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Health Benefits of Swimming - Why Swimming Is Good For You

Swimming is a great way to burn calories, but most don’t realize it can be just as efficient as jumping on the treadmill. | Image courtesy: tpsdave/Pixabay

Health Benefits of Swimming: You can get all of the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damaging impact on joints, and it can be done by both the very old and the very young. It is utilized by athletes to stay strong and keep fit when recovering from injury, and there is no fancy equipment needed—just you and the water.

Swimming Gives You a Total Body Workout

Swimmers gain muscle strength throughout the entire body. Where runners see muscle build in their legs, swimmers utilize more muscle groups to move through the water. While the legs kick, the arms pull. As the back reaches and rotates, the stomach tightens to power the legs and stabilize the core, making swimming one of the best aerobic exercises to give you a total body workout. Just look at Michel Phelps’ fit physique if you need inspiration!

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

While swimming’s cardiovascular benefits of strengthening the heart muscle are common knowledge, research also indicates aerobic activities, such as swimming, reduce inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis build-up in the heart. Reducing system-wide inflammation leads to lessened disease progression in many other areas as well, so expect to hear of more benefits as the research progresses.

Excellent Way to Burn Calories

Depending on the stroke you choose and your intensity, swimming can burn equal or greater calories than running. For example: for 10 minutes of swimming you burn 60 calories with the breast stroke, 80 calories with the backstroke, 100 calories with freestyle, and an impressive 150 with the butterfly stroke. For perspective, running a 10-minute mile burns around 100 calories. Therefore, a strong 30-min butterfly speed session can burn 150 more calories than running a 5K in the same time frame.

Improve Breathing and Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

Nothing is as frustrating as trying to exercise and being unable to get your breath. Unlike working out in dry gym air or braving seasonal pollen counts, however, swimming allows you to breath moist air while you train. Not only does swimming help alleviate asthma symptoms, studies have shown that it can actually improve the overall condition of the lungs. In a recent study, a group of children that completed a six-week swimming program saw improvements in symptom severity, snoring, mouth-breathing, and hospitalization and ER visits.

Boost Endorphins

Love that natural endorphin kick? While many talk about a runner’s high, swimming can bring about all those feel-good emotions too. In addition to the happy hormones, relaxes and stretches your body constantly. Combine this with the deep rhythmic breathing, and you can experience a relaxation rush that’s very unique to the sport. Because swimming is also calming and meditative, it lowers stress and depression naturally.

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Health Benefits of Swimming | Improve Strength & Fitness

(TheHealthSite.com) Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It helps you work on your strength, fitness and stamina at the same time. While it may not be the best form of cardio for weight loss it does burn calories. Want to know how swimming can up your health quotient?


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