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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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are you overwhelmed by financial challenges are they affecting your health emotions and family are you battling stress worry and hopelessness a change is coming pastor Benny Hinn has designated Good Friday April 3rd as a powerful Day of Prayer for debt cancellation he will be joined by anointed guests and effective intercessors in agreement for Supernatural debt cancellation wealth transfer and financial freedom as a point of contact right to pastor Benny today with your prayer requests for the specific miracles you need and sow a seed to activate your harvests of abundance no more lack and no more losses act now to ensure that pastor Benny receives your letter before Good Friday April 3rd and join him on that day in prayer for the amazing miracles God has for you don’t delay mail your prayer requests and seed gift today pastor Benny Hinn is celebrating 40 years of ministry taking the gospel to the nations of the world look to our precious Jesus today who say welcome to this is your day hello I’m Steve Muncie and pastor Benny Hinn has asked me to give you this special word and the seven things that are about to happen in your life it is incredible it is incredible that God has given us great instruction and that instruction is there are seasons in which God says I’m going to bless you now three important days to God three important feast we could call them exodus bears them out and in that that we read in Exodus we discover there are seven things that God is going to do I’m referring to the Passover in just a few days the Passover one of the most important dates and days and feast to God Exodus 23 bears out that seven things happen during the Passover if we respond let’s talk about the Passover just for a moment the Passover was when God when God delivered his people out of Egypt and we discover that on the night they were delivered God required Moses to tell the people to slay a lamb take the blood of the lamb and put it on the doorpost if the camera will follow me this is kind of live today as I’m talking to you as far as you you watching me but I know that I’m going to go out of the light kind of special here but if the boom will take me I just want to make a reference to this door I came out of today imagine that there would be blood now maybe some bad lighting but just hang with me just for a few moments that blood would be on the doorpost and there were 360 some thousand doorpost in which blood was applied God said to Moses he said if there is blood on the doorpost I’m going to dispatch an angel on the night in which there will be blood on the doorpost and I will pass over that’s where we get pass over now the blood on the doorpost kept the angel of death going in and killing the firstborn we discover that those that did not have the blood on the doorpost we discover in God’s Word that the firstborn was killed it was that in which pharaoh who had made slaves out of israel some nearly 2 million it was that night when he picked his boy up who was dead in his bed because the death angel had come and slayed him on Passover he said Israel go free and 2 million history bears out begin to march toward the promised land on the night of the Passover now God marked that as a bear very special moment and he has never deviated from that date nor from that season and God said there are three important days dates in which I the Lord this is what the Bible has declared in Leviticus 23 in numbers and of it according to Apostle Paul’s teaching that we are to keep the feast feast means God makes an appointment with man and Passover is one of those three feasts that God says I want you to keep and I want you to remember they are not the Jewish they are not the Jewish feasts they’re not the Christians feast but they are actually God’s feast God said these are my days if you respond I will do seven things that will help you in this season of your life so when God declared that Passover which happens to be which happens to be a spiritual new year in other words in the next few days we’re going to experience the Passover it’s coming up and God says I want you to remember it if you remember my Passover I will do seven things now here the seven things discovered in Exodus 23 the Bible says that he will assigned an angel to you the Bible says he will be in enemy to your enemies number three he will give you prosperity number four he will take sickness away from you I don’t know who I’m talking to today but in just a few days if you will respond and say lord I will honor your feast God says I will take sickness from the midst of thee I will take sickness out of your household and I will take sickness out of your life you might be in a household where there’s someone that you’re taking care of whether it is a relative a wife husband child God says in the midst of thee I will take sickness I don’t know why I’m saying this but I sense today that somebody’s watching me that you have sick in the midst of your household or where you’re staying and God is speaking directly to you that God wants to heal you and deliver you and Bible goes on to tell us that he will give you long life and then he says I will I will cause increase increase to come into your life and then God says I mark this year I mark this year of you honoring Passover and you will be blessed in the year to come because God marks Passover let’s think about this for a moment that Passover happened thousands of years ago and in Jesus himself the Lamb of God died exactly 2,000 years ago on the