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voice for victims with Patricia king and Michelle Burkett well hello there and welcome to voice for victims this is actually our very first program that we’re doing for voice for victims and I am Patricia King and with me I have Michelle Burkett hello and we are excited about what God is doing to free his people in this hour freeing his people from all kinds of bondage and turmoil and oppression that’s what Jesus came to do and so that’s what voice for victims is all about we’re going to do it Isaiah says and to heal the brokenhearted and set captives free that’s exactly yeah so we want to share with you a little bit of history this is our very first program we’re gonna be doing them monthly and helping the body of Christ have understanding concerning some of the parts of the enemy but how God is overcoming what we can watch for what we need to be educated in so that we can rise up above and really take hold of the victory that is ours in Jesus Christ so we want to share with you a little bit of history and Michelle it started really with our ministry was called not because we wanted to be but because God just put us in the middle of an exposure situation so we were in a season of exposing some very abusive behavior in a ministry towards many dozens and dozens of victims that came forward in areas of their sexuality and so we were involved in that and it was a very difficult time a very messy thing a very painful thing but in that encounter and walking through that with God that’s how I came to understand what was going on with the victims of that abuse and story after story I mean they were painful to hear but we kept hearing the same thing I couldn’t come forward because I was not to I was even told to make sure I erased after every conversation I had off my phone all the images all the videos the text and everything that came through I was told to not say anything to anyone that it was just between me and the person who was abusing me and then they would talk about the shame that they had and how they felt responsible well why did I do such a stupid thing and why did I believe that and and they had no one to talk to and started even losing their faith in some cases I talked to a couple who had completely lost their faith in Jesus Christ because of what had happened to them and also some of them even going into addictions and all kinds of things to cover up the pain because they they didn’t know how to deal with it they had nowhere to go they just felt the shame of it and felt that it had to be hidden so it was very enlightening to me because I didn’t even realize that that was going on in the body but because of this one situation a whole bunch of others came into the light and it was like whoa yeah you know what are we dealing with here so the exposure season was painful for all of us and at the end of it I thought Lord I just am undone by this and he said but now is the solution face and that’s what gave me hope and he said you can build help for the victims because they didn’t know where to go or how to handle it so that’s actually how we got started with this yes it’s so I I love being part of a solution yes and this is that this is that this is the time you know there’s there’s been things that have been going on for a long time and God and His grace and mercy will bring us the easiest way will come and continue to woo us and convict and go after us but when the hearts continue to be hard there is that time where it’s like okay we’re done now is the time we help to expose that we have to deal what’s right and what is painful in that is of course those who have been wounded in that says and they their voices were taken away by those trying to cover everything up and if we look at this whole situation that we’re talking about in the body of Christ in the family of God what we’re talking about is a very dysfunctional family we’re talking about you know a dysfunctional family it’s like look you don’t talk about what’s going on going on in this house when you’re out there you don’t you don’t reveal the secrets of the house mm-hmm and we’re at a place where all things are being brought to light so that they can lose their power and it is so important for those who have felt powerless to come back and say hey we want to listen to you we want to hear you we want to walk with you and give you tools for support so that you can begin to again have your voice that you’re being heard and there’s something really powerful about just knowing you’re heard and believed right now God has very strong things to say in this word about the behavior of leaders oh yes and leaders are called to higher accountability than than others even and we have to have a very high standard of behavior and never ever ever should a leader ever abuse their power or their position to hurt or to harm another it’s a very serious thing and Jesus speaks about it in the Gospels where he says you know if anyone harms a little one it would be better off for them to be thrown into the sea without weight around their neck right and so it’s very very serious and so we are seeing we have been been discovering but not only have leaders been abusing their power throughout the spiritual abuse or sexual abuse financial abuse physical abuse but a lot of times this is being swept under the carpet and even by leadership over them saying well we won’t let you know about this and we’ll just slap you on the wrist and get you some counseling and you can go on whereas over a year after year after year it continues well that is not gonna go anymore because God is dealing with it and so when know that God is really putting his finger on that one now we have to find who are these victims who weren’t allowed to talk who who are they and it might even be you as you’re watching this right now it could very well be you and you could be sitting there saying oh my goodness that happened to me and I didn’t know what to do and I just beat myself up and I thought well life has to go on and I’ll just ignore it and go on but inside you’ve got pain and you’ve got things that are worthy to be addressed and to be healed