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0:00 [Music] 0:01 welcome to a special episode of gospel 0:04 truth with Andrew Wommack a teaching 0:07 ministry focusing on God’s unconditional 0:09 love and grace today we’re continuing to 0:13 bring you highlights from the 2018 0:15 healing his hear conference held at 0:18 Andrews Harris Bible College in Woodland 0:20 Park Colorado God has already given you 0:24 the power that you need to be healed you 0:26 don’t need God to give you something 0:28 more 0:28 and now here’s Andrew this week we’re 0:32 gonna be going to our healing is here 0:34 conference that we did back in August of 0:37 2018 and we’re going to be playing some 0:39 of these programs it’ll be a little bit 0:41 different than my normal program where 0:43 I’m just sitting here teaching but it 0:45 was really powerful we saw over a 0:47 thousand people healed we probably had 0:49 1,700 people that came to this 0:52 conference and it was really powerful so 0:54 watch this open up your heart and expect 0:57 to receive from God 1:00 and I’m telling you brothers and sisters 1:02 one of the problems is that we don’t 1:04 realize we’re in a battle we are passive 1:08 we’re complacent and we need to hate 1:10 evil proverbs 8:13 the fear of the Lord 1:15 is to hate evil 1:17 if you don’t hate evil you do not fear 1:21 the Lord and evil isn’t just demonic 1:25 things evil is sickness sickness is evil 1:28 poverty is evil depression is evil 1:33 Sauron greed is evil 1:35 all of these anything that came as a 1:37 result of sin the wages of sin is death 1:40 and anything that came as a result of 1:43 sin is death it’s evil and you ought to 1:46 hate it I hate it now I can’t control 1:50 other people I can influence other 1:53 people and that’s what I do through my 1:55 ministry and I’ve seen lots of people 1:56 set free but I you know I can look at 2:00 you and if you’re tolerating sickness 2:02 and poverty and depression and stuff 2:04 like that that’s not going to affect me 2:06 because I understand you’ve got a choice 2:07 and I I can’t force you but when it 2:11 comes to me I can control me and I am 2:16 just not gonna be sick 2:18 I refuse to be sick I don’t believe in 2:21 being sick I hadn’t been sick in 50 2:24 years other than when I overdid myself 2:26 and strain myself like I was talking to 2:28 Carly and I was kind of encouraging her 2:31 to pace herself because she’s ministered 2:33 32 times in two weeks one time I 2:36 ministered 40 times one week and then 41 2:38 times the next week and I got so tired I 2:41 had to crawl into bed and I laid there 2:44 for a day just trying to get my strength 2:46 back and I got healing pretty good so I 2:48 went out and split a quart of wood and 2:50 that wasn’t smart and I got a sinus 2:53 infection and I had to deal with that 2:55 for a couple of days and that that’s 2:57 about the only thing I’ve dealt with in 2:59 50 years I don’t get sick I don’t 3:01 believe in being sick you know I hate 3:07 throwing up 3:10 when I was a kid I threw up but man when 3:15 I found out that I had control I don’t 3:17 throw up you I would die before I’d 3:19 throw it you cannot make me through it I 3:22 will not throw up Jamie and I’ve been 3:26 married for 45 years in just a few weeks 3:28 or months after we got married I threw 3:30 up one time and she said now I know why 3:32 you hate throwing up because man I’m not 3:35 one of these people that stick my finger 3:36 down my throat to make it happen I’m a 3:38 toilet hugger I’ll roll on the floor I 3:41 hate I hate being sick I hate it and 3:48 there’s only been a couple of times in 3:49 the last 50 years that I felt like 3:51 throwing up in the moment I feel that I 3:53 get healed 3:56 I wake up I get healed I get serious I 4:00 don’t do it 4:02 some of you there’s nothing wrong with 4:05 it what thing throw up but I’m just 4:08 saying you can control yourself you can 4:11 believe you don’t have to live you don’t 4:14 have to live with sickness Jamie and I 4:18 you know we see an advertisement on 4:20 television go ask your doctor who’s got 4:23 a doctor who has it who has a doctor if 4:29 I was to get sick I wouldn’t know who to 4:32 go to cuz I haven’t ever been to a 4:34 doctor I’ve got doctor bird down here 4:36 he’s on my board of directors I’m not 4:38 against doctors I love doctors if it 4:40 wasn’t for doctors all the Christians 4:42 would be dead so I’m not