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0:02 so 0:20 hey everybody welcome to faith with katie i’m katie souza and we are broadcasting live from what my guest who’s coming up would say is the middle of nowhere 0:30 we are broadcasting live from the deserts in phoenix arizona thank you good old usa 0:37 and we’re broadcasting live to our mothership faith television network in east london south 0:43 africa hey guys that are in the booth right now welcome to you guys thanks for having us thanks for handling the show today and for all of you that are watching all over the nation of africa 0:52 europe ireland america welcome to the broadcast look if you’re on your tv get on your device people are already on their device but if you’re not go to myfaithtv.com faith 1:07 go to facebook go to myfaithtv and go to katie souza tv on facebook or just katie souza actually 1:14 just katie souza and you can see my guest has already flapped his hands who’s my mystery guest 1:20 let’s see if you guys can guess today he’s live on set let’s do that let’s play that game i want you to chat in where you’re watching from and and oh it’s in the title ah never mind there’s 1:32 no door prize today for guessing who the guest is all right okay my believe me that i’m not paying 1:40 attention okay so hey but get online back chat in where you’re watching from let’s see who’s on 1:45 today we’ve got greetings from sweden hello sweden thank you beverly hills california is on the line 1:51 that’s beverly bolivia thanks bolivia for joining us fabiola from bolivia right now thank you lord 1:59 for fabiola thank you lord from the raw nails in south africa we’ve got come on guys and you’re 2:05 chatting but you’re not showing me where you’re from somebody’s watching from maricopa arizona come home bring it hello from france welcome to france massachusetts is on the line georgia 2:15 irwin north carolina salem oregon south africa’s on the philippines is watching 2:21 blessings and greetings to the philippines thank you cumberland uh cumberland’s on the line md 2:27 what’s that massachusetts maryland thank you jesus i gotta always check with my millennials for 2:32 everything dallas marie from dallas is watching thanks maureen for joining us ohio is on santa 2:39 cruz california nsw australia thanks for being here today you guys santa cruz we’ve got las vegas 2:49 royal city texas the uk bakersfield california i actually used to live there for a while worked for 2:55 cbs television when i was there south africa johannesburg the united kingdom is watching 3:01 michigan tacoma washington new york thanks guys for chatting in make sure you keep on 3:07 telling me where you’re from and no we’re not playing then guess who the guest is game it’s david herzog and he is live and he’s going to join us very shortly but first let’s have today’s 3:19 selfie miracle testimony video check it out we have to speak loudly i’m 3:24 with my friend lauren right now lauren what was your diagnosis that you had 3:31 hodgkin’s lymphoma how long have you had it it’ll be eight years since eight years what kind of manifestation of the disease did you suffer from um tumors 3:42 tumors under my arm my neck and rashes all over my body okay so and did that have also pain with it 3:50 well yeah the rash definitely had pain yes absolutely and the tumor that was under my arm 3:55 i couldn’t i couldn’t i couldn’t put my arm down like this because it was stuck out though so how 4:00 big was that tumor under your arm it was like the size of a tangerine a tangerine size tumor 4:10 and i just i i just was so sick when i went to bed because i’m like this is so disgusting 4:15 it’s got to be my body so you and you said you actually couldn’t put your arms out straight down no because it was like a small ball under my right it was sticking out like you can see it 4:25 okay so now where what’s the tumor where is the trimmer now it’s it’s completely flat it’s completely disappeared it’s like i can actually go like this 4:34 under my arm right now now i had a word of knowledge that tumors were disappearing is that when it happened yes it’s exactly when it happened wow okay so wow so no tumor no tumor 4:44 didn’t you you said you just talked to your doctor he called right before like an hour before i left 4:50 to come here an hour before you left you come to this meeting your doctor called you what did he say well i i let it go to voicemail because he wants me to start chemo right away and i knew 4:59 that that’s why he was calling so i let it go to voicemail so you didn’t answer school you knew he wanted you to take chemo yeah and you were saying what i’m going to be here yes i i i i just i knew 5:10 i had to be here tonight you stood for him in your face thank you you’re dead i’m so happy now 5:16 you came up to my book table just now yeah and you had one more here on your neck because it’s 5:21 still there i mean it is but i know they’re i know they’re i know they’re gone well because when i started praying for you yeah you said you felt something oh yeah i think 5:34 i mean like something like a balloon deflating just left my body and that’s why i could barely 5:39 stand up you were actually on just a few minutes ago you were on the floor and the floor is still wet from your tears i mean there’s tear drops yeah on the floor from your tears because you felt that 5:50 thing lean i didn’t so i’m believing your lymphoma is cured thank you because the spirit of death has been judged and that this is going to start shrinking now yes absolutely so this tumor’s 5:59 gone yeah and this one’s on its way out yes and normally my jaw is swollen like it’s so i wear a 6:06 mask under my chin not because of the mandate because to hide the tumors i mean yeah is it 6:11 the same swelling right now i mean honestly i do feel like it’s it’s it’s like i don’t feel lumps 6:18 i mean you can even feel like it doesn’t feel lumpy like it’s normally like lumpy and swollen 6:24 feel yeah bumpy right it’s a little bit like yeah squishy yeah but it normally does not feel 6:31 like that okay so you think it’s already gone down i know it is because the spirit of death just left me i felt something being mean well if you have since you have that that 6:41 tangerine-sized tumor lead yes and you felt something i mean you went down on the ground 6:47 and started falling so i’m believing that you are healed of the lymphoma completely yeah 7:00 wow that she’s so precious what a precious soul she is and god really moved that night in fact 7:05 david herzog and i were at that meeting together and of course he showed me up and did even more miracles the next night okay because the granddaddy of miracles and the glory is 7:14 here he’s going to be here with us shortly but first don’t forget if you had a miracle guys i 7:19 need those videos okay we are working on a system where it’ll be very easy to upload into a dropbox 7:25 uh for you so it’ll make it easier but for now either film it and save it for that moment or film it and send it to selfies katiesouza.com let’s put up the graphic that’s selfies katiesouza.com 7:36 and that’s where you send it until further notice okay but send me those videos guys i need them and 7:43 it brings glory to the lord when you brag about what jesus did to to heal you of whatever disorder 7:49 you’re suffering from okay and don’t forget about faith now guys faith now it’s an app and it’s 7:54 amazing because it’s only a buck 99. there’s no apps for a dollar 99 with as much entertainment 8:01 value and revelatory teaching and explosive miracle power and deliverance anointings on it 8:08 faith now is 1.99 a month and you’re going to get all that katie tv is on it sid roth’s network’s on 8:14 it victory tv kenneth copeland’s network’s on it thousands of churches thousands of worship hundreds and hundreds of clean movies you can pop the popcorn you can get with the fam you can get 8:23 healed delivered and entertained all in one spot it’s like one stop shopping guys for 1.99 it’s 8:30 called faith now it’s in your app store just go to or just go here katie i’m sorry that’s that’s 8:37 the promo code we’re going to put in but go to faithnow.net faithdown.net sign up for the monthly 8:45 arrangement so it comes out monthly every month you don’t have to worry about it you don’t have to deal with it and then you put in kdtv as the discount code you get a month for free it’s an 8:55 awesome deal all right without further ado let’s bring on our guests for today welcome david herzog 9:18 oh my gosh okay so first of all getting here was like you walked in with like 10 minutes to spare 9:24 yeah just barely yeah i mean man