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Fred Barley - Homeless College Student Georgia

Fred Barley – Homeless College Student Georgia. (Image: Facebook).

Atlanta-area teen Fred Barley has a dream of becoming a medical doctor someday.  He is determined to let nothing stand in his way.  The 19 year-old Conyers, Georgia native left his hometown, took his brother’s bike and drove for six hours through the 100-degree heat of the Georgia summer to register for classes for his second semester as a biology major at Gordon State College in Barnesville, Georgia.

According to WBS-TV 2 Atlanta, Fred carried two duffel bags that included a box of cereals and two gallons of water. However, when he arrived on the Gordon State campus he found out that dorms don’t open until next month. He decided to wait it out, pitching a tent in some bushes on campus.

Fred began looking around for any job that could provide him food. When he returned to his tent Saturday night, he was surprised to find police officers telling him to come out with his hands up. But the officers quickly realized that Barley did not pose a threat as they sat down with him to hear his story.

Unexpected Help from Police Officers

The officers told him they could not allow him to stay inside his tent. But instead of pushing him away, the officers did something extraordinary: They took him to a local motel and paid for his next two nights. The officers spread the word about Fred’s situation, and before long he began to receive clothes, food, funding for his college education and more.  See full story …christiantoday.com


Fred Barley Quote: “The Bible says, ‘You can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,’ so I know I can. My legs are working. Millions of people walk and bike to work every day. I definitely think I can bike a couple hours to get to my future.”


Homeless Teen Fred Barley: “I Thank God for the Support”

WSB-TV 2 News:  Atlanta-area teen Fred Barley, who was homeless, rode a child-sized bike 6 hours to register for school at Gordon College and camped in a tent.


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