against doctors 4:46 but I’m just saying leave the doctors 4:48 for people that don’t know who they are 4:50 and know what they have if you know who 4:52 you are why do you go and let people cut 4:55 on you and poke you and shoot you with 4:58 needles and take sickness I take 5:01 medicine that if the sickness doesn’t 5:03 kill you the medicine or kid 5:10 I know many of you think I’m weird but I 5:12 think you’re weird 5:14 I think you’re weird they have the same 5:16 power on the inside of you that raised 5:18 Christ from the dead and you act like a 5:20 person that is just like everybody else 5:23 like your neighbor over here that 5:25 doesn’t have the supernatural healing 5:27 power of God you don’t have the raising 5:28 from the dead power on the inside of you 5:30 why would you live that way you know I’m 5:38 year or two ago I was unscrewing the lid 5:41 on a jar and Men my hand hurt I mean it 5:45 hurt when I started to grip that thing 5:47 and I don’t know it’s like Carly was 5:49 talking about you self-diagnose I don’t 5:51 know what it was but the first thought 5:53 that hit me was arthritis and you know I 5:58 just turned 69 and I guess most people 6:01 by the time they’re in their 60s have 6:03 something but I’m not believing for it 6:05 so you know what I did I put that thing 6:08 back on and took it off a hundred times 6:10 in the name of Jesus this hand is healed 6:12 and I thought that thing 6:15 and IRA 6:18 I refuse to have arthritis you know I 6:23 was in Norway the last couple of weeks 6:25 and I mean I had pain in my left foot I 6:28 don’t know what it was and most people 6:30 would sit there and try and diagnose it 6:32 what it is and do something you know 6:34 what I did I my foot hurt so bad I could 6:36 hardly stand so you know what I did I 6:38 went walking five miles you resist the 6:43 devil you don’t give place to it and man 6:46 I can’t feel anything today I mean I’m 6:49 healed it took a day or two and I dealt 6:51 with some things but man I just riff I 6:54 am NOT gonna be sick I am not gonna be 6:56 decrepit I am gonna get older because if 6:59 you don’t get older you aren’t with us 7:01 anymore 7:01 hey man but I’m not gonna get sick and 7:04 disease I just do not believe in that 7:06 stuff I hate it I’m mad at it I’ve had 7:12 people before don’t talk that way the 7:14 devil might hear 7:18 he might come after you and I say I hope 7:20 he turns around I’m chasing him if he 7:22 comes at me I’ll cut his head off what 7:24 the word guy 7:26 [Applause] 7:29 and I know there’s a lot well I’m just 7:31 not that kind of a person well the die 7:33 BC just down you’re gonna go to Hammond 7:41 it’s okay 7:45 I don’t know why people ever come to 7:51 hear me breathe 7:55 I rub people the wrong way but you know 7:57 what there’s not I doubt if there’s 8:01 anybody in this auditorium that can hold 8:03 a candle to my experience of healing you 8:13 can sit there and argue with it but I’ve 8:14 seen my son raised from the dead I’ve 8:16 seen my wife raised from the dead I’ve 8:18 seen three other people raised from the 8:19 dead we’ve seen other people receive 8:22 this the guy who runs our school in the 8:25 brisk chilly Russia he just saw three 8:28 people raised from the dead in April in 8:30 one month we’ve seen dozens of people 8:32 raised from the dead 8:34 probably scores of people raised from 8:36 the dead through our Bible schools and 8:38 stuff I tell you we’ve got power that we 8:41 aren’t using and one of the things that 8:44 limits God flowing in us is just our 8:47 passiveness and not stirring ourself up 8:51 I’m telling you you need to be angry and 8:54 sin not the next verse verse 27 says 8:57 neither give place to the devil if you 9:01 aren’t angry you are giving place to the 9:04 devil if you are passive you are giving 9:09 place to the devil you got to stir 9:12 yourself up you know I want to play a 9:15 video for you right now this is video 9:18 about Gina Boop and they are 9:21 illustrating exactly what I’m talking 9:24 about about just taking not taking no 9:27 for an answer that you stand and you 9:29 refuse to allow all of these other 9:32 things that come in to affect you and I 9:34 think this will be a real blessing to 9:36 you so watch this video about the 9:38 healing of Gina Boop 9:43 the neurologist comes in he examines ER 9:46 and tells me once we put the little hole 9:49 in her head to relieve the pressure from 