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Author and Fitness expert JJ Virgin talks extreme self-care and how to develop a miracle mindset with Shawn Stevenson on the The Model Health Show.



* How even the best universities are teaching people bad nutrition science.
* Which “healthy” sugar is dangerous to your liver and gut lining.
* Why fresh-pressed juices might make you fat.
* The #1 disempowering belief that people carry in regards to their body and lifestyle.
* The surprising family struggle JJ was going through during her first book launch.
* What guiding principle JJ held with dealing with her son’s recovery.
* How extreme self-care can be integral to overcoming adversity.
* Why you need to focus on getting stronger instead of having things easier.
* What it takes to develop the Miracle Mindset.
* Why operating from a scarcity mindset can hurt you and others.
* How to instantly increase your sense of abundance and being “enough”.


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