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0:00 CS: Are you a victim of sexual abuse or trauma 0:03 to your soul? 0:04 I want to share with you today, me and my guest, 0:07 how you can be set free from the very things that 0:10 have held you in bondage your whole life. 0:13 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:16 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:21 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:24 in victory and wholeness. This is Your Path to Destiny 0:29 with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:36 I’m your host, Dr. Candice Smithyman, 0:39 your personal mentor and life coach trainer. 0:42 I am so excited to have you with me today because 0:45 my guest and I are going to be talking about how to 0:48 deliver yourself from bondages. 0:50 Yes, it’s very important for you to know that you 0:53 can be set free simply by the Word of God 0:56 and by your faith. 0:58 And so my guest today is Isik Abla. 1:01 She’s a TV host, author, speaker, pastor. 1:04 She has an amazing testimony. 1:06 She’s transforming lives all over the world. 1:09 And you’ve probably seen her somewhere for sure. 1:12 So I’m excited to have her with me right here on the set. 1:16 Hello Isik. 1:17 IA: Hello. Hi. 1:18 CS: So glad to have you with me. 1:19 IA: Thank you for having me. 1:20 It’s it’s wonderful to be here. 1:23 CS: Well, you have an amazing story. 1:25 And really, your book is what we’re going to talk 1:28 about today, which is 1:29 Cast out Demons and Slay your Giants. 1:32 But your story is all about self deliverance and 1:35 how God really redeemed you even from being a 1:38 former Muslim. Can you share with us? 1:41 IA: Absolutely. Absolutely. 1:43 First of all, I am coming from a Muslim background. 1:46 I was born and raised in Turkey and imagine, 1:49 twenty eight years of my life, 1:51 I was given a steady diet of lies and deception. 1:55 And later on I was in occult, witchcraft, 1:58 New Age, Buddhism. 2:00 I mean, you just name it out of body experience 2:04 through meditation so, I was an open target to all 2:08 the demonic forces. 2:10 Dr. Candice and I came to Christ. 2:12 I thought everything was going to be amazing 2:14 because I gave my life to Jesus. Why do I give 2:17 my life to Jesus Christ after so much abuse? 2:21 All my life, in two abusive marriages being beaten up, 2:26 kicked on the floors. 2:28 On the day I was going to commit suicide, 2:30 Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in a 2:34 miraculous way, and He changed my life. 2:37 And afterwards, I thought everything was going 2:40 to be paradise. Right, perfect. 2:42 But it was far from that At the beginning. 2:46 Of course, during your salvation, 2:48 God takes care of a lot of stuff. 2:51 But some of the things that you need to walk 2:53 through, you need to go through the process. 2:55 And I started ministering right away, 2:58 witnessing, giving my testimony everywhere. 3:01 I mean, one person to two, three, 3:03 three thousand, later on to millions through TV 3:06 broadcast and social media. 3:08 But when I started seeing people coming to me for 3:11 deliverance, I was, it was a foreign subject to me. 3:15 And I didn’t know how to help people. 3:17 They were manifesting demons. 3:19 And I was I told it it was only in the movies 3:22 that we were warned that I watched. 3:24 And I didn’t really grasp that it was reality in so 3:29 many people’s lives. 3:30 And the more I wanted to help them, 3:32 the more I studied the Bible about the 3:34 deliverance part of the Jesus’s ministry, 3:38 which was a huge part. 3:38 I realized that I personally needed 3:42 deliverance for myself and God was speaking to me. 3:46 Unless you are clean, your house is clean. 3:49 You cannot help anybody in the 3:51 Deliverance department. 3:53 So I started praying because he started 3:55 pointing things. 3:57 You got to get rid of this. 3:58 You got to get rid of that. 3:59 You need deliverance. 4:00 You have bondages. 4:01 And I started praying for Deliverance Ministry. 4:05 I Googled. 4:06 I went on the Internet. Where can I go? 4:09 If it is Africa, I’m going to go. 4:11 If it’s in Europe, I’m going to fly. I need, I got so 4:14 desperate for my own deliverance first. 