that’s like we are in the middle of nowhere yeah i thought i thought i lived in the desert no this is the real effort it’s like nobody can ever find us the end 9:33 of the world comes everybody’s going to want to know where the studio is yeah you can hide here yeah yeah you could i mean i sell a lot of farm animals farming trucks a lot of dust 9:43 i went through a dust storm coming here some kind of whirlwind of dust i need to get a car wash now i know you’re like on the phone with me and we’re like walking through now now take a left here now 9:52 go to the dirt road here and go okay all right i mean it was crazy like about walking you through 9:57 it i thought for a second here it’s like i said i’m never inviting you again it’s too stressful 10:03 i’ll just stay here the night before somewhere yeah right i’m gonna have to have you camp out yeah there you go there you go kept it right in the studio so that way for sure i’m here there 10:12 you go right now that that miracle happened that meaning you and i were at that meeting together that was intense it’s awesome yeah it was amazing yeah i blew it up no you didn’t you blew it up i 10:22 opened it up you blew it if you hadn’t blown it up the first night i couldn’t have done what i did well i missed it because the my hubs came home and i had to fly back so family but yeah 10:31 i heard it just was like wow wide open so many miracles do you remember anything in specific 10:37 i can’t remember it’s all blur because like two days ago i was in seattle and that blew open and that was in branson the day before that so i’m just kind of like 10:45 i just know i’m here right now yeah right right okay good and you know while we’re on the subject you know you’re having your own conference yeah when is the date april 14 to 17 during 10:54 passover i think we have the graphic so this is a prime time you know you’re hearing about all the miracles that david’s working well go go sin in the glory tell us about the meeting who’s coming 11:04 so we’ve got cindy jacobs yep she’s awesome prophetess generals of these called generals 11:10 or ministry yeah troy brewer he’s been on sid roth and he’s got an awesome revelation on like numbers 11:15 the hebraic yeah and what’s really going on with with the numbers of today yeah right so it’s going 11:21 to be really like glory miracles and high level prophetic high levels a lot of people want to know what’s going on the rest show what’s going on the economy what’s going to happen what do i do 11:28 got to go to the meeting that’s cindy that’s a troy i actually sat under troy’s teaching about numbers one time and i was just like wow taking notes it was it was awesome and cindy of course is 11:38 high high level yeah prophetic for the for the nations exactly so okay guys that’s uh that’s called passover glory but the best one is stephanie oh yeah and you’re in yourself 11:49 me myself and i think you invited me but i couldn’t go or something like that i forgot what it was you’re traveling somewhere yeah well yeah don’t keep me in mind for the next one yeah 11:57 okay so guys go to it you see it’s there april 14th through the 17th uh they can register at 12:03 where the gloryzone.org yeah the glorious don’t miss it guys okay so look um you’ve got some 12:12 stuff to share today that is super exciting high level glory stuff let’s talk about it because you are the glory guy and you always see miracles and you always move in that realm of the glory 12:21 so what’s god talking to you about now well a lot of people are watching they’re like how do i go to my destiny like how many here watching some people are watching thinking yeah i’ve got big 12:30 prophecies over my life and i’m waiting for them to come to pass right so if you’re waiting for them to come to pass that could be why it hasn’t come to pass because you’re waiting so i in the 12:40 global way i got a revelation yeah the lord began to show me that everything he’s planned for us 12:46 it already exists it’s not like well we’re standing it looks like it’s in the future but if you go to it it’s already there yeah when i got that revelation years and years ago in the 12:55 glory i couldn’t believe it because i had words like okay you’re gonna do crusades you can do tv you’re gonna go the president you’re gonna raise the dead you’re gonna have so i would write those 13:04 things down and then i just stick in my drawer and it’s okay it’ll happen when it happens and i didn’t know that it was already existing okay so you think okay how does that work okay 13:13 like the cross right yep by his stripes we were healed yeah so we’re where the prophet standing it looks like future but in the glory he goes to it he says we were here we are healed or it’s 13:23 already done so it’s already done right so then i went wait a second so i get in the glory of god i start going to those prophecies over my life as if it’s happening now and i come out of that 13:33 for instance ruth hefflin said to me once you’re going to do crusades like kathleen kuhlman did every three months in france where i was living at the time okay okay i waited a year and a half 13:42 nothing happened and the lord said you know that prophecy is waiting for you i said what so i went 13:47 to the place that you rent the building where like benny hinn had been there in carlson conde and all those guys and i ran and i just said i want to rent this and the guy he took action yeah and 13:56 the guy’s i don’t know how much and he told me normally how much it cost it was astronomical all right and i and he said who are you so i said i’m david herzog he goes oh i heard about you 14:04 i said how he goes a year and a half ago which is when i got the prophecy oh man you had a revival 14:09 amazing for six months and i’m a baptist pastor by day or by on weekends is my day job oh my gosh 14:16 so don’t worry about the money why don’t you just do it every three months no no way so basically he was waiting to meet me for a year and a half when i got this oh my gosh so i realized so many of our 14:24 prophetic words we think well it’ll take time and then we’re waiting like the promised land they waited 40 years when i was ready so i wrote down every prophetic word okay this this this 14:33 and i started going into the glory decreeing them and started to walk into them yeah in one year i saw 20 years worth of profitable resurrections tv cameras property doors opening went to the white 14:42 house twice all this stuff and i went and it was a revelation on how to accelerate into destiny’s 14:48 like even the building we just got in chandler we just bought a three and a half million building and i got a word from sydney jacobs four months later we were in it wow and i didn’t have the 14:57 money but it was because of the revelations helped me to understand how to walk into a word quicker okay so let’s do two things first of all guys if you’ve had a prophetic word and you’re 15:06 just kind of waiting for it you think oh god’s god so he’s sovereign he’s gonna make it come to pass you have to get involved in it exactly so i want you to first chat in on the chat what are the 15:17 what are the things god’s been telling you that hasn’t happened yet that you just been kind of waiting for because we’re going to break you out of that holding pattern now let’s talk about you 15:24 said i got in the glory and that’s what happened what is that practically practically what does it 15:29 look like to get in the glory practical steps practically you just buy every one of my glory 15:34 books no for real i’m kidding that definitely is one of the steps i would think yeah i bought one of your glory books and it helped me yeah i’m joking okay okay but i mean you can buy it but 15:43 so number one i when i start to pray i praise and worship him like you do in church right okay no one goes to church and just starts preaching there’s every even the dead church that still has 15:52 some worship mm-hmm you know so you praise him which is the fast warfare kind of victory songs 15:58 and then you do that until you feel a shift and you’re like oh i don’t feel like shouting and screaming i just want to be intimate with god that’s worship a lot of people don’t even know 16:06 that they’re they just do like hallelujah for three hours nothing happens so you’re saying 16:11 you have to start with the praise first because you have to break through the resistance totally the resistance in your soul yeah the external resistance of the demonic realm exactly you have 16:20 to you have to the forceful the kingdom of heaven is taking place and the prey songs that declare the victory the blood the you know and