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all I saw was death there was no future for me there was no hope for me that’s the only thing I could see was just death I didn’t think I was going to live past eighteen I was a very liked lively fun-loving happy child I normally say something kind of humorous like I had a checkered past our family just kind of left the church and kind of slowly left God I just kind of just left him as well as a preteen Mariah was verbally abused by someone she loved I didn’t realize how powerful words were that actually was when I had my first suicide attempt I started to cut myself started to throw up my food that’s kind of was my reality I was put on a lot of psychotropic medications that really looking back I can see really messed with me really messed with my mind the best way to describe it was just like this slow dark cloud just it just came over me mariah began drinking alcohol and smoking weed then she moved on to other drugs and by 16 was doing cocaine the following year after I tried cocaine I’m 17 years old and I had an abortion and after that I would say I was basically on a mission to die Mariah spent the next few years in a drug-induced haze she ended up in jail for multiple DWIs and stealing money when I was in jail it was a good time for reflection but again they allow you to be on pharmaceuticals so again I still had that something to numb me sometimes I would even be like drooling because of how much pharmaceuticals they were putting me on at 18 Mariah began selling herself to pay for drugs after I began prostituting everything just became black and dark and empty all during this time I’m running away from home I’m still going into the psych wards in and out of psych wards so all during this time from adolescence to you know before my last rehab I’m I’m all over the place after a while you you know people start introducing heroin to you I said I’m just gonna sniff it I’m never gonna shoot it like I’m not gonna turn into one of those junkies no way but guess what happened I was living in like the side of a garage this John was coming in to purchase me and at this point I looked I had track marks everywhere I just looked disgusting I was maybe 80 pounds he just said I’m not paying for this that was the moment for me I can’t even prostitute anymore to feed this habit my best friend from childhood gave me a she kept trying to get me to go into this program a sister program to Teen Challenge it’s called the Walter Hoving home and it’s a woman’s Christian home Mariah’s parents let her move back in and helped her detox after she got clean she moved into the Walter Hoving home and it took about three months just to kind of stabilize me coming off of all those drugs my body was just like what is happening I ended up having a migraine for six months then I didn’t sleep for nine months and I would tape my eyes shut to try to get a few minutes of sleep because if I didn’t my eyes would just just open right back up by month six Mariah was almost kicked out she had relapsed and was cutting herself again then leaders at the home prayed for her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit it felt like just this liquid love just like poured into my body like I literally felt the Holy Spirit like calm into my body the first night of sleep I got after nine months I slept probably eight hours and it was like I just woke up just praising God that I just got sleep like it was such a gift Mariah’s faith began to grow she soon became the one that others would come to for encouragement and prayer I was taking the Bible and just applying what it was saying and taking it seriously taking God at His Word and I was choosing to believe when she finished the program Teen Challenge offered her a job she led missions trips and helped with a dance ministry for the Brooklyn Tabernacle after some time she began to feel like she should pray for her future husband it wasn’t like a thing that I wanted I felt more like God was putting this this desire in me because I didn’t I didn’t want a husband I didn’t want a man as I was praying for a husband my desire for husband became started become my desire as well Mariah met Xander through a family member we’ve been married for five years and now have two gorgeous babies during the first year of marriage it was really placed on my heart to compile and publish a book it’s called from heroin to heaven that was published in 2015 and so that’s been amazing to be able to donate that book to rehabs and jails I used to be on the the inmate side of the jail and now I’m on the other side bringing good news like like only God can do something that dramatic how can I not share with people the goodness of God and share with them who Jesus is and what he came to do for us I want people to know that God is the god of transformation that he can take a prostitute and turn her into a princess that he can take someone homeless and give them a home a dwelling place that he can take someone who is living in pure turmoil and give them this peace that passes understanding he is the god of transformation

Mariah’s Testimony: She tried every vice she could to dull the pain mental illness caused, resorting to prostituting herself to pay for her addictions. After years of psych wards and rehabs, Mariah said “yes” to Jesus and began a journey to transformation …

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