9:52 the aneurysm 10% chance she survives 9:55 that if she survives that she won’t come 9:57 out of the operating room the next 9:58 morning I said you know those are great 10:00 facts but Jesus Christ has healed her 10:02 2,000 years ago she’s gonna be just fine 10:04 and he looked at me and said do you 10:06 understand what I’m telling you to see 10:12 God’s will come to pass you have to be 10:15 willing to look crazy 10:16 when buds wife Gina fell into a coma 10:19 from a sudden Stage five brain aneurysm 10:22 he did not care what the doctor’s report 10:24 said or if his beliefs offended those 10:27 around him all bud cared about was 10:30 seeing God’s will come to pass through 10:33 his wife’s full recovery this is the 10:36 story of how the friends and partners of 10:38 Andrew Wommack ministries helped one 10:41 family from Phoenix Arizona believe 10:43 God’s Word in the midst of an impossible 10:46 situation this is the healing journey of 10:50 Gina Boop I get to the hospital doctors 10:54 are asking my dad questions I reminded 10:56 him you know everything that we had read 10:59 about healing you know we need to stand 11:01 on that I was thinking okay with long 11:05 life will i satisfy you 11:07 you know he’ll remember at the time I 11:10 was thinking okay so this is this is not 11:13 long life 11:14 dr. sapphire goes in and he tells me if 11:17 there’s a there’s a Y in the back of her 11:20 head the aneurysm was right in between 11:22 the Y one of those two walking one goes 11:24 to talkin he said which one do you want 11:27 me to cut off 11:28 [Music] 11:29 I remember in one of Anders teachings he 11:32 said I just start a battle as usually 11:34 how you finish it so I thought I’ve got 11:35 to stand strong and this is where I’ll 11:37 start from and I said cut off walking 11:42 it doesn’t matter she’ll be she’ll be 11:43 fine he said no she’ll need assistance 11:46 when she walks if she ever walks again 11:48 and I said no doc she’s been healed 11:51 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ she’s 11:54 gonna be just fine and he kind of looked 11:56 at me with a blank stare 11:58 knowing Gina’s life depended on the Holy 12:01 Spirit guiding the brain surgeons Budd 12:03 called his family physician dr. Douglas 12:06 bales and had him talk with the head 12:08 neurologist dr. sapphire unknown to the 12:11 neurologist at the time dr. bales was 12:14 also a fan of Andrews teachings and 12:16 believed wholeheartedly in the healing 12:18 power of Jesus he shared what was going 12:21 on said there’s less than a 10% chance 12:24 of living here and based on what he 12:26 could see explained the situation was to 12:29 do and I said dr. sapphire can I pray 12:32 with you and so he prayed for him and 12:34 said in his prayer something to the 12:38 effect of you know I think that you’re 12:39 going to go in you’re going to see 12:41 things that you didn’t think you’d see 12:43 it’s going to turn out better than you 12:44 thought you ever could have it turn out 12:46 and then it’s gonna be a miraculous 12:48 result I didn’t know what dr. sapphires 12:51 religious background was if he was even 12:53 open but he accepted in and said okay 12:56 and and walked into the operating room 12:59 when he came out he said we’ve made a 13:02 giant leap forward but 25% chance she 13:06 makes it through this next three days 13:07 and they said so you’re saying I’m 13:10 willing with 25 and he said well I guess 13:13 but she’s gonna have seizures and I said 13:17 no doc she’s not she’s not gonna have 13:19 seizure she’s been healed by Jesus 13:20 Christ 2000 years ago she’s gonna be 13:22 just fine that night I’m getting ready 13:26 to go to sleep so dear God you know I 13:29 need 13:32 I need some visions of where are we 13:36 gonna be what are we going to be doing 13:38 and I remember that night I went to 13:42 sleep and first thing I have a dream of 13:45 is my wife and I walking through Costco 13:47 oh well my favorite store and then we’re 13:52 playing at the park with our dog Bentley 13:56 and we’re throwing the ball and playing 13:58 catch with him and we’re walking 13:59 different places and I remember waking 14:02 up in the morning I’m just thinking okay 14:03 I got this a day after surgery but had 14:10 called Andrew Wommack and Andrew just 14:13 prayed a beautiful prayer of faith and 14:16 declaring gene to be healed there are a 14:44 lot of aspects as far as