just like the fast-paced then you how long do you do it you 16:30 do it until you feel or sense a spirit of worship okay so he prays until the spirit of worship comes worship and then you start getting lighter and lighter in the presence of glory glory glory 16:39 and then what i do is i wait on him after i’m in that room i just kind of wait i put some backer music and i just gotta talk to the lord i kind of just be waiting looking mode in the spirit 16:48 then he’ll show me stuff yeah or i’ll re-prophesy stuff that i know he told me before 16:53 so glory plus the prophetic glory plus the spoken word yep equals quick manifestations 17:00 yeah well you talked about that in the very first book i read of yours about how in genesis 1. just quickly unpack that really quick so like i use that for miracles but actually it works 17:08 for your destiny okay same principle okay getting the glory in a meeting and you’ve done it and i’ve done it you get a word of knowledge someone’s getting healed like the one you just showed 17:16 yeah someone’s getting healed with tumors and if they respond to it boom they’re healed or they start looking for it or they do something but people don’t realize for your destiny is the 17:23 same you have profit words of your life so i read decree them when i’m in the heavy glory come on then then i’ll take a faith action second thing another thing i do but the bible i’ll do what we 17:33 ask or think so sometimes i’ll take an hour and do declarations in the glory yeah then i’ll take a second hour i will say nothing and i’ll just see them by faith in the spirit world or imagine them 17:43 but it’s not really so when you’re looking at you’re using your sanctified imagination because jesus said think about us think on these things things that are good right so it’s not like 17:51 you’re just making stuff up yeah right and so i’ll just see like okay australia i’ll see oh that property you told me i’ll just see in the spirit almost like i’m in a movie or a dream and 17:59 i’ll start feeling the excitement of it yeah an hour later of doing that i’ll start getting calls emails invitations and i’d even pray yeah because jesus said i’ll do singing above what you ask or 18:09 think so like you praise them with cancer and the name let’s say a level one to ten you’re on a nine 18:15 you’re like you’re declaring it you die jesus name right but on your mind is going should we bear grandma over here or over here because you’re oh yeah so your mind has to be in sync with your 18:24 carnal mind has drifted so i in my mind i see the cancer shrinking yeah okay get it because 18:29 my mind and my thoughts are in sync okay worship him with your mind you’re coming into agreement in your mind so yeah so people think you know like even like you think about someone man i haven’t 18:37 seen him for a while haven’t seen him in church i wonder if they’re doing okay yeah man i hope these brothers are you start thinking about for a couple days in the spirit you didn’t even pray yet 18:44 you’re about to pray for them and then they call you or you run into the story like i was thinking about you and heaven we communicate by thought abraham he has all the stars he goes as many 18:53 stars as you see i’ll give you children because he needed a visual all right so there’s that too 18:58 waiting on the left that’s it not just waiting to hear as soon as i wait to hear something or to see something in the spirit right like one time i’m working you press and tell or worship until 19:07 that happens yeah then you wait and you feel the presence but you wait so one time i’m outside just praying in sedona worship glory i’m not just just hanging out with the lord and all sudden he says 19:16 asia southeast asia named three countries in southeast asia right now so i just go okay singapore indonesia malaysia open up within one hour is invited to all three wow on the same trip 19:26 and get three different ministries so there’s that realm like that okay so guys you understand that that you know we’re not getting words of knowledge we’re not getting uh we’re not getting destiny 19:36 guidance to our destiny we’re not hearing stuff from god because we haven’t first taken the time 19:43 to break through the resistance the membrane uh that’s around us either the demonic renbane or the 19:49 the resistance in our own minds or our souls by pressing with that fierce worship and that first 19:55 praise that you know loud exaltations you know i i have this one song i like to say so holy holy 20:03 holy holy yeah you know everyone in the temple god is holy everyone in the devil cries all the 20:08 league exactly i mean we have to press yeah that’s breakthrough right and then when you’ll feel the breakthrough guys and then the glory comes and that’s when well then you worship then you work 20:16 then you go slower and then you wait this is a big one waiting is the hardest for americans to do yeah it is like you sit and just wait and like i gotta check my phone or i gotta and just like 20:26 being in that but just like you know what lord i’m just happy to be here with you just yeah this is awesome yeah wait because ephesians 2 10 god has already predestined to pre-plan everything in your 20:34 life yeah waiting for you to walk in it so it’s already been pre-created yeah you know waiting is 20:39 that’s a big that’s a big part of this and and we don’t understand it as people that stand on stage like you and me do um there’s such a temptation that there’s nothing happening at the moment 20:49 that we have to make something happen but then you you’ll start getting caught up in like decreeing a miracle that’s not going to happen yeah or saying something you know somebody’s going to get healed 20:58 of this and it’s not going to happen yeah because you didn’t have enough trust in god to just wait 21:03 until he finally spoke or released the realm of miracles or anything else like that that’s the 21:08 hardest part while you’re on stage sometimes he won’t he many times he i say look come on what are you doing yeah yeah i’m sharing and i’m waiting and i got he’s just testing me to see if 21:17 i’m going to wait on him yeah and then all of a sudden he gives me now all right yeah if i do 21:22 it before the time then i gotta go back down to regular anointing and faith where you lay hands to everybody for two hours oh gosh and that’s the harder way and you can do it that way and some get 21:29 healed but the greater is the greater glory in his hand acts four lord church like your hand to heal we get all the hands but when you’re in a corporate setting you want god’s hand too well 21:38 you know even for ourselves personally we are in a transition period where we’re seeing what god is trying to say to us yeah you know trying because sometimes we don’t position ourselves to listen 21:47 good enough so basically myself and the partner the people i’m working with and other ministers 21:52 we get together on the phone every morning that’s nice and just worship and worship and worship and then wait on the lord because we need our destiny words to come but they’ll only come if we press 22:04 through the resistance and then start worshiping and then let the glory fall exactly yeah yes yes 22:10 so what have you seen like as you’re doing this now and you’re teaching this to people have people have you seen like what kind of destiny you know have you seen miracles for other people yet 22:20 are you still fostering this teaching to others i mean yeah a lot of people hear me teach this and i 22:25 get emails all the time different things their their dream job their doors for ministry open 22:31 the property they’re trying to buy they waited on the lord they did it and then it shifted and or just they started getting direction no not here go there that’s why it’s not working 22:38 a lot of things like that i think we just don’t wait you know it’s it’s a for me like many times i like i was in the airplane one time going to africa and going to the plane oh this is nice 22:47 and the lord and i just worshipping the lord in the plane and also the lord says to me you prophesy right now that you’re going to speak to the government like okay i declare i’m going to 22:54 speak to the government jesus amen i go to sleep i get there pastor goes here’s your food here’s your 23:00 restaurant uh your hotel tonight’s the crusade is there anything else we can do for you and the holy spirit tells me tell them about the government i’m like lord i just they don’t really know me 23:08 i’m not asking to speak to the government so i said okay uh can i speak to like the president or the vice president and they’re thinking