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Elevate Christian Network :: Global Humanitarians

  • Bruce McDonald in Democratic Republic of the Congo Refugee Camp. They were among the first to provide food to thousands of refugees in four refugee camps. Note the small shelters directly on top of lava rocks from recent volcanic eruption.

About Regions Beyond International

Regions Beyond International is dedicated to evangelism though every means possible and to training pastors. As you browse their website you will experience their evangelism crusades, the pastors conferences and worship in many cultures. It is in these settings that Bruce and Becky are consumed in a passion for souls.

About Bruce and Becky McDonald

In over their more than twenty-five years of ministry, Bruce and Becky McDonald have dedicated themselves to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the areas of the world that few would dare go. This include the deserts of Northern Africa, the jungles of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, the ancient tribes of Ethiopia, the struggling nations of the former Soviet Union and the emerging cities of India.

To accomplish the great commission, Regions Beyond International is dedicated to establishing churches in the unreached areas. In doing so, they conduct crusades to lead people to Christ, work to train up new pastors, and provide training and education to current pastors. Since its beginning, Regions Beyond has ministered on four continents, reaching hundreds of thousands of lost souls.


Regions Beyond International Ministries - Christian missionary organization dedicated to evangelism and training pastors in the Regions Beyond

Regions Beyond International Ministries: Christian missionary organization dedicated to evangelism and training pastors in the Regions Beyond. | Image courtesy: regionsbeyond.org



Regions Beyond International Ministries | Bruce and Becky McDonald

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