the prayer was 14:46 concerned that I didn’t quite understand 14:48 you know that he would be able to look 14:51 past the doctors for a person I’m 14:53 thinking why are you telling me all this 14:54 because she’s healed this is this is a 14:57 done deal 14:58 I didn’t realize that along the way 15:00 there were these things that I would 15:02 come up against and that I had to be 15:04 prepared we would put in Alan and Debbie 15:08 more in I was trying to figure where she 15:11 gathering her strength from I just 15:13 opened my Bible and I said God I said 15:15 what is it that you what is it that I 15:18 need to know now and he gave me Romans 15:21 8:6 Debbie he said you can do this 15:23 carnally and bring death or you can do 15:27 this spiritually and bring 15:29 to be carnally minded is death but to be 15:31 spiritually minded is life and truth in 15:34 it was a black-and-white situation any 15:36 negative thing or any negative people 15:38 that are there you need to either clear 15:41 them out or you need to any negative 15:43 thing to spoken over Gina you need to 15:45 make sure you counteract that every day 15:48 we’d go in there okay today she’s gonna 15:50 wake up and if she didn’t buy the next 15:52 day okay she’s gonna wake up today we 15:54 just said that and expected it 15:57 we had a pictorial of Gina at the end of 15:59 the bed so each nurse knew this is who 16:01 you’re dealing with you’re not dealing 16:03 with what you see there on the bed you 16:04 know we look cuckoo to the doctors I 16:07 would rather us look cuckoo than lose my 16:09 mom we had one doctor who came in the 16:12 room with all of his interns and they 16:14 started speaking all the stuff about 16:16 Gina and I said if you have anything 16:19 else to say as far as Gina’s concerned 16:21 say it outside the room because none of 16:24 that’s going to happen to her she’s been 16:26 healed by Jesus Christ and when you walk 16:28 away from this you’re gonna go holy cow 16:31 this is a miracle and one of the nurses 16:33 who was on the floor it suggested that 16:35 maybe the doctor would want to speak to 16:38 me he’s let me put two this way she’s 16:41 the sickest patient in any Hospital in 16:43 the City of Phoenix right now and he 16:45 looked at me and he said and I’m telling 16:47 you she is not walking out of this 16:49 hospital life and I need your help in 16:51 helping your friend accept that fact and 16:55 come to terms with it 16:59 I remember thinking man you don’t know 17:02 my friend but these are not things that 17:04 he just like beliefs that he just 17:07 adopted in the last week or two since 17:09 his wife got sick these are things he’s 17:11 believed in for years this is the way 17:13 this man is wired I’ve been in a lot of 17:16 hospitals and I’ve been in a lot of 17:18 hospital rooms but that room was one of 17:20 the most faith-filled environments I’ve 17:22 ever stepped into in my life while 17:25 holding on to the promise that God 17:27 wanted Gina well bud only allowed 17:30 visitors who believe the same of these 17:33 visitors was his niece Jenny whom bud 17:35 introduced to Andrews teachings when she 17:37 was pregnant with twins were diagnosed 17:39 with hypoplastic heart syndrome years 17:42 later with her twins alive and well 17:45 jenny was happy to return the favor I 17:48 would just read over her all the time 17:51 scriptures and we’d pray together we’d 17:53 pray Andrews prayer over her but listen 17:57 and scriptures and then we would just 17:58 share we just share testimonies and how 18:00 God’s been such a blessing in our lives 18:01 and that’s what we kind of focused on a 18:03 lot Jenny brought all the Andrew Wommack 18:06 books I mean I busted through you’ve 18:09 already got it there was a particular 18:11 page in chapter 10 would speak directly 18:15 to what I was looking for so I took a 18:17 picture of it so each time I would I 18:19 would have something come up I’d go back 18:21 down and I’d read that page again from 18:24 there you know we believed that God had 18:26 already provided her healing it was just 18:27 a matter of it manifesting into the 18:29 physical even if it took longer than you 18:32 know Jesus just raising her from the bed 18:33 that she was in one day we opened up her 18:36 eyes and we’re both just a foot away 18:39 from her and she goes like this and 18:41 looks at both of us I woke up and I’m 18:45 like what the heck you