like what a full gospel business or something 23:17 of your country and they just looked at me like like this so i thought that that the look was say what yeah so i didn’t mention it again the whole week i had one night off and then they 23:26 called me you got two hours getting a suit on get a tie we’re going the vice president’s house i got it open i go what how did you do that he goes well brother you told me you want that i said but 23:36 you looked at me weird he goes no i was looking at you like how are we going to do this and i said i said how are we going there well i told you you had a major prophet at work for him 23:43 i go oh i go he goes i want to go no he goes you got two hours to get one he thinks you’re a prophet now you can’t be an evangelist i go lord it can’t be like god loves you as a plan for your 23:52 life oh my god did you jump in the river you know like did your mom drop you the guessing prophecies when you’re little no why the guessing prophecies so i’m like two hours doing everything nothing’s 24:01 happening and i finally give up and i just like okay i stopped praying because i prayed i annoyed 24:06 myself the oil i prostrate i was doing everything i’m pushing all the buttons or the elevators in front i give up i’m all dressed up with no word i’m like i’m dead i give up and then he speaks to 24:15 me and i said well don’t worry the past two hours he goes what are you talking about i was trying to get a word in i couldn’t get a word in because we don’t wait we just what are the machines so noisy 24:24 help i quote the scripture i do he goes okay but now wait for the answer it’s so 24:29 annoying and the guy cried he was weeping i gave him the word we went to his house he was weeping two hours later youngi cho from korea from south korea gave him the exact same 24:37 word in his house came out of the house oh come on yes come on it showed me that as long as you wait 24:42 you can hear yeah and look you have to be quiet while you wait guys and that’s part of the battle right i mean that’s part of the battle is that it’s keeping our mind quiet it’s like all these 24:51 thoughts will come in about how you have to answer this phone call or do this email or or you know the worries that are be sending you and you have to resist them and and push them aside 25:00 and turn your focus back to god i think people actually need deliverance from the noise in their mind look if you guys are having noise in your mind i’m gonna have david pray right now 25:09 if you’re having noise in your mind it’s hard for you to get quiet and stay quiet can you chat in right now just chat in right now because i’m gonna lose david to talk about that 25:18 right now and then to minister to you uh because i do think that’s i mean i know that you know for me that’s my day it’s a daily challenge all of us you know i want to meditate on the lord i want to 25:27 give him my my whole my whole focus yeah right my all my heart all my mind everything else and then 25:33 i catch myself going somewhere yeah and then and then i bring myself back and i continue to press 25:39 into him and then it happens again exactly i mean it’s just like a constant thing sure it’s part of our i believe that when we do that that it honors god that god you know he might be struggling 25:49 thinking i suck at this you know i can’t keep my mind quiet but actually god is up there going 25:55 look at how how precious you are you’re so awesome you’re struggling to keep focused on me and that 26:02 alone shows me how much you love me yeah because you’re fighting yeah to want to be just be holding 26:09 my face exactly okay so talk about that with the peeps and yes they are and by the way they are 26:15 yes yes i want total focus on jesus yes i need my mind to be quiet yes it’s a daily process 26:20 yes jesus plea please help me yes this is one of my biggest problems can’t shut the mind down yeah 26:26 people are chatting i got a solution this is a big deal let’s hear it so here’s the big solution this will probably solve 90 of those problems shut off your iphone 26:34 and your computer yeah that’s a big deal that’s where it’s coming from social media the email if there’s nothing coming at you then 90 of it’s there and then the last 10 is you thinking maybe i 26:43 should check my stuff you just tell people for the next hour or so or two hours i’m just going to be i’m busy you know and unless someone dies but if they’re dead they’re dead anyway right so what 26:53 you can resurrect them they can wait an hour yeah so like that’s what i would do and then also once a week you know the bible talks about shabbat right having a day off yeah once a week that’s 27:01 really key one day we shut off all internet so if you once a week it’s like a habit you shut 27:07 off all your stuff and you spend the day with the lord until until sundown just lord today 27:12 if you know most people do friday saturday friday night saturday night but whatever you can do and that’ll get you also once a week it’s like you’re rebooting your computer where it’s all 27:20 frozen there’s too much too many windows open you just shut it down and when you and then by the next day you feel so reset so everyone’s about the global reset how about the you reset amen so 27:31 there’s that’s one way and also just sometimes you got to pray lord i bind any distraction in jesus name as you start to pray lord lord i bind every distraction and sometimes it takes a while to get 27:40 out of the flesh some weeks i’m so busy some weeks i’m less busy some weeks i’ve got a lot going on 27:46 a trip the next day an email like she says and so i’m trying to pray and all these things are like hey you gotta hurry at five o’clock you got this so it’s it’s hard but i noticed like it might take 27:55 30 minutes it might take even an hour sometimes to get out of that and then here’s how you know you you hit the glory when you’re praying you make all these excuses why lord i need to go do stuff and 28:05 then when you finally hit the glory you’re about to leave to do your stuff you’re like oh my god this here oh that’s so awesome now you’re making excuses how you could stay longer well i could do 28:14 that tomorrow i could delegate that yeah and then that’s how you know you’re there because you don’t want to leave right so that’s how you know you’ve entered that realm wow i don’t know if that helps 28:22 anybody i can pray for people help me i think it’s great yeah and i want you to pay for people guys this is important stuff because honestly if we don’t you think well i don’t have time to 28:33 do what you know what david just said to to battle for a half an hour to an hour just to get quiet so 28:39 that i can then get in the presence and hear god i don’t have time for that listen you don’t have time not to do it if you did that every day or as often as you can throughout the week you’re gonna 28:49 see that you’re gonna get your tasks done there’s going to be acceleration in the glory you’re going to get your tasks done so fast you’re not going to have trouble like stuff that’ll take you three 28:57 hours because it’s going to take you half an hour to an hour talk about the acceleration for the glory before you start uh yeah so so that’s what i noticed with me like at first i’d be like lord 29:05 i’m here for two or three hours and like half my day’s gone and then when i would go do my stuff it would be super fast the bank would be open it would be all green lights to the to this place 29:15 everything would just go fast doors would open things up my brain would work at a faster speed in a short amount of time and when i wouldn’t take the time i’d pull out early before i hit 29:24 the glory well lord you know i got to go do stuff everything would be frustration delays i’m on hold on the phone like everything is not flowing you know my computer crashed or or my let’s say my 29:34 my staff got sick she can’t do this i’m like ah what’s going on so i remember one of the presidents of the united states i can’t remember which one in the early days they said mr president 29:42 how could you be taking that much time in the morning to pray you have so many things on your calendar there’s no way you can get them all done and he answered he goes no i get them all 29:50 done because i spend the time in prayer that’s how i’m able to get it done so it’s actually you saw 29:56 time and you get it back yeah come on do you hear that you so time and you get it back multiplied 30:02 because it’s always multiplied in the glory guys always now look i’ve gone back this year 30:07 stronger than ever to being in the presence and i’m seeing stuff move and