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hello everyone this is Daniel with Fitnessblender.com don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the newest workout videos every Monday morning when they come out today we have a 16 minute core workout you’re not going to need any equipment for this whatsoever we don’t have a warm or cool down on this one so you’ll need to get those in on your own if you’re doing this by itself however this is a great routine to actually throw into another workout routine you’re doing to get just a little extra work out of it so with that said let’s go ahead and get started all right everyone if you’re going to be doing this on a hard surface than you might want to use an exercise mat if you’re doing this on carpeting something like that you should be fine with just that so we would be doing each one of these exercises for 45 seconds straight through 15-second break and then we’ll go into the next exercise we’re not repeating it it’s just one set for exercise so with that said let me go ahead and get my timer going here we are going to be starting off with crunches traditional crunches and lay down flat on your back hands back behind your head and slowly crunch it up tight squeeze the top then slowly back down keep those shoulders hovering ever so slightly right back up again just get as much range of motion as you can remember you are crunching your shoulders kind of down towards your thighs and hips not up towards your knees so you’re trying to go up you’re trying to go down into those hips so keep those elbows out of your field of vision for a little harder version just crunch up nice and tight slowly back down if you want a little bit more leverage or we can go fully extended can’t even hold a dumbbell if you want to make a little bit harder if you need a little easier arms come across chest just keep going through a nice tight squeeze and flip it over onto your stomach we’re doing swimmers next so out on your stomach arms extended straight out there are different versions of these you can do as well and start up going to left hand right foot so squeeze up nice and high and down this is the easiest version just letting that completely relax every single repetition you want to make it a little bit harder then keep it hovering off the ground but roughly the same pace left hand right foot right hand left foot if you want to make it a little harder for yourself on top of that just speed it up a little bit more to the point where you are comfortable but you can still control a motion don’t hold your breath keep your lungs open just breathing normally if you want to get a specific timing on it it’s me inhale inhale exhale exhale with your hands inhale inhale exhale exhale bow relax we’re moving to a side crunch necks so back kind of in a typical crunch position you lay your legs off to the side hand behind your head your other arm off the ground don’t use your elbow to push up get a crunch that shoulder down into that hip so let it relax but not completely keep a little bit tension on that oblique that crunch it down so you’re trying to get a straight lateral motion through your shoulders try to lean forward and up and straight across keep those lungs open if you want timing on that some exhale as you go up and hell’s you drop again this is about the easiest version you can go you can cross that arm down a little bit for a little less difficulty extend it out for harder same thing on the other side so I’ve been switch sides same exact position right hand the same thing behind your head left arms kind of tucked across your body keep those shoulders perpendicular to the ground crunch it up towards that hip hand back down keep a little bit of tension in the oblique no pressing that elbow of that left arm into the mat to be feeling it just on that top side basically from the base your ribcage down to press that hip you have your hand up there you should be able to feel those muscles contracting that gap shortening as you come up again a little easier is hand across your chest next hardest has hand behind your head hardest from there is a full extension on that arm and then using weight from that point on to make it harder relax switch back onto your back you’re going to do a full jackknife crunch easier version keep those knees bent harder version full extension on that body so arms and legs out in opposite directions crunch up the arms and legs come great right above those joints and crunch up towards those toes back down keep a little hover for the harder version then right back up again if a full extension is too hard for you don’t worry about it just bend those knees a little bit should make it a little bit easier or bring those hands in behind your head full extension if you can get extra points if you can do this with a dumbbell in your hand and or a dumbbell on your feet just don’t trap it on yourself I love that relax switch back over onto your stomach so hands down in front of your face legs fully straight back behind you kind of plaster those feet down you’re gonna arch that back up and back down keep a little bit of a hover don’t let it completely relax easiest version actually pull those elbows back to your sides the next highest is in front of your face above your head and then full extension it’s me the hardest version again you can always use a dumbbell to make it harder from there if you’re really trying to go for some strength training keep those lungs open exhaling your way up inhaling your way down like that real out so you have Russian twist nets so switch it around onto your tailbone feet out in front of you a little bit of a little bit more than 90 degree angle on those knees extend them out as you need to for balance so back perfectly flat arms up in front of that chest lean back as far as it’s comfortable as far as you can control and your rotate left to right through those shoulders don’t swing your arms your arms are staying right in front of your chest you’re just rotating through that torso the further you lean back the hearts gonna be if you weren’t even harder pick those feet up off the ground hover them just a little bit should feel this all in that core again if you want to make it even more difficult hold a dumbbell that’ll get those obliques transverse obliques in there a little bit more yeah let it relax lay down flat on your back you got one more of these to go through and then we’ll get a loofa break put your left leg out right leg up arms up over your head you’re going to bring your left leg up right arm up touch that foot or as close to as you can get back down and same thing on the other side if you want to make it a little bit harder instead of letting it relax you’re going to keep it hovering so whichever version you want