4:16 And then one day I sit down and I cried. 4:20 I said, Jesus, I want to be free. 4:22 I want to be free from demon of hostility, 4:25 a demon of anger, unforgiveness, inferiority. 4:27 I mean, I had like a long lists. 4:31 Please send me a deliverance minister. 4:34 Please give me someone to deliver me. 4:35 And I heard His gentle voice, 4:39 Him telling me, “What about me? 4:42 Can I do this in your life?” 4:44 So my deliverance journey start with Jesus speaking 4:49 to me and telling me, let’s do this together. 4:51 CS: Wow. 4:52 Well, I’m already feeling the presence of God. 4:55 I’m already feeling God speaking to people right 4:58 now about the fact that you can be delivered 5:01 yourself simply by knowing Jesus and the Word of God. 5:07 But you know, what I love about your heart is that 5:10 you were seeking to be delivered. 5:12 Yes, you are a very important part of self 5:15 deliverance is that you bring yourself to a place 5:17 of personal confession or you say you say I have a 5:21 need to be delivered. 5:23 And and just hearing you share the story, 5:25 you had such a pure heart and you’re like, 5:26 Lord, I want to help people, 5:28 but before I can go and help them, 5:30 I have to be healed myself. 5:32 And I need you to send some. 5:33 This can help me be healed and he said, 5:36 I’m here, I’m here for you, 5:38 you know, and I know some of you are crying out 5:40 about that right now. 5:41 You’re going, “Lord, send me a deliverance minister. 5:44 Send me somebody that can deliver me from these 5:46 bondages.” 5:47 And listen, we want to share with you today that 5:49 Jesus, the Messiah, will deliver you right where 5:52 you’re at, Amen. 5:53 And we’re going to pray for you shortly. 5:55 But I want you to hear more of this story because 5:58 it’s so powerful. 5:59 One of the things you’re sharing, 6:00 you shared in your story that many have heard, 6:02 of course, has been the abuse that you had in your 6:05 life. 6:06 And, you know, we know that when we come under 6:08 abusive relationships that it opens up a door in the 6:12 soulish realm for so much. 6:14 What are some of the things that God has taught 6:15 you about that? 6:16 IA: I had trauma from my childhood. 6:18 I grew up in during the Civil War years. 6:21 I was molested. 6:23 I was raped when I was a little girl. 6:25 So all these traumas, they are huge door openers to 6:29 demonic possession and oppression. 6:31 By the way, it doesn’t matter if you are 6:33 possessed or oppressed. 6:34 It is a demonic influence in your life, 6:37 period. 6:38 And you are going to follow their own voices 6:40 instead of God’s voice. 6:42 So all these traumas are big gates to the enemy to 6:47 come and answer and enter in. 6:49 CS: Yes. 6:50 And unless those gates are closed, 6:52 yes, we’re going to have that continual aggravation 6:55 and the enemy trying to lure us off of the path of 6:59 destiny that God has given us. 7:01 IA: Absolutely. 7:02 I say he had the residence in you and is time to 7:06 evict him from his house because that house belongs 7:11 to you and you are, you have authority over your 7:14 life and you need to exercise that authority 7:17 and kick him out, evict the devil from your life. 7:20 CS: That’s powerful. 7:22 You know, some of you are fearful of evicting the 7:25 devil. 7:25 IA: Yes, yes. 7:27 CS: You know, isn’t it interesting how people do 7:27 that? 7:28 IA: I was very fearful, too. 7:29 CS: Were you fearful and see when he places that 7:32 fear on us, then we don’t know what to do and we 7:33 don’t know how to move out of that and into that 7:37 place of deliverance and healing. 7:39 And Isik really shares in her book some amazing keys 7:43 to self deliverance. 7:44 Here in the next minute or so, 7:46 Can you share with us what some of those keys are to 7:48 deliver? 7:49 IA: Yes. 7:50 I mean, one of the main thing is you need to be 7:51 intentional. 7:52 And you really awareness is the biggest thing, 7:55 because when people say, I don’t need deliverance, 7:58 I have Jesus in me. 7:59 They’re in the worst place then someone saying I have 8:02 tons of demons and I need deliverance. 8:05 Awareness is the main thing. 8:06 The second part of it being intentional. 