it’s destiny 30:12 stuff like you’ve been talking about it’s stuff that is connected to where god wants to take me i had a word a very scary word from that my whole staff received like in september of last year i 30:23 was so busy i was going to back to back to back events back to back to back media back to back 30:29 it was crazy right too much and the staff came in and spanked me one day they said the lord told us 30:34 that if you don’t get in the presence more that in 2022 it’s going to be very detrimental wow to the 30:41 entire ministry and i took that word right there i was like oh that’s it i’m done wow right and i boom in the presence right you guys you gotta k you can only run off the old oil for a while 30:53 before running plus if you’re doing many meetings right then you’re dealing with many demonic places that you’re trying to break open yeah and then they see that your inner glory is not strong 31:01 enough to handle the battles you’re fighting yeah so they get you so the more battles the more you need time too it’s it’s a it’s a given yeah and we’re a warfare ministry so every i mean when 31:09 we went to tennessee the meeting that you and i were at it was like wow i had four claw marks on 31:15 my chest that were welted up so you took it for me because i was feeling yeah thanks a lot i was doing great that felt great thank you so much yeah right i’ll never go in front of you again 31:25 we’re going to play like that forget about it i didn’t know anything i didn’t know they just said you’re preaching this night from now on i’m going to be like i’m preaching after david 31:35 so i can step into his glory and then i have to take the car work yeah there you go yeah right 31:40 i’ll be calling you pray for me oh my god right well see then you’ll know how i feel you have more compassion for me thank you thank you thank you okay so look all right we’re gonna pray um 31:51 uh and can i have the timer up on the board guys okay so let first let’s i’m gonna go after um you 31:57 know the noise in the mind uh so father in jesus name if you’re at home right now put your hands up 32:04 and receive lord god i speak to every demonic assignment that is causing the noise in the mind 32:10 and i release the holy spirit to go into a single person right now that’s watching 32:16 and to saturate their soul the bible says that you would do a obscenely abundantly above all things 32:23 that we can never hope for dream of ask for think about according to the power that’s at work in us 32:29 i release that power right now it’s dunamis power it means excellent of soul i release dunamis power into you right now into every area of your mind will and emotions that’s been wounded 32:39 and it’s causing that chatter that demonic noise that that constant thought process in your mind 32:46 and i command you to become what that where power means excellent of soul so that you would be excellent of soul in your mind and your will and your emotions that you would be peaceful because 32:57 every wound inside your soul that is causing you anxiety grief fear rejection pain bitterness would 33:07 be healed right now in jesus name so that you can be at peace there’s righteousness peace and joy 33:14 in the holy ghost so i release it right now to you in the name of jesus and i decree an infilling and 33:21 then feeling of healing power to heal you in every place that is causing that is the root of this 33:30 confusion and chaos in your mind in your will and your emotions i release it to you now and i 33:35 judge every demonic spirit that’s on you right now that would cause even more chatter in the name of 33:41 jesus now in the name of jesus now now i want you to lose i want you to lose your ministry but i 33:47 just want to say to you guys that what david’s talking about the glory is where you get quiet 33:52 and it comes easy to you but you have to fight yeah labor to enter into his res the bible says 33:59 the bible says that wisdom from below is devilish and demonical but the one from above here and undefiled when you press through and you labor to enter into his rest 34:08 you get above the demonic noise to where the wisdom from above is pure and undefiled go ahead that’s good you get it all memorized too i do yeah oh thank you lord jesus yeah like you said strive 34:18 to enter the rest it says yes so one translation says drive others say labor so i just make a joke if you’re gonna strive strive to enter the nose driving zone come on yes so like i’m going to 34:27 strive to press into not having to strike wow that’s a bumper sticker well for warfare i noticed 34:32 something really powerful for warfare yeah i wore not so much i used to work just with the demonic a lot when i hit the glory told me war to enter the realm where there’s no demonic and then i i 34:44 fight the demonic for you so i’ll yeah if i feel demons all around and warfare yeah well i won’t 34:49 like go hit him off there might be surrounded yeah i’ll war to enter the heavy heavy high glory yeah then i’ll sit your seat how many places and i feel a release and then the lord will war for me yeah 34:59 i do the same thing i wore to get up yeah and i’ve noticed this and then you battle from there it’s just a decree it’s not like a trench warfare and i’ve noticed that lately the assignment from the 35:08 enemy is not specifically against anything else but to stop you from going through the glory to 35:13 get you in trench warfare yeah right yeah like you know you’re in the trenches i got him oh he got me i got him like yeah but uh glory warfare is like the b bombers the british bombers yeah 35:25 and i believe we are under attack push the blue button and city blows up cheerio you got him 35:30 that’s warfare in the high level versus the guys you get their ears are blown out i can’t hear anything shoot the guy that like screaming drama your guy left you because he got scared so he 35:40 left your ministry you know like you’re back your wingman’s gone you know from the b bomber come on 35:47 technically we are under attack because i see this yes but you’re not sensing it on the same level yeah well i’ve experienced that firsthand and i i don’t i want to get to the prayer part 35:56 but i’ve experienced that firsthand um when i went to pongal city or uh ponca city oklahoma 36:01 uh the first thing they told me is oh there’s two major witchcraft covenants here one they’re always traveling to the east and one’s traveling to the west and we haven’t been able to you know 36:09 harvest for like six years and i i said well god do you want me to take care of that so i 36:17 like got into the worship i i was in this house in the middle of nowhere in a farm in the middle of wheat fields for miles like hundreds of acres of wheel fields and i’m in there worshiping 36:27 and also the lord took me up right he took me up and i said i looked down and there was a witch flying on a broom and everything just dressed like they doing you know how halloween 36:37 yeah that’s how they really dress when they’re flying i’m serious that’s how they got it because that’s what they really do and they’re wearing the black hat and the cape and she didn’t see 36:44 me because i’m uh over yeah top of her and all i did was say in the name of jesus fall and she went 36:53 wow and then all of a sudden i’m going west and i’m over that one she didn’t even see me because i’m over her wow and i said in the name of jesus fall and she went boom and they those two covens 37:03 moved out of town wow and they harvested so and someone’s watching and you’re in witchcraft listen 37:10 you know how we talk about age reversal in the glory you look younger than your age yeah in witchcraft you look older than your age so you know you know you know the witches look so old and 37:17 the broomstick yeah they look like old grandma you know how well the other like 17 you know yeah but they’re like 17 years old but they look like 90. right because witchcraft ages you know 37:26 you want to age yes you do witchcraft you want to age reversal you go to jesus into glory yeah such a good word it’s true guys and you know don’t get him don’t be rebellious or bitter 37:37 because it says the simon the sorcerer was had a bitter iniquity in his heart and that uh saul 37:42 was rebellious like a witch okay because then you’ll have something in common with witchcraft 37:48 and then that would trap spirit will begin to age you wow that’s good oh i had something coming with 37:54 a demonic spirit actually uh something very close to me was operating in witchcraft still and i was 37:59 get so bitter about it that every day i’d wake up and look in the mirror i’m like