know why is he 18:48 doing that and then Rachel showed me Mom 18:50 here’s where you’ve been I didn’t 18:51 realize that I’d been in a coma I didn’t 18:53 realize that had been weeks after 18:57 spending six grueling weeks in the 18:59 hospital bud was finally able to bring 19:02 Gina home though a few symptoms still 19:05 lingered from the brain aneurysm which 19:07 left her with us 19:08 barely crossed eye and difficulty 19:10 walking without assistance knowing that 19:13 Jesus had paid for her complete healing 19:16 but and Rachel opted to give Gina their 19:19 own form of rehab bud and Rachel began 19:23 their occupational therapy physical 19:26 therapy everything they did themselves 19:29 we went to trainer Lance Trier and he 19:32 worked on every muscle that I had Gina 19:35 is a rare individual she intake knowing 19:38 it as an answer any time a person has a 19:40 disability the outlook is incredibly 19:42 critical of course their attitude was 19:44 always positive never solved once 19:45 negative people would say she may walk 19:48 but she’ll need assistance and we were 19:50 searching for those scriptures where is 19:51 that partial healing that Jesus did 19:54 where did he just kind of leave the 19:56 blind man with one blind eye in one one 19:58 eye where he could see through an 19:59 indignant home it’s not there when they 20:03 people were healed they were healed 20:04 completely it’s up to you to start 20:07 acknowledging what God has done and you 20:10 stand up and take your authority and use 20:12 some faith and begin to believe that 20:14 death and life are in the power of the 20:16 tongue and speak to those cancers curse 20:18 it resist the devil and command him to 20:21 get out of your life today Gina is 20:24 completely well not only can she walk 20:27 without any assistance her eyesight is 20:30 completely male there are no side 20:33 effects left from her Stage five brain 20:35 aneurysm 20:35 being nothing short of a miracle her 20:38 healing has left doctors both baffled 20:41 and inspired for someone even a survivor 20:44 bringing her aneurysm is incredible okay 20:47 if they do survive it they don’t have a 20:48 limitation or their disability is even 20:51 more incredible all right but in her 20:53 case you look at her you say what 20:55 happened I can’t really see that he 20:57 would go outside a woman who said doc 20:59 there’s gonna be a holy cow 21:01 demonstration as I was his famous 21:04 sentence we still laugh about it but she 21:07 definitely had 21:08 great outcome and say this is the 21:11 victory of pray for man you had a true 21:14 faith in God he believed in Jesus Christ 21:17 and his miraculous healing power he was 21:21 the key he did that the facts as 21:25 presented to us by the world around us 21:27 are not the facts you know the facts are 21:30 what scripture declares to be true and 21:33 Bud’s story I think is an amazing 21:35 encouragement and a reminder to us all 21:37 to keep our eyes focused on the 21:40 provision of God that’s made through 21:41 Jesus Christ I think the only thing that 21:44 I would share is how important it is 21:46 that we renew our minds daily that you 21:49 learn and make it a part of you I have 21:52 since gotten married and had a baby and 21:54 she’s coached me through my pregnancy 21:56 and how to be a good wife and gives me 21:58 advice life today every day is an 22:02 adventure I don’t look at each day and 22:05 take it for granted I have my wife the 22:08 love of my life oh yes first Costco’s 22:10 concerned we’ve been back there several 22:11 times and Gina’s story is just one 22:14 example of the countless lives that have 22:16 been restored through the free teachings 22:18 made available through Andrew Wommack 22:20 ministries to our friends and partners 22:23 we say thank you because of your support 22:27 one family from Phoenix Arizona was able 22:30 to stand in faith in another wise the 22:33 impossible situation all of you guys who 22:36 are out there we we greatly appreciate 22:39 everything that you’ve done I have my 22:42 wife to thank you for and I thank you as 22:45 well 22:47 [Music] 22:50 [Applause] 22:57 praise God 23:01 so let’s let’s welcome let’s welcome bud 23:07 and Gina boot up here to this day are 23:10 you guys 23:11 [Applause] 23:17 they’re here someplace 23:20 here she is right here is that here Oh 23:28 buck didn’t come it’s just Jana 23:31 but NEC looking