8:10 So if you’re in, then the third you start with the 8:12 Word of God and you start with Holy Spirit, 8:14 Spirit of truth, and start declaring the Word over 8:18 your life. 8:19 Praise and worship, binding and losing. 8:21 I teach all, many, many ways to deliverance, 8:24 not only one, but the main part of deliverance is 8:27 Jesus Christ and the blood of Jesus, 8:30 CS: Mmm. 8:31 Amen. 8:32 Amen. 8:33 So, so you have been a perfect example of having 8:37 a heart that came before the Lord and said, 8:40 “listen, I need to have deliverance.” 8:41 The beginning of confession. 8:43 Then from there, we continue to allow the Holy 8:46 Spirit to speak more to us about what needs to be 8:48 confessed. 8:49 And we, we, be intentional and committed about making 8:53 those confessions because confession and repentance 8:56 will bring healing, amen, in an instant. 8:59 I want you to stay tuned because it’s going to be 9:02 very, very exciting if when you come to that 9:06 place and self deliverance, 9:07 I want you to reach out to my self, 9:10 reach out to Isik because we want to know, 9:12 because we know our God and He is faithful. 9:15 And when Jesus did on the cross, 9:17 breaks every yoke, breaks every stronghold. 9:22 So, stay tuned. [Music] 9:22 We’re going to be right back in just a few 9:24 moments. 9:25 [Music] 9:29 [Music Ends] 9:31 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 9:35 international prophetic voice, 9:36 healing minister, author and pastor who travels the 9:38 world sharing how to access the heavenly realms 9:41 and lived the resurrected life. 9:43 Her passion is to see people healed and 9:45 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 9:48 in Christ as royal heirs seeded with Him in the 9:51 heavenly realms. 9:52 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 9:55 the power of God in her meetings. 9:57 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 9:59 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 10:02 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 10:05 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:07 she offers many classes in her school of the 10:10 supernatural where you, too, 10:12 can learn to release heaven, 10:13 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:16 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 10:19 “Dream Mentors International,” an 10:21 organization that teaches and trains biblical life 10:24 coaches. 10:25 Check out her website and subscribe to her YouTube 10:27 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more 10:30 resources. [Music Ends] 10:32 [Music] 10:36 [Music Ends] 10:38 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with us because 10:40 we’re learning all about how to deliver ourselves 10:43 from bondages. 10:45 Yes, you don’t need a Deliverance Minister when 10:47 you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior and He 10:51 breaks every yolk and every stronghold. 10:53 And my guest today Isik Abla has had numerous 10:57 amounts of encounters with God that have helped bring 10:59 her to the place of spiritual freedom, 11:01 the place of being released of bondages. 11:04 And she has a powerful anointing on her life to 11:06 go and help others. 11:07 And I feel the anointing in the house right now to 11:10 help those who have been abused and so Isik, 11:14 share with us some testimonies of some people 11:16 that when you had the opportunity to encounter 11:19 them and hear their stories, 11:21 you were able to lead them to that place of self 11:24 self, self-awareness so they could be set free. 11:26 IA: Yes, I have so many deliverance testimonies, 11:29 so it’s so awesome to see such deliverance really 11:32 works and it works in a longer term, 11:34 lifetime than even other types of deliverance. 11:37 So one of them was this lady who was raped by her 11:41 own biological father five, 11:44 for four, five years every single day of her life. 11:47 And I have her recorded testimony and she had to 11:51 come to- and she’s one of the healthiest person I 11:53 have ever known in my life. 11:55 Today, she’s the chaplain of our ministry. 11:57 That is a surprise part of the testimony. 