 Rules for Success.

Video Transcript

I’m gonna teach a strategy right now that will change your life it’s called the 2% difference the next time you’re feeling down frustrated depressed angry tell yourself it’s the best entrepreneurs generally don’t have a lot of patience and that’s actually a good thing one of the biggest things that holds entrepreneurs back the motivation watch a top 10 with believe nation I’m Evan Carmichael and here’s my take on my top ten roses success volume six enjoy okay let’s take it off with rule number one take action now I’m going to teach a strategy right now that will change your life it’s called the two percent difference the two percent difference is as soon as you get an idea for something as soon as you get an idea for a new thing that you want to try out you go do it and it’s called the two percent difference because most people when they come up with an idea what they do is they think about it they plan they strategize right you got an idea to go launch something great you go home you strategize you you think are you playing you think about it but then you wake up tomorrow a different person you wake up tomorrow a different person you are feeling bold yesterday you can with this great bold bold vision for yourself amazing you’re feeling on top of the world yesterday you wake up tomorrow a different person and then you don’t do anything about it maybe we research a little bit more and then that idea is dead I believe that the decisions that you make when you’re feeling bold unstoppable and confident are actually the right ones for you and then your head talked to you down from doing them we just don’t live in the land of bold and confidence 24/7 we spend 1% of our life if that feeling bold and confident and the other 90 nothing feeling scared and afraid and back down to where we were before so the decisions you make when you’re feeling bold and confident are the right ones for you and therefore the first step you need to take is not planning is not strategizing is not thinking it’s action the 2% difference what that means is instead of going home and strategizing and planning on how to get to a hundred percent of your goal build immediate momentum I how to get the two percent of your goal focus on taking action to get 2% of the way close to hitting your goal and then that momentum will carry you forward to helping you get through to the rest of the hundred so here’s an example I’m filming this from Las Vegas I’m on this tour right now I promised Nina I made a decision I’m gonna take me in at every city in North America with a million plus people that was the goal that I had great most people would go home start researching thinking how many cities are there in North America with a million plus people how we’re gonna do it nina has a full-time job on and on and on and on with all the reasons why you’re not gonna be able to do it you start planning and strategizing great no that’s not the way to do it because you wake up tomorrow different persons say I don’t know about that goal I can I can’t do that and you start talking yourself down from it so while you’re feeling the boldness of it when you’re feeling capable when you actually feel capable of accomplishing that goal you go off and you do something so I said great this weekend I’m gonna go to Boston Nina had never been to Boston so this weekend we’re gonna go to Boston and I message heard to say Nina I’ve decided I’m gonna take it every city in North America with a million-plus people and this weekend we’re gonna go to Boston turns out those 50 cities on the list I don’t know how I’m gonna get to my 50 cities yet but I can hit one and that’s 2% if you cannot get to the first 2% immediately you will never get to the 50 you’ll never get to the hundred this is never gonna happen this is the problem for most entrepreneurs you plan too much you strategize too much you think too much you’re too smart we’re smart and so you find really smart reasons why you can’t do something you’re a perfectionist you’re worried about putting something out before it’s ready and then you never release it the people who have met on this tour I feel so bad for them i but it blows my mind of people who’ve waited decades plus to move forward on their idea that idea that you have that you’re sitting on you need so you’ll do something about it right now that’s the difference there are dummies dummies dummies who are winning in your industry who don’t have as much intellect as you who don’t have as much passion as you who don’t have as much of a heart and a cause of wanting to do something good to serve as you do and they’re winning and you’re not why because they’re actually off doing the work and you’re sitting on your couch at home strategize and researching planning thinking about it and being too afraid to go off and take action and so the 2% difference the next time you feel yourself coming up with an idea when we get ideas all the time you get an idea train yourself idea trusted it comes from somewhere right that idea comes from somewhere don’t judge it don’t be critical of it it came from somewhere you have a responsibility to do something about it idea to action idea the action train yourself idea to action it’s always something today use a lot of something in the shower great idea do something I did action the 2% difference stop planning your way on how to get to a hundred percent of your goal and figure out what can you do right now today immediately to get 2% of the way start applying that principle it will change your life rule number two change your mindset I’m gonna give you the most important strategy that the next time you’re feeling frustrated you’re feeling defeated you’re feeling like giving up