very day on the very day in which he marked Passover which some 1500 years earlier Israel had been set free God says this is my day if we respond to this day God will respond to us talking about that God’s getting ready to put an angel in your life God’s getting ready to do some things that is just indescribable with prosperity and blessings and God says it you if you will honor me and you will recognize this feast day I will respond to you Paul assured us he assured us in the New Testament – to honor the feast to keep the feast to honor the Passover let me just say that the the presence of the Lord is so mighty on this program I sense that in my spirit man that God’s getting ready to dispatch in a few days and angel that angel is going to strengthen you that angel is going to do a mighty work in your life I sense in my spirit that that there are enemies lawsuits there are turbulence God is getting ready to take those turbulence and enemies out since that God in his promises he tells us I will give you prosperity I will send in the increase in your life I would take sickness away I will I will I will give you long life let me share with you one of the most powerful things and there are many many instances in the Bible where the Bible talks about when the men and women honored the Passover the Bible talks about Hezekiah he was a king he was in Israel and here’s what was interesting maybe I need to go over here and just just kind of sit down and really tell you about this because it is a very very powerful thing in the scriptures the Bible says there was a season in time that nobody taught the Passover and Hezekiah daddy a king of Israel was very rude to God locked up the temples decided hey we’re not gonna do the Passover because you might be asking well how do I do the Passover how how do I remember God well God says he said in Deuteronomy 16 I want you to stand before me and do not stand empty-handed God was saying I want an offering on these three days of the year if you stand before me and do not stand empty-handed I will do the seven blessings on your life now we discover we discover we discover that Hezekiah spa they said we’re not gonna take no offerings no more I’m not gonna do that anymore I don’t care what God said in fact I’m gonna lock up the temple and I’m not gonna have anybody come to the temple in fact I’m gonna do away with tithing well I don’t believe in that anymore I don’t believe in giving anymore and besides that you know besides you know God can take care of himself that was the attitude of Hezekiah the Bible says that when Hezekiah came along Hezekiah broke the chains off the temple doors and the first thing that Hezekiah did was restore the Passover offering and honoring the Passover he knew full well that this was very important to God and God had declared it and Hezekiah says we’re going to restore the Passover he opened up the temples he told the people to come and the Bible says they had been in a great famine and God began to bless them until they had to build silos after silos you read in the scriptures you will see that prosperity aTTRA culture the economy exploded because they remembered the Passover I’m talking to you today because in the next few hours in the next few days you have the opportunity to say God I want to remember you on the Passover and Jesus who was the Lamb of God died up on the day of Passover he was the Lamb of God he applies his blood to us so that the Angel of Death will pass over us and praise be to God we have resurrection and when a believer dies it’s just a graduation exercise into eternity but still God says I want you to honor this Passover Hezekiah did that Hezekiah was 33 years of age prosperity was taking place it was a powerful moment in Hezekiah life and the Bible says the Bible says that that Hezekiah when he got sick the Bible teaches us that he immediately he immediately called for Isaiah his pastor the Bible says Isaiah came and when Isaiah came and it’s the exact Isaiah when you pick up the Bible and you read the book of Isaiah Isaiah was Hezekiah spaß her now Hezekiah dine he’s 33 years of age and he’s in bed sick with high fever and remember that Hezekiah has given the Passover offering let me show you how powerful this is because this is what’s going to happen to you God’s getting ready to do something the reason why we have connected today is because God wanted you to hear this special word he wanted you to know that the Passover that this this Easter season that’s coming on is very important to me so the Bible says that Hezekiah is visited by Isaiah his pastor Isaiah comes into his bedroom he’s sick he’s dying in the palace and the Bible says the I will says that Isaiah prophesized / Hezekiah and here’s what he says I can see him now if you don’t mind I’m going to kneel make the desk the bed and make it try try to make it as real to you as I possibly can by this this is your day on Benny Hinn’s television program he kneels and tells Hezekiah the King 33 years of age sir you’re going to die in three days you’re going to die I’m sorry son I can’t pray for you now think about Isaiah the the book we read 66 books powerful prophet says that the king of Israel who has honored God and has obeyed God he says you’re going to die in three days he Pat’s them probably on the hand you’ve been a good King son and his pastor says you’re going to die he leaves the Bible says that the Prophet leaves if I may I’m on this set of pastor Benny Hinn’s and he leaves he’s about to go out the door now let me tell you what happens let me tell you what happens while he’s walking out of the palace who is who is Isaiah he’s walking out of the