oh my god i look like i’m five ten years because the anger and the stress kind of it takes a toll it does and then 38:09 that spirit has the legal right to make you look like that spirit yeah so i tell people i’m 79. see 38:14 how it worked for me it could work for you now i’m kidding i received that i want to look like 38:20 this when i’m 79. amen i’m 60. so i got 19 more years wait you look younger it’s a whole position 38:25 so okay wow you look young all right so um let’s uh what do you feel like in your spirit right now 38:30 to pray for people um i’m gonna pray for them to walk in their destiny yep and i’m gonna pray to 38:36 break off every resistance that’s hindering him because when i go to meetings around the world i ask what’s your greatest desire nine out of ten times it’s not healing it’s not who they’re going 38:44 to marry their deepest deepest desire in most christians is what’s my destiny what’s my calling what am i doing with this salvation am i here just to work a normal job and what’s my calling 38:54 yeah so that’s what i want to pray that’s because when you find that everything else starts to click in your life yes you go towards your destiny everything else seek first his kingdom his 39:02 righteousness all these other things will be added yes a lot of times we seek the things and we get it and we’re still not happy or satisfied so we’re not seeking the main thing yeah okay okay good 39:11 because this is important guys and get ready to receive the prayer because even for myself 39:16 i’m doing exactly what david is describing we’re trying to walk into the new destiny that 39:22 god has for us for this year we’ve gotten the download of what it is we got that in the glory 39:27 by pressing through in high-level praise and then worshiping and waiting on him and now we need to know the steps to making those things be manifest and implemented so there’s 39:38 always a process process get in the glory to find out what it is get in the glory to find out how to 39:44 do it get in the glory to get the exact little details to make it happen you know that’s where i’m at i’m in all those processes right now so this is a multi-layered thing that you’re going 39:54 to need to get in the glory to get to your destiny to get to know what it is and how to get there 40:00 where to go what does it look like all the little details god has him and he wants to give them to you in the glory realm okay yeah so yeah and your last name before we pray jeremiah 1 40:10 5 before you were in your mother’s womb he knew you and called you so jeremiah he said i called 40:15 you as a prophet before you were in the womb which means the spirit part of you was in heaven before god breathed spirit into your body from that part of you is eternal a part of you god had a 40:25 conversation with you about your destiny he said i’m going to send you to a planet called earth you were born as a baby and then you forgot what that destiny was after you you know got older and 40:34 got saved so god’s gonna give you the blueprint for your original destiny before you’re in your mother’s womb that’s what you’re gonna find wow wow the blueprint for your destiny before 40:43 you’re in your mother’s womb jeremiah 1 5. he knew jeremiah before he was in the womb hmm you 40:48 see that it’s a whole nother revelation gosh gosh the books of heaven are being opened yeah 40:54 and god wants you to be able to read what’s on the scroll in order to do that you got to get quiet 41:00 you got to you got to break through and praise and worship then you got to get quiet and worship and then receive what’s on on the scroll amen a lot of fun revelation knowledge today i know yeah 41:10 it’s awesome so what do you want me to pray for yeah sure so if you’re watching right now thank you just close your eyes get the spirit don’t get distracted by your iphone your facebook your text 41:18 even if there’s a bomb exploding next to you just be quiet in the name of jesus and lord i thank you 41:24 right now father for your glory for destiny to be released over people that you would start to remind them of the things first you already showed them in the name of jesus they would 41:32 re-pull out those prophetic words that they knew were from the lord re-decree them father and i bind every resistance every hindrance over their mind that would stop them from waiting on 41:42 the lord and hearing the lord number two i pray that once god shows them exactly the next step 41:47 give them faith in the spirit and gift of faith to take the leap of faith into the next step like we 41:53 had to do with our property or or or the stadium events and different kind of things given the 41:58 faith at that point but not before they know what they’re supposed to do lord let them not step out of faith for something that god didn’t tell them and then they’re in trouble or in debt or let them 42:06 know exactly the next step and then have the faith to walk it on the water like peter when he goes if 42:11 it’s you jesus i have the faith but i don’t want to release my faith unless i know it’s you if it’s you tell me to come and jesus said come then peter release his faith connected to the glory and 42:22 walked on water so i pray father that the people watching they would have the faith connected to the glory not apart from it not faith in their own faith not faith in something they want god to do 42:32 faith in what god told them jesus said i only do what i see or hear my father do that’s the 42:38 glory he waited he spent all night with the lord and then when he did something it always worked because he didn’t do anything unless he saw or heard it in the spirit when he was spending time 42:47 with his father so i pray that right now that you would spend that time with the father with the lord and the presence will come you’ll get visions you’ll get words you’ll get confirmations in jesus 42:57 name man i feel the glory coming here right now you know he’ll give you signs like like i’m going to israel next week and all of a sudden i keep running into israeli people jewish people and 43:05 i’m going to malta and may and last night i was talking to the pastor in malta and as i was coming here to your place here i saw a sign that said malta turn right wow malta street or something 43:14 i’m like whoa that was like just privacy wow in the middle of the desert it says malta one on one road coming here it’s like it gives you these little signs or you’ll see a billboard confirming 43:22 or you have a dream so he gives you these little hints it’s not always even while you’re praying sometimes it’s you’re praying and then he shows you later or you’re watching a movie and 43:29 the whole movie is about what you’re about to do a confirmation or end time events and then you see a movie that connects it so i thank you lord for connecting faith to the prophetic 43:38 waiting on the lord to walk in their full destiny that they would fulfill the call everyone watching 43:44 what their fullness is then they would feel that inner satisfaction that they’re doing what they were born for in jesus name amen and i feel the presence just coming in as we were 43:53 praying thank you lord yeah absolutely yeah and that when you get in the glory guys it aligns you 43:59 to have those kinds of things happen like it makes you drive down the road that has the mall to sign 44:04 that you get into the river and the flow and then all of a sudden it it makes you choose the movie 44:10 that’s going to have all these prophetic symbols and signs and testimonies in it it’s like when you 44:17 are constantly in the glory and you make sure that it’s a regular thing for you not like oh 44:23 i worship once a month or once a week but when you start to cultivate the realm of the glory 44:30 in your house all the time then things start aligning and snapping into place suddenly a person who hasn’t texted you or talked to you for years god gives them a word for you or uh you know 44:41 they send you a picture i just did a uh a meeting at kelly copeland’s place that kenneth’s you know 44:48 uh place eagle mountain international and and during the during the meeting this girl 44:54 sent me this picture this big v in the sky and you can see the face of jesus in this v in the sky and she goes oh i just feel like you’re gonna have victory at this meeting and i’m like oh 45:03 that’s the name of kenneth’s network the victory channel so i mean you know god does that as we get 45:09 in the glory that’s awesome i mean it’s just like so many testimonies but but guys if you don’t cult 45:14 right if they don’t cultivate the presence exactly you’re not going to see that kind