11:59 And she helps rape victims and traumatized victims 12:04 because of abuse. 12:06 What happened in her life? 12:07 Holy Spirit truly revealed her where she was after so 12:11 many years being abused by her father, 12:14 sexually abused, raped by her father in her 12:17 childhood. 12:18 And she was instantly by receiving the truth and 12:22 revelation and forgiving her father and for giving 12:26 herself, because rape also brings shame and guilt and 12:30 condemnation and making people feeling dirty, 12:35 or you have done something to invite that rape, 12:37 right. 12:38 So she had to forgive herself and she had to 12:41 forgive her own father, biological father, 12:43 who was in an institution locked up at the time 12:46 because of his rape. 12:47 And she called him and told him that I forgive 12:51 you as she forgave herself and she got completely 12:55 utterly delivered from all her demons. 12:58 And I’m feeling the presence of God so 13:04 excited. 13:04 It’s so exciting right now, 13:06 since I know some of you that are watching right 13:08 now, you need to forgive somebody. 13:10 And you’ve been carrying that shame, 13:12 that guilt and that condemnation. 13:14 And it wasn’t anything that you did. 13:16 It was something that was put upon you. 13:17 But it’s traumatized your soul. 13:19 And I just feel right now is that we need to pray 13:22 for people right now, right now, 13:24 that there’s people that are watching and there’s 13:26 so much sexual abuse and there’s so much abuse to 13:29 people verbally and physically all over the 13:32 planet. 13:33 But to know that we can be set free from that and 13:36 that we do not have to carry that guilt, 13:38 that shame, that fear. 13:40 And I want you to pray for people because you’re what 13:42 you had. 13:43 Very difficult things happen in your life with 13:46 the sexual abuse and just the oppression that you 13:49 were under for so many years. 13:50 And God set you free. 13:53 You’re you’re a model for so many people that that 13:57 what they need hope to believe that they can be 14:01 set free themselves. 14:02 But I feel God saying pray now. 14:04 >> So I just want to speak into your life right now 14:08 if you’re being abused in any way. 14:10 I just want to tell you, verbal abuse is as bad as 14:13 physical abuse because somebody can beat you up 14:16 and scars your soul and that will open a door to 14:20 demonic forces just by their words. 14:23 And some of you are watching me right now. 14:25 And you are you were sexually abused, 14:27 molested in any way that if you are sexually 14:31 molested, raped or abused, you just know that you are 14:34 an open target to sexual demons. 14:37 Maybe some of you are all the time seeing sexual, 14:40 demonic dreams at night and you are tormented and 14:44 you are feeling dirty and guilty. 14:46 Maybe you have a sexual, demonic spouse that is 14:51 claiming your life and you being single all your life 14:54 or you have coldness in your marriage sexually 14:57 towards your husband because of your past. 15:00 I cannot tell you how much this prayer is going to 15:04 deliver you and set you free right now if you 15:07 believe and declare and pray with me. 15:09 OK, so just repeat after me right now. 15:12 >> Dear Lord Jesus, I believe and declare and 15:16 confess. 15:17 You are my Lord and Savior and there’s no God but you 15:22 and I come to you right now declaring is my Lord 15:26 and Savior. 15:27 And because of that I am a child of God and I have 15:31 authority in you, Jesus over my life, 15:35 my soul and my. 15:37 An entire ecosystem, and I declare that right now, 15:41 and I evict every demonic force, 15:44 every impure spirit from my soul, 15:47 from my being in the name of Jesus Christ, 15:51 I repent right now for believing in lies about 15:55 myself, about God, about you, 15:58 Jesus, the all the lies that enemy told me. 16:01 I break off my agreement with them and I receive 16:05 the clean power of your blood right now. 16:08 Jesus, I put myself under your precious blood and I 16:13 declare my cleansing and I am delivered. 16:16 I am evicting every demonic force from my life 16:21 and I forgive myself and I forgive my offenders, 16:25 my rapist, my molesters, my abusers. 