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Health Benefits of Vitamin K - Facts and Food Sources

Health Benefits of Vitamin K:  It provides a total balance of 80 nutrients that are essential for the human body. This includes minerals, antioxidants, neuronutrients, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts, carotenoids, various trace elements, bioflavonoids and other complementary co-factor ingredients.

Controls Blood Clotting and Prevents Blood Loss

Vitamin K is considered to be a fat-soluble vitamin, which is present in the intestines of the human body. The most vital role that vitamin K plays is in controlling blood clotting and preventing blood loss during injury. This vitamin plays an important role in blood sugar regulation. The pancreas makes insulin and contains the second highest content of vitamin K in the body.

Vitamin K Food Sources

Vitamin K also helps in assisting the absorption of calcium content from food, which helps in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones. Foods rich in vitamin K include Eggs, chicken liver, fish, kale, and leafy vegetables such as collards, turnip green, mustard greens, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli.   Read the full story…. organicfacts.net


Vitamin K2 and How to Use It – Dr. Eric Berg

Vitamin K2 Supplement works with vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium. Dr. Berg shows how to use this vitamin and vitamin K2 benefits such as:

1. Supports healthy metabolism.
2. Supports your vascular system (arteries and veins) systems
3. Supports a healthy heart.

Vitamin K2 deficiency can cause tissue built up which causes clogging of the arteries. This is a great vitamin to have to help clearing out circulatory problems in your body.


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