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“Give Back Together”

The Fit and Thick team has been wanting to donate our time and positive energy to members of our community in need.

Chabelys came across the Miami Rescue Mission, a rehabilitation center for Miami’s homeless, and set up a time for us to volunteer.

We packed up clothes for donation, tied up our non-slip shoes and checked in at the Miami Rescue Mission to serve the 300+ residents and visitors who attended dinner that night.

As a team, we volunteered in the kitchen and each got assigned different tasks.

Nicole and Suzie took the lead and helped fill each tray with food items.
Before Icky was on bread and spoon duty, she led the team in a moving prayer that helped to center the team for the task at hand.
Tiny but mighty Carmen took each completed tray to Noelle, who then handed the trays to the guests with a smile on her face.
Chabelys turned on her “Customer Service” skills as she passed out drinks.
Missy will forever be known as “Hot Sauce” after this day, as she was given the duty of pouring hot sauce for those who wanted some extra SPICE!

Regardless of our individual duties, we were able to make a huge impact as a unit.

We learned the importance of taking time out of our busy and stressful lives to do something positive in our community. It allowed us the chance to gain perspective and appreciate what we have.

To volunteer or donate to the Miami Rescue Mission Visit http://www.caringplace.org/


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