palace while he’s walking out of the palace the Bible said that Hezekiah turns his face to the wall and says Lord have I not Lord remember me look what I’ve done for you if you read the passage you will you will begin to discover that he reminds God he said Lord I remind you I’ll restored the Passover now this is absolutely phenomenal and remember seven things are getting ready to happen to you in the next few moments as I pray and as you respond because this is a new season oh I’m so excited because something’s getting ready to happen to your enemies God’s getting ready to pour out an incredible amount or prosperity there’s a healing coming there’s some phenomenal thing there’s an angel gonna be dispatched in a few days if you respond the Bible says that on the way out now I’m gonna go out of some bad light in here because usually pastor hands got everything just right so I’m kind of messing up things today but I want to illustrate this he’s going out the door Isaiah when the Bible says that gods oops Isaiah from going out of the palace and says turn around go back into the room you came out of and tell Hezekiah I’ve changed my mind because now I’m going to add 15 years to his life so he goes back in has a Kai’s dying the King remember he’s turned his face toward God and said God remember me remember what I did for you I restored the Passover now the Prophet standing there his pastor and he says I don’t know what happened but in the last few minutes God changed his mind and and God has said you he’s going to give you 15 more years now this is the Prophet who said you’re going to die in three days but now God has changed his mind and it all preface prefixes on the fact that God God has changed his mind because he remembers that Hezekiah has remembered the Passover and did exactly what God said which is the three most important days to God and and these are feast days and Hezekiah remember that oh the best is yet to come you got to hear this because something greats about ready to happen to you in the next few moments listen closely to this the Bible says that Hezekiah listens to the pastor as the pastor tells him and says you’re going to live another 15 years Hezekiah Hezekiah says I need a sign I’m looking around on pasture hens set today usually he has a world but he doesn’t he doesn’t have it on the set today so imagine a world and our world the earth ok the earth and the Bible says the Bible says that Hezekiah the King tells Isaiah if God is going to give me 15 more years and another thing was happening there was a hundred and eighty eight thousand of the enemy that had surrounded Jerusalem around King Hezekiah and he says if God is going to give me another 15 more years Hezekiah or Isaiah give me a sign and the Bible says the Bible said Isaiah said what do you want and Hezekiah says you tell God to back up the Sun ten degrees back up the Sun ten degrees evidently they did not know that the earth revolved they thought the Sun moved so he said tell God to back up the earth 10 or the Sun 10 degrees so Isaiah said that’s a very hard thing and so he said okay I’ll pray and the Bible said they brought a sundial out and the Bible said he prayed Isaiah prayed and he prayed because God had remembered the Bible says what Hezekiah did and that is he remembered the Passover he honored God by doing what he said at the Passover and the Bible said the Earth or the Sun they thought the Sun backed up ten degrees but you and I know you and I know that God stopped the earth and the Bible says the Shadle the Sun went back ten days meaning that the earth was backed up under the prayer and the the authority because Hezekiah had honored God had honored God by saying Lord I respect and respond to you at the Passover remember remember what I told you today remember what I told you today out of the Bible there are seven things that are getting ready to happen and I feel this very strong the Bible says if you will stand before me with an offering because you might say what do I do how do i how do I respond to God and God says in Deuteronomy 16:16 he said stand before me with an offering I feel strong about this I feel so strong because as an angel getting ready to be dispatched this Passover in your life your enemies are going to be your enemies are going to be taken care of by the way let me tell you what happened to Hezekiah when he saw that the shadow of the sundial backed up ten degrees which means the earth backed up twelve twelve hours of the day and the Bible said one angel went out into where there was a hundred and eighty eight thousand surrounded Jerusalem and one angel destroyed a hundred and eighty-eight thousand of the enemy all because Hezekiah Hezekiah had honored the Lord with the offering I feel very strong at this moment that every person watching me because of the seven things that God is going to do he’s going to remove sickness increases coming an angel will be dispatched I need you to go to the phone because I’m gonna pray in a few minutes and you see a number on that screen I sensed that this is this is an offering and when when you dial that number you’re saying God I’m gonna stand before you this is my Passover offering and when you go to the phone in just a moment and you begin to say I’m going to give a $300 offering I’m going to give a $3,000 and somebody may be given $30,000 offering but as you go and say this is this is an offering to honor the Passover the Bible says when you stand before me with an offering God then says since you have honored me I’m gonna dispatch an angel I’m gonna take care of your enemies seven things in which God says I will send prosperity upon your life