will save you and help you find that inner strength and next gear here it is tell yourself it’s the best the next time you’re feeling down frustrated depressed angry tell yourself it’s the best because now this is your chance to show yourself and the world what you’re made of the next time you’re stuck at a red light and you’re frustrated complaining it’s the best the next time you’re working out and you feel like you’re on your last scent your your lungs are on fire and you can’t push again it’s the best the next time you’re frustrated in business that you’re not getting the sales you need and you feel like you’re waking up every day and there’s no momentum it’s the best it’s the best this is your chance this is your chance you can complain for seven and a half seconds and get frustrated and then tweak it inside your brain to say this is the best why what does it do first it switches your mindset to one of hopelessness to one of resourcefulness it switches your mindset from one of hopelessness that this sucks that I’m giving up I’m defeated it’s over why does this happen to me why does this suck to whine of resourcefulness that this is the best this is my chance because you grow through challenges and this is the next challenge in front of me that I am going to grow through rule number three change your perspective most entrepreneurs can’t handle a major setback you can’t you can handle a whole bunch of little setbacks a little bit of punch to the face but you can’t handle a major setback when there’s a major meltdown what do you do to get back up you find another way or do you quit and most entrepreneurs most businesses will quit look at how many companies are still around look at the biggest companies in the world how many of them were around the hundred years ago not very many most companies go out of business because they can adjust it can’t evolve they don’t love the dark clouds enough let’s look at YouTube as an example whenever there’s a major algorithm change everybody’s upset everybody’s complaining everybody is freaking out like I don’t like it I don’t like it right they complain I get pumped I get pumped because it’s my chance to win now it’s sucks because it’s a lot of work because you got to figure out a new path but everybody who’s ahead of you who’s complaining that’s your chance to win and so I’m going through right now I look at my channel and making three videos a day might be a setback for my channel even in this video I don’t know where it’s gonna be it might be on my main channel might be on a sub channel that I’m making it’s a big potential strategic shift for me to say going from one channel to three or eight haven’t fully figured it out yet but I’m pumped I’m pumped while other people are suffering and struggling and complaining that this is the new YouTube I’m gonna test it out immediate action let’s go it’s not that loving the dark clouds at least for me it’s not that loving the dark clouds you want negativity to happen you want it to be controversial you want chaos to happen you want your competitors go out of business you want it to be difficult it’s not that it’s that that’s your chance to win and so the best thing I recommend is flip it in your head learn to tell yourself that this is the best when everybody else is complaining when everybody else is struggling even when you when you put all this work into doing something and now it’s collapsing on you it’s really hard to stay positive tell yourself this is the best this is my opportunity to prove to myself in the world what I’m made of and then if you can move from a place of resourceless ‘no story source fulness and find a path while everybody else is ahead of you in complaining that’s your chance to win rule number four be patient entrepreneurs generally don’t have a lot of patience and that’s actually a good thing we want things now we want to hustle hard we want to see the results of our labor paying off we want to see you know change happening we have a big vision we know it can work and we want it to happen right now and that’s that’s that’s amazing I want you to hold on to it and the same time I want you to have incredible patience because what ends up happening is entrepreneurs often quit too soon you had the right idea you had the right vision you even had the right execution certain it up but you just quit you thought I was gonna happen in three months where it’s actually gonna happen in three years for what you’re doing every single day you need to be applying yourself a closed-off every other opportunity for four years and then you’ll be successful four years ago on my youtube channel I had 7,000 ish subscribers four years ago how did I get here with 1.2 million by making videos every single day every single day I we haven’t missed a day in four years and in the past two or three years has been three times a day or at least two times a day just grinding it out and in those little micro moments in those micro videos it’s super impatience right it’s like this video has to deliver this video not have to deliver this next one this one right here has to deliver there’s a lot of impatience to make things happen and it’s knowing that this is gonna take me years to get to where I want to go also if you want to learn how to build more confidence check out my 250 for confidence series it’s free and the link is in the description below if you’re doing work that you loved you’re more likely to follow through you’re more likely to do it because it doesn’t feel like work because you love doing it surround yourself with greatness if you want to be more confident you need to surround yourself with things that make you feel confident rule number five live your truth most people aren’t happy in