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Ruth Ward Heflin - Glory Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven - Christian Book

Rev. Ruth Heflin’s revelation of worship, the entrance to the realm of His glory, continues to bless the world. | Image courtesy: calvarycampground.org

Glory Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven Book – Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin:  What is the Glory? It is the realm of eternity. It is the revelation of the presence of God. He is Glory! As air is to the atmosphere of the Earth, so glory is the atmosphere of Heaven. Praise…until the spirit of worship comes. Worship…until the glory comes. Then…stand in the glory. | Learn more…


Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin preaching at Calvary Camprground in Ashland, Virginia

Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin preaching at Calvary Camprground in Ashland, Virginia | Image courtesy: calvarycamprground.org



Reviews of Glory: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven Book

“Glory by Ruth Ward Heflin Is so good. I never understood what the Glory is about. This Book is so good I am going to read it again and I purchased several to give to others. I like the part about the dancing and God said He would give Ruth the Nations if she danced. God is so GOOD. He gives us what we need when we need it. Never late.” – Annie Witmer


“You will experience praise and worship in a whole new way as Ruth Heflin unlocks keys to greater worship! A must read for the spiritually hungry, and radical believers.” – Melissa Henderson


“If you’re desiring to grow spiritually this is a must read.” – Gwen Jenkins


“The answer to what I have been looking for to take my walk with the Lord to new levels. I now dance for Him during my prayer and praising time and I love where this takes me, to a closer than ever encounter with the Lord.” – Karin Garrido



Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin: Unifying Glory (Video)

About Rev. Ruth Ward Heflin

During her more than 40 years of ministry service, she had stood before kings and rulers and slept in mud huts. Her heart was always open to those in distress. She was an anointed prophet, a gifted person of praise and a fervent one of prayer.  For 25 years, Jerusalem was her home where she received the nations for prayer and worship.

The work of her family continues at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Richmond, Virginia, and, Calvary Campground in Ashland, Virginia,  a place where people hungry for God can gather in the summer and at conferences throughout the year to be spiritually blessed.


Calvary Campground - Ashland Virginia

Calvary Campground – Ashland, Virginia | Image courtesy: calvarycampground.org


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