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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Goal Setting - SMART Goals Getting You Nowhere - Try This Instead

Pursuing goals is a lot like riding a bicycle toward different destinations. You need to make decisions while remembering that you want to get to those various places on time—while maintaining your sanity throughout the journey. | Image: (Free-Photos/Pixabay)

(By: Samy Felice) Eventually, after nearly half a decade, I realized that goals aren’t about belonging, or reaching a safe place. They’re not there so that I can prove myself to anyone. They’re just there to help me move forward, to grow, and become a better person, however simplistic that may sound.

For four years, I struggled using SMART Goals that got me nowhere. I experienced psychological pressure and pain from always feeling like I would never be enough until I reached some magically self-created utopia through achieving my goals.

I remember desperately working to be fit for a fitness test; training so hard that I ended up giving myself a chronic heel injury that I still have to this day. In reaching for my goals like they’d somehow make me complete, I pushed myself past my limit. With every goal I had, this theme would repeat itself.

Compass Goals Changed Everything For Me

Over the course of 2016, I managed to achieve several different goals. They include reading over seventy books, improving my income, traveling to various countries, and reaching something that’s a lot closer to my dream body.

But more importantly, I achieved my goals in a far more grounded way. Compared to previous years, I felt more excited throughout my journey. I didn’t feel like I was grasping and yearning helplessly, with flailing arms, for my goals. The beautiful side effect of that was that I was less wrapped up in my own bubble.

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Create Your Week by Samy Felice

Create Your Week | Image: Samy Felice



The Brain Unlocked How To Use Your Brain To Achieve Big Goals

(By: Jule Fuller) This weeks video focuses on how your brain can prevent you from setting and achieving big goals. 95-99% of what you think and do is unconscious. Your brain is set up to operate automatically from what is contained in your long-term memory.

Whilst this is helpful with our basic ability to function it becomes problematic when you want to do something that is direct conflict from what is stored in your long-term memory. This is why you can often keep yourself small because going up against the unconscious beliefs you may have formed about yourself and your abilities prevents often prevents you from going outside our conditioning.

Setting Goals That Reflect Your True Potential

In this video I share my story of what happened when I set a big goal that was in opposition to a deep seated belief in my long term memory and what I did to get things back on track. The overall purpose of this video is to encourage you to set big goals that reflect your true potential. I believe each of us holds a piece of the puzzle and in order for the whole to be realised we need to stop playing small and become the truth of who we really are.

About the Author

Jule Fuller likes working with people to assist them to live up to their true potential and step into the truth of who they really are. She loves to push the boundaries on possibilities whilst keep her success strategies simple and practical.​

Jule also has her own channel on YouTube called MsThinkology which features a number of her brain unlocked video’s. Currently the channel has over 17,500 subscribers and 2 million views. She has also written and published a book called What Every Parent Needs To Know aimed at teaching parents how to create extraordinary children using concepts from brain science.


Unlock Your Potential Transformation Pack - Jule Fuller

Unlock Your Potential Transformation Pack | Image courtesy: Jule Fuller


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