life because they’re living somebody else’s truth you’re not living your truth you’re living somebody else’s version of it your parents your family your culture your society you live in somebody else’s version of it and so you’re never happy because you never explored it you never picked at it you never found out what you could be and you settle for something less than what you’re capable of you know you’re capable of more you may not know what the thing is that you should be doing but you know it’s not this thing right in front of you I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met on this tour who have that story to share I had a woman whose father told her that women should not be doing any kind of Ontario ventures women are meant to be teachers and so she spent 15 years being a teacher before having a courage to jump off and start her own business and now she has a multi-million dollar construction business I had a girl come up in Albuquerque where I am right now who studied for years to be an accountant why because her mom was accountant so her mom made her go studied to become an accountant she didn’t know what she wanted to do so she said okay great yeah I’ll be an accountant she just graduated and realized I don’t want to be an accountant this isn’t for me it’s easy it’s the path that my parents took like it’s great for me to get into it I can get easy money you know my mom said I’ll like it when the money starts coming in but money’s coming in and I don’t like it I want to do something else I know I’m meant for something greater and so she told her mom I don’t want to do this I want to learn how to be a management consultant am I gonna go back to school that takes a lot of guts that takes a lot of courage most people do not have that courage most people do not have the courage to stand up to their parents and say I don’t want this life it doesn’t mean you have to hate them you have to attack them you have to tell them they’re wrong this is for you you don’t want that life most people never have that courage and the story that comes to mind for me is acteal Mehta and use this as motivation as wisdom if you are trying to battle your parents or your culture your friends your society remember Akio Morita he started Sony now he came from 11 or 12 generations of sake Brewers Japanese background the Japanese culture is super family-oriented and the oldest always takes over the family business all this has to follow in line with what the family was doing and so he was expected to take over the sake business and it’s not just one generation you’re talking 11 to 12 generations in a Japanese society and he said I don’t want to do this I want to start my own business a technology company at a time when Japan was known for super low quality products this is the man who put Japan on the map for high quality products that products coming out of Japan meant something was a stamp of quality because of Akio Morita and he went on to build one of the most successful brands in the world and Sony but it starts with having the courage having a courage to say that’s not my that’s not my truce rule number six surround yourself with greatness this is why I keep going with my YouTube channel this is the reason why I keep going with my youtube channel because yes your spouse is important and yes your friend is important and the people that you hang out with our super super super important and all the other people that you hang out with by reading books and consuming content watching videos all of that makes an impact to the more that you spend hanging around people and ideas and wisdom that bring you up the more you’re going to rise up and the more you’re around people who are complaining and negative and pulling you down guess what happens the more you’re gonna be pulled down and one of the big reasons for me in creating this channel was I wanted to be around successful entrepreneurs I wanted to be around people who would push me to go off and do more because in my life I’m super fortunate to have a very understanding wife a very supportive family friends who encouraged me and you know always support the things that I’m doing but I don’t have people who are pushing me to do better you know I don’t have people who say you know what what you’re doing is great but you should be out here like you could be making these adjustments and playing a bigger game you can have a bigger impact and so I needed more of that in my life and so my solution defining it was was the videos was I want to hang her on Elon Musk and I want to hang around Steve Jobs don’t want to hang around Warren Buffett I want to hang around these people we’re thinking on a bigger scale because the more you do that the more you ingest this content the more you’re gonna think like them the more you’re gonna act like them the more you’re gonna take these pieces to not only just be like them but to be the best version of you rule number seven don’t try to please everybody so listen everybody’s gonna have an opinion on what you should do with your life everybody your your friends your family your culture your society your community your customers online haters everybody’s got an opinion on what you should do with your life and it’s tempting to want to take the advice one because it gives us advice but two it does also somebody to blame right like if it doesn’t work out it’s not my fault is that person’s fault they said I should do it some point though you have to decide that you are gonna be an adult that you are in control that you want to go off and build your own life and you only you know what that looks like and you have to have the courage to the confidence to step up and say I’m in charge this is my life now I get to