16:29 I forgive them right now. 16:31 And I release them to you in Jesus Christ name. 16:34 I receive my redemption, I my deliverance. 16:37 Amen and amen and amen. 16:40 Hallelujah. 16:41 CS: Oh, whoa, hallelujah. 16:44 I know that some have you been delivered right now 16:48 by faith. 16:49 You grabbed a hold of that prayer and you made that 16:52 your own. 16:53 And God is setting you on a path now for your 16:57 destiny. 16:57 He is cleansed you with His blood. 17:00 He’s positioning you. 17:02 Now, Jesus began to start praising him because 17:05 you’ve entered into a new world. 17:08 You have a new home now and your home is in 17:10 Heaven. 17:11 And it’s where your whole, where your complete, 17:14 where you are, everything that God destined you to 17:17 be. 17:18 And right here in your spirit-man, 17:19 your soul now is being transformed and God sees 17:23 you as a heavenly creature. 17:25 First, you’re seated with Him in heavenly places. 17:28 Wow. 17:30 I know people have been set free by that. 17:33 I could really feel the intensity of that. 17:35 And I’m so excited because that’s what this program 17:38 is all about. 17:39 It’s about helping people get to that place that God 17:42 is calling them to be. 17:43 And when we have obstacles in our life, 17:45 like unforgiveness, resentment, 17:47 anger, and it’s because of things that were done to 17:50 us. 17:51 And you got to do some real deep issues there. 17:53 Yes, tough stuff. 17:55 When you’re dealing with sexual sin, 17:57 sexual sin opens the door for so much demonic 18:01 activity. 18:02 And when it happens to children and it happens to 18:05 young people, it opens up the world to them that 18:08 they were not designed by God to ever see or ever be 18:13 a part of. 18:14 You know, He never wanted us to eat from the 18:16 knowledge of the tree of good and evil. 18:18 You know, He wanted us to to be in a position of 18:21 life and life everlasting. 18:22 And, of course, Jesus brought that back for us. 18:24 And so that is what is so exciting is that he 18:27 brought it back and now He has walked you through to 18:30 that place. 18:31 I want you to reach out to us, 18:32 go to our website and let us know, 18:34 because we want to bless you. 18:36 We want to send you information that helps you 18:39 really be able to connect with the Lord and learn 18:43 about the transformation that happens in our life. 18:47 So I can tell you I’m really moved by that. 18:49 As a deliverance minister myself, 18:51 I knew the importance of getting down to just the 18:54 spiritual aspect of confession. 18:57 And when you begin at that base point, 19:01 everything else absolutely will change. 19:03 And then He lifts us up, He lifts up our head, 19:08 He tells us how amazing we are, 19:10 and then He takes us on a journey. 19:12 [Weeping] And so, listen, I want you to stay. 19:14 I want you to stay with us because something really 19:20 special. 19:23 And I know you’re being set free. 19:26 >> There is abuse that goes on all over the 19:28 world, every second children are abused. 19:32 Boys and girls, men and women are abused, 19:36 it is not the way of God. 19:40 So stay with us because we want to take you deeper 19:43 into that place of knowing Him. 19:45 He’s healing you right now. [Music] 19:47 Don’t go away. 19:48 We’ll be right back. 19:49 [Music] 19:53 [Music Ends] 19:55 [Music]>> Are you in need of personal 19:59 counseling or coaching or would like some direction 20:00 and encouragement? 20:01 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor who 20:04 walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 20:06 and she wants to mentor you in her school of the 20:09 supernatural. 20:10 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 20:13 books and many other additional resources that 20:16 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 20:19 every area of your life. 20:20 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 20:23 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily 20:26 basis. 20:27 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. 20:29 Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 20:32 in private 45 minute sessions to help you walk 20:36 through personal issues in your life and propel you 20:39 into your purpose and destiny. 