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Elevate Christian Network - Health and Wellness

Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Health Benefits of Spirulina: This blue-green algae is one of the top superfoods in the world today. Its nutritional profile is loaded with chlorophyll, B Vitamins, Vitamin K and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. It is also a great source of quality protein if you aren’t getting enough in your diet.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using Spirulina:

1) Detox your body of heavy metals (especially arsenic which is found in pesticides)
2) Protects your body against radiation poisoning
3) Helps fight cancer because of its detoxifying benefits
4) Nutrition powerhouse- lower cholesterol, balance blood pressure & fight Diabetes
5) Helps boost energy levels

I use Spirulina every single day for my health by adding it into a superfood smoothie for breakfast. You can find spirulina in my Green Superfood here: http://store.draxe.com/collections/supplements/products/greens-superfood


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