decide what I want to do and some opinions will matter and some opinions will make a difference and others you have to let bounce off you you’re not gonna be able to please everybody everybody has an opinion on what you should do with your life and the only one that really matters truly is this one right here so how do you decide how do you know what the difference is how do you know which opinions you should take which you should listen to because on the one hand it’s you want to take advice you want to take counsel you don’t know everything and on the other hand it’s it’s your life you gotta decide how do you make those two things work together number one is understand what your one word is your one word is the most important core value mine is believe yours is whatever it is it’s worth going through the exercise I think is one of the most important exercise you can ever do in your life it becomes a filter through which you see the world and so for me it’s belief and believe is around believing in yourself having self-confidence believing in the work that you’re doing having passion for it and believing that it’s gonna work out believe it in the impact believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you only see darkness around you right now that’s believe and so all of the decisions that I make are through the lens of believe every new piece of content and I put on my channel is through the lens of belief and so if you give me advice that has nothing to do it believe it may be great potential advice but it’s not for me how do I know what’s for me because I’m sitting on my rock of belief and if you don’t know what value you stand on it’s easy to get pulled in a lot of different directions rule number eight ain’t consistent most hunters don’t win because they’re not consistent at us it’s not because you don’t have talent or skills or energy you’re just not consistent enough you’re not consistent enough too many entrepreneurs get all pumped up and motivated and you’re working like crazy and you have an amazing day and then the next day you wake up and you’re back to your normal life and you’re not consistently putting in the effort the reason why my youtube channel has one is because I made videos every single day for four five years five years ago plus I had seven thousand subscribers on my youtube channel now we’re over 1.8 million not because I’m super talented I’m not go back watch some videos you’ll see how I suck the beginning super-nervous awkward in a suit sitting down just terrible but by making videos every single day I got better and I was able to conquer what I didn’t have any natural talent in because I learned to develop the skill by beating on my craft every single day and so this is one of the major problems for entrepreneurs I think a lot of people could have done what I’ve done I think a lot of you watching you could have done what I’ve done you have more natural talent than I do the difference is I got up every day for five years and did it and so I don’t think it’s that special I think it’s just putting in the effort in the hustle every single day and that’s a big reason why so many entrepreneurs don’t win you are just not consistent enough in your effort rule number nine find your genius I like to say that everybody has Michael Jordan level talent is something I believe it I think I think you have Michael Jordan level talent or something I think your genius a legit bona fide genius you should be off there change in the world I believe it I think you have that talent I think you have that capabilities most people don’t most people one they don’t believe in themselves enough to actually go off and chase it by most people don’t go off and explore to find the thing that they have genius at that they could be Michael Jordan’s not warm before that and instead you try to photocopy somebody else’s life you try to be the next somebody no you’re a genius let’s go let’s chase it down that’s why I’m on my mission I want to solve the world’s biggest problem untapped human potential I think everybody is that genius and they either don’t know what the thing is that they should be doing or they don’t believe in themselves hard enough to go and chase it down so let’s work through those two things whatever can’t be fall into there’s gonna be advice that will help you one you don’t know what your genius said amazing what’s the past you explore you test you try people settle way too early in life you settle you settle how do you know if you like sushi or not until you taste it you don’t you should be trying everything I think everybody should try to be an entrepreneur everybody should try to have a youtube channel everybody should try to have a podcast everybody should try to be an accountant like you should try she pick up everything just to get a sense say yes to everything once adopt that mindset mentality we get locked in to career paths way too soon why because that’s what our parents did because that’s what we want to school for why you’re gonna now the rest of your life doing something because you’ve only tried five different things and now you’re gonna pick like that’s the recipe for disaster that’s why 95 percent of America wakes up and drives to the job that they hate you have to try you have to say yes and don’t tie your self-worth to the results you will suck at the beginning whatever you first start doing you will suck it will not work out my first youtube videos sucked sucked go back watch him so you can see how bad I was when I first started my videos I sucked that was awkward I was nervous I was introverted it’s like we 350 videos until it wasn’t completely embarrassed by myself three hundred and fifty videos and so the acid test needs to be do