whichever version you can control with keeping that lower block lower back flat against the mat she started feeling that lower back lift up then you’re a little bit past your strength level so you need to drop it back down that lower back should be plastered against that mat the entire time we’re harder version as those feet and arms hydrant and let it relax all right so this is the end of our first group we’ve got one more group to go if this first round it was a little bit too easy for you then try the harder versions for this next round see in just a second you alright everybody let’s go ahead and start into that second round of this is your all new exercises starting off with a toe touch crunch so laying flat on your back leg straight up in the air arms up over your shoulders gonna crunch up towards those toes back down but don’t want those shoulders completely touch it scrunch it up and back down keep those lungs open if you want to it’s exhaling the way up and on the way down if you want to be a little bit harder grab a dumbbell press up towards those toes dozen ones open and let it relax flip over onto your stomach we’re doing back bow crossovers next it’s a flat on your stomach easiest versions hands tucked to sides or hands in front of your face for a little harder version go full extension so we got to the side with both sides crunch up and back down so squeeze those arms and legs off to each side squeeze them over and over the top so they should be in the center when you get to the highest part of that arc harder version is keeping them hovering with every single repetition easier version is letting him relax again easier version for that upper body you’re sorry sorry for that lower back just tucking those elbows to your sides arching back and forth and letting it completely touch each time again harder version it goes all the way up that full extension or if you’re real glutton for punishment you’re going use a dumbbell that relaxed we’re going side crunch for the leg lift so we start laying down our left side legs out in a full extension and line with your body those hips should be perpendicular to the ground don’t let him lean forward or lean back hand up on top of that thigh you’re gonna crunch up and reach down like you try to touch the back of those feet the the heel of your feet that way it’ll keep those hips stacked and get a nice tight contraction through that oblique if you’re laying on your left side that left hand is gonna be out to help you keep balance but you shouldn’t really be pushing into it to help you crunch up it should just be keeping you from tipping left or forward or back I try to reach down towards the back of those feet trying to reach towards that heel keep those hips stacked let her relax gonna switch to the other side flip it around this version is feeling a little too easy for you no that’s easy version is feeling a little too easy for you feel free to grab a dumbbell and he used that to make a to give a little extra weight so we’re gonna do to make that work is he remove that top arm either to your chest you can ID your head or to a full extension to get that leverage in there to make it work a little bit harder whatever version you did last time you’re gonna copy it you don’t want to have one side working more than the other you want to try to be as balanced as possible always set your weight and your repetitions based off of your weak side you don’t want that strong side getting stronger faster and relaxed we’re gonna do a crisscross crunch so let you flap on your back come one leg extend it out straight the other legs meet up at a 90 you can bring his hands back behind your head contract and crunch up right elbow to left knee and then switch sides left elbow to right knee to keep alternating back and forth but where this isn’t a bicycle where you’re going in a circular pattern with those feet this is just out and back to make it more difficult don’t let that knee come in past that hip joint try to get a good full rotation crunching up to the side and every single time you do this lower back press down into that mat without relax we’ve got a backbone twist next flip it around on to your stomach so again hands tuck to your sides for easier version next artists and hardest you’re going to crunch or do back bell arch that back up and twist at the same time so it’s up and twist like you’re trying to bring that elbow back to the other side of your body we exhale as you come up inhale as you drop because we try to get a rotation on this one to make it harder you’re actually going to bring your arms out wider rather than straight up in front so that’s gonna be the hardest version next hardest and easiest getting keep those lines open don’t hold your breath all right we’ve got one windshield wipers next to lay flat on your back those legs are gonna start straight above your hips kind of like with the toe touch crunch but instead of going up towards your toes you’re gonna roll your feet left and right so drop them off to the side as low to the ground as you can with still controlling them and the same thing off to the other side make sure you control it though if you need to you can bend those knees so make it a little easier for yourself just rotate back and forth that way but if you can full extension a little too close to the wall and I can’t get a full range of motion on that side keep those shoulders flat against the ground don’t let your shoulders lift up you want to keep them flat down and let them relax sorry we’ve got full body extensions next and bring those knees up to a 90-degree angle so kind of starting a tabletop position arms up by your sides crunched forward you’re going to extend out to a full extension or as close to as you can control then tuck right back in that same position don’t let that knee come in past your hip joint you want to straight up above crunched in extend out as far as you can and then crunch back in if you feel like you can only go to about here that’s fine you want to make sure that lower back stays flat against that mat those lungs open exhale as you extend out inhales you drop back in and let it relax all right guys I went by pretty quick so now is your whole core routine if it wasn’t hard enough for you go back through with the hardest versions that still wasn’t hard enough and start using a little bit of weight all you need is like a two-pound dumbbell and will make a huge difference so I hope you guys liked it let us know what you thought in the comments section below otherwise this workout is complete I’ll see you guys next time

Fitness Blender 15 Minute Abs Workout – At Home Core Training without Equipment

Full info for this at home abs workout @ https://bit.ly/2vVwogp

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