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Andrew Wommack’s Daily TV program: Gospel Truth
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In this series Andrew teaches on Healing Journeys. Powerful testimonies of people that struggled with crippling diseases and have now been healed by the power of God. Build your faith as you hear these stories and receive all that God has for you!

00:09 This week Andrew shared how God want us well. These things he personally live and not in theory.

00:22 We are launching the fifth healing journeys DVD, a total of over twenty documented cases of people being miraculously healed.

01:03 Andrew quoted two verses and explained the difference. By His stripes we WERE healed (1 Peter 2:24); and by His stripes we ARE healed (Isaiah 53:5). Isaiah was looking forward to what Jesus going to do, and Peter was looking backward to what Jesus had already done.

02:53 “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he hath cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarded of them that diligently seek Him”. (Hebrews 11:6). You have to believe in the “present tense”. If Jesus has already healed you, then you are healed. The present being now healed. Not that Jesus is going to heal you because the phrase “going to heal you” has an element of doubt.

05:55 You do not need God to come heal you. You need to discover what you’ve already got and quit being limited to only what you can see, taste, hear, smell and feel.

08:05 In the “You Already Got It” book cover, there is a picture of a dog chasing his tail. It is just like a dog chasing his tail, if he ever catches it; he’s going to find out he already had it.

11:02 Regardless of what circumstances are, what people or the doctors have told you. God has the power to heal. If you were born again, that power is already on the inside of you.

11:35 Andrew announces to play a video of a lady name Bianca, from Norway who suffers from a rod-cone dystrophy, a rare incurable disease that often leads to blindness.

13:53 For prayer call: U.S.A: 719-635-1111
Monday to Friday
4:30 AM – 9:30 PM MST

15:08 Bianca attended a small church in Hamar, Norway where she met Robert and Elizabeth Muren. Elizabeth shared Bianca the teachings of Andrew Wommack that changed her (Elizabeth) life.

16:28 Bianca checked out the Andrew Wommack Ministry website, listened to Andrew’s teachings and all throughout her house Bianca posted scriptures of God’s promises to help her mind focus on all Jesus had provided. One day this paid off when Andrew’s revelations finally became hers. She was reading the Bible and realized that she already had it.

17:28 And then Bianca opened her eyes; it was clear and unclear, coming and going. She continued to praise God thanking Him for what He has done, telling her eyes that they are healed in Jesus name; then she could see everything.

19:32 Bianca and her family have been forever change after Andrew pointed them to the true gospel. They now share Andrews’ message with their church in Norway every Tuesday

21:19 There are so many Christians that don’t know what they have. God has already given healing to us. We need to quit praying and asking God, but rather start believing that by His stripes we were healed. It’s already done.

22:59 Product offers on Healing Journeys DVD’s and books – God Wants You Well and You’ve already got it.

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