I will take sickness I’m talking about talking about someone today watching me sickness is getting ready to be removed from your family member from you God is getting ready to send healing and then he goes on to say in in Exodus the 23rd chapter he says I will give you long life I’m talking to someone today regardless of what age you are that because you honor God like eyes like Hezekiah did you’re going you’re going to be healed and your life is going to be extended increase is going to come upon you and a blessing like you have never experienced I need you to go to the phone I would like for you to dial the number right now I’ve only got a few minutes to be with you and I’m on this is your day but I sense this and all the seed money that comes into the this is your day Benny Hinn ministry is going to take him around the world to preach the gospel and tip and pray for the sick and to give the gospel of Jesus Christ but more than that you are about to be set free all because you said this is the Passover this is the Easter offering this is the this is a very special moment don’t you remember when Peter was about to be headed and King Herod was going to kill him and the Bible says an angel was dispatched on the night of Passover and saved Simon Peter account after account you will discover that on Passover a beginning of a new season an angel will be dispatched whatever you have to do whatever and however you’ve got to do it you can easily put it on a credit card you can easily say I’m going to send it in the morning you can easily say I will do it in two payment with it but oh I feel the urgency the urgency of that $300 gift to say Lord I’m planting an offering and it’s specifically the Passover offering now when you make that call and that operator lit answers the call tell them this is the Passover offering the moment you speak the Passover offering out of your mouth to the operator and you tell her here is the three thousand dollars here is the three hundred dollar offering here is the best offering I can give the moment you say that there is a virtue in you speaking I’m honoring the Lord with the Passover offering I sense this strongly I sense that someone’s watching me there’s a breakthrough getting ready to happen in your prosperity like you have never experienced you’re getting ready to experience a healing you’re getting ready to see the enemy who has been choking your children who has been choking your business that is getting ready to be demolished God’s getting ready to extend your life I pray right now I pray right now that every person watching me you get to the phone even after I go off in the next few minutes and you speak you speak right now you speak that in your spirit I am going to honor one of God’s most holy days and remember what God said this is my day thank God for the Jews they have always honored it thank God for the Christian they have always honored it but God said it’s not the Christian or Jew day it’s my day and when you stand before me when you dial that number and say this is my offering pastor Benny Hinn you putting it up on the altar Steve Munsey you have declared the word of the Lord there will be an angel invisible in just a few hours the moment that you pass that offering by way of telephone and say here is my $300 gift I promise you that God will dispatch an angel God will reach into that home and a healing supernatural will take place God is about to extend your life God is about to take care of your enemies it doesn’t matter what is going on God’s about to reveal his presence go to the phone now when I go off in about a minute say Passover offering do it get on the phone don’t delay it get on the phone get on the website of pastor Benny Hinn and say this is my pass over offering Father in the name of Jesus I release that upon the people I’ve only got about 30 or 40 seconds I want you to go to the phone I want you to while I’m on the air while while I’m on your television set I just grab your cell phone just hold it in your hand and say I’m getting ready to say Passover offering to the person who answers this phone after I dial the number or get on the computer and say this is my Passover offering and declare God I want to honor you I’m opening up my hands and honoring one of the most important days and ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters whoever you might be get ready it’s just a few hours just a few moments away in just of this season when Passover hits you’ve got your offering on the altar and an invisible angel comes in and the seven blessings come upon your life say it with me Passover offering Passover offering I’m going off the air now but every person that speaks it out of your mouth the virtue and the declaration and then you giving the three hundred dollars is about to change your life this this is a word from the Lord and God is getting ready to do something spectacular in your life father they’re going to the phone now this is a holy day I’ve spoken the word and now they’re going to do it in the name of Jesus go to that phone $300 gift and say this is my Passover offering seven blessings of the Passover is Steve Munsey’s in-depth study of the blessings which can be yours as a result of your Passover offering when you honor God he promises to assign an angel to you be an enemy to your enemies give you prosperity take sickness away bless you with a long life bring increase and give you a special 12 month blessing be sure to request your copy of seven blessings of the Passover when you honor God with your Passover offering of three hundred dollars or other significant amount call write or give online today [Music]

