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Freddy Hayler - Song of Angels Album

Freddy Hayler – Song of Angels Album

Freddy Hayler Music: Thousands have come to salvation and a deeper knowledge of Christ and many have been divinely healed through the manifest supernatural presence of God which attends their unique ministry of prophetic music and the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Freddy and Annie Hayler are internationally known “missionary evangelists” who preach a powerful message calling the church to repentance, holiness and reformation with the Lord confirming His Word with divine healings, miracles and signs and wonders . . . the Holy Spirit confirming a true message that is from the heart of God for this late hour.


Freddy Hayler performs on Sid Roth Its Supernatural Show

Freddy Hayler performs on Sid Roth Its Supernatural Show


Reviews of Song of Angels Album

“Beautiful songs, it builds me up, my spirit, praise the Lord almighty creator of all things in Jesus Mighty name.”Fernando Valdes

“This is really beautiful music. It is unique. I found this music quite uplifting. At first I was unsure how much I liked it but after the second listen, I loved it.”Irene Edwards


Freddy Hayler Interview – Sid Roth It’s Supernatural Show

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Show: When Freddy Hayler worships God, it stirs up the angels in heaven to minister and bring gifts. Watch this episode to experience it in worship for yourself with Freddy’s “Songs of Angels.”


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