good for a dead long ago 23:34 [Applause] 23:37 have you got right through this year 23:40 would you like to say anything tell them 23:43 about how this has changed you reliable 23:46 it’s been it’s been a blessing I think 23:48 you know holy cow he could take 23:50 something so horrible holy cow 23:55 [Laughter] 23:57 I know my husband has studied what 24:01 andrew has taught for probably close to 24:03 thirty years now 24:04 and I remember I was working really 24:08 really hard at the time and he’s got G 24:09 and I’m really learning some great 24:11 things and I said well keep learning it 24:13 because we might need it someday so I’m 24:17 very thankful that when that came upon 24:19 me he had it he was he was powerful 24:23 I’m thankful so God is good guys and 24:27 that’s exactly I just talking about man 24:29 he was committed and he was not taking 24:32 anything from anybody else and he 24:35 doctors I’m very thankful for him but 24:37 but she had to stand against the guard 24:40 your heart that’s awesome you look 24:43 awesome 24:49 [Applause] 24:53 [Music] 25:06 be sure to tune in next week as we 25:09 continue bringing you highlights from 25:11 Karis Bible colleges 2018 healing is 25:14 here conference I’d like to encourage 25:19 you to get our healing is here materials 25:21 we’ve got it in deep and CDs right here 25:24 we also have DVDs that were made at the 25:28 conference and we also have a USB here 25:30 where you can get the entire conference 25:32 on there and I tell you this was 25:33 powerful we saw lots of people healed 25:36 and the way that Daniel Amstutz and 25:39 Carla Terra des ministered along with 25:41 all of our other guests and Audrey Mac 25:44 it was just a powerful time you won’t 25:45 want to miss it our healing is here 25:47 either on CD DVD or USB today you viewed 25:52 a portion of the 2018 healing is here 25:55 conference this conference in its 25:57 entirety is available on either a CD or 26:00 DVD album or on a USB Drive for a gift 26:04 of $49 or more when you contact us this 26:08 valuable product includes 16 powerful 26:11 teachings that will build your faith to 26:14 receive your own healing and help you 26:16 minister healing to others also 26:19 available is the free God once you well 26:22 booklet this booklet answers common 26:25 questions about healing and includes a 26:28 list of every time jesus healed someone 26:30 in the bible this valuable resource is 26:34 available to you for a limited time free 26:37 of charge on our website and a WMI net 26:40 this offer is limited to one free 26:43 booklet per household 26:45 you can order resources or become a 26:48 grace partner through our website at a 26:50 WM Annette while there you can discover 26:54 more product details and download many 26:56 free resources or call our helpline at 27:00 seven one nine six three five eleven 27:03 eleven if the lines are busy remember 27:06 you can order ministry materials or 27:08 become a grace partner 24 hours a day 27:11 seven days a week and a WMI dotnet we 27:17 appreciate your generosity and hope to 27:19 hear from you today I’d like to invite 27:24 you to come and join me this summer for 27:27 our summer family Bible conference it’s 27:29 July the 1st through the 5th and we are 27:31 gonna have a lot of different speakers 27:33 we have a youth ministry it will bless 27:36 you it will encourage you and entertain 27:39 you and it’s just going to be a great 27:40 time for the entire family 27:41 remember it’s July the 1st through the 27:44 5th 2019 and our facilities in Woodland 27:47 Park Colorado 27:48 [Music] 27:52 I’d like to encourage you to check out 27:54 our inside story on our website this is 27:58 where we interview people behind the 28:00 scenes tell you about things going on 28:02 with Karis Bible College Andrew Wommack 28:04 ministries we interview people we talk 28:07 about outreaches that we have we have 28:09 nearly three years worth of inside 28:11 stories archived there we put out a new 28:13 one every month go check it out at a WMI 28:17 dotnet and then check on the inside 28:20 story it’ll be a blessing to you 28:28 you

With these teachings from the 2018 Healing Is Here Conference, find out how to walk in God’s promises of health and wholeness, both physically and emotionally. Learn how to operate in faith and minister healing to others in everyday life.

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