The Seven Blessing of the Passover: Dr. Steve Munsey pastors the fast-growing congregation of 10,000 at the Family Christian Center of Munster, Indiana.  He has researched and written books on the Passover, and he offers a powerful, timely, needed message about this sacred season and what it can mean for you and your family.

About Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana

Family Christian Center is a unique, diverse, multi-cultural church with a passion to share the message of Jesus Christ to everyone and anyone – from the faceless to the famous. The are bold in their passion to share the message of Jesus in a way that speaks to our generation.

Under the dynamic leadership of Senior Pastors Steve Munsey and Melodye Munsey, they continue to make an impact in their region and across the nation through their television broadcasts, live services and ministry resources.

Local and International Ministries

They are committed to showing God’s love to a hurting world. Through their local ministry, they  distribute food,  sends chaplains to local hospitals and serve people in prisons located in the Northwest Indiana-Chicagoland area.

Family Christian Center also provide spiritual and financial help to missionaries in more than 10 countries, supporting orphanages, schools and churches through world missions.

About Pastors Steve and Melodye Munsey

Steve and Melodye Munsey are the senior Pastors of Family Christian Center. Their dedication to preaching the message of Jesus is shown in everything they do. Both Melodye & Steve were born into a great heritage of Godly parents and grandparents who devoted their lives passing the Gospel to the next generations.

The Munseys live and reside in Munster, Indiana, part of the Greater Chicagoland Area and have two children Kent II (Allison) and daughter Candace.


Family Christian Center - Munsey Indiana

Family Christian Center: “Our worship is passionate and we are never apologetic about expressing our love for Jesus. Our messages are always faith-challenging, relevant, and never boring. Your faith, heart, and perspective will always be stirred.” | Image courtesy: familychristiancenter.org



Family Christian Center Channel | Munsey, Indiana



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Pastors Steve and Melodye Munsey ministering at Family Christian Center in Munster Indiana

Pastors Steve and Melodye Munsey ministering at Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana. | Image courtesy: familychristiancenter.org



Pastor Steve Munsey ministering at Omega Church International in Cleveland Tennessee

Pastor Steve Munsey ministering at Omega Church International in Cleveland, Tennessee. | Image courtesy: perrystone.org



Pastor Steve Munsey interview on 1onOne with Damon Davis

Pastor Steve Munsey interview on 1onOne with Damon Davis. | Image courtesy: damondavis.com



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