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Elevate Christian Network - Health and Wellness

Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Vegetables Mediterranean Dish - Healthy Eating Habits

Mediterranean healthy eating vegetables. Image from Pixabay via emanuelayglesias

Healthy Eating Habits: During the summer travel season many people get to experience new cultures and their local cuisines firsthand. Traveling abroad can offer insight into some of the healthiest eating habits from around  the world.  In this story, several registered dietitian nutritionists are sharing their favorite international healthy habits and some globally inspired recipes.

Vegetables in Syria

In Syria, “we center all our meals around a main vegetable and then cook it with different sauces, meats and side dishes. For example, ‘Mahashee’ is eggplant and zuchini stuffed with rice and ground beef cooked in a tomato base.” – Rahaf Al Bochi, Olive Tree Nutrition

Fish in Asia

“A lot of Asian countries like Japan enjoy more fish and less meat, reaping the benefits of those heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids that so many of us are low on.” – Abbey Sharp, Abbey’s Kitchen

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3 Healthy Eating Habits We Can Learn From Asian Countries

  • Here are three eating habits from Asia that might be beneficial to adopt. In Asian countries like Japan, less than 5 percent of adults are obese; yet in the U.S., a whopping third are obese. While many reasons may influence these statistics, here are three eating habits from across the globe that might be beneficial to adopt.


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