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Healthy Living - Is Inflammation Good or Bad For Your Body

According to Dr. Thomas Pearson, “For a healthy person with no troubling symptoms or heart disease risk factors, it’s not clear what a test to measure inflammation would add to the lifestyle advice you already know to follow.” | Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Even though the science on inflammation and disease is far from settled, tests and treatments are being promoted that claim to reduce that risk.  That’s even though inflammation is also a force for good, protecting against infection and injury. Acute inflammation occurs when you sprain your ankle or get a paper cut.

Inflammation and Chronic Diseases

It’s part of the immune system’s box of tricks to spark a defense and promote healing.  But when that response is constantly triggered, over time it can damage the body instead of healing it. That’s what happens in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. And increasingly, inflammation has been implicated in more common chronic diseases, too, though its exact role hasn’t been nailed down.

It’s also not clear whether targeting inflammation through drugs or lifestyle interventions will in turn reduce the risk of chronic diseases, says Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. That connection may be tough to parse out.

Some anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, can actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Drugs for diabetes (metformin) and heart disease (statins) seem to combat inflammation, but they have multiple effects, making it hard to tell what’s causing improvements.

Dietary Changes to Reduce Inflammation

The same can be said for diet, says Hu. Some dietary patterns can reduce inflammatory proteins in the blood, but they also have other health benefits, such as promoting a healthy weight and lowering levels of bad cholesterol. It’s hard to dissect which is responsible for an improved health outcome.

That uncertainty aside, the eating patterns associated with lower inflammation are – surprise! – the same ones you probably already know are healthful. That means focusing on fruits, veggies, nuts, fish and healthy oils rather than sugary drinks, processed carbs and processed meats.  Read the full story…. npr.org


A Simple Plan To Reduce Inflammation Naturally – Drew Canole | FitLifeTV

(FitLifeTV) Inflammation: The pain, soreness, swelling and reddened knee that you injured playing baseball 20 years ago in high school. The allergy headache you get when you eat dairy. It’s your body telling you that something isn’t quite right. This is all part of the body’s immune response trying to fight off foreign invaders.

Your Immune System and Chronic Inflammation

Sometimes our immune systems can’t handle the attacks of foreign invaders. Potentially due to being overworked from fighting off a cold, or even cancer cells that are usually normally destroyed by the immune system. When this happens, the immune system turns against itself causing serious consequences such as Graves’ disease and Lupus or other autoimmune diseases, which in turn causes chronic inflammation.

Sometimes there are uncontrollable risk factors, such as heart disease that runs in your family. Even if you are at risk for illnesses and disease, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope. There are ways that you can prevent and control inflammation and the diseases that cause inflammation through moving your body and eating a clean diet.

By implementing the right habits into your life, you CAN feel young, vibrant, energetic and ALIVE again.

  • For more health and fitness resources, visit Drew Canole online at: http://fitlife.tv


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