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Following God’s Pace Instead of Your Own

By his mid-30s, Terry Looper was living the dream – married to his high-school sweetheart, father of two daughters, and a multi-millionaire fast-tracking toward even more entrepreneurial success. But the lure of money and business growth was quickly overwhelming his life and health, and he experience a nervous breakdown that nearly destroyed everything.

Terry grew up with a childhood faith and was seemingly doing everything right as a Christian, yet compares himself to the rich young ruler who failed to make Jesus the central part of his life.

Terry had a transformational experience that eventually restored his mental health and spiritual growth. He learned to slow down in order to listen and align his will and daily decisions with the Lord. This improved his marriage, parenting, ministry and work. He’ll encourage us all to slow down and follow God’s pace for our lives.

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Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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