20:41 Visit her website for all of her resources and 20:44 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:46 Instagram, and YouTube. 20:48 [Music] 20:49 [Music Ends] 20:53 [Music] 20:58 [Music Ends] 20:59 CS: I’m so thankful that you stayed 21:01 with us. 21:02 I know this program is very, 21:03 very intense, but we want you to stay with us 21:06 because there’s so many things we want to speak 21:08 into your life that are truth about your Savior, 21:11 Jesus Christ. 21:12 He loves you so much and He wants to position you 21:17 for this freedom. 21:18 And this is just the beginning of it coming to 21:20 that place of confession, knowing how much He loves 21:23 you. 21:24 And Isik has some more that she’s going to share 21:25 with us about some of the ways that we can manifest 21:29 when we come under abuse. 21:30 And why don’t you share that with the people? 21:32 IA: First of all, people need to understand that 21:35 before 12 years, everything happened to a 21:38 person, 80 to 90 percent determines their destiny 21:42 the rest of their lives. 21:43 So inner healing and deliverance is so 21:45 important for them to fulfill their full 21:48 potential. 21:49 What happens to us in childhood that we cannot 21:51 control? 21:52 We we try to compensate that control later on 21:56 because we are a survivor from that abuse the 21:59 circumstance and it becomes a demonic concept 22:03 in our lives. 22:03 So it was for people, it was a control. 22:06 You know, it is it sounds like a normal term 22:09 control, but it is demonic. 22:12 Every excess of control, every control is a 22:14 witchcraft. 22:15 I would be able to call what happens to a child 22:18 when they are abused. 22:19 They don’t know how to process it. 22:20 They just survive. 22:22 They don’t know what to think of it. 22:24 I was sexually abused. 22:25 I was molested by a relative. 22:27 I didn’t know how to process that violation. 22:30 But what I did was I survived. 22:33 Later on, what I did was I taught that fear and 22:36 anxiety and shame into a control mechanism. 22:39 So it will never happen to me again. 22:41 But what I did, I started controlling everything 22:44 else in my life. 22:46 So control opens up to demonic principalities, 22:49 the Jezebel, Leviathan, and you want to Phyton. 22:52 These are big powers, demonic powers that 22:55 prevent people reaching to their full potential. 22:58 What enemy does is to kill, 23:00 steal and destroy. 23:01 So, if you are feeling people are feeling stuck 23:04 in their lives, they are feeling like they are 23:08 going three steps forward, two steps backward all the 23:11 time in their lives. 23:12 I would always say that there’s a demonic 23:15 principalities resides in them or around them, 23:18 limiting them because of their past and control. 23:22 Doctor, can this is one of the major manifestations 23:27 of demonic. 23:28 CS: You are so right. 23:30 And, you know, people control when they want to 23:33 try and make sure that their atmosphere won’t 23:35 harm them. 23:36 Yes. 23:37 So they set up all of these systematic ways to 23:39 keep themselves protected. 23:41 But ultimately, it’s a false level of protection 23:44 and you end up being the one bound by the controls 23:47 that you yourself have said. 23:48 IA: Yes. 23:49 CS: you know. 23:50 And so so those that are dealing with abuse set up 23:52 controls for protection, but then they end up being 23:55 the ones that are bound by their very controls. 23:57 And we just want to help you break free today from 24:01 the strongholds that are in your life. 24:03 Soul trauma is normal to humanity. 24:07 And maybe you weren’t sexually abused, 24:08 but you’ve had trauma to your soul because all of 24:11 us have. 24:12 And, you know, so trauma is determined quite often 24:15 by our mental perception, okay, 24:17 which some people might go through, 24:19 others might go through that same thing, 24:20 but they won’t perceive it the same way as big. 24:24 Exactly. 24:25 And so no matter where you’re at in this in this 24:27 what we’re talking about today, 24:29 trauma itself is something that the Holy Spirit, 24:33 the Word of God, fellowship with the 24:36 Savior, with Messiah, is going to bring you into 24:39 that place of wholeness, that place of freedom. 