and to be walked through and that’s what voice for victims is no Michelle you are a trained counselor Christian counselor you have a doctorate you are doctor in Christian counseling so you’ve seen a lot of issues of abuse and what can happen in a person’s life if it’s not properly dealt with yeah is that there can be dysfunctions and brokenness and addictions and male behavior and all kinds of things that come out of the brokenness that takes place and a there’s an there’s something that happens to in situations like this where a victim is made to feel like they’re the one who’s wrong that they’re the ones who have been responsible for this that the things that they have felt are that they’re crazy for feeling that way and in the church I mean abuse outside of the church is bad enough in the church what happens is then we’ve wrapped it around in a spiritual cloak and we’ve used the word of God and twisted his words in order to justify or to keep those who have been victimized confused wondering well if God’s Word says this then I guess I should stay quiet or or even feeling like God is now not happy with me because of what has happened yeah in the abuse and it just I mean it does no numbers on your heart and on your head and in your physical body and everything gets sick physically from budding that’s right and in one of the books I was reading because this is actually a new area for me I’ve not kind of lived in this realm before now but it’s all opening up and I’m seeing more and more and it’s very very tragic what’s happening buddy in one situation though I was reading about is that the victim was actually warned in the name of the Lord not to say anything negative about their leader otherwise they would be severely dealt with by God and that again is a spiritual abuse that was added to the already sexual abuse that was going on and so that the protection was all about the leader but no protection for the victim and that is what we are addressing so invoice for victims God actually gave it to me as a download it was like within a moment of time I got the download and within one week we have the whole department built it was just crazy how that all happened it was supernatural really so there’s four areas that’s what the four stands for invoice for victims there’s four areas that we’re gonna talk about in a moment but one of the things we want to clarify of course is why we’re using the voice victims yes i I’ve gotten emails and concern about that word and it’s even something I brought up to you when we first started are we sure we want to use the word victims because of course we’re not wanting to stay in that place of victim we’re realizing that there is victory that there are survivors yeah and so yes so we could have called a voice for survivors our voice for victory right yeah definitely we could have used up but I felt the spirit say to call up victims because the actual victims that we have dealt with in the past never saw themselves as victims they saw themselves at fault right and so in order to be healed they first had to take ownership of what had happened to them and that they were worthy to be addressed and healed and ministered to as a victim so we’re taking them from being a victim to a victor but you can’t be brought to something unless you’re coming from somebody so when you were told it’s all your fault or you know you’re just you know serving God by you know giving the leader his sexual pleasures or whatever your concubine for today’s king you know you you know you are conceived your hearing that run and I’m surprised at how much is going on one of our our leaders in our ministry was just over in Thailand and there was a leader over there who was doing that very thing he had a whole group of concubines was in quotes marrying numerous numerous women and having children by them and everything and he was a Christian minister and it’s in the newspapers over there on everything I mean those poor women were thinking that they were serving the leader they didn’t understand that they were victims right you know until they understand that they’re victims right so the first the first step to healing is to take ownership of the fact that you have been mistreated that you have been a victim and now you can come out of that into that place of victory yeah and again sharing your story as a powerful first step and many that are contacting us have never shared their story before and we have we have voice for victims dot life is a website that we’re a stop that has been established and we’re continuing to add to it and grow it and there is an email that you can email at help at voice for victims dot life that if you have a story that you want to share with us please email us at help for victims dot life so that we can hear what your journey has been and then we don’t leave you there right we want to offer Reece sources for help so we’re working to build safe resources and and this is I’m very I’m really passionate about this and in some ways moving a little slower of course than what I would like just because I so want to make sure that yes that who we’re saying hey we can refer you to this person or this person will pray with you I want to make sure that those are people who come to you with healing in their hand that those come to you with a clarity of God’s heart for you that they they give to you and that they are a safe place you know for healing so in that we’re doing our best to hear the discernment of Holy Spirit and to vet those who we are listing on the website as referrals and ministers yeah because we have we’ve discovered amazing ministries that are seasoned in areas of bringing to you and excited about it it’s very exciting we are family together we’re building all these networks but we are finding it is pretty phenomenal how many people have never shared their story before and how much healing comes just being able to say what happened to them because they were told they weren’t allowed to tell so by breaking the silence and telling their story we have one ministry that we’re working with where people can actually set an appointment and for 45 minutes just share their story and