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What Happens When You Give Livestock to Families in Poverty - Compassion International

For 50 families in rural Rwandan villages, the gift of a cow felt like a miracle. They are able to sell half of the cow’s milk in the market, while still having plenty to drink at home. | Image courtesy: Compassion International

Compassion International: Have you ever wondered why livestock are in their catalog every year? How could something people associate with a petting zoo really help release children from poverty?  The stories below will show you how a goat, a chicken and a cow changed the lives of three families in different countries.

Chickens for El Salvador

“I like to pet them and fill up their feeders,” Phamela says. “I named some at the beginning, but now I just take care of them because I know they’re for eating.” That’s OK with her, as she barely had enough to eat at home before Compassion helped her family start a farm of broiler chickens.

About 10 Compassion centers across El Salvador have helped families like Phamela’s start businesses by loaning them seed money. Phamela’s mother, Delmy, was eligible for a chicken farm startup. “We used to eat only beans and corn from the harvest at home,” Phamela says, “but now I’m eating chicken too, and I like that.”

Cows for Rwanda

In Rwanda, a cow is a sign of wealth. It is a source of money, food and, for many, respect. And for 50 families in rural Rwandan villages, the gift of a cow felt like a miracle. Many families even said that the day they received their cow felt like Christmas Day!

“We were in extreme poverty before this intervention,” says Obed, a 12-year-old whose family received a cow. “But now we have our own cow! We are proud of having that cow. Our cow gave birth two months ago, and now we are drinking milk from our cow.”

Goats for Guatemala

Guatemala has one of the highest occurrences of malnutrition in the world. Nearly one in two children under 5 years of age is chronically undernourished. Compassion Guatemala is well aware of this issue, and they work hard to give children the tools to be healthy and fully nourished.

And one of those tools is goat’s milk! A single serving of goat’s milk contains almost 35 percent of the daily recommended dose of calcium. The milk is also high in riboflavin, vitamin B12, protein and potassium. It has been proven to be faster and more effective at curbing malnutrition than cow’s milk.  Read the full story…. compassion.com


How to Donate a Cow with Compassion International (Video)

You could wrap up a cow and send it to a child in need or you could do it the easy way. You can buy one for a child in need online. Choose a gift that provides income and nutrition to children and families in poverty from the Compassion International Gift Catalog.


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