of flow 45:20 just saying yeah just make it a habit it takes like 21 days to make a habit just every day every day first thing when you wake up you know or maybe brush your teeth first you know 45:28 yeah or dry cup of coffee whatever you need a little little something to eat but but the first major thing you do during the day spend time with the lord make that the first 45:35 it’s like first first fruits the first if you put god first seek me first put me first the rest will be blessed it’s so good yeah okay so look do we have the promo for the event uh yes let’s look if 45:46 you’re local or even if you’re in a state close by it’s like a puddle jump an hour flight to get here 45:52 oh yeah for this upcoming conference that david is uh hosting called passover glory check it out join 46:01 david herzog ministries and celebrate with us at the passover glory conference 2022 from the exodus 46:08 out of egypt to the entrance into the promised land god’s favor has been upon israel experience 46:13 the same favorite the passover glory conference 2022 expect divine healing prophetic works and 46:19 the anointing of god over every house we invite you to worship in his presence and experience 46:24 his anointing come seek him and walk in his favor david herzog ministries presents passover glory 46:30 conference 2022 april 14th through the 17th at our apostolic training center in chandler arizona 46:39 so this is an important moment that you’re having this because this is passover time big time like 46:44 if there’s any time to go to a conference it’s like passover and pentecost well there’s there’s blessings that god’s promised built in blessings if you’ll gather together so it says do 46:52 not forsake the gathering yeah but it says jesus even said keep the feast says in the new testament not with the uh not with the old but with the new right and so when you gather together there’s 47:00 a blessing financial provision protection especially the days we’re living in right now we watch the news we need protection we need finances we need healing an angel going before you 47:12 you can go to church anytime and have meetings but at passover that’s the one commanded time you’re supposed to come together and that’s you get the download and you get the impartation 47:20 so for the days ahead are going to be very we need uh it’s like book of acts imagine if they missed 47:25 the book of acts and the pentecost yeah on the day of pentecost they didn’t show up they wouldn’t have had the power they needed for the next season of breakthrough persecution famine yeah 47:34 the feasts are ordered in a specific order and to honor specific things like that you know the death of christ on the cross and the resurrection then the pentecost i mean it’s all in that order 47:43 and we should you said it’s a perpetual yeah it’s a perpetual practice that we’re supposed to do and these are called eternal feasts like in the book of zechariah it says even when jesus comes 47:52 back on the earth for a thousand year reign every nation will have to send people to jerusalem for the feast of tabernacles for says for the feast of booths and any nation who does not go up i will 48:01 not pour reign including egypt meaning the reign of god i want the reign of god now yeah what we need the reign of god yeah we need the reign of god really badly okay so let’s put up the graphic 48:10 one more time it’s uh april the 14th to 17th through the 17th it’s called passover glory you 48:17 can register at the gloryzone.org and if you can’t go in person i’m i’m believing because i know 48:23 you’re a media person yeah that you have a stream that they can they can get on if you’re like out of the country and you can’t travel whatever you can watch it but if you live in the area you 48:32 should come if you live in arizona come on don’t it is better in person honestly but it’s still cool you still watch it you get something but when you’re would you ever wanted to watch uh the book 48:41 of acts when jesus poured out the spirit by zoom or actually be there yeah yeah come on it’s true and i say that to people about my conferences and the people that show up get a miracle yeah 48:50 and i’m not saying they don’t get miracles online because people do they get healed online they get miracles on all the time but there’s just there’s it you can really feel the tangible presence 48:58 when you’re in the room but if you can’t come we do still see people get touched and heal on zoom and there’s still a realm but i’m just saying if you can come but if you absolutely 49:07 can’t you live overseas i’m still believing god will give you the same blessing yeah if i wasn’t on tour that moment i’d come even if i wasn’t a speaker i’ve showed up to your meetings before 49:15 when i wasn’t speaking just to get in the glory wow because when when when you know that gloria’s 49:20 going to be somewhere you know that someone’s carrying the glory and they know how to release it you need to get there that’s just all there is to it because they’ll teach you they’ll impart to you 49:29 that realm of glory so that you can walk in it too i think it’s very important so don’t forget it’s a passover glory you can register at gloryzone.org gloria the glory zone the gloryzone.org and it’s 49:43 april 14th through the 17th and you just got that building congratulations oh thanks so much that’s amazing i’ll have to come down and see it yeah it’s a miracle okay that’s so awesome okay so 49:51 we got about 10 minutes left um what do you think like for me you know we’re a warfare ministry 49:57 we’re a deliberate semester so we do a lot of warfare sure we plow and break open a lot of stuff definitely and that’s why people invite me to their meetings because we hope we can open it 50:05 up i did that for you you did yeah thanks a lot dude okay no you did that for miles 50:11 i did i did but you happen to be speaking so and i’m glad that everything went well thanks um 50:17 so for for you you go up and the enemy is under your feet and you see god dispelling the enemy 50:25 for me i go up in the glory and i get revelation about what spirits are on the meeting or on the 50:34 destiny i’m trying to get to or the land i’m trying to buy or the you know financial thing 50:42 that’s holding me back and so then i i get visions about those things and then i see them and because 50:48 of the teaching that we have i’m able to go after them um your way is better i don’t know 50:58 everyone’s got the way that god shows them right okay so what do you think about that i mean do 51:03 you ever have that kind of encounter like i have where you see you’re shown in the glory 51:10 what is resisting your destiny or your next level and then you’re able to dispatch it 51:18 from the glory or does god just handle it for you well we were 12 years in sedona now we’re here in the valley yeah so sedona is a high level new age place yes so we we first went there after moving 51:27 from france to u.s we’re in florida went to preach in sedona yeah and we got visited by the lord my wife had a visitation in the whole pastor’s house we were staying at while preaching that weekend 51:36 that we’re supposed to move to sedona secondly that night that we should we get the revelation we’re supposed to move there we tell the church hey we’re moving here god just told us tonight 51:45 that night she gets she gets visited by three entities in her sleep in sedona oh my god and they said that they’re like they’re like watcher types but they’re not godly but she didn’t know 51:54 what they were and they were very sneaky wait are you from jesus or not and they wouldn’t answer do you believe jesus is the only way do you believe he’s the you know he doesn’t they wouldn’t 52:01 and she said we’re um she they had some weird name like were clerics basically the watchers over sedona the demonic ones were like hey who were these guys we we caused a disturbance in 52:10 the force yeah she’s a spirit so then we knew what we were dealing with right and then and then we knew and then when we got our first building in sedona there was 52:18 some warfare we had to go in the spirit room the glory we did our first open air at the top of the mountain where the cross is ah the freemason property we had to rent the lab 52:26 and did our conference up there and then there was a psychic fair across the street the same time wow so we just kept and then a witch came and started cursing our generator january went out we 52:35 prayed it back open so we had something in april was snowing and then next day it was 100 degrees 52:40 so crazy stuff was happening but we broke open and all the shamans and