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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network | Ministry Outreach TV

Stivale Ministries: Pastors Brian & Jeni Stivale recently interviewed Lisa Bevere for TBN’s “Praise The Lord” Northwest Program. The Stivale’s have had the privilege of knowing & ministering with John & Lisa Bevere for several years.

In this interview, Lisa talks with Brian & Jeni about “Lioness Arising” & living a passionate life for Jesus Christ.

Video Transcript

well we are truly blessed today to have with us a tremendous member builder creator in the body of Christ an evangelist a tremendous teacher preacher speaker and authority a passionate soul which is speaking about passion today and a lioness a truly anointed author and a lioness I said it again Lisa Bevere thank you so much for being here with us we are so thankful for your friendship for what you and your wonderful has been imparted to us not really and if you guys support so much into us personally or Jenny and I what God has led us to in this season of our ministry has been heavily influenced by your ministry and your your writing is a blessing to millions and to the body of Christ so thank you for being here and we’re talking about your writing today and talk about passionate lying this arising is your latest release and it’s a tremendous work I just started reading it because I can’t care it’s not for you it’s for making it a minute give me my book I believe it’s a seed to the kingdom of God for a necessary change in the kingdom in the dynamic and the Dominion that we need to take in this season you talk to us a little bit what what what spurred this out of your sphere with would criticize well it’s probably the book I never wanted to write I don’t think I’d like four of those but the truth is you know how verse one says a wise woman builds her house and so what is a wise man do he builds his work and I’ve taken for a long time in the church we have neglected to build a women and when you neglect to build the women then the women are not their building alongside for them to make the house of God healthy I found myself in a vision and to say it was a dream would make it sound like a cam and miss him shadows and it didn’t it came in a very saturated very concentrated image and I found myself in front of this magnificent minus and she was laying on her side on a platform of just perfect architecture and on the front of the platform was the word numbers and then the Roman numerals and I heard a voice say with the birth of this son you will awaken a lioness and I begin to shake I woke up I found myself in that gray of the morning really the presence of God this hovering over me we were almost afraid to move because when you move it his lips yeah i thought what was that and you know what was this lioness and what is this Roman numerals and what is this mean to me and I lingered and I let it just stay there and I reach out pull my Bible to bed with me and opened up my Bible to two numbers verse ends and these people rise up like a lioness big brows of some Hawaiian that does not rest and I thought what is this and it goes on to say that kills its prey and drinks the blood I’m like I me about what is this lioness duty lying at ease of this scripture of such violence and God told me to sell em in from two women who are at ease with their strength and it rests with their power the Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and it is time is bride awakened a lion and in the book chapter on page I love there’s a scripture that you quote well first of all in your words you right we discover resolute cease from strife but you put your strength I’m sorry Isaiah teen your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me and I read that I thought immediately well what a different picture from what the world thinks of women leave a shame for a long time the church is not given women a place at the table yeah they have not said you’re included we need your voice we think your value on so the women have struggle struggle and strive to find their place and make room for me is I have a quiet down hello boys I deserve to be here and so it’s all true it’s a wrong approach why was your gift your gift that means you’re giving something you’re not demanding something your vehicle Maybelline for you yes and it will bring it to the president so we’ve got a lot of women that are gifted that didn’t know how to let that get make room for them they didn’t know how to give it they’ve got if I’m not a little bit then i’m not a ministry I’m not doing it with your visit I don’t have people time with the men we need the strength of a man and the Superdome and there’s a complementary strengths because I think we’re seeing women they’re getting an idea of what that looks like and I love but the lioness is not going on yes absolutely that’s easier doesn’t know you’re speaking of in church recently and I read in Romans works as now it is time to to awaken from your slumber but in Solomon three I believe it says do not wait and passion until it please expect after you know and wait get realize right so yeah that’s right and and so admit you think when you see those scriptures that there is a timing for things to awaken and timing for things to arise and allow did you say this could be a weekend in this moment this is the time to awake I believe that that scripture Homans it says it is now high too I believe that applies door because it says that the ended up salvation is near and i believe we were in that time how do you keep comment on that yeah you know I love you know a good partners on that room service since the night is almost over yes and the day is barri de break which means it’s a time between times yes and I think that he has a church are in the time between times we are in between that night being almost over and that day about ready to break room and I love the quote that I had chosen position that with was a foot by Matthew on a loser he said this and I love it’s framed the difference of what we’re talking about he said if ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the best mankind it’s not just for the benefit of women but the benefit of all they will be a force such as the world has never known and I believe that God is stirring the hearts of the women that the women are coming together and say you know it wasn’t big enough just to be about generalities about events and of all this is about the benefit of the poor this was about the benefit of the Catholic this is about the benefit of the men in the benefit of the women this is about the full body and we’re going to come together around this not about our own agendas right or misogyny or how we’ve industry tonight our place but this is for the benefit of all because it was God that said that the addition of a woman was a solution before there ever was a ballgame is small and God said it’s not good the man the most he didn’t say the man was that good there’s a goodness the additional woman bring out connect its your tender as a complete yes into the sheet that the woman brings out and so God said hey I’m the one they said it’s not good live add in the lives you know when you added the woman you don’t get edition with multiple times well and so this one time for the church to add in the women so you multiply and I’m not saying to be mad now plays no man I’ll push the next song beneath Sunday come on the term patriarch before and that’s I think the key to what’s been cycling the kingdom the local body the church to serve the kingdom in its greatest power needs to activate every potential that God as in a nice early birthday I respect women that bring addition to their strengths and or not that our allies and not enemies one is better with me I’m better than join than either of us are separately and so when we don’t use our strengths against each other but you do really our strength to build up each other strong places and you got to point out each other’s weaknesses then we all search for it yes you know i love the submission it’s not in place because one gender is weak and the other looks wrong submission is strengthening strength yet and it really is one of those things where weaknesses are covered and the submission means that we honor each other and we ultimately submit to God but we’re under the same mission so under strength meeting strength is where we find that strong place in God and so this isn’t about we went rising up against the men no he’s actually women rising up to be everything they can be positioned the mount meant to be everything they need to be and stop looking for the meant to be thanks to us only God absolutely well finding that balance is a very difficult thing because I honor my husband and I recognize it I don’t understand submission we’re going down a very difficult Road we are but i think that there’s the other side of those welding where if I’m not loving her as Christ loved the church that I’m missing the mark entirely as well and Jesus was not a sexist than any way shape or form where he wouldn’t have had women close as disciples and followers and then he went to reveals himself after the resurrection women his women were not implicitly important to God’s plan yeah it’s going to be hard to be a he was splitting good

About Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale

They have a tremendous call to Awaken the Body of Christ in the USA, Israel, and around the world.  They have a desire to be fruitful with their time, bringing others into the Kingdom of God.  They frequently travel around the world to preach and teach about the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, Israel, Hebrew Roots, and the urgency of the times.

They also live and headquarter Stivale Ministries in Jerusalem, Israel.  Before establishing Stivale Ministries, they worked in the professional entertainment industry and were Pastors of Music & Fine Arts for 3 major Christian Churches.

Stivale Ministries - Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale

Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale | Image courtesy: Stivale Ministries



Stivale Ministries Channel | Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale



Photo Gallery

Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale in Jerusalem Israel

Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale in Jerusalem Israel. | Image courtesy: Stivale Ministries



Pastor Brian Stivale speaks with John Bevere in Hawaii

Pastor Brian Stivale speaks with John Bevere in Hawaii | Image courtesy: Stivale Ministries



Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale minister in music on Trinity Broadcast Network Praise the Lord Show

Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale minister in music on Trinity Broadcast Network’s Praise the Lord Show | Image courtesy: tbn.org



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A 24 Year Veteran of Stage and Screen, Brian Stivale has accrued over 100+ Professional Credits Internationally. He has been seen and heard in over 300 Million Homes in over 175 Nations. Mr. Stivale is currently featured as MARVEL COMICS Supervillain, “VENOM” on the MARVEL AVENGERS ACADEMY Game, The Narrator on I.D. Discovery/REELZ Channel’s Weekly True-Crime Series, “COPYCAT KILLERS”. He can also be regularly heard on FOX NEWS, Levin TV, FOX Sports One, and a plethora of other venues, films, shows, and recordings…

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Pastors Brian and Jeni Stivale travel the globe spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering with signs and wonders following through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Their ministry of preaching, teaching, prophetic,

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