then you know receive prayer but just basically the point of it is start your healing by just sharing what happened and it’s so beautiful and the other thing that we offer in that first that first step of help is we have intercessors and again if you’ve never been able to tell your story with anyone who is going to pray for you you know and so you’re stuck with the situation inside yourself to deal with that but we’ve got intercessors now who are praying for victims to come through and so that’s another part of it and then we are offering help because you and Ruth Hendrickson who is part of our women and ministry network is working on putting a whole course together to train prayer companies to to pray for healing for those who have been victimized and that is coming and you might want to find out more about that training that we have available it’ll it’ll be coming up soon we’re just you know tweaking everything and building it and making sure it’s going to be solid so that we can raise up a solid company of people who can minister because every church could have victims even from the community come in that need help so this will be very helpful I really believe the churches and then of course you are networking with different therapists professional counselors so that is the second part is offering that kind of help and then the third one is legal help because some cases are criminal there are criminal acts involved not all of them but some of them are most of them were finding our moral issues but not necessarily legal issues but if there is a legal issue we have a legal team available to help you know what to do with it where do you go with that how do you deal with it yeah you know what step number one right step number two and working again with networks that we’re finding that are very very seasoned in this very thing of bringing things to trial when needed so we’re building that and then the fourth thing of course is the resource which is we are looking for good reading material for you training courses and everything that can help you heal and so we’re we’re very blessed to be able to serve yes this mandate I know you can feel God’s heart his compassion for every one who has suffered this way and in no way are we trying to condemn or judge the perpetrators of it because we want them healed but it has to be brought into the light and called for what it is or they will never be able to come free it can’t just continue to go on and not address so we we do have compassion of course for those who who have been the perpetrators in that the compassion goes to a place of saying no repentance is important taking ownership of what you done is important and you getting the help you need is important and that’s tough love but it it has to be there and also addressing even the accountability teams that are around those people that have been maybe sweeping things under the carpet right that has to be addressed it’s a hard thing but it has to be addressed so in a nutshell that’s what voice for victims is about and in some ways is sad that there has to be such a department but the the happy part of it is these victims are on their way to victory absolutely they are going to be the head and not the tail above and not beneath and yeah things are gonna go really well amen and if anyone also has a testimony that they would want to share with us that you would be alright with us putting on that website it will help build the faith of others who are maybe just now tentatively stepping out and not knowing what their future looks like that their future may be doesn’t look like there is going to be Liberty there or healing but if you’ve walked through this and have come into a place of healing in your life that you’re able to share maybe some keys and tools of how you walked that journey it will help someone else and as they’re longing there for sure we want to invite you to come to our Facebook page as well because there’s a lot of really good insights testimonies just little things that will help you grow and come into an awareness of some of the things that are happening and so it’s voice for victims if you go on Facebook just look up voice for victims the number for speaking of our four mandates and we would love to have you connect with us on Facebook and tell your friends about it share that Facebook site so that we can reach the victims that are out there that need to come out of the shadows and into the light amen all right well thank you so much for joining us today I just want to pray that if there is anyone at all watching this today and that you’re identifying with the fact that you are victimized and you know what it might have been 20 years ago it’s never too late to acknowledge that you have pain and it’s affected you it’s not like God says well it’s too late you can’t be healed now no healing is always available and you are always important to him you know every moment of every day you are and so father I pray for anyone that’s watching that has been victimized and at all in these ways that you would bring healing to them that you would touch them right now with your love and with your power in Jesus mighty name amen if you want to have more information on how you can be a part of this especially with your financial support because we do need financial support and if you’re interested in getting trained and helping us in any way or you have a ministry that is already helping victims and you want to know about networking right info at voice for victims dot life its dot life because we believe that this is unto life okay so that’s info add voice for a victim start life and if you want to be part of financially supporting go-to voice for victims dot life website and there is a giving portal there for you god bless you and we’ll see you next time

Giving Victims A Voice // Voice 4 Victims // Patricia King and Dr. Michelle Burkett

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The mission of this organization is to offer help, support, encouragement,  and a voice to victims of sexual, spiritual, domestic, and/or physical abuse in the church.

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