you like the process do you want to go back and do it again you may not have been good at it but you want to go off and do it again so you need to say yes to a whole bunch of things when you don’t know what you want to do in life you need to say yes to almost everything as long as it falls within your personal you know values ethics you’re not harming yourself you know those things you should go off and try I think you should try it I don’t think you’ve tried enough if you don’t know what you want to do in life you have not tried enough and rule number 10 the last only for a very special bonus clip is don’t obsess with perfection stop trying to be perfect one of the biggest things that holds entrepreneurs back is you have an idea in your head and you want to launch it but you’re afraid to launch anything until it’s perfect you’re afraid to put anything out into the world until you have the perfect plan the perfect product the perfect competitive advantage and that does not exist and the biggest danger of all is that just stays an idea for you for the rest of your life that it never actually gets created because you can never reach perfection because you’re afraid of releasing the thing out into the world and so you never will or everybody who you look up to the people who’ve had massive success any entrepreneur they release something before it was perfect the god feedback they adjusted they listened to it and that became the thing that propelled into massive success and so you need to move from that place of trying to have everything be a hundred percent perfect before you launch and just get used to actually creating actually doing actually putting stuff out there into the market instead of sitting on your couch hoping wishing dreaming planning strategizing but never actually doing now I’ve got a special bonus clip for me on how to be driven that I really think you’re gonna enjoy but before that it’s time for the three point lighting questions let’s go from just watching the video to taking action here we go question number one what are you obsessing over being perfect that you just need to start number two what do you need to be more consistent on that you will put into your calendar every day this week and number three how can you better surround yourself with greatness every single day to be an entrepreneur you have to be a little crazy the most successful people in entrepreneurship in any field they’re crazy you’re a little bit crazy you’re on a mission that is crazy that most people don’t understand and listen to the Elon Musk talk you think he’s crazy I think he’s crazy it sounds nuts like this is 70% chance that you’re gonna go on a one-way ticket to Mars and never make it there and die there right it’s like and that’s what he wants to do and it’s excited to go off and do it it sounds nuts but that’s what you need to have as an entrepreneur because doing the thing building the business up that you want to build will be so difficult so crazy so challenging that it’s that insane drive that gets you there but you have to love doing it so much to have the courage and the passionate energy to keep going when it’s difficult and for me I want to go to Mars is a serial percent chance I’m going to Mars but I love helping entrepreneurs and I could get lost in helping entrepreneurs I could spend all day long helping entrepreneurs and I won’t eat and I won’t drink and I’ll forget to eat the bathroom and I’ll have a fever and not even notice it I’ll be sitting there helping entrepreneurs for hours with a burning fever and not even notice it because it’s the thing that I love doing and that’s what you need to find for yourself as well if you want more haven’t Carmichael check out my last top ten rules video the link is right there next to me I think you’ll enjoy it continue to believe and I’ll see you there I hate spending money till and making money if you do not have money it’s because you are spending your money on things that are not making you money

About Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael is working to solve the world’s biggest problem: Untapped human potential. He believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping to raise $500,000 to $15 million. He now runs EvanCarmichael.com, a popular website for entrepreneurs.

He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. He’s obsessed, aiming to help one billion entrepreneurs and change the world. He has set two world records, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, wears five-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards.

He speaks globally, but Toronto, Canada (#EntCity) is home. He loves being married, his son, salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Evan Carmichael’s Recommended Books

These are 7 books that have had a tremendous impact on his life and how he thinks about business.  Evan used to have loads of books on his shelves collecting dust.  Over time, he was accumulating more books than he could read.

He became stressed out just thinking about reading all those books.  One day he decided to donate most of his books to his local library. He trimmed his book collection down to just the 7 core books that added the most value to his life.

This is the list of books that Evan Carmichael kept: (1) The Four-Work Week by Timothy Ferriss; (2) Radicals & Visionaries by Thaddeus Wawro; (3) Keep Any Promise by Karim H. Ismail; (4) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; (5) Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump & Tony Schwartz; (6) The Go Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann; and (7) The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn.


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