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ou have something called diplomatic immunity diplomatic immunity in other words God didn’t just drop you off in a nation and say go for yourself no he didn’t look at what Jesus said now he said he’s the original ambassador so he’s going back seated at the right hand of the Father now he’s the king directing traffic and he now is telling you where to go he said in John 17 as the father sent me now I’m sending you all right now nobody said in Matthew 26 because he’s talking about his protection in that foreign nation because I said hey don’t you know we can do this and do that to you he said thinketh thou that I can now pray the father and he shall presently give me what more than come on twelve legions of angels twelve legions of angels this is to protect him from the enemy to try to get to try to destroy him from from not finishing his work here in this earth so he didn’t have any problems with it he knew that he could pray and dangers will come and they’d get about anything over in 2nd Kings chapter 19 the man prayed the King and he prayed because the enemy was too much for him and at verse 35 of 2nd Kings chapter 19 and verse 35 and it came past that night that the angel of the Lord went out and smote in the camp of Assyria a hundred and fourth score in 5000 and when they world arose early in the morning behold there were all dead corpses not sum up living all dead all dead now this is the protection that you have the Bible says over in Hebrews chapter one and verse 14 the Bible says to you are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be what hands of salvation the ambassadors so the angels are ministering what spirit spirits meaning that you can’t see them but when you call see so you you cannot go into these places and listen to the news talking about diseases and so forth and start saying something crazy because then you angels will just back up to let you get your head beat in because they cannot overstep your authority now can we keep going so how about and over in Psalm chapter 91 look what it says here they shall not that’s are no evil before you ambassador neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow that flies by day nor the pestilence that walketh in darkness nor the destruction that wastes at noonday a thousand shall fall at your side ten thousand at your right hand but this disease shall not come down you only with your eyes show you the whole see the reward of the wicked why because you’ve made the Lord which is your refuge even the most high come on your habitation there show no no evil no evil befall you neither shall any come nigh your dwelling for he shall give his angels charge over you and they’re gonna what [Applause] sum-sum chapter 103 and verse 19 103 and verse 19 the Lord has prepared his throne in the heavens and his kingdom ruled over all angels are part of his kingdom and it’s gonna rule over all alright God always leaves you with a choice he always leaves you with a choice and you can choose one or the other deuteronomy chapter 38 verse 19 and he says that i call heaven and earth to record this day against you that i’ve set before you life and death come on blessing and cursing therefore choose what life that both you and your seed may live [Applause] [Music] now how do you choose it proverbs chapter 18 and verse 21 death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it come on shall meet the what true fruit fruitful fruit and I’m saying you could say some things in the middle of some play going on and the next thing you know no angels are protecting note come on now and I’m saying that wasn’t the way God intended it he intended for you and me to make the right choice over in the book of Genesis and Genesis chapter 37 and this is when Jacob’s sons played a trick on Jacob and what they did is they brought verse 32 they brought in Joseph’s clothing with blood on it and they sent the coat of many colors and they brought it to the father hid their father and said this have we found no now whether it be their son’s coat or no and he knew it and said it is my son’s coat an evil beast has devoured him Joseph is without doubt what grinning Peter this is the father what did he choose he chose death why because he saw circumstances which the enemy deceptively put up and I’m telling you you can’t go by what you see you’ve got to go by your Constitution what says that a thousand may fall at your side that if you hold your mouth you’ll rescue not only you but your sea and that media is trying to paint a picture that this thing’s supposed to come to you too it’ll try to qualify it well it seemed to be having most effect on people over this age and people who’ve got some other diseases and so forth get rid of that come on that enemy is using that media to stir up fear and fear will make you say stuff that you never thought you would say job said teach me in Chapter 6 of job and I’ll hold my tongue I think it’s 24 and show me where I have messed up he said I hold my tongue the reason why I got wiped out in my business I got my kids are killed so forth cuz of my tongue my tongue I could have held my tongue and protected my whole house but that enemy will show you things over and over again in your mind and over and over again in your mind and then that condemnation come in and say oh yeah I did that when I was unsaved and I shouldn’t have done that and nothing you do you weakening weakening pretty soon so coming out to out now the Angels will fold their hands now that’s that’s what Satan would because he wants a representative he won’t to hit somebody and say see there now I’ll see there they coulda shoulda shut their mouth and I’m telling you life and death we’re learn the power of the tongue so I don’t care how bad it looked you speak like say meant of that I’m telling you the devil can even make the instruments at the doctor use be offs they told this man that took x-rays that he had cancer and he got there and they did an autopsy when he died and wasn’t not a trace of cancer in his body I don’t believe nothing but the word of God that that’s the key right there by [Music] [Applause]

In this message, Dr. Bill Winston shares that as a citizen of the Kingdom of God you have Diplomatic Immunity and God has not placed you in this earth on your own but he has supplied provisions of protection, peace and prosperity. God always leaves you with a choice, life and death reside in your tongue. No matter how a situation looks always speak life.


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