people after told me i don’t 52:46 know what you guys did up there but you ruined our energy oh and so it was the glory so i call it glory confrontations like moses with pharaoh wow jezebel with elijah glory confrontation 52:57 they’re confrontations of power yeah so you feel it but after the breakthrough happens like mount 53:02 carmel yeah boom so there’s times we get those and those are power surges where our ministry is about to go to the next level so you feel like the cross but you’re about to go to the next level 53:11 well yeah psalm i think it’s 22 it says that jesus was saying i’m surrounded by the bulls of nation 53:16 yeah well basian was where you know zion and all were there were giants yeah they you know og had a 53:23 13-foot bedstead and so jesus is saying you know psalm 22 is about is david seeing in the future 53:29 he went in the glory through his worship yeah and he sees in the future christ on the cross 53:34 and he’s describing what christ is feeling on the cross and one of the things was i am surrounded by the bulls obeying so he was saying when i was on the cross there were devils all around me yeah 53:44 you fell surrounded but but like it’s a glory confrontation but the lord always told me like our first property we bought in in sedona this new age couple owned this house beautiful austin and 53:54 gotz i want you to buy that and there was someone else trying to buy it for a higher price than us and the lord said don’t just focus on buying the demonic prince uh territorial spirits 54:02 yeah release the territorial angels because everything the devil has it they copy the heavenly so there’s angels assigned to territories but we always focus on the devil only so he said you did 54:11 the devil part now release the territorial angel over that land come on and i said lord my harvest 54:17 cries out for me there’s a scripture about that yeah have the house talk to the owners come on and 54:23 you know what the next day the owner said you know what we woke up and felt this house belongs you guys should have this house you have the better energy because they weren’t safe and then they 54:31 said no to the ones at the higher price come on they sold it to us and they said we could see you and your kids running around this house oh my god it shifted overnight but i had to shift my prayer 54:39 i went to from just buying the devil to also i had to release the angelic territorial angels over the territory and it caused a shift so look at here’s the deal uh you’re having resistance against 54:49 your destiny against financial increase against manifestation of healing and all that you have to 54:55 get in the glory because in the glory you’re going to get the revelation about what’s resisting you 55:01 and what to do about it okay and i was just having to talk with somebody and you chat in i love that 55:07 glory comfort say i win the glory confrontations i love that as a bumper sticker glory confrontations 55:13 okay uh i had this uh uh interesting uh encounter where demonic spirits were coming but it was 55:21 because i had gone up in the glory and god showed me what was blocking my victory and then i went 55:28 after it and it broke and then i was able to get the land i was able to to get the you know the the 55:35 next movement of god in my life and all that the moral of the story guys this is you gotta welcome 55:41 you you gotta get the glory and welcome when you all of a sudden have a visitation by a devil or 55:46 anything else because you just scared it out of its hiding place in the glory and god’s gonna 55:52 give you another revelation to break through you know some people they’ll have a demonic encounter i have demonic encounters all the time because i’m getting in the glory god uses the glory to shoo 56:01 them out of their their place where they where they cause a disturbance in the force for them a disturbance in the force that’s right well done everyone right yeah and then boom i can get it 56:11 so i’ve learned to embrace those moments yeah you know people be like oh my gosh i can’t believe you went through that and that and this and then i mean i’ve had sorcerers pop into my hotel room 56:19 the apostle paul went through all the places he went right i’m sure he said shipwreck stonings prison uh the cobra of biting him he had a swimming shore i mean almost died i mean 56:28 the guy was stoned and that was before they legalized marijuana i’m joking he was stoned the bible says to death that’s the difference yes right and he got up and echoing like 56:36 he probably died he got resurrected i think he did stoning means execution yes it does and they drug the body outside the the um city and that’s what they do to dead bodies yeah 56:45 and they know how to check if you’re dead they can check the pulse yeah right since the disciples just stood around looking at him he’s like oh my god he’s dead and then he got up and then when 56:54 preached in another town the next day yeah yeah he was super young i needed a chiropractor he packed it like that a little bit but he made it he made it amen okay so moral of the battle and moral 57:02 of the story is get in the glory let’s look at that that graphic one more time about the meeting that david has coming up it is the passover glory april 14th through the 17th one more time tell us 57:15 about the speakers that you’re having we have holy spirit we have jesus we have a father no they’re there yeah we have david herzog crazy guy yeah we have stephanie herzog she’s a 57:24 prophetic and a seer seasoned spirit moves in the power healing leukemia which is 16. we’ve got cindy jacobs a general of the prophets and we’ve got troy brewer which is a high level 57:34 hebrew prophetic end time guy this is going to be crazy yeah i love trump power glory breakthrough 57:41 but you’re going to get download impartation provision and direction for the days ahead yeah and like i said if i was here i would go too so all right now i just want to read 57:50 out something people are saying i win the glory competitions i want to go to conversations i win the glory confrontations they are in it right there and you guys you wrote down all of your 58:00 the things that you had missed out for your destiny that you felt that god had told you 58:06 you chatted it in if you haven’t done that chatting in now of all the things that god has told you and you hadn’t seen manifest yet okay because and you were kind of just 58:16 waiting around for god to do it now you know better now you know you’re getting the glory david i want to steal hands on the computer right now sure and everybody that’s chatted in and if you 58:24 didn’t do this yet chat in what are the things you’ve been waiting for and you haven’t seen come to pass and as we close out the show i want us to pray for them guys we’ve got about a minute 58:32 20 left and david and i are just going to start prophesying and praying over all of the things that you haven’t seen come to pass man go ahead so just pray for our people yes but we just pray for 58:40 all these prayer requests you pray father for your glory we pray for breakthrough we pray that every 58:45 hindering spirit that’s hindering their destiny their healing their finances their marriage whatever they’re going through that you would give them the key to unlock it you would show them they 58:54 would decree a thing they would obey maybe it’s just an obedience thing it’s just don’t do this or or forgive this person or you didn’t pay this person back from three years ago and you gave 59:03 your word and that’s blocking your other thing it could be something really minor a word of wisdom many times also so lord bring to maybe you forgot i innocently forgot but it still caused the 59:11 the hindrance so i had to pray in the name of jesus that the holy spirit will reveal all things he brings to remembrance all things remind them of things maybe you didn’t pay your 59:21 your tithes or you offered i am going to pay i’m going to give you money for your mission trip and you didn’t do it you gave a word and then it blocked you somewhere else 59:28 don’t make a vow if you’re not going to do it so so i just pray whatever it is and you can always repent too you know lord forgive me i messed up and repentance is really great it’s the fastest 59:36 way to get back in line with god it is so that yeah that’s a solution if you’re in sin repent that’s a simple solution thank you turn away from it don’t do it anymore and move on and 59:44 forgive yourself guys we’re gonna keep praying as we go out but until next week i’ll see you then 1:02:16 you

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