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Heart and Hands (Official Audio) – Sean Feucht | WILD

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I want eyes to see the world You love
A world that goes beyond myself
Awareness of forgotten ones
Oh make my heart aware

Compassion for the ones You made
Hope in these uncertain days
Willingness to change our ways
Oh help us change our ways

Our eyes have been opened
We can’t unsee
You poured out Your life
On the least of these

Our hearts are willing
Our hands are Yours
Tracing Your footsteps
We’ll follow You Lord

You have said a thousand times
The way we give and live our lives
If we have it done unto them
We’ve done it unto You

Save us from the greedy heart
That stores away in bigger barns
Lead us in the way of love
We open wide the door

Show us the way of Your heart
Oh, show us the way of love
Oh, show us the ways You are moving
On the earth
On the earth

There is no one too far gone
Or out of reach of Your great love
You never stop, You won’t give up
Till every heart is found

There is no one too far gone
Or out of reach of Your great love
We’ll never stop, we won’t give up
Till every heart is found

Heart and Hands
Written by Sean Feucht / Pat Barrett / Amanda Cook / Aodhan King


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