24:43 And that’s what we’re talking about today. 24:45 Although I have never been sexually abused and never 24:48 been in in situations where there was a verbal 24:51 abuse or physical abuse to myself. 24:53 When my father passed away, 24:55 when I was a child, I suffered from abandonment. 24:57 Absolutely. 24:58 Yes. 24:59 And abandonment to me in my perception was a form 25:02 of abuse, although I was not ever touched that way 25:07 or negative things spoken to me. 25:09 It was that I perceived the passing of my father 25:14 as an abandonment. 25:15 So therefore I had low self esteem, 25:18 insecurity, self-hatred, all of those things that 25:22 go along with that. 25:23 And so no matter where you’re at today, 25:26 there are things that have happened around you, 25:29 and they create a world where you need to survive 25:32 among feeling shame, fear, guilt, 25:36 condemnation, these other things. 25:38 Very, this is very intensive, 25:41 but it’s very freeing if we don’t talk about it, 25:43 how anybody ever gets hurt. 25:46 IA: Absolutely. 25:47 CS: So, I want you to share a little bit more. 25:49 There’s three things that people must know, 25:52 really, before they step into deliverance. 25:54 What are those? 25:55 IA: These are these three things will make the most 25:57 powerful. 25:58 You in your life, you walk in authority, 26:01 one of them is knowing who your God is, 26:04 you need to know. 26:05 Moses asked a very key question to God. 26:07 What is your name? 26:09 Who? 26:09 am I going to tell them that send me. 26:12 And He said, “I am.’ “That I am, 26:15 I am God of Abraham. 26:16 God of Isaac. 26:17 God of Jacob. 26:18 I am Yahweh.” 26:20 So, there, that sets the core. 26:22 That sets the standard. 26:23 You need to know who you are worshiping. 26:25 That is what you need to know your identity. 26:28 You said for deliverance, it is huge for you to know 26:32 and say and declare,” I am a child of God. 26:35 I am seated in the heavenly realms with Jesus 26:38 Christ. [Weeping] 26:39 I am the air of salvation. 26:41 I am created in God’s own image. 26:43 I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” 26:46 for myself for deliverance for myself, 26:48 Dr. Candice. 26:49 I said this, this like hundred things abought 26:51 myself every single day. 26:53 And the third thing you need to know know your 26:56 enemies and how he operates. 26:59 lies, and you need to recognize lies. 27:02 And he tells you you are stupid, 27:03 you are not good enough. 27:05 You know, your father left you, 27:06 your mother and you for another woman and children 27:10 because you are not good enough. 27:11 You need to say, “No, I am good enough. 27:14 Jesus died on the cross for me.” 27:15 So how you interpret, interpret, 27:18 translate in your mind, which is your perception, 27:21 is all about knowing how enemy operates. 27:25 CS: That is so good. 27:27 That is so good. 27:28 You’re right. 27:29 We have been given whether we wanted it or not, 27:32 a knowledge of good and evil. 27:33 It wasn’t what the Lord wanted for us, 27:35 but because we’ve stepped into this through a fallen 27:39 nature, through what Adam and Eve did, 27:41 it’s part of our DNA. 27:42 We now become victorious in Christ and we 27:45 understand how good rules over evil and good has 27:50 been. 27:51 Is the forerunner good is the victory. 27:53 Good is God Himself. 27:55 And so He defeats evil. 27:58 He defeats sin. 27:59 And that has been defeated in your life. 28:02 When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 28:05 I want you to receive Him right now. 28:07 Just ask Him to come into your heart, 28:09 ask Him to heal you of everything that we’ve 28:11 talked about today. 28:12 And you know what? 28:13 The angels are surrounding you right now. 28:15 They’re in your room. 28:17 They’re coming to help you. 28:18 Jesus is there. [Music] 28:19 Remember, He’s with you. 28:22